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incorrect-encanto · 2 months ago
Bruno, to his nieces and nephews: “Alright, listen up, you little shits!”
Bruno: “Not you, Mirabel. You’re an angel and we’re glad to have you here.”
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beanswrites · 6 days ago
"Encanto" is one of the best Disney movies ever, and here's why
1. Representation of mental health in a children's movie
Tumblr media
This movie so brilliantly showed mental health issues in many of it's characters. Mirabel thinks that she isn't good enough because of Abuela, which is a good sign of Avoidant Personality Disorder. Luisa obviously has crippling anxiety from the weight that's been put on her shoulders, and Bruno is showing hints of depression and anxiety as well.
As the oldest sibling of my family who had severe anxiety all my life, never have I ever related to Disney songs as much as "Surface Pressure" and "Waiting On A Miracle". I think it's beautiful how Disney made not one but two songs about mental illness, and dealing with it. It teaches kids to not hide their feelings!
2. Showing diversity by having a Colombian family as the main characters
Tumblr media
This movie is one of the rare ones which don't have a white protagonist. I noticed that in the last few years Disney started showing more and more diversity with non-white female leads (Tiana, Moana, Raya, and now Mirabel), and I especially love how it's a family! A great detail that needs to be recognized is that even tho they do look alike (because they are a family), none of the characters look the same. I feel like in the older movies, even when there was some diversity, all people of color would look the same. It shows how much Disney has improved!
It also shows toxic family relations in Latina families, like how Abuela favorited others over Mirabel, especially because Mirabel is a middle child. This movie is on all levels so realistic. Besides the magic.
3. Having a strong female lead with realist proportions and an actual personality
Tumblr media
Since the beginning of 2000 up until now, Disney and Pixar have been doing a great job at making characters with realistic, complex personalities, and it really shows. They really went from having white princesses being saved by a prince charming to strong, diverse women who have enthusiasm and take charge by themselves. Don't get me wrong, I still love the older white princesses, but I'm glad that nowadays every little girl can look at the screen and see a princess that looks like them! Disney still has a long way ahead of them when it comes to diversity (would it KILL you to make an LGBTQIA+ character?? Or a Muslim character??), but we gotta appreciate how far they came!
I also loved this movie for it's lack of small waists, for it's realistically sized noses and actual hips on characters. Feels good to have realistically proportionate people in cartoons, it reminds kids that all shapes and sizes are gorgeous!
4. Awesome plot and great animation
Tumblr media
The plot and even the idea of "Encanto" is really interesting, and it isn't one of the classical, overused tropes. The story is very original, and it isn't the classical family cliché.
I loved the animation, it's really raw and full of emotion. There were some scenes I didn't believe were actually animated because of how good they are, like Abuela crying.
5. Having an amazing soundtrack written by the legend Lin-Manuel Miranda himself
Tumblr media
Name one bad song from this soundtrack. I'll wait.
From the beat to the lyrics and even the placement of the songs in the right moment, everything about this soundtrack is awesome! The tunes are so catchy (everybody has "We Don't Talk About Bruno" stuck in their heads) that it still reminds you that it's a Disney movie, but the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and clever and touching. The way Dolores smugly hid the fact that she can actually hear Bruno thru the walls in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and then asked Mirabel "Do you understand?" was brilliant.
Also, "Dos Origuitas" is 2021's version of "Remember Me" from Coco. It has the same sad but also beautiful vibe.
Pepa and Felix being the best married couple ever
Tumblr media
I- They are seriously the cutest. Pepa is so interesting and weird, and Felix is such an awesome, supportive husband that it's practically impossible to not love them. Felix is the type of a guy that would cause an unexpected rain all over the Encanto just and only because he tickled Pepa so hard that she started crying (brb gonna go write a fanfic like this). They are awesome partners, and even more amazing parents.
If you say that you don't simp (or at least love them) for Dolores or Camilo (or in my case both), you are lying. I don't make the rules.
All in all, Encanto is an awesome movie, in all aspects. I can just tell that one day, in like 30 years, kids are gonna be watching and loving this movie like we love "Beauty And The Beast" today. This one is gonna be one of the classics.
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thegamingmonk · 11 days ago
Encanto Headcanons #4
This just in: typing accents on mobile is much easier than keyboard! Don't worry, I'll do Félix and Agustín justice.
Mirabel and Isabela start to design clothes together with the help of Isabela's new color dying skills. Camilo is most often their model, something he doesn't mind as he gets paid in food.
One day, the grandkids got into a heated argument on which of them were Mirabel's favorite (all stemmed from her proclamation that Dolores was her favorite in the movie). The day ended up with all of them trying to win being her favorite.
Mirabel found it amusing at first but eventually got so sick of it and simply ended it by exclaiming that Casita was her favorite.
Never has anyone seen such a happy house.
Isabela "Dating is cool and whatever but have you checked out this sundew?" Madrigal.
There's no hard feelings between Isabela and Mariano, he's just simply not who she loves nor wanted to be forced to marry. She'll find her love when she's ready, right now though she's busy being a hard-working mother of many carnivorous plants.
Snowmen? Nope, Isabela makes cactusmen (which replaces some of her statues in her room).
Sick of the frequent nightly kitchen raids, Julieta wanted to experiment. Due to Bruno's habit of staying up, she put him on night watch in the kitchen one day. In the middle of the night as Camilo tried to sneak for extra arepas, all he saw in the dark were glowing green eyes staring right back at him and he passed out.
Bruno was just looking into the future for vines out of boredom. He panicked when he stopped and found Camilo knocked out on the ground.
Needless to say, Camilo stopped sneaking food for a few months.
Bruno quotes vines and everyone hasn't the slightest idea on what he means (yes, I know this one is far fetched but it's also very funny).
Sometimes the triplets will just go to one of their rooms and lay on the floor completely vibing like they used to when they were young.
They'll catch up on each other's day, exchange gossip they've heard go around, or just goof around with each other.
Julieta's room is the most popular for this with it's good smells; Bruno's is the least because... Sand.
Dolores is downright terrified to have any sort of staring contest with Mirabel now.
Antonio and Isabela will sometimes just chill in his room, neck deep in the jungle to be surrounded by all the greenery. He's always scared to explore it by himself but he feels much better with his eldest cousin by his side.
Isabela is just as freaked out by it's size, she got them lost once but somehow managed to find their way back. Antonio didn't even notice and she acted like she totally knew what she was doing.
Pepa "Someone will die" and Félix "Of fun!" Madrigal.
Mirabel got tired of Luisa overworking herself by accident again and snapped. She picked up the method of "aggressive appreciation".
She'd yell compliments at family members, aggressively do their chores for them, force them to take water breaks and remember to eat, etc.
For the next two weeks, the madrigals didn't know whether to feel appreciated or terrified by Mirabel.
Isabela got competitive and the two had a "I LOVE YOU MORE" scream off. Mirabel won. She's too powerful. Dolores was pissed with the both of them afterwards though.
Mirabel helped her invest in sound-proof headphones as an apology.
You know when your dog is eating something it's not supposed to so you try to get it out it's mouth but then your dog runs away and you have to chase it? Yeah, that but Antonio and his Jaguar.
The whole family is stuck trying to catch the jaguar because cats are fast.
Luckily Agustín caught it! For some reason, the jaguar has a strange fondness for him.
Antonio's jaguar will groom the boy by licking his hair as it's way of showing affection. Pepa found this cute at first but now can't stand it when she found out how deformed it makes his hair.
Pepa would climb the highest mountain to shout out loud how much she loves her kids.
Julieta takes every opportunity she can to smother her daughters with kisses and hugs to the death.
For most of the triplet's lives, Julieta had to deal with Pepa and Bruno sleepwalking. Neither of their gifts let's them get the optimal amount of sleep, either lack of or interrupted, so sleepwalking became a thing.
Julieta took charge in helping Alma stop the two from hurting themselves. As they got older, Alma stopped since they were adults but Julieta continued to help her little siblings. It happened a lot less but even the few times they do it can be tiring.
Once Pepa and Félix got married, Julieta wasted no time giving all of that responsibility to Félix. She still has to help with Bruno though.
Everyone relies on Mirabel in their own ways. In turn, Mariano became Mirabel's emotional support himbo.
She'll go to him if she wants to get away from all the responsibilities for a while. He has a sweet and calming presence to him. They'd usually spend the time reading or working on their own creative projects (designing or writing).
A lot of these have no consistency, being just random, and know what, that's okay! That's all for now!
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yumbees · a month ago
Don't think about Dolores
Don't think about her being so overwhelmed as her gift settled in
Don't think about Abuela making her fight through it, to be friendly and sociable and show off her new talent
Don't think about the restless nights for months after as any sound in the house woke her
Don't think about her resenting her baby brother for crying so. so. much.
Just think about her slowly adjusting, learning to focus and block things out as she grows
Think about her finding escape in the mountains around Encanto
Think about her finally being able to control what she hears, think about her face lighting up every time she hears her name somewhere in the village
Think about her sending messages for her family, and making up secret codes for herself just because
Think about her learning to read and appreciate poetry. Think about her writing some, using a Lot of onomatopoeia
Think about her on the roof of Casita, listening to the stars, when her power focuses in on poetry down in the village
Think about her falling instantly in love
Think about her in the square all day for weeks, listening for the voice that had whispered the words to himself in the dark
Think about her embarrassed blush and nervous stutters when she properly meets him
Don't think about the rage and tears that come when she finds out he's to be married to Senorita Perfecta Isabela.
Just think about her finally getting him. Think about her telling him to slow down, because she deserves to be wooed and courted before being married
Think about the ceremony being so effortlessly perfect. Isabela was more than happy to decorate. Think about the feast and the ban on applause. Think about Antonio passing out tiny bells to each guest instead
Think about the wedding being under tents. Think about Pepa being so careful only to make it rain outside said tents, not inside
Think about Abuela just sitting back and watching this time. Think about how it all goes much better without the added stress
Think about Felix walking her down the aisle. Think about Agustin and Bruno and Camilo as best men. Think about Luisa and Mirabel and Isabela as her bridesmaids. Think about her perfect day.
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c-rose2081 · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Bruno the Magnificent (Tainted Miracle AU)
- - -
I would like to preface this. I know you guys? Like, I know Bruno is a favorite. And I’m just…stomping all over this canon like it’s a roach. But I kindly ask that this man? 👆 him? Turn around, walk away from me, and ever so wonderfully throw himself off a cliff.
You’ll get it in a second, kay? Kay. Let us begin.
- - -
Bruno is the golden child of Alma Madrigal, and the star of the Madrigal Family. He’s the Encanto’s most eligible bachelor, and is considered handsome and charming by everyone in town. In his mothers eyes he is the family candle itself; he can do no wrong, and is perfect in every way. Which means Bruno can get away with being a total donkey’s ass to literally everyone.
It wasn’t always that way. For most of his life, Bruno was the same man from the film. That changed the night he saw Mirabel’s vision. Instead of running and hiding in the walls, he goes to Alma and shows her. His intentions are good, thinking perhaps the family could find a way to change the outcome. But Alma praised Bruno; she told him that he had done a great service to the family, and that she was proud of him and his magic. All of the negativity previously placed on him and his ability to see the future shifted to young Mirabel instead (unknowing of this vision). And Bruno LOVED it. Being appreciated and cherished by his mama was all he ever wanted.
Bruno became confidant and well versed. He learned that using his actual powers was to much trouble, and he began to tell fake futures instead, as no one would ever know the difference anyway. He changed himself from Bruno, to Bruno the Magnificent. He rose in popularity within the town, and soon was everybody’s favorite person. Alma was always sure to put him front and center and show him off as a Madrigal. This caused Bruno’s ego to grow ten times, and his pride even more. He became more and more obsessed with being adored by his community, and living the life of a celebrity. He had fame, he had mystery, he had women hanging off his arms, begging their love lives to be told. His life was perfect. Pepa liked this new and confidant Bruno, who would go out and have fun with her; get her gifts and tell her good fortunes. Julieta did NOT. She found him repulsive and egotistical, and began to really hate her brothers new attitude.
When Mirabel touched the candle, Bruno was right there at Alma’s right side, calling for her to be removed. Telling his mama that she was a danger - the prophecy had already said so. This was it! The first sign of destruction; the beginning of it all. Even with Julieta begging at Alma’s feet, asking for forgiveness when the candle had already scarred her daughter for life, Bruno’s word was more then enough for Alma and Mirabel was dragged kicking and screaming from her home to the Barn. Bruno continued to tell the future in private, watching the outcome of his youngest niece. But not to see if it had changed…but to make sure it didn’t. Because he couldn’t lose his mothers love again to some child; he could lose everything because Mirabel Madrigal got in the way.
No one ever knew the wiser. If anyone felt guilty over what happened, Bruno would sweep himself into the picture and sooth their worries. ‘It was already foreseen’ ‘it was set in stone’ ‘she’s a threat to our family’. And soon uneasy acceptance settled in. Because of course everything was fine. Bruno was trusted by Abuela, and that was enough.
Bruno is generally liked by the family…well, mostly anyway. Julieta hates her brother. She won’t ever speak to him, never looks at him, never gives him the best of her cooking. She even scratched him once in anger, right across the face and made him bleed. Dolores doesn’t like Bruno much either; she can hear him in the house as he experiments on white mice in his tower, and listen in to his ramblings about the future which spook her. She thinks he’s creepy, and doesn’t like the way he looks at her sometimes.
Personality wise Bruno is brash and lacks empathy for human life. He often picks on Julieta about what happened to Mirabel, just to see her get angry. He’s also boastful and will speak loudly of his accomplishments and…hem…conquests. He drinks and gambles; he likes to stay out and be amongst the young women in the town. He uses his ‘powers’ for purely selfish reasons, and is a liar through and through. When he and Mira happen to cross, he’ll pick on her due to her blindness. He’ll use ropes to make her trip, knock into her, and lie about something she didn’t do to turn the village against her, all to keep her as far under him as possible.
To Mira…he’d be the first to go if she ever had the chance.
- - -
HC’s and Design Notes
- Bruno and Camilo have kinda switched roles in Tainted? Bruno is loud and theatrical, while Camilo is more reserved and reclusive.
- I have Bruno a lot of Camilo’s traits and appearance mainly because I just thought it suited his personality type and poses are hard.
- I chose red and gold rather then green because it’s loud and flashy, just like Bruno.
- Bruno has his hair pulled back because he likes getting complements from young women about his green eyes.
- Bruno wears rings on his thumbs and in his ear to show off his wealth and fame within the Encanto.
- He doesn’t use his actual powers in public anymore as it just upsets people and he hates his gift, so Bruno makes up whatever the person wants to hear to get praise and attention even if it’s not true.
- Bruno still keeps rats, but only white ones and he experiments on them in his tower.
- - -
So yeah. That’s Bruno. I hate him. Which I suppose means I’ve succeeded in my task of tearing this canon apart but I still hate it.
Anyway, there are some more HC’s under the cut, but they are (tw: necessary) so read at your own risk.
- Bruno has a thing…erm…he has a thing for Dolores. I won’t go into detail but he’s creepy about it and likes to stare at her. Of course she always notices it/hears him and runs away to hide with Camilo.
- He isn’t married but sleeps with a lot of women and often likes to boast about it to Agustín and Felíx.
- Bruno does have violent tendencies and gets in bar fights a lot. He also carry’s a knife on his hip so he can cut people on purpose.
- Bruno is actively trying to groom Antonio to be just like him (it’s not working because Dolores intervenes and doesn’t allow that to happen).
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monetarymollusk · 22 days ago
first original post on here in a while because i’ve been watching encanto on a loop since it came out and i have THOTS.
my major one is how dolores’ verse in we don’t talk about bruno is so centered around bruno’s pain and struggle within the family- how no one ever understood him or his gift. she doesn’t demonize him, unlike some people (cough cough resident theater kid) and needs mirabel to understand that bruno is not and was never a bad guy. her desperation in the line “do you understand?” gets me every time
and why would she? even aside from knowing that he’s listening, dolores understands better than ANYONE how it feels to have knowledge you didn’t want and that people resent you for. dolores just has no way to turn it off.
there’s also the fact that we never see her really helping the town throughout the movie. abuela seems to have pretty limited ideas for what her family’s gifts can do for people, and i doubt she would have many ideas for how dolores gift would benefit the community, same with how she shows some trepidation with figuring out what to do with antonio’s gift, mostly just focusing on her relief that the encanto is working properly again.
it makes sense to me that after a while, abuela probably left dolores to her own devices. not trying to completely demonize abuela here, i have complicated thoughts on her character but i do NOT think she’s a monster, i just think that she would try to focus on more concrete and simple ways to help the community in day to day life, where dolores’ gift is pretty specialized. maybe every now and then she relays messages from the townspeople when there’s an emergency or someone doesn’t feel like coming all the way to the casita, but i doubt abuela would come up with anything else.
all this to say- i think dolores understands what bruno went through with his gift, being deemed either useless or actively malicious. dolores was probably terrified of people targeting her for knowing too much, the same as bruno being targeted for not always having happy visions. she knows what happens to people when their gift isn’t helpful enough, so she melted into the shadows.
i think bruno probably appreciated having someone in his corner even before mirabel came to him, someone who gets it like no one else in the madrigals can. though i bet it probably killed him that his niece had to go through what he did, especially after giving her the vision of mariano. i definitely agree with the hcs that dolores snuck him notes or food any chance she got, she probably misses the shit out of bruno and wishes he could sit with everyone at dinner for real.
anyways. bruno and dolores solidarity.
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supreme-creator-sama · 29 days ago
hey if u happen to write for her (no presh if u dont of course) could u do a mirabel x nb reader? nothing too specific but I feel like some touch starvedness would be cool
Yess, Mirabel headcanons! Of course I can!
⚠️ Warnings: None! Just you giving the affection Mirabel deserves
Mirabel x NB!Reader
Tumblr media
You are a very calm and affectionate person
Offering hugs and being there whenever people needed
The things is, no one gave you the affection you needed except for Mirabel
She was always there for you whenever she could
Whenever she saw the slightest change in your behavior she would politely ask you to follow her and procceed to hug you
You constantly offered hugs to people who were feeling down, but when someone gave you a hug, you melted
Specially when Mirabel hugged you
She gave the best hugs in your humble opinion
The thing is, Mirabel was also touch starved and really appreciated when you gave her physical affection
Them being hand holding, hugs, head pats, kissed
You both were there for each other and it showed
There were days where the both of you would just lay down on her bed and just cuddle
Whenever you got touch starved, you would sulk a bit and it would be harded for you to smile. You can't fake it very well
And whenever Mirabel was touch starved, she would come directly to you and ask for hugs and cuddles
She's a to the point woman, I don't make the rules here
Either way, both of you are touch starved and only the both of you can solve that for each other
You two are dating btw, the entire village knows at this point
The Madrigals find the two of you adorable together and would kill for the both of you
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soliravioli · 15 days ago
Hiii I had this thought of like Mirabel having a girlfriend but like shes a proper lady? Like really posh but is a strong woman?? Idk I rewatched Book of Life so 🤷‍♀️ it would be nice if you did it no rush 😊
mirabel madrigal with a posh s/o || madrigal x fem!reader
Tumblr media
pairing(s): mirabel x fem!reader warnings: none word count: 234 adults/18+ dni mirabel's 15 just remember people go to jail for this
(requests for camilo, isabela, luisa and maribel are open! send in an ask at any time; requests already sent in are currently being worked on <3)
when you were a kid you were always taught to be very prim and proper, and as you grew up these habits never really seemed to dissipate
you crossed your legs when appropriate, spoke in a calm and collected manner, dressed yourself properly, etc etc
you just held yourself to such a certain standard when you met and got together with mirabel you were surprised at how lenient she was with things such as her clothing and the way she sat
"mirabel, dear, while i appreciate you going through the effort to make this tea, did you sift the tea leaves properly? the taste is a bit lackluster."
"oh, i used tea bags. i didn't realize it was any different-"
"no matter. anything made by you must be spectacular. although, please do leave it to me next time. if you'd like, i can teach you how to make it properly. you see, you must first boil the water at approximately 206 degrees-"
you were also quite a fan of other typically regal hobbies, such as reading and embroidery, the latter being a great matchup for mirabel due to her love for knitting
you two had spent many a night simply embroidering a multitude of patterns or symbols into each other's clothes or linen, and you'd be lying if you said you didn't absolutely adore your girlfriend's work
there was one article of clothing you held particularly close to your heart. it was late at night, and you both were sat inside mirabel's room; you on her bed, her on the floor. you had been working on a somewhat difficult piece over the days, and you were incredibly determined to finish it before the week ended. mirabel was oddly secretive about what she was making, but you quickly forgot about the matter as you worked and the night continued to drag on
after a few hours you felt a soft tap on your shoulder. in front of you stood mirabel, holding a handkerchief out for you to take; on it a simple tea cup and book were embroidered a fabric, decorated with tons of flowers and gorgeous butterflies scattered throughout the rest of the empty space
needless to say you cherished this handkerchief, even weeks after she had given it to you
when she asked why you never used it you simply explained you would rather die than lose something so precious, and the conversation ended with mirabel hiding her face behind her hands to cover her blush
now, just because you preferred to be a proper lady does not mean you were weak or any sort of damsel in distress
in fact, you were actually quite quick to stand up for yourself and especially mirabel, who was unfortunately a bit of a people pleaser at times
someone had something bad to say about the way mirabel did her hair that morning? you were quick to shut it down
a snide comment was made about her personality and the way she spoke? the person who made such rude remarks should be prepared to have one thrown back
although, you did try your best to motivate mirabel to stand up for herself. you didn't want to treat her as if she was the one in distress as others automatically assumed of you, so if someone said something negative and she was around to hear it, you best bet you were right there beside her encouraging you to speak up
you were actually quite inspirational at times, which showed in mirabel's mannerisms the longer you two were together
in fact, you both spend so much time together she eventually began picking up on some of your habits, much to her embarrassment at the dinner table with her family
"camilo? would you be a dear and pass me the tortillas, please?"
needless to say the boy didn't hesitate to burst out into laughter; he was used to such proper speak from you and even abuela at times, but never mirabel
if that wasn't enough mirabel even began catching herself cushioning her cups with her pinkie and on top of a napkin rather than just putting it down on a random table and forgetting about it 5 minutes later
now, was it possible that she was just practicing to impress you? just maybe
you didn't let it slip that you knew this fact, however; frankly, you find it adorable every time you caught a glimpse of your girlfriend dangling a book on the top of her head or attempting to straighten her back every time she saw you walking by
she even tried to drink tea for you, but it was very apparent that after the first time she attempted to stomach some that it would be the last time
mirabel was so enamored with you she forgot she didn't like tea </3
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anxietybayb · 21 days ago
some encanto headcannons, part 2: Bruno
-this man definitely has ocd and a load of other mental illnesses, some probably include depression, anxiety, insomnia, he frequently gets up in the middle of the night and goes downstairs to sneak food, much to Juilietta's displeasure, but she ended up making a bit of extra food and leaves it out for him
-sometimes he'll get panic attacks and go back to his spot in the walls, it's now just a single hole in the wall for when he needs space and comfort, there's no actual hollow walkways
-him and Pepa used to fight all the time with Julietta being the middle ground, but now that he's back they're closer than ever and she's extremely protective of her (just by a little) little brother
-they constantly tease each other and call each other names (affectionate)
-him and Mirabel are very close and she's his favorite niece, if he does have a panic attack she'll be the first to recognize that he's gone and then check on him behind his painting
-he gets migraines frequently and Dolores will invite him into her room which is soundproof with white noise, this normally helps a lot, along with some of Juilietta's food
-he also gets mini visions throughout the day that just let him see a quick flash of something right about to happen, once he was at the table eating and got one of these, it showed Pepa dropping something she was reaching from the cabinet and falling on her head, he said "watch out for the jar" which is what caused her to get distracted and loose her grip, letting the jar fall on her head, a lot of apologies were said and a slight drizzle insued, but Julietta made sure to keep everyone calm
-his rats are named after everyone in the family, with a Jr added at the end, he even named one after his late papa, he makes sure to remember each of their names and always felt a bit less alone when they were around, especially during his telenovelas
-the rats would sometimes do improve for Bruno, which he absolutely loved, Dolores was always confused hearing her tio clap when he wasn't doing voices for the rats
-after he left the walls, he got a chance to get closer to all his nieces and nephews, surprisingly camilo was the hardest to connect with because he constantly avoided his tio, still being a bit scared of him from all the rumors he was told as a kid
-they did eventually get to sit down one night and finally have a real conversation that wasn't a quick hello, they really hit it off and bonded over a love of acting
-i personally see him as gay or aroace, I can't decide which suits him more
-him and Isabela got close because he was always very interested in her plants, he'd let her rant for hours about each of the different kinds of plants they were, what she would name them, what they could do, etc etc
-he also got to connect with his mama, she always tried to take an extra step to make sure he was comfortable, which he noticed and greatly appreciated, they bond over a love for reading and some nights will gather in his or her room to just sit and read in a comfortable silence
that's all I can think of for now but I would love to add a bunch more once I think of some
Tumblr media
here's the skrunkly rat man ❤️🐀
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mstrashmouthsworld · 10 days ago
How the slashers would react to watching Encanto.
this is my first time writing a out them so sorry if it sucks lol
Characters: Michael Meyers, Jason Vorhees, Chucky, Tiffany
Tumblr media
Some of them are out of character.
Michael Meyers:
-i feel like he wouldn't care in the begging and he would pretend he doesn't want to be there but really appreciate it that you want to have quality time with him.
-once he sees it's a cartoon he would huff and try to get up and walk away, you ofc wouldn't let that happen tho. bc you would nag him and whine to him about watching it.
-ofc he gives in to shut you up, once he hears the music he will lightly groan in annoyance, but would watch anyway bc he already did his duties today.
-once it gets to the best parts he will get more interested, he won't show it but internally he is at the edge of his seat bitting his lip waiting for what's next.
-he feel sympathetic for Mirabel, growing up Michael didn't have anyone and was left out a lot. and seeing it happen to Mirabel it brings back memories of it all, and it leaves him feeling somewhat better that he wasn't the only one who went through it.
^^^even if it was a cartoon.
-he HATES Abuela and is irritated by her, he thinks that she is a hypocrite bc she doesn't even have magic so she shouldn't be rude to Mirabel.
-he loves Bruno and thinks he's funny when Hernando and Jorge came up. he huffed at the jokes but tried not to show any amusement. (his heart panged a little at the plate scene)
-he thinks Antonio is adorable and loves how fluffy his hair is, he also thinks that Pepa and Felix relationship is comforting.
-over all he liked the movie and would watch it again but ofc you would never know and don't even mention him liking it bc he would walk out the house.
-9/10 just bc he is angry at Abuela but most of the part he's ok.
Jason Vorhees
-this baby boy would watch anything with you doesn't matter (as long as he's not busy)
-but knowing him he would drop everything just to watch it with you.
-he sits down on his makeshift recliner and pulls you in his lap. as you watch it he's interested in all the colors and different people.
-he loves the music he will tap his fingers on your arm and wiggle his foot to the best. (his favorite song is "Family Madrigal" in the beginning)
-he doesn't like Abuela bc it reminds him of the kids when he was younger and sympathies with Mirabel bc he was the "outcast" and Mirabel was the "outcast" as well.
-he loves Bruno, he thinks he's funny and he will giggle at Hernando and Jorge. he thinks the rats are cute. (he teard up at the plate scene)
-he wants a little kid like Antonio, he thinks he's the cutest little kid ever. Pepa and Feliz relationship is someone he wants to have with you❤️.
-in the end he loved the movie so much and 100% would watch it again and again. he loves the music too. whenever he's doing his woods duties he would hum the song. and bop his head a little bit.❤️❤️
-10/10 he loves it so much and it's his new comfort movie.
-he would throw a whole fit if you try and make him watcha cartoon. I mean curse words and f-bombs getting thrown left and right.
-he may not show it but he's a big softy for you, so when he walks out the room but sences he made you sad he will com back in and sit next to you.
-"I'm here now so hurry up and play the damn movie already." (Chucky rn 'me as an empathy sences you are sad')
-he doesn't like the music or the colors. he complains about getting a headache and won't shut up about how dumb it is.
-"ughhh doll can't we watch something else it's to childish", "I swear I'm going to get a headache" or "just stop being a bitch and blow out the candle already🙄"
-in the end he's drooling asleep, don't ask him nothing he doesn't like the movie fell asleep like 20 minutes in.
-he tried to stay awake but couldn't it wasn't his cup of tea. don't reccomend watching anything that isn't horror.
-1/10 don't reccomend, waste of time, annoying and all but he tried I mean at least he stayed in the same room as you 🙂
-she was so happy when you asked if she wanted to watch a movie with you. she sat right next to you and y'all cuddled🥰
-she loves the music and colors, she will wiggle her hips to the beat and smile. she also comments here and there about Antonio and about Julieta and Augustine's relationship.
-she HATES Abuela and I mean with a passion, Everytime she came on the tv Tiff would glare and HARD at the tv. (if looks could kill the tv would be up in flames)
-she just wants to squish Antonio's cheecks she loves him🥰. Julieta and Augustine's relationship is top tier to her. (she wants that domesticated relationship)
-she finds Bruno funny, she giggle and kinda pitys him. she feels bad that he was treated that way. Hernando and Jorge are definitely funny to her. (the plate seen had her in tears)
-10/10 really relaxing and therapeutic for you both. you guys now have movie night every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. on those days you watch Disney.❤️❤️
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ermespop · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Bestfriend Luisa Madrigal
Tumblr media
character(s): Luisa Madrigal, (1) mention Mirabel Madrigal
warning(s): ⚠️mentions of suicide
author's note: headcanons nobody asked for! but girrrlll,, i just did this in one sit !!!
Tumblr media
Random headcanons
carrying stuff all day tires her out
but it doesn't mean she'll ever pass up on the opportunity to carry you around town
after a while of knowing each other y'all wanted to have matching friendship bracelets
but neither of you knew how to make them :(
so y'all asked Mirabel for help and the next day you had a bracelet with each other's favorite colors ( :D
sometimes you help her with chores that don't really require a lot of strength
you and Luisa LOVE having spontaneous duets
like she could be running around town doing chores with you in her shoulders and then you start singing out of nowhere and then she starts singing and then y'all become LOUD AS FRICK lol
there was one time that you were feeling really bad for some reason and no matter what she did she couldn't lift your spirit
that day you told her that you wish you could jump from one of the town's houses
and this is how it went
"okay, go for it"
"for real, dude?"
"ye I'll catch you :)"
you my friend cried that day, a lot
you did jump off the building and she did catch you
and she made sure you told her whenever you weren't having the best day so you both could do your best to prevent those feelings
you both once joked about moving out of your parents place's and building a small house in the middle of the forest to live there
and then Luisa was like "wait… i can do that"
y'all built that house and is now your secret hide out B)
you also had this day, she was really busy and you guys hadn't seen each other since morning
she met you in the evening and you asked how her day was
she just hugged you a little tighter than usual and then said "much better now"
the next day she explained to you how just being with you helps her de-stress
oh right, you guys share hugs regularly, but like always
you greet each other, say bye, celebrate, congratulate each other, cheer, comfort and simply show affection by hugging
AAALLLL types of hugs
side hugs, back hugs, bone crushing hugs (more often than not), front hugs, neck hugs, head hugs, etc., (if you don't get some of these you can google them i did too lol)
oh ye, y'all stile each other's hair every weekend so you start every week with a different haristyle
so yeah Luisa as your bestfriend 10/10 would recommend 😌👌
Tumblr media
author's note (2): i love the way these ideas just kept coming one after the other 😭
Tumblr media
© ermespop | Please don't ever copy, translate, edit or repost my work on tumblr nor any other social media and/or site.
• Likes, comments, reblogs and follow are so greatly appreciated ๑´ᴗ`๑
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vodkamakepaingoaway · a month ago
could I ask for a fic/headcannons about luisa dealing with illness? I have this sense it wouldn’t go very well 😅
luisa getting sick!
luisa would COMPLETELY deny being sick
like she could be sneezing every 2 seconds, blood-shot eyes, literally falling apart, and she would STILL say "im fine!"
her family, especially her cousins, siblings, and mum, try as hard as possible to get her to lay down and take care of her
she still refuses
"guys come o- [EARTH-DESTROYING SNEEZE] on! I have chores to- [DRIEST MF COUGH EVER] do!"
after much arguing and begging, she gives in
camilo entertains her while she's practically in her death bed with some acts he's been practicing
Isabela covers her in flowers, some placed to make a big "get well soon" sign
mirabel and dolores sew some dolls for her and place them next to her
julieta feeds her like a thousand arepas
"mama im- [chokes on 56th arepa julieta stuffed in her mouth] already feeling better!"
she doesn't show it often, but she appreciates everything her family does and how much they care for her
she still won't admit she's sick tho
like ever
you will never see this girl say "im sick" istg
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fandomobbsessedb · 16 days ago
Random Encanto Head cannons - part 3 (slight continuations part 2)
When Camilo is on babysitting duty Bruno and him will sometimes put on short plays for the kids to entertain them, but then when they get an idea they think would make a really good play for all of the encanto, they invest a lot of time in it writing a script and storyline. Mirabel makes the costumes, Isabella helps create the set and any music the show might use. Juileta makes refreshments, and Agustin tries to help make set pieces but always somehow gets hurt. After the show Camilo constantly asks Dolores what people are saying about the show.
When Bruno comes back Pepa, Bruno, and Juileta will get into mischief like they use to when they where little. Most of their doings consist of just making people's lives the tiniest bit inconvenient. Hiding all the pens in the house, moving small things around, if someone sets something down on a surface they’ll move it through the house, casita likes to help them with that part. Maybe one night at dinner the table setting is one fork short and there’s no other forks in the drawer or any that can be washed, they’ve all just disappeared save for the ones at the table. Do any of the triplets know what happened? Nope, not at all. What even is a fork? “They don’t know”.
Every year on her birthday or a holiday that gifts are given, Dolores gets a pair of earmuffs. She has a whole drawer in her dresser full of earmuffs she uses every now and then. They don’t help a lot but she appreciates the effort.
Because of Camilo's gift he sometimes gets upset because nobody asks him to look like himself or use his personality for the problem, they always want him to look like someone else. Adding to what I said about Camilo and Pepa’s relationship, she reasures him that he’s perfect the way he is and she prefers her baby looking like himself rather than someone else, unless Camilo likes whatever he changes, as long as he’s happy with his looks, Pepa’s happy. Camilo has to keep a photo of himself hanging in his room so he can remember what he looks like if he's been a person for too long. Sometimes he discovers he likes having different features in particular, he realizes that they feel so right for him that he keeps them from time to time. His room has a large closet filled with all different types of clothing that he wears regularly. He appreciates that his family is happy with whatever he wears. Dolores makes sure to make a nice comment to him every day about how he looks. Whether it’s his clothing choice or if he decides to change a feature of himself.
Because of his room location Bruno made that secret room in the wall years ago when he was a child that way he wouldn’t have to go up and down the stairs all the time.
Luisa is good at photography and has a whole wall in her room dedicated to the things she’s taken pictures of. Antonio’s animals, any plants in nature or the ones her sister makes that she finds particularly breathtaking, sunrises and sunsets.
Julieta over works herself sometimes, she has to make healing food for the entire encanto and set up a stand daily. She’s a strong woman but she’s still a human. Long hours in the hot kitchen make her feel terrible, it’s become so bad at times that she won’t have the energy to eat anything she’s made, at which point Agustin steps in and pulls her away from the kitchen bringing some food with him as he takes her to lay down until she’s feeling somewhat better and can eat something. After the events of the movie, Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel push the townspeople to try and be more careful.
Pepa was having a hard day and she was feeling even worse because she was making it rain so hard. All the townspeople had gone into their homes since nobody wanted to be out in the rain there was nobody to comfort her. Felix noticing her struggle from inside his house walked out and sat down next to her with an umbrella commenting on how he likes the smell of rain. Pepa fell head over heels immediately.
The first time Agustin had gone to Julietas stand he became infatuated with her and would let himself be more prone to getting hurt so he could see her. Or when someone he was with got hurt with even a little paper cut he would rush them over to her stand so they could talk.
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thegamingmonk · 9 days ago
Encanto Headcanons #5
Number 5 already! Thank you all for the kind words and support! They really keep my creativity going and I hope I'm doing well by these characters and their meaningfulness to both Colombians & Latinos all!
Antonio and Mirabel teamed up on a birthday present for Luisa one year. They kept it a secret for months with the help of Dolores.
It was a giant stuffed unicorn. Luisa's face was b a w l i n g when she saw it. It's her most precious treasure and named "Rainbow".
Post-movie, Abuela tries once to "get in the know" with her grandchildren in order to understand them better. Help these kids... (She's a bit confused but she's got spirit).
Being that Pepa is the middle child, of course she has the chaotic middle child energy.
Nobody would've taught that energy would spread to her children and nieces.
Camilo and Isabela (despite being the oldest) are prime examples of it.
Mariano and Isabela are the type of friends to be "The menace and the bean".
Sometimes Mariano will just wrap his arms around Dolores and softly hum in her ears just the way she likes it. His voice is oh-so soothing to her.
When young Dolores was still adjusting to her gift, Casita had extra caution to make sure that any floorboard she stepped on or door she opened never creaked/squeaked.
Dolores still appreciates this; it's the small things that count.
Thanks to her constant help with the donkeys, Luisa was given the opportunity to name a newly born donkey.
His name is Jorge and she will fight the sun itself for him.
Mirabel would be lying if she said she wasn't attached to the little guy too.
Agustín is actually a pretty decent dancer. People just tend to forget this when he trips over a stack of wood and face first into a beehive. Again.
Julieta has separate emergency stashes of arepas for different Madrigals.
One for Agustín for many reasons: one for Dolores and her sensory issues; one for Mirabel when she pricks herself while sewing; one for Félix if he accidentally gets shocked by Pepa's lightning (though that basket is open to anyone really); and one for Bruno simply because she wants him to eat more.
Camilo managed to hold an entire "One person show" by himself for the village. It was an impressive feat but left him tired out his mind.
He fell asleep on Luisa's shoulder as she carried him home.
After her gift ceremony, Mirabel spent a whole week going through a list of potential powers to try to see if she could awaken her gift late.
Camilo helped as well with this, which made things a little bit crazier than planned.
Soon they were by Julieta before Alma could catch wind of the two's plans. Good thing too because flying was further down on the list (precautions would've been made but Julieta's heart couldn't even handle the idea).
Camilo doesn't approve of Mariano dating his sister until MUCH later on. Dolores helped with that by revealing his weakness: food.
Surprisingly Mariano can whip up some great dishes. Camilo was sold.
Back when he was hiding, Bruno snuck out to grab some food and then returned to the walls, only to find a 13 year old Dolores in his room, messing around with his rats.
"Dolores??? How did you-" "Your rat friends led me here :D"
Dolores would help support Bruno while he was in the walls, whether it be leaving him plates of food in front of his painting entrance or spare blankets during the winter time.
Bruno tried to make a rat band before. Unfortunately it didn't work out... Rats can only do so much...
Pepa cannot be trusted in the kitchen worth her life.
Julieta let her cook ONCE and sworn off it ever again. Not without supervision at least.
Sometimes Bruno is the unfortunate volunteer to be Pepa's supervisor. Anytime she put something that completely did not go in the dish, he'd follow up with something that he knows will at least make it better.
When they were younger, Pepa and Bruno would go joyriding on her bike. Poor boy nearly lost his soul each and every time.
Dolores and Mariano's first date was completely set up by Isabela as she is the ultimate wingman. However Camilo tries to sabotage as protective siblings do.
It's a whole cartoon plot going on between Isabela making the date go great and Camilo trying to ruin it.
All exotic plant experimentation happens in Isabela's room in order to avoid cases of invasive species.
A scrapped concept of Isabela's powers was that she could also make sentient plant people (potatoes specifically).
I have an AU in the works with this idea but for now, just imagine. Her little potato army.
Mirabel has never been more terrified of an idea in her life.
Camilo will have moments where he walks into Mirabel's room out of nowhere and plops his head on top of hers while she's sewing.
Mirabel stopped questioning it after the third time. He just wants to be around her and she doesn't mind the affection.
After she's done, they'll go and commit twin crimes.
Pepa is usually the one breaking up a fight between Dolores and Camilo while Félix and Antonio sip juice out on the patio. They do not see therefore it does not exist.
Félix is the type to put them in a get-along shirt and tell them to figure it out.
Isabela is always this close to wrangling Camilo's neck.
If not for the spirit of Abuelo Pedro watching over him Isabela probably would've gotten it done by now.
As much as I love the idea of cousins being forever wholesome with each other, we have to admit that realistically, they're also all gremlins towards each other.
Mirabel and Camilo once broke a vase to which Dolores heard loud and clear. They begged her (or in Camilo's case, threatened) her not to tell. She promised... And then proceeded to yell "ABUELAAAAAA-".
Remember my "Mirabel and Isabela fist fight" headcanon? Yeah that would happen with Isabela and Camilo if the boy didn't run for his life most the time.
Camilo is a full blown clothes thief, whether it be his sister's or his cousins' dresses. Don't blame him that they look good on him.
Luisa and Antonio are the only safe ones from this. One's too big and the other's too small.
Anytime Isabela and Mirabel would get into an argument, Luisa would just pick them up by their clothes' collars and simply hug them until they stopped. Works every time (plus free cuddles!).
Even Casita has its moments where it'll lift up a floorboard to trip up someone or bonk someone with a door. Mischievous house it is.
All in all, cousins will be cousins but they grandkids all love each other down to the very bone.
This has gotta be the longest one so far... May be a bit of a break before my brain comes up with more ideas, but that's all for now!
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desiree610 · 9 days ago
Mer! Bruno Madrigal x GN! Reader: Part 3
Tumblr media
I suggest you read the first chapter if you are not caught up.
⏪Part 1 ⏪Part 2
“I’m gonna help them.” Julieta protest her brothers actions, suggesting he should just let them figure it out in their own. “Listen Bruno. I know you feel like you owe them for saving you… But I don’t want you to get taken away.” Bruno fidget with his fingers and stutter his words. Bruno was worry that it’ll happen again. But he wanted to make sure that you’ll be safe getting back. “I-I know. But I’ve already made up my mind Julieta.” Julieta just sign, she’ll help out in anyway but if their mamá finds out. She can no longer lie about everything Bruno told her. As Bruno was gonna go back, he needed a favor from Mirabel. He had asked her if she could create a shirt. “No problema, Tio Bruno.” Before he left back to the cave, Mirabel asked if she could come with him. To which he refused, Before he could leave Bruno encounter his mamá. “Brunito! Where have you been?” “I, um, sorry mamá.” While he was busy dealing with his mamá Alma, Mirabel decided to take the shirt herself. She knew of one place that Bruno would always go to. His secret place, the cave by the waterfall. As she starts to swim in that direction, there was a small crab watching her go in with other crabs.
While Bruno was gone for a moment, he left you alone in the cave with some more Arepas to chow down on. They were good, you would love to meet his family. Last time he told you he would be back with a new shirt. You saw the water rippling and looked up. It’s wasn’t Bruno. It was somebody else. You quickly thought of hiding behind a few big rocks. You didn’t want to be seen, just because you were nervous. You didn’t know who this mermaid was. She was definitely younger than Bruno, and wearing glasses? You’ve never thought you would see that. She had something in her hands. It looked like a shirt. “Hi.” She said to you as you hid again. “Listen. This is for you. My Tio Bruno, he told me you needed this.” You didn’t know what to do, should you introduce yourself or stay hidden? “Well, I just wanted to say thank you. You saved my Tio Bruno. I really appreciate what you did.” As she slowly swam away, you stopped hiding and called to her. “Hey! Wait please.” She did turn away and swim back just a close enough distance to talk. “Thank you for this. I’m gonna change into it quickly.” You headed back to the rock and changed from a bloody soaked shirt to a clean, pretty shirt. “It fits great… My name is Y/N.” The mermaid in front of you was smiling and happy to meet you. “I’m Mirabel.”
Back at the casa of the Madrigal’s. After his talk with his maná Alma, Bruno went back to Mirabel’s room to get the shirt. But she was no where to be found. Mirabel’s satchel was also gone too. Without a doubt, he knew that she would go on her own and see you. He didn’t want to looked nervous, but it was obvious he was. He went swimming back to the cave. While you were talking to Mirabel, she brought up how Bruno doesn’t act like how he does in front of her. “He’s usually more quite and to himself. But it’s obvious that he likes having you around.” You were a little taken back by the word ‘like’, it could have meant anything really. “What do you mean like? You don’t think he’s in love with me… do you?” Mirabel started to laugh at your expression, it was obvious that you had feelings for him. “Wait. I have to ask. Why did you save my Tio Bruno?” You didn’t have one answer to give her, you had many. “We’ll, first I thought he was sad for being used like a ‘side show freak’… Then I thought, maybe he misses someone. Maybe a lover or maybe his family.” Mirabel nods her head, understanding you more. “You’re different from other humans we’ve encounter.”
You just smile, because that was probably the best compliment you’ve gotten from a mermaid. “Mirabel!” You both turn to see Bruno swim both your way. “Tio Bruno.” He sign and rubbed the back of his head. “Well, I can see that you’ve introduced yourself to Mirabel. “I just wanted to meet them, last time they slept in your arms.” You blushed at the thought, slept in Bruno’s arms while he took care of you. Bruno starts waving his hands to stop Mirabel from saying anything else. “Okay, okay. I’ve said too much. I should be going so… Goodnight Y/N.” You waved back to Mirabel wishing her a good night’s sleep. “I can’t believe I got to met your niece. She was very nice. She even gave me this shirt.” Bruno just nervously chuckled. “Yeah. She is. I’m proud of her.” You thought about what Mirabel said, Bruno did take care of you. Asked his sister to heal you, feed you food and ask his niece to make you a shirt. Maybe you could delay going home. “Um, Bruno. There’s something I want to tell you. It’s been bothering me.” “What’s wrong? You’re not feeling cold, are you?” You shake your head no to him. “No. Actually… the boat idea? I think we should delay it.” He was confused to your proposal. “Um, sure. But why? Weren’t you the one who wanted to hurry?” You knew he was gonna say that so you already figured what you wanted to say. “I did at first. But I can wait a little longer. I want to make sure I don’t see those jerks at the carnival.” It was a good reason to delay going out at sea, but that wasn’t the reason why you delayed the boat building. You wanted to get to know Bruno better. Spend whatever time you have with him. “You know you got a point there… Alright. Until then, I will keep you safe.” The look of determination in his eyes to protect you made you fluster. You felt butterflies in your stomach. You thought to yourself, what the hell. You got into the water with him. “Y/N. Your shirt.” You couldn’t care less about the water. You held his face, and and give him a small peck to his cheek. Bruno was dumbfound by your action. “I never got to really thank you… so thank you.”
Part 4⏩Part 5⏩Part 6⏩Part 7⏩Part 8⏩
Part 9⏩
((So as of right now, Y/N meet was Mirabel. I’m gonna try to add more characters in each chapters that come out. I just want to write then as good as I can. 🤞))
Tagging —> @funtimes000 @jasmineblogs43 @alexloveskili
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bagel-rights-activist · a month ago
After watching Encanto, I was thinking about Bruno's parallels to Mirabel (those that were pointed out in the movie and otherwise) and uh. This happened. This is a bit of a character study and it's only 935 words so it's not a big read but I really hope you enjoy :)
(this may end up on Ao3 as well! Reblogs are super helpful so please consider reblogging <3)
Sometimes, as a child, Bruno would stare at his hands and wonder if an invisible poison leached from them; a silent killer of goodness only he was capable of carrying.
Sure, when you’re five years old the screw ups are forgivable. Less so when you’re seven. By the time you’re ten, mistakes are seen more as intentional sabotage attempts upon your family’s wellbeing.
Keeping the gift alive was their family’s duty, but Bruno wondered if he was capable of taking on something so great. He also wondered if Pepa and Julieta ever felt as unqualified as he did to preserve the Encanto. Yes, Pepa had brought on more storms than he could count, but she’d always felt things more deeply than the rest; it was never the same as the quiet weight Bruno was accustomed to within himself. As for Julieta, well, she’d always been the one to take a challenge head on. The strongest sibling and the leader. Untouchable and unbreakable.
(But there was one time, once, when Bruno was at the tender age of nine. He’d been hiding around the corner of the kitchen late at night. A man with a twisted ankle was sitting on a chair in the next room over. In the kitchen, in front of the stove, Julieta knelt on the floor surrounded by pieces of a shattered ceramic bowl and remnants of an indiscernible food. Her face was streaked with tears and she was visibly holding back a cry. Alma stood over her, looking disappointed and firm.)
Julieta was everything Bruno couldn’t be.
(“How can you expect to help the town if you can’t even heal one man?” Alma’s voice had echoed from the kitchen.)
Envy twined with admiration gripped tight on Bruno’s heart whenever he saw his sister’s perfection.
(Voice shaking and fragile, Julieta whispered, “I’m sorry, mamá. Déjame arreglarlo. Please. I won’t mess it up this time.” A small tear fell onto Casita’s tile flooring.)
By the time he was fifteen, every morning Bruno had a waitlist of people who wanted prophecies and a list almost just as long of people who didn’t like him by the time the sun set.
It wasn’t just what he saw that upset them (though, in some cases, that would have been enough). It was his inability to deliver the news well or refrain from making untimely jokes. His way of lightening the mood was usually implemented at the worst moment possible and he always awkwardly stumbled over his words, anticipating unhappy reactions to his visions.
Time to develop hobbies wasn’t always plentiful, but Bruno did always have an interest in acting and storytelling. As a child, he’d put on shows for his mother, his sisters as costars. Alma had always applauded loudly at the end. It was one of those truly good memories he often called back on later in life.
As a teenager, he’d stay up late writing stories in his room, all messily scratched out on crumpled papers or in a notebook. Scripts telling tales about a young man who was the pride of his town and his family. Plotlines following a young explorer who was beloved by everyone she crossed paths with. People not just loved, but appreciated for who they were as a whole. The hero Andres who was worth more than his incredible intellect. The explorer Luisa who was praised for more than her magnificent super speed.
Bruno loved his family, and they loved him back. Of that, there was never any doubt. Still, there was an unspoken standard looming over him at all times.
There was an expectation that Bruno dreaded to think he might not ever reach.
But Andres and Luisa didn’t judge him for that, nor did the rats he spotted in dark corners of Casita, nor did his beautiful sobrinos when they were born. And for a while, that was enough to keep him afloat in the flood he’d been living through.
Bruno shook his head vigorously, trying to rid himself of the sight in front of him. He blinked the green out of his eyes, but was unsuccessful in ridding himself of the tears. He looked down at his shaking hands—poisonous contaminators, toxic harbingers of ruin…
He clenched his fists and thought of Mirabel. He’d seen so little in his vision; it wasn’t enough to ensure that she wouldn’t be subjected to the harsh scrutiny he wanted to shield her from. He couldn’t let her go through what he had.
If today is the day, then today is the day.
The comfort of his sisters’ hugs felt less foreign than he’d thought it would. He smiled each time he got one, realizing just how deprived of that closeness he’d been.
Dinners were warm and full of laughter that was no longer distantly heard through the wall. He did the dishes afterward, laughing at himself for being so eager to clean. He wrote stories again, this time ones that didn’t just feature rats (though he couldn’t bear to write them out completely). New characters who were finding their ways back from the abysses they’d fallen into. Who were learning to find their rhythms again.
He held Antonio’s face in his calloused palms, telling him how proud he was of him, no longer scared of the invisible poison he’d once believed himself to emanate.
(He remembered that childhood night again, and the way Alma’s face had softened as she’d sighed and bent down, beginning to pick up pieces of the shattered bowl. He remembered the way she’d said to Julieta, “It’s okay. We can fix it. You’re still learning.”)
No more fear. No more cracks in the walls.
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hamiltonforpowerpoint · 20 days ago
Just watched all 4 of the deleted scenes(storyboard yk what I mean)and I’m absolutely destroyed. Here are some quick thoughts
I wonder what happened with Mirabels mom? She seemed to have more a role in regards to the plot
LOVED LOVED LOVED the looks into the Madrigals rooms. I wonder if Dolores looks the same or if her powers were diff(her room has sort of a laboratory style)
I really wish we had that Antonio interaction and sister interaction kept in the movie. It makes sense why it was taken out but man oh man
I’m really glad they changed Isa story. I 100% liked her story in the movie then in the deleted scenes
I like both Pepa. I like she’s more unhinged in the scenes but I like just the way she is in the movie
I really appreciate more interaction between Felix and Agustin. I liked how they tried to cheer up Mirabel while showing more about what they do as Madrigals
“My husband would be so disappointed because of all the people he would have wished to understand his words it was me”~Alma Madrigal
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ashdreams2023 · 10 days ago
Hello! I was interested in your encanto matchup hcs and was wondering if I could request one? (If not, it's completely okay!)
Some info about me:
My name is Gabriella and I'm a 24 y/o Scorpio who can be pretty clumsy. INFP. I'm am bicurious but, prefer males. I am mixed (Mexican/Nigerian) but have pretty pale skin, unfortunately (,:
I am fairly tall around 5'8 and slighty chubby in size. I wear oversized glasses cause I cannot see perfectly (at all lol) My hair is pretty similar to Mirabel's but slightly longer than my shoulders. Very poofy actually. Can get easily tangled. Ouch. I have two different eye colors. (Brown and light hazel)
Fairly laid back personality overall. Will defend loved ones to the ends of the earth. Don't like when loved ones are upset. Cherish family and small group of close friends. I'm not a big fan of large gatherings and get overwhelmed easily when in such situations. I am a big foodie. Love to try new foods and explore different cuisines.
I can be extremely forgetful and get easily distracted. I misplace practically everything I touch and can be forgetful of important things like appointments and such. Absolutely horrible at multitasking. (,:
I am a lover that loves to show affection in acts of service, gifts, & hugs. I love to make my partner very happy. Love to engage in very deep talks and conversations.
And lastly, my hobbies primarily consist of painting & drawing. 🙏🏻
Thank you!
What a lovely summary!
Hmm…I see you with our sweet
Btw this picture of Bruno makes me so SOFT🥰
Tumblr media
A little surprised by your skin tone considering your background but then he looks at his sister and he’s like "meh"
Well you’re taller than him, no complains from him though {he learned to accept he’s a short king}
Your eyes remind me of cat eyes and he sure as hell understand the struggle with the hair that gets tangled all the time
Being laid back relaxes him, he’s so superstitious and worried a lot so somebody needs to calm him down 
You two cherish family and loved ones, which makes such the wholesome dynamic
He doesn’t expect you to be in all gatherings that happen in casita but he would appreciate if you were with him when it’s just the family
Extra food for both of you, yes bruno loves to eat, so don’t be surprised when one of the rats comes running with one of pastries julieta was making 
"Did you train the rat to steal food!?"
"I was in the walls, I had to eat somehow!"
It’s ok, Bruno is a patient man, even if you keep forgetting things and appointments, he will make sure to remind you of important stuff
Loves loves LOVES your hugs, he melts each time
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ashrambleworld · 21 hours ago
I know everyone wants more of Familia Madrigal and Encanto in general, including myself. So because Disney is Disney and I don't know if they'll ever do it, I wanted to pitch my own version of what that show could be. LONG POST AHEAD:
First, the show is more like "Slice-of-Life" like. No more big adventures or high-risks. Just some good-ol' Familia Madrigal and their very unique life after the events of the movie.
Every episode would focus on a member of the family, and of course their relationships with the family and the town itself, but each one stands alone with it's own little story by itself (BONUS POINTS if each episode gets to have their own song...)
Now, a run through the few episodes I've been thinking about and basically have a complete plot:
Luisa's Episode: We start like it's a normal day. She wakes up very early and starts her intense workout and positive reaffirmations because YEAH! Luisa is going to crush today! She gets out of her room and gets ambushed by her sisters and cousins. Mirabel asks her "You know what day is today??" all excited and giddy, so what Luisa just goes "Ah, sure. Today is Friday because I have to help Mr. González with his house and I promised Mrs. Sánchez that I would help her with her crops I would usually do more things but I'm trying to, you know, keep it light." and everyone else is like "... Luisa... It's your birthday.". So they literally try to spend the entire day trying to get Luisa noT TO WORK, LIKE AT ALL. Of course that leads to some shenanigans like... Realizing they need 3 or 4 people to move the piano and even if Luisa offers to do it they're all like "NO IT'S YOUR DAY. YOU RELAX" But at the end, she really does appreciate everything her family does for her and just being able to hang out with them is more than enough.
Isabela's episode: You know how in the book, Isabela kinda wishes that her gift was a bit more useful? so let me introduce an original character to the series right here. An apothecary, this girl comes and wanders into the Encanto when the mountain breaks, and she's honestly just lovely and searching for new plants to research. Of course all the town finds her interesting but they once meet and their both like omg. Because one can grow plants and the other can tell her everything that some of them can do and wow. And of course, she's the only one that never knew her as "The perfect Isabela" so she finds a lot more trust there. I just want Isabela to have a friend whom she can be herself with. Also imagine her getting her hands on the dirt, high pony tail and ready to work.
Julieta's episode: We know she's a sweetheart and maybe the mother a lot of us would love to have, but what I bet we don't see is how much time she spends in the kitchen, tiring herself because she cooks for the family and she's basically the only doctor in town. And maybe we even see her trying to relax a bit only to be interrupted by idk... "Julieta? Mr. Ramírez just had an accident while riding his horse" and she just has to go take care of that. Maybe the town is just realizing "omg we only have one doctor and even her powers are not guaranteed all the time like that time the miracle went out." so she teaches Isabela and this new character so they can also be doctors in town. Then we see her teaching Agustín, Mirabel and Camilo how to cook so she doesn't have to cook all the time by herself (The sole idea of a scene like that has ENDLESS comedic potential), but at the end of the day, she's finally not the only one having to bear all those burdens by herself so we see her finally sit down and cuddle to her loving husband in peace.
Dolores' episode: Look, I want to see Dolores in her ZONE with her super hearing. She's just walking around town when a crime happens (Nothing too bad just... Idk, someone took the reverend's wig or something) and Dolores is SET on finding the culprit, and the episode is set like a mystery thriller, Sherlock Holmes-y, where hearing one testimony leads to another and another and probably Camilo asks her at some point if she isn't overreacting but of course not she's DOLORES MADRIGAL and will get to the bottom of this. Maybe the leads are all pointing at one of her own family! Could she dare betray them and hand them to justice? Or could this be the end of the invincible and incorruptible Detective Dolores Madrigal?
Camilo's episode: Like c'mon, the guy's 15, edgy and can shapeshift. We HAVE to have a teen crisis episode here. But let's not rush into negative territory I think we can make it so it's actually a pretty heartwarming episode. He spends the episode searching for something to do because... "Well, when people don't need him to be anyone else what do they need Camilo for?" We see Camilo trying art, sports, music and more and with all those things, a different version of Camilo appears, bonus points if Mirabel joins him while he tries everything but she stays as herself all the time just to emphasize Camilo trying to fit in. In at the end of turns out that Camilo is loved just as he is and he doesn't have to be anyone else.
Abuela's episode: Man, I just really want Abuela's episode to be like Iroh's tale in Tales of Ba Sing Se in ATLA. Abuela runs her errands in town, helping the people and basically showing us that she's the leader in there for a reason (Yeah, yeah, maybe she was kind of the problem in the movie but by the way we see her run the town, she's pretty good for a governess I would say) she buys some stuff like some pretty flowers and a few snacks, passes by a family playing with their children... We see her in the end, approaching the river we saw at the end of the movie (You know, where Pedro... Met his tragic end) she sits down, brings out her basket, lights a candle and we ACTUALLY hear her sing Dos Orugitas while she's getting chocked up. She finishes, opens her locket and says, "Ay mi Pedro. Te extraño tanto. Happy Anniversary." AND THERE. WE ALL CRY A LOT.
Mariano's episode: YES. I'm giving Mariano an episode BUT HEAR ME OUT OKAY. Mariano is trying to make a surprise party (maybe even engagement party, who knows) for Dolores. There. That's it. On the surface it sounds like a pretty dull plot. But you're forgetting something. Mariano is trying to prepare a surprise for tHE ONE PERSON IN TOWN THAT HEARS AND KNOWS EVERYTHING. And he's going to need the help of everyone in Familia Madrigal to make this work. Just imagine how that first conversation would be like: He is hiding behind a bush and goes "Psst... Mirabel I need your help." Mirabel is all like "Wtf Mariano what are you doing in there what do you want" and he just goes "Actually we have to travel to the other side of the town for me to tell you so..." Yes. It's a disaster. Yes, Dolores almost discovers them a lot of times and of course... Yes... It all works out in the end.
Episodes I've been thinking about but don't have there quite yet:
Mirabel's episode: She has a new room! No more nursery for her. But when trying to decorate it, everyone tries to decorate in their way and gives her totally polar opposites tips so at the end it all looks like a franken-room but turns out Mirabel LOVES it that way. Maybe end it with her taking her picture with her door so it can be displayed in the mural of pictures that Abuela has with everyone else and their doors.
Bruno's episode: First of all I want to have a dinner scene here because I want to watch Bruno's plate in the table with everyone else's. Oh I don't care how to make that scene fit. IT WILL FIT IN THERE. Also, like cmon, we cannot let Bruno's CLEAR interest in theater go to waste. And I'm thinking imagine him telling a story to Antonio, Mirabel, Camilo, Luisa, Dolores and Isabela. One he made up as one of his telenovelas while living in the walls. And he gets sooo in the mood and has everyone so into it. Ah, I wanna see some wholesome Uncle Bruno. (Also, please, a cameo from Jorge who makes the spackle)
Antonio's episode: I could watch Antonio play with animals all the episode, but you know what sounds like something a little child could do? A show. He sees his uncle Bruno's kinda trained rats and goes... I'm gonna make a show with my animal friends. They even team up and of course because it's Uncle Bruno and Little Antonio everyone is like "Oh what a silly little game" BUT DO THEY MAKE A SHOW.
Pepa's episode: Very hot day. Everyone is fanning themselves, and super tired to do anything. Even Luisa is like "Nope, can't work today because of the heat" and everyone just looks so defeated. Get this... Pepa makes a waterpark for the entire town. And with the sun hitting so hard and Pepa's rain, the entire town fills with rainbows.
Agustín and Félix's episode: Yes I want those two together because we've seen in deleted scenes how they help around the house a lot, cleaning sometimes. And I would just LOVE to see them just like that. Treat it like a comic-superhero duo episode but it's just this two dads cleaning around, having THE time of their lives while dancing and singing their hearts out. And with Félix's carelessness and accident-prone Agustín we see Casita saving them quite a lot of times. Maybe them even trying to include Bruno to their boys club idk, sounds so cute.
And WELL the possibilities are ENDLESS. Maybe even some stories about little Pepa, Bruno and Julieta or little Isabela and Dolores or chaotic kid duo Mirabel and Camilo. Ah, I just really wish we had more Familia Madrigal content🥺✨
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somethinginthethunder · 15 days ago
Hola :] Could I pls have an Encanto matchup?
Im Bi and Demisexual
I have wavy black hair and it goes a little past my shoulders.My skin is light brown ish and I'd say im around Camilo and Mirabel's height but a few inches taller
Im not the loud type of person but im certainly not very quiet either,it usually depends on how comfortable I am around a person.The more comfortable I am,the more loud and confident (and possibly annoying) I get.Most people say that I'm kind, sweet,and that im apparently good at comforting others (this is what my friends say about me and I'm going with it cuz most of the time I don't really know myself that much)
I ramble about things a lot,especially if im hyper fixating on something, but most of the things that I ramble about are things that confuse me and I get really upset when I notice the person im talking to isn't listening/isn't interested.
I love reading and drawing so my room is filled with books, sketchbooks, pencils, notebooks filled with doodles, and more art things that you'll probably find scattered on my desk or shelves.... (I try to be organized but I never have the time)
Im also a bit of a hoarder and I tend to forget that I even kept some stuff so finding something that I don't remember I had is always a surprise (I sometimes search my room for little trinkets I kept to pass the time)
Uhhhh,hold on Im trying to remember what I was gonna say ......Oh yeah! I'm forgetful and easily distracted!
My love language is physical touch
If I get mad at my partner/if me and my partner get into an argument,I would lock myself in my room for a few minutes, sometimes hours and then after that I'll talk to them. I don't like ignoring/avoiding a problem for too long but I will need some time to cool off.
And uh– i think thats it!
thank you :]
Tumblr media
heyo!! thanks for your request!
you’ve been matched with: julieta!
-whether you’re loud or quiet, she’ll love it all the same. the more loud and confident you are as you get comfortable with her, the more she’ll fall deeper in love with you.
-she loves how kind you are to people, and i think you both match that energy.
-she’s a great listener!!! so anything you talk about she;ll sit right next to you patiently or hum in acknowledgment as she makes some of her famous food.
-if you’re ever talking about something that confuses you she’ll try and figure it out with you!
-if julieta ever accidentally seems like she’s not interested she will do everything in her power to change that!! anything and everything she does with you will try and remind and prove to you how much she adores you.
-if you ever move into casita she will have her room accommodate your amount of books and materials! she probably writes down some of her recipes or little notes down in notebooks so don’t be surprised if you open one of them instead of a sketchbook full of doodles!
-secretly peeks at some of your doodles and it almost always fills her with instant happiness
-appreciates your attempts at being organized and often helps clean up after yourself.
-your hoarding habit can end up in surprises, and she likes to experience them with you. found an old item that does something weird? show her! found a nostalgic photo of the two of you? it’ll brighten her day for sure.
-if you ever forget something she is always ready to remind you what you were doing or had to do that day. she’s a very organized woman, of course!
-always loves hugging you and kissing you! every time you guys wake up she’s either facing you with a soft smile or hugging you like you’d dissolve if she let go.
-after arguments, julieta would let you have your space. and, of course, she’d need hers as well.
-but when you’re both ready to talk, she’ll be open to discussing what happened and figuring out how to fix it.
-she’d never be able to leave it at closed doors, she loves you too much <3
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