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#shrek 2


Cuando se trata de villanos bien escritos, el Hada Madrina es uno de los mejores que he visto, además a quien no le gusta su interpretación de “Yo Quiero Un Héroe”?! >:3

When it comes to well-written villains, the Fairy Godmother is one of the best I’ve seen, besides who doesn’t love her “Holding Out For A Hero” cover?! >:3                                    

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disclaimer: this post is not about any real person, this post is about prince charming in shrek 2 so don’t think i’m insulting a real person

hate it when a guy describes himself as “most handsome” and then you see his face and you’re like “😕”

okay but for REAL what did y'all see in prince charming like,,, he had NOTHING on human shrek 🙄

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So after my mom died last year (saying that sounds so weird but anyway) I’ve been going through my storage unit that we’ve had for like, a decade, and it has over 2 decades worth of things in there. From old pictures to clothes and to old toys. And the other day I found this:


This is the most horrific toy, and it’s so extremely detailed. The white bits actyally feel like what the movie version looks like and so does the little vest thing. My life is a meme

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