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Top 5 Marvel Characters

Oh boy. No order because uh holy shit.

1. Clint Barton. SPECIFICALLY the comics one, the depressed, snarky shithead who says things like ‘Aw, coffee’ and like barely knows what he’s doing on a good day.

2. Peter Parker. I love comics Peter, holy shit, but I also really, really love Tom Holland’s Peter. God. Peter Parker deserves the best, to be honest.

3. Deadpool. He’s a really compelling character tbh. Also, I love Gail Simone? Her Deadpool is the best.

4. Tony Stark. I might catch shit for this and honestly, the MCU has ruined him, but for the first three Iron Man and two Avengers movies (despite the not great involvement of one Joss Whedon destroying like. everything.), my God, I loved him. I don’t caaaaaaaare. Not a fan of a good portion of the comics Tony, but. Ya know.

5. Shuri. I haven’t even seen Black Panther yet but I know for a fucking fact I will love her to death. I wanna see her destroy Tony and all his tech with one demonstration. I wanna see her take over the world. I wanna see her live a happily ever after. I really need to watch Black Panther.

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