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#shrek is god

Hey sorry i haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been so busy with college and my job that i haven’t had time for many things. Im gonna try and keep up tho cause somehow (i really have no idea why) you guys like my posts (fr they’re so bad) so I’ll try to post as much as i can! And i also enjoy making them (even if they look like trash) hope you’re all doing good!


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Well SHREKFEST was a blast! This was my first year attending (I live very close to the event and I can’t wait till next year when they can hopefully host the live event that I can attend) Seriously so happy even just talking with people in twitch chat durring the stream, everyone was so funny and nice!

I know no one on here really cares about Shrekfest but you should! Go watch ‘SHREK retold’ they helped make it and it’s the entire movie but each scene is in a different style and it’s soooooooo great! Soooooo many amazing artists worked on it 🥰

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