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RB if you’re a haikyuu fan!!!

Hello everyone, looking to interact with more haikyuu mutuals if possible and see more hq content on my dash ^^ so please rb so I can follow, thank you ♡♡♡


Originally posted by kourai

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“here!” before you can look up to see someone holding a single sunflower. you smile and look up only to see your pretty boyfriend standing in front of your school desk. you stand up and grab the sunflower, you give him a thank you kiss. “thank you, pumpkin.”

he picks up you bad and places it on his shoulder, his bag must be in the gym. he grabs your hand and starts walking you to the gym, ranting about volleyball and kageyama. you look at him and smile. 

‘that’s my baby’

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Akaashi Keiji texting his bestfriend about you CONTINUATION

Part 1


“Keiji?” You called to your husband when you guys home.

“Hey, darling.” Akaashi greeted while walking down the stairs. He immediately hugged you when he got to you.

You gave him a smile before cupping his face. He looked at you with confused eyes.

“Why are your eyes shining?” He asked while looking at you lovingly. He always looks at you like that.

“Can I show you something?” You asked.

“Yeah, sure. What is it?” He asked while intertwining your fingers and kissing your knuckles.

You fished out the rectangular material from your pocket before giving it to him. He looked at you with confusion before taking it.

“What is this?” He asked while looking at the object.

“It’s a pregnancy test.” You answered. He looked at you with wide eyes.

“A-are you…?” He asked. Unable to complete his sentence. You nodded with teary eyes.

Akaashi suddenly pulled you into a hug before burying his face on your neck.

“I’m pregnant, Akaashi.” You whispered.

“I know. That explains all the mood swing and the weird things you do.” He said chuckling. You lightly swatted his arms while chuckling with him.

“You made me the happiest man alive right now, y/n. I love you so much. I love you so damn much.”

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Haikyuu CAPTAINS texting you after you agreed to give them your number PART 1

Characters: Kuroo Tetsurou, Oikawa Toruu, Bokuto Koutaro, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Daichi Sawamura

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