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#shrieking wizard co

Howdy y’all! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

If you’re craving some cozy content this week, look out for Matt & Beth’s Animal Crossing stream, this Saturday at 7pm GMT, over on the Shrieking Wizard Co YT channel!

It’s gonna be their first time hosting the stream, and some of us might even be popping over to visit 👀

See ya there! (^^)/ 💖 

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Taking a shot at using the Shriektober prompts for the challenge of Drawing in a October. I will be posting the rest on the dates of 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. How am I doing so far? Thanks to the @theshriekingwizardco for the prompt list to use. I encourage any artist to try doing these. They are a good source of practice and even relief since I haven’t felt pressure at all doing this. Have fun and Happy Halloween!!

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Okay after doodling these while listening to Kadar FM #8 a few days ago and after a few other test doodles finally got to make “proper” sketches of these chaotic buddies


“I’m filled with beans and my ears are hot, LET’S GO!”


“– and THEN, I might kill Ollie.”

Okay so I’ve never seen Amy (art or otherwise) with a mask but idk seemed like she liked not showing her mouth and i didn’t feel like copying the chibi and hide it with boo so there ig. and ig it suits the season?? also i don’t know how to draw hatsw

Anyways i love you all, i use your videos as my lullaby (dk how to say w/out sounding like a creeo but anyways), keep up the fantastic work, stay unstructured, and keep on staying safe over there.

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Newly baptized Shrieking Wizard Co fan here. Here’s rough sketch of the lovely Jazz.

Just got motivation to art back in time for Inktober.

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October 1st prompt for Shriektober! The prompt was Terrarium!

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Whole Crew Special | KADAR FM #7

This episode of Kadar FM is a long one made up of a bunch of shorter clips. We had some equipment to test and we ended up with these shorter 15-20 minutes clips that we thought were cool but too short to be on their own, so we’ve stitched them into this special episode. We only have equipment to test thanks to the genoristy of our Patrons! Thank you so much for your support.

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It’s very sweet of you, but we’re not super comfortable giving out our birthdays. If you wanted to send us stuff then you can just label it for birthdays and I’ll give it out at the appropriate time? Our PO box if you want to send us stuff is:

The Shrieking Wizard Co

PO BOX 5196


BN11 9BJ


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Sounds of Arcadon | Chapters 1 & 2

Both soundtracks for Chapters 1 and 2 of High Hopes Low Rolls are now available to download from our online store:

You can grab whichever album’s your favourite or both in the bundle. All proceeds of these sales go directly to Oliver Moore, the composer (who right now, as I type, is at his keyboard working on Chapter 3). It’s great music you can use to soundtrack your TTRPG sessions or simply enjoy listening to.

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For this month’s SWPOM:

Highschool Gwing!

Image that she’s like the coolest girl in school and volleyball captain … Just because 🤷🏽‍♀️

This was pretty fun, should I color it?

Charater is from @highhopeslowrolls

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Screencap Redraw from Episode 2 of High Hopes Low Rolls

I loved this episode! This frame captured the whole mood and I had to draw it!

Episode 2 here

Characters by @abd-illustrates and Shrieking Wizard Co.

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It’s Rook Lunera time!

Rook said it’s ponytail time lol

[edit] Rook is from @highhopeslowrolls animated series which is amazing!

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So I’m in LOVE with Rook Lunera.

Rook played by @ valderzar (on Instagram) 
From @highhopeslowrolls

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Paddy: I can see you blushin’ through yer mask.

Malark: O-oh really?!


Sorry, not sorry. I love this gay shit so much. Yum.

I tried to give Paddy some blush as well but it clashed with his dark circles/guyshaddow (idk).

I also really hope Malark is in episode 3 or 4. I just want to see them interact with eachother.

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Rosa Zahradny TIME!

I love seeing the more human side or her in the newest ep.

(and I can’t draw dudes)

Rosa belongs to @highhopeslowrolls

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Yeah! Olie’s in the process of publishing the Chapter 2 soundtrack to Spotify at the moment, it just takes a hot minute to get processed through the site.

As soon as it’s available there, it’ll be going up as a playlist on the Shrieking Wizard Co YouTube Channel, as well as a bunch of other platforms! Keep an eye out (^^)/

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i made this painting of Paddock Whitlaw/ Paddy. He’s a character from the animated campaign high hopes low rolls.

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Back for more space murder! Captain Matt does his rounds with first mate Alex as both try to avoid the grips of the imposters! The ultimate betrayal happens to poor Olie. Can anyone be trusted?

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