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boombboi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Listen to Kita-san, kids ‼️
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minifuyu · a month ago
stupid men. stupidly dense men who know what flirting is, but they just thinks that whenever you compliment them, or hug onto them for just a little bit longer than necessary that you’re just friendly. that you’re just really nice. everyone around him has noticed but he’s still none the wiser, you almost think he’s being dense on purpose till you realise he just genuinely doesn’t know. that’s when you decided you need to be a little (a lot) more obvious with your advances, you need to rile this man up until he has no choice but to snap. lower cut shirts, clothes that hug your figure so perfectly even he can’t help but blush, lingering ‘accidental’ touches of his thigh that brush dangerously close to his crotch. you think it’s a good idea at first, quite amusing too, that’s until he finally did snap. was all fun and games till he finally snapped and now your legs are scrunched up into your chest and his cock is bullying its way into your pussy. he doesn’t realise just how big he is either, wondering why there are tears falling from your eyes as you whine and babble absolute nonsense. looking down he’s impressed when he sees just how much of him is stuffing your pretty pussy, just over a handful of him still unable to fit as he continues to fuck you full. he’s so big, so thick, you wonder how this man isn’t the talk of the town till you remember how dense he is. he barely knows how to use his stupidly big dick and yet he still has you reeling, sloppy, desperate thrusts into you as he chases his high. he tries so hard not to cum too fast, not wanting to be one of those two minute wonder guys but fuck, he can’t. there’s no way he can last long with how much you’re clenching around him, your wetness only aiding in his motions as he desperately buries his cock into you. and when he cums? loud. porn start, whore-ish loud moans ripping from his throat as he stills momentarily and cums deep inside you, almost without warning. some of it seeps out of you as he fucks himself through both his and your orgasm, small traces of it seeping from you and down onto your bedsheets. before you can even attempt to get up he’ll continue fucking you too, his incredible stamina evident as you realise he’s still fully hard <3
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bhoekuto · 10 months ago
Hinata went from
"I'll have her home by 9."
"Sorry, I'm too busy breeding her right now. She goes home when I tell her she can."
Tumblr media
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intheticklecloset · 3 months ago
You Can Trust Us (Haikyuu!!)
Primary Universe
Tumblr media
Summary: Hinata decides it's time for Kageyama to learn that his new teammates are nothing like his old ones when it comes to matters of tickling.
A/N: The next installment in the Kageyama storyline! I'm so excited to share this one! This is a big stepping stone for him, but there will still be challenges to overcome, bit by bit. I can't wait to delve more into his story in the future! Enjoy!
Word Count: 2,061
“You’re going down!” Hinata declared boldly, pointing a finger at Kageyama who – for a change – was on the other side of the net from him.
They were about to start a three-on-three practice game, and to switch things up a little, Daichi had suggested having Kageyama be the setter for Hinata’s opposing team this time around. Both of them were eager to show that they were the better volleyball player and deserved to be on the court the longest.
Kageyama smirked back at him. “We’ll see about that.”
Ennoshita stood where the referee usually would, whistle around his neck. He blew the first note, and the game began. On the sidelines, Kiyoko and Yachi stood by the scoreboard.
For a while it was a pretty evenly matched first set, but soon enough Kageyama’s team began to pull away, point by point. Hinata was frustrated, but he tried not to let it show in his playing. He just kept doing the best he could with the teammates he had, determined to show up his fellow first-year soon enough.
Kageyama’s team won in two straight sets.
The black-haired setter grinned at Hinata through the net, hands on his hips in triumph. “Who’s going down again?”
“Shut up!” Hinata snapped, shuffling off the court to where Yachi stood, taking his water bottle from her. “You’re a traitorous coward no matter how many games you win.”
Kageyama went still. “Traitorous…what? How am I…?”
Hinata whirled on him, pointing accusingly. “You threw me to the wolves!”
Suddenly it clicked. Last week they’d been right here in this gym practicing when Tanaka had gotten so riled up Daichi and Suga had to chill him out with tickling, and shortly thereafter they’d chased both of them with the intention of doing the same to their first-years. Only, Kageyama had gotten away.
“I didn’t throw you anywhere,” Kageyama argued, trying to keep his voice down, grabbing Hinata’s arm to pull him away from the others. “Tanaka did. I just didn’t stay to help you.”
“Which makes you a coward,” Hinata muttered.
Kageyama’s heart was beginning to race. His palms were sweating. He was nervous, but he didn’t want the others to know. “Look, I…I wanted to stay and help, okay? I wouldn’t have minded getting tickled along with you, but they…the others don’t…you’re the only one who knows…”
Suddenly it hit Hinata, what Kageyama was trying to say, and he sobered a little, shoulders slouching. “You don’t seriously think they would have pushed you too far? I would have been right there to stop them if they hadn’t on their own. Don’t you trust our teammates?”
There was silence. Kageyama looked out at the others, only a couple of whom were paying attention to them at this point. He remembered his middle school team, how they would ignore him when it counted and torture him when it didn’t, and he shuddered. “Of…of course I do…on the court,” he said at last. “But…it’s different with this.”
Hinata hated Oikawa. He hated his smug face, his easy smiles, the way he treated Kageyama as though he were so far inferior he wasn’t even to be noticed. He hated that Oikawa had brought Kageyama to the point that he was too afraid of what might happen to have fun with the things that did happen – like spontaneous tickle attacks from their upperclassmen.
“These guys aren’t like those jerks you played with in middle school,” Hinata said quietly but firmly. “They won’t torture you to humiliate you or ‘put you in your place,’ or whatever. They’ll tickle you to make you feel better, to lighten you up, to have fun with you – but never to torture you. And even if they did, I’d be right here to stop them. I’d fight them all for you if I had to.” He grabbed Kageyama’s arm. “You at least trust me, don’t you?”
Kageyama looked at him, eyes nervous but genuine. “Yeah. I trust you.”
“Then let me prove to you that they only want to have fun.” Hinata let go of his hand, strode to the bin of volleyballs, grabbed one, and turned to hurl it at the first person he saw.
That first person happened to be Daichi. It hit the captain in the small of his back – not enough to hurt, but enough to get his attention. As soon as he was looking, Hinata pointed to his friend.
“It was Kageyama!”
“What?!” Kageyama exclaimed, looking between Daichi and Hinata frantically, taking a step back. “That wasn’t me, you little—”
“It was Kageyama!” Noya chimed in, beaming from ear to ear, winking at Hinata when Daichi couldn’t see. The setter stared at him. Last week he’d been instrumental in getting him out of the gym before the tickling really started, and now he was betraying him? Whose side was he on?!
Hinata got behind the setter and began pushing him toward the center of the court, where most of the team had congregated. “Here you go! You said you’d get him later, remember? Remember last week, when Tanaka said it was our fault he got so worked up? You said you’d have time to catch him later but you never did, so get him now!”
It was obvious the redhead was a little overdramatic, trying to set something up that didn’t necessarily need to happen. But between his insistence, Noya’s enthusiasm, and Kageyama’s wide-eyed look, Daichi chuckled and cracked his knuckles.
“You’re right, we never did punish him for getting Tanaka so worked up, did we?”
“W-Wait a second,” Kageyama tried, but it was too late. Hinata dug into his ribs from behind, making him smile and giggle whether he wanted to or not, and the sound was like blood in the water to the rest of the team, who descended on him so fast he wouldn’t have had any idea what was going on if he hadn’t been made aware ahead of time. “Wahahahahahahait! Guys – ahahahahahahahahaha!”
There were fingers everywhere – his armpits, sides, hips, knees. Kageyama soon found himself splayed out on the floor of the gym, arms pinned above him and legs barely free to kick. Someone was straddling him, several others were tickling. He didn’t have time to register anything. He didn’t care who they were, or how embarrassed he was to be seen like this in front of everyone. It tickled, and all he could do was toss his head back and shriek with unguarded laughter.
Hinata’s distinct giggle was at his left ear, making him think the redhead was somewhere near his underarms or maybe his ribs, joining in on the fun with the others. “It’s about time you got what’s coming to you, you traitor!”
“I DIHIHIHIHIHIHIDN’T – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! – BETRAHAHAHAHAHAY YOU, YOU LIHIHIHIHIHIHTTLE SHRIMP!! NOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!” Kageyama wanted so badly to arch his back, but with the weight on top of him, holding him down, he could do little more than squirm uselessly. “PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE, PLEASE NOT THEHEHEHEHEHEHERE!! HINATA!!”
“Don’t tickle him there,” Hinata said calmly to whoever was sitting on him, getting a little too close to his death spot. “It’s off-limits.”
Daichi sounded only a little confused when he replied, “Oh, sure. Sorry.” But he moved on instantly, leaving Kageyama a relieved, happy, hysterical mess on the floor, laughing so hard and so freely that tears sprang to his eyes.
“STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP IT!!” The setter cried through his cackling, only half meaning it now that he was out of immediate danger. “I CAHAHAHAHAN’T – GOD, NOHOHOHOHOHO!! NOT THE KNEHEHEHEHEHEES!!”
Someone had grabbed onto one of his knees, scribbling over the cap while digging into the underside, but at his desperate cry someone else took the other knee, sending him into further fits of laughter he hadn’t even known were possible. Even Hinata hadn’t found that sweet spot of his yet.
“Listen to that laugh!” someone – probably Noya – exclaimed excitedly. “I didn’t even know he could sound so happy!”
“I know, right?” Hinata replied, just as enthused. Someone began pressing their thumbs into Kageyama’s hip bones, and the setter let out a shout before exploding with a new round of hysterics. “It’s really the best when you tickle his tummy, though!”
“DOHOHOHOHOHON’T CALL IT THAHAHAHAHAHAHAT!!” Kageyama pleaded, going absolutely berserk when more fingers than he could even count suddenly descended on his weakest spot, some even slipping under his jersey to scratch at the skin directly. The first-year setter absolutely lost his mind laughing, struggling as much as he could against his attackers – which wasn’t much – and begging for mercy through his growing hysterics like his life depended on it. “STAHAHAHAHAHAP!! STOP, PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!! NOT THERE – NOT THEHEHEHEHEHEHERE!! I CAN’T!! I CAN’T TAHAHAHAHAKE IT – PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE, ENOUGH – HINATAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”
Hinata called for everyone to stop, and everyone listened without protest. All at once it was over – the tickling fingers had left his body – and Kageyama lay limp on the floor, gasping for breath and giggling hysterically, seeming lost in his own happy little world. He didn’t care about anything. He hadn’t been gang tickled in years, and not with so much care and affection for even longer. His brain couldn’t process what had just happened, so he just let the happy feelings wash over him, making him silly and giddy.
Someone squeezed his shoulder with a chuckle. “You okay, Kags?” Noya asked.
“Yeheheheheah,” Kageyama replied through even more leftover mirth, bringing his arms down to cover his belly protectively even though no one was tickling anymore. “Thahahahahat was fuhuhun.”
He didn’t even realize he’d said it at first. It just slipped out of him as a pure, simple truth that he had no wish to hide from his friends. But several moments later it caught up to him and his eyes flew wide open, a gasp escaping him. He shot upright, looking around the semi-circle of smiling faces that were watching him, a blush creeping across his cheeks and down his neck.
“Fun, huh?” Hinata nudged him playfully. “Told you so.”
“I…I mean…!” Kageyama wanted to backpedal, but then he stopped himself. Why should he? Hinata was right – these guys weren’t anything like the guys he played with in middle school, who would never have stopped when he begged them to just now. His limits and boundaries had been respected, he’d had a ton of fun, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed making him laugh himself silly rather than making him submit. He averted his eyes and mumbled, “I mean…it was fun…”
“So you’re saying we can tickle you all the time, eh?” Noya teased.
Suga asked, “Do you like being tickled, Kageyama?”
The moment of truth had suddenly arrived. Kageyama glanced at Hinata, who smiled brightly at him, and that was all the courage he needed to nod. “Yeah. I like it a lot, actually.”
Hinata ruffled his hair as he got to his feet. “Kageyama went through a rough patch in middle school that made him afraid of being gang tickled for a while, but I wanted to show him you guys would never torture him like his middle school teammates did. And I was right, wasn’t I, Kageyama?”
The setter grabbed his ankle to knock him off balance and make him fall onto the floor again. He laughed as the redhead went down. “Yeah. You were right, shrimp.”
“That’s it!” Hinata lunged for him, tackling him back onto the floor, going right for his belly. “Keep calling me names! I dare you!”
“FIHIHIHIHIHINE!! SHRIHIHIHIHIMP!! SMAHAHAHAHAHALL FRY!! SH-SHORT STAHAHAHAHACK – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NOHOHOHOHOHO!!” Kageyama collapsed in a puddle of screeching laughter, kicking frantically now that he could, grabbing Hinata’s shoulders to try and push him away. “STOHOHOHOHOHOP!! HINATA, YOU JEHEHEHEHERK!!”
“Oh, I’m the jerk? You’re the one who keeps calling me names, Bakageyama!” Suddenly the redhead squealed when the setter switched tactics and grabbed onto his ribs, forcing him to defend himself, and Kageyama rolled over, pinning him to the floor with ease, grinning elatedly.
“I’m sorry, what was that? Something about name calling, little shrimp?”
Hinata screamed with laughter. “NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! KAGEYAMAHAHAHA!!”
The rest of their teammates rolled their eyes, smiled, and generally shook their heads at their crazy first-years, leaving them to their antics for now. There would be plenty of time to hear Kageyama’s story later. For now, all were content to let the two friendly rivals duke it out with tickling and lots and lots of laughter.
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darlingdaichi · 5 months ago
rise and shine! (waking up/morning routines with your hq man)
feat. shoyo, hajime, asahi, shinsuke & daichi :)
cw: established relationship, post time-skip (aged up characters), fluff.
Tumblr media
shoyo h.
contrary to his lively personality—shoyo is absolutely not a morning person.
he feels around his nightstand aimlessly for his phone till the alarm finally shuts up, and has to force himself to sit up immediately or he’ll simply slip back into deep sleep.
unfortunately, since he is anti-early mornings, he’s careless with his routine and nine times out of ten, you end up waking up too, eyes creaking open to see a mess of ginger curls and his broad figure shuffle toward your shared bathroom.
you do what you can to help him out, the silent house now becoming busy as you double check his duffle bag for practice, making sure he has everything, he’s liable to forget any and everything in his sleep drunk state.
you know he’s supposed to eat before practice, but that doesn’t really work out for him sometimes. so you go out of your way to make him something quick he can eat on his drive to the facility, or if he has enough time (which he doesn’t today) at the table with you.
while you’re popping a lid on his smoothie, you hear his house shoes shuffling toward you, and in your line of sight is your boyfriend, ruffling his perpetual bedhead, and letting off a huge yawn as he zipped up the jacket to his warmup sweat suit.
“mornin’ angel,” he rasps out, using his nickname of choice for the week and slips behind you, gliding his strong arms around your body, leaving a kiss at your temple to finish his greeting.
“good morning bubba,” you speak back, not any louder to disturb the morning peace. “here, eat on your way,” you turn in his grasp, trying to hand him food, but he refuses, instead leans his forehead on yours, eyes shut.
“can’t i just stay home today?” he mutters, breath fanning your face as his lips are merely inches away from yours.
“you know just like me that your captain and probably tsumu will be at this door if you try and skip before a big game,” you giggle, and he gave a small smile in return.
after some more cooing and convincing, you got him off of you, with food in his hands and you lovingly saw him off to the front door.
“see you later? date night, right?” he asked, and you nodded with a grin, happy he remembered.
“i love you sho, have a great day” you chirp sweetly, making his sleepy smile stretch wider.
“i love you more, angel. thank you,” he bent to give you a kiss before groaning, throwing his head back and stalking off to his car, making you laugh.
you knew by the time he made it home, your ray of sunshine would be back in full effect. till then—you had more sleep to catch up on.
hajime i.
an early early bird.
by the time you’re opening your eyes, the shower is already running, and its 7:00.
almost every morning (unless you can swindle him with cuddles and kissesto stay) haji is off to do his morning run. he’s up at 5:45 and out of the door by 6 every day.
you work too, so it’s just about time for you to start getting ready, and your shower schedules work perfectly, as you preferred nights to his mornings.
you, the non morning person, call out a muffled greeting to your boyfriend, the sound almost muddled by the water, but he’s come to expect it now, so he always hears you.
“goodmorning doll,” he replies. “are you teleworking or going in?” he asks, and you tell him you’re teleworking, words slurred by your toothbrush.
he has the tendency to make way too much conversation in the mornings. at first you thought it was because he was fully awake and ready for the day, but no. he just wants you to wake up all the way too.
after his shower, he wraps a towel tightly around his waist, and you watch with low eyes from the foggy mirror as he walks up behind you, placing a quick kiss to your shoulder before he’s off to get dressed.
after preparing yourself for your workday, you enter the kitchen and smell food—haji always makes breakfast, and even though it’s always healthy breakfast (hajime iwaizumi, 27, athletic trainer) you’re always thankful as he hands you a plate, and your cup of tea—which he swears is better in the morning, in an attempt to break your coffee habit.
you’re set up at your desk by the time haji has to leave, and he always follows the same routine. his head pops up in the doorway of your office and he watches you for a while silently before announcing that he’s leaving, coming in and repeatedly kissing you all over your face.
“have a good day, doll. don’t work too hard, yeah?” he mumbles against your hair (you know he’s just trying to smell it without being weird).
“thank you haji. you too, tell the guys i say hello,” you offer a sweet smile and a final kiss, earning his signature smirk from him.
“i’ll think about it,” he chuckles, and with that, he’s off. you already can’t wait to hear the keys in the door as he returns.
asahi a.
the both of you are two sleepy peas in a very cozy pod.
on a typical weekend morning, both of you could be awake, but neither of you dare move from your comfortable bed till about 10:45–probably closer to 11.
“breakfast?” you mumble, carting your fingers through his long hair thats sprawled out around him on the silk pillowcase you convinced him that he needed.
“mm, sure. are you gonna cook it?” he turned his head to you and gave his best innocent grin, making you laugh.
“that’s why i offered, of course,” you nod, and finally make a move to stretch and get up from the safe haven of your shared bed.
he follows you eventually, yawning and stretching as he walks in the kitchen to meet you, sitting at the counter in y’all’s kitchen as you whisk around, making his favorite french toast as an old r&b song gently floats in the air. your humming and soft smile offering him the ultimate comfort.
“did you need something, sir?” you smirk, catching hims staring. you always caught him, and he always blushed. his hair was in a ponytail now, so you saw the tips of his ears tinge red, and you giggled, like you always do.
“no, you just look pretty,” he replied, standing to pull you away from your task and back into his arms.
“i look crazy, you always do this,” you chuckle as he kisses your forehead. you wore the same variant of this outfit to bed every night—one of asahi’s old shirts, (today’s was his high school volleyball club shirt) and a satin bonnet. (today’s featured multicolored butterflies.)
“and you look beautiful every time i do it,” he says, tilting your head up with a single finger, kissing your lips twice before going back to his seat.
as you two eat, you sit on the couch in fits of giggles and outbursts of laughter as you watch your favorite youtuber on the tv, eventually finishing breakfast—well brunch, and getting right back to snuggling.
“why can’t we do this every day?” you sigh as his head rests on your stomach, an open invitation to play with his long brown hair, which you never miss the opportunity to do.
“because we’d be poor and homeless baby,” he chuckled.
“if you just sold a lil ass on the side like i been telling you, we’d be okay,” you tease and he just sighed loudly and dramatically, making you laugh. “what?! big strong men with man buns are a very hot commodity i hear,”
“go to sleep, y/n, you’re exhaustion is clearly making you delusional again,”
shinsuke k.
mornings for you two were routine, you could expect the same thing every day and you’d learned to love it.
your eyes came open around 8, and you always felt for your man next to you, even though you knew where he was.
with a yawn and a long stretch, you trudged out of bed and into the bathroom, knowing your timeframe before shin made his appearance back inside.
after your shower, you made your way to the kitchen, to make he and you some breakfast.
mornings on the farm were quiet, save for the random bugs that you still hated and screamed for your husband to come kill because you vehemently refused.
after a while, you were setting down a cup of coffee for him and some tea for you, finishing off your cooking as the side door opened, welcoming in the man you were eager to see every day.
“goodmorning!” you grinned, as he wiped his face with the towel he kept around his shoulders. you moved to kiss him
and he said the same thing every day (you’ve started to ignore him.)
“‘m sweaty, sweetheart,” he’d say, but welcome your affections anyway. “sleep good?” he’d ask as you dish up the food, allowing him to kiss you again in thanks.
“mm, yeah, it’d be better if somebody wasn’t yanking my blanket away,” you chide playfully, bringing a shy smile to his handsome face. he was a blanket hog for sure and it woke you up sometimes, the way he’d rip a cover off of you.
“not my fault i get cold when i sleep,” he defended, sipping on his coffee.
“if you’d just let me keep my extra blanket, this wouldn’t be a problem, shinsuke,” you straightened your face, as he groaned dramatically at your suggestion.
“how are were gonna cuddle if you have your own blanket, baby? won’t work,” he shrugged, beginning to eat, and you simply shook your head, doing the same.
after breakfast was kita’s shower, and his plea for you to come into town with him and run errands although it was barely 9:30.
“we can get ice cream!” he offered, since you weren’t planning on going today. things needed to he done at home, but he really didn’t wanna go alone today.
“baby it’s 9:17 in the morning?” you tilt your head.
“sound like a good time for ice cream, if you ask me,” he shrugged.
“why you so hellbent on—oh it’s thursday!” you immediately start to laugh. thursday was the day at the market where this little old lady who sold fruit would always flirt with him and call him handsome. lately, as he explained to you exasperatedly last week, she’d gotten into the habit of pinching his cheeks.
he rolled his eyes playfully as you laughed, because it was a little funny.
but with some kisses and more promises of sweets and rewards—you ended up licking a vanilla ice cream cone as you walked through then partially empty market, hand in hand with your husband as he shopped.
these were always your favorite kinds of mornings.
daichi s.
another habitually early riser, this one.
but, he had good reason, and so did you to be awake at the crack of dawn. he had to be at the station no later than 7, and you had to be at school at the same time. as a teacher, you found your days starting just as early as your husband’s.
so, mornings tended to be busy as soon as you got out of bed.
“baby can you pass me my—thank you,” you flashed a quick smile as he knowingly handed you your spray bottle so you could spruce your hair up for the day.
“mhm,” he hummed, with a smile of his own. he was extremely busy all day long, so you two couldn’t really talk too much till after work, and he cherished his mornings with you despite the chaos. “coffee or tea today?” he asked, watching you pick at your curls.
“mm, coffee, we woke up 5 minutes late,” you suggest and he nodded, pressing a chaste kiss to your neck before rushing to the kitchen, leaving very familiar butterflies in his wake.
you slipped into your outfit for the day, twirling in the mirror to make sure you really liked it before grabbing your purse and teacher’s bag and heading into the kitchen.
“why do you not turn off lights, daichi? we pay bills,” you fuss, hitting every light switch he missed on his way to the kitchen.
“we’ll be paying hospital bills if i trip over your shoes in the dark, love,” he replied in the most sarcastic tone he could muster. “here, taste it,” he handed you your to-go cup and you carefully sipped the hot liquid, making sure he made it to your liking.
“perfect, thank you baby,” you cheesed, as two breakfast sandwiches dinged in your toaster oven, signaling that it was already time to go.
“movie night or dinner?” you ask as you both walked toward your front door.
“both? i’ll order in,” he said and you nodded. you tried to spend as much time together as you could before bedtime, because unless there were special circumstances, he was out like a light when he hit the pillow.
“okay yay! have a good day baby, call me on lunch if you can?” you pout and he smirked at your doe eyes. he knew you knew that he’d try to squeeze time if you asked him to.
“ill try my best, love. drive safe, i mean it,” he said sternly while he tilted your head upward, knowing your habits of terrible road rage. he pecked your lips sweetly, relishing the taste of your sweet coffee opposite to his straight black.
“i will,” you batted your lashes innocently, (knowing you were lying, and he knew too because all he could do was shake his head and laugh.) “i love you baby,” you coo—eliciting another kiss, both of your least favorite parts of the morning finally closing in.
“i love you too sweet girl,” he thumbed over your full lips, wishing for a day off soon so he could have you all to himself past six thirty in the morning.
with one final kiss you both got in your cars and he honked as you pulled off, going in the opposite direction shortly after, making you sigh as his car disappeared from the rear view mirror.
you missed him already.
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading 🧡
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