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what i’m saying basically is that “shattered memories isn’t a good silent hill game” has never registered to me as a solid complaint because like… it doesn’t have to be? they were very obviously attempting something completely different hence the use of the word “reimagining”; just because it plays completely differently doesn’t mean you still can’t find value in it as a fan. it is in many ways a love letter to the original game.

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(spoilers for SHSM)

OKAYSO you know how Harry traverses the fractured mind of his daughter Cheryl? 

Like, the places he goes thru are all from Cheryl’s memories combined with her grief and guilt over her dads death…?

You kno how in the joke ending James appears because hes too early for his appt. with Dr.Kaufmann????
So, what if, in SHSM’s universe, James has a ‘mary’ essentially traversing through his mind similar to harry with Cheryl… And He is overcoming his guilt over murdering losing his wife. 
Like damn… Wouldn’t that be cool? Experiencing something from Mary’s point of view similar to the gameplay in SHSM.

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By: Maria Pantazopoulos, Sec V

“Reuben you won’t believe this,” Adelaide shouted as she walked into his house early one Saturday morning.

Hearing her shout, Reuben looked up from his vacuuming and removed his Walkman headphones. Knowing that she probably had a long story to tell, he watched his friend walk in and make herself comfortable in the large armchair in the living room before asking, “Believe what?”

Adelaide leaned forward in her chair, holding out her hands to stress what she was about to say. “My house,” she said, pausing for even more emphasis, “is haunted.” Adelaide leaned back in her chair as she said this, as if the statement was so shocking it knocked her backwards.

Reuben raised an incredulous eyebrow at her.

“I’m serious, Rube,” she pleaded with him. “I know it sounds crazy, but I’m telling you. I woke up at 12:30 last night and my laptop was open on my desk and my chair was pulled out as if someone was sitting there. I never leave my chair pulled out.”

At this, Reuben crossed his long arms across his chest. “Adelaide, that is literally the lamest proof you could have ever come up with. This sounds like a bogus story.”

Now it was Adelaide’s turn to cross her arms. “It’s not bogus, Marty McFly,” she mocked. “The computer was open to a blog that definitely wasn’t mine and the keyboard was clicking on its own. It was like something invisible was sitting there typing, and then as soon as I got up, poof,” she made a disappearing motion with her fingers. “The screen went dark and the chair was tucked in as if nothing had happened.”

“And how do you know that you didn’t just dream all this up?” Reuben asked.

“Reuben, I know what I saw,” she retorted. “Don’t you believe me?”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” the vampire sighed, eager to continue with his vacuuming.

Adelaide smiled slyly. “I was hoping you would say that.”

Realizing that it was going to be a while before be could get back to his cleaning, Reuben sat down on the floor in front of his part-spider best friend. “You have a plan, don’t you?” he asked.

Adelaide nodded exaggeratedly. “You’re gonna come over to my house and we’re gonna have a seance. Tonight. We’re gonna lure this demon out and find out what it wants from me.”

Once again, Reuben sighed. “Okay, I’ve got two problems with this plan,” he said. “First off, when did you decide that this thing was a demon? And secondly, seriously. A seance. Like in those ghost shows we make fun of. Do you really think that this is gonna work? Also - okay, third point here - what are your parents going to say about this? They’re never going to believe that you have an actual ghost-slash-demon thing living in your house are they?”

“I understand your concern and I have answers for all your questions,” Adelaide said as if she were reciting from a well-rehearsed script. “First of all, I have no clue what this thing is apart from the fact that it’s invisible. It might be a ghost, it might be a poltergeist, it might be anything, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a demon trying to slowly consume my soul, we really don’t know and for that reason alone you should be prepared to help me with this.”

“Second of all,” she continued, “Yes, a seance. How else do you expect to be able to contact this thing? Plus, I’ve been dying to use the ouija board my uncle got me for my birthday. Lastly, it was my dad’s idea to invite you over for this, and my mom said it was fine as long as my brothers were out of the house. They’re gonna have a sleepover at my cousin’s tonight so it’s all set.”

Reuben smiled slightly to himself, secretly excited by the prospect of investigating a paranormal occurrence, but not wanting to give her that satisfaction. “Sure, whatever,” he grumbled aloud.

Adelaide jumped out of the armchair with excitement. “Great!” she exclaimed. “Let’s get going then.”


As soon as they walked into the house, they were greeted by the sound of screaming children and the sight of a young boy jumping down from the ceiling.

“Hi Ada,” he called to his sister, followed by “you’re really big,” a comment clearly directed at the tall stranger standing in the doorway. The young boy then ran away from the pair and began climbing up the living room wall, then crawling across the ceiling.

“That’s Isaac, he can crawl across walls,” Adelaide explained to Reuben. “And that over there,” she said, gesturing to another boy sitting on the carpet surrounded by Legos, “is my other brother, Cecil.” Reuben noticed that Cecil had another set of arms sprouting from his rib cage, a trait he no doubt inherited from his arachnid ancestors.

Before Reuben knew what was happening, a tall man with a shaved head was shaking his hand.

“You must be Reuben,” the man said to him. “I’m Frederick, Adelaide’s dad. So glad you’ve volunteered to take care of this little demon problem we seem to have. Of course, we don’t know exactly whether or not it’s a demon. Maybe it’s a ghost or a poltergeist or some other kind of spirit. In any case, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to make contact with it, I mean you are undead, after all. Oh wait, that’s a touchy subject isn’t it? So sorry if that came across as insensitive.”

“I - er - uh -” Reuben stammered, taken aback by how fast Frederick spoke.

“Fred, you’re scaring the boy,” called a woman with eight violet eyes from the top of the stairs. “It’s so nice to see you again, Reuben,” she said as she walked down.

“You too - um - Michelle,” Reuben replied hesitantly.

Adelaide’s mother smiled, and turning to her daughter, said “Adelaide, your father is going to drive your brothers to your cousins now. You kids can watch TV or something for a bit. It’s only about noon now and I’d imagine that you’ll want to wait until sundown to start your ghost hunting. Oh! Before I forget, Reuben, I got some coconut water pouches in case you get hungry, Adelaide told me you liked those.” She then walked away from the two teenagers and into her office just off from the living room.

Once Frederick had left with Cecil and Isaac, Adelaide and Reuben sat down on the carpet in the living room and watched reruns of The X Files on TV. At about 5:30 the sun went down, and it was time to start ghost hunting.

Adelaide gathered some flashlights from a hall closet and led Reuben to “the scene of the crime,” her bedroom.

“Ok, so according to a Buzzfeed video I watched at two in the morning, flashlights are a great way to communicate with spirits. You have to, like, balance the switch between off and on and then not touch it. Then you can ask them yes or no questions and if the answer is yes, they’ll flip the switch to ‘on,’ got it?” Adelaide said to Reuben, who began arranging the flashlights on her bed while she was talking.

“Yeah, um, that’s great but what if the flashlights just go off on their own for whatever reason? Also, don’t you have a ouija board? Wouldn’t that be much more effective?” Reuben asked, always the skeptic.

Adelaide frowned at him, “It’s a process, Rube, and we’re only on the first step, alright? The next step is the ouija board, and after that it’s full-on exorcism mode.”

Still unconvinced, Reuben said “Alright, let’s get this over with,” and then, addressing the possible entity in the room in a very loud, showy voice said, “Spirit, if you can hear us, we’d just like to say ‘hi.’ Welcome to Adelaide’s room. From what she’s told me, you’ve made yourself quite at home. Turn on one of the five flashlights we have placed here for your convenience if you can hear me right now.” There was silence for a beat, then one of the flashlights turned on and back off again.

“Dammit,” Reuben complained. “Spirit, I owe Adelaide five bucks now because that worked, I hope you’re happy.” Once again, the flashlight flicked on and off. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” he sighed.

Adelaide lit up some scented candles and pulled a box out from under the bed, beginning to  set up the ouija board. “I think it’s time for a more sophisticated form of communication, now that we’ve made contact.” She and Reuben placed their hands on top of the metallic circle that was supposed to indicate the letter the spirit was trying to show them.

“Spirit,” Adelaide called into the dark, “you can use this board now to talk to us. You just have to move our hands over the letters and you can spell things out for us, alright?” A moment passed, then their hands began moving without notice. “S-U-R-E,” Adelaide spelled aloud.

After this first message, Reuben jumped back and stood up, wiping his hands on his jeans as if they were dirty. “Nope, nope big bag of nope. I don’t want little demon hands moving my hands around, nope,” he said disgustedly. “I’ll ask it questions for you if you want, but I’m not touching that thing anymore.”

“Fine then,” Adelaide conceded. “I want you to ask about its name, what exactly it is and what it wants. Not all at once, obviously.”

“Okay, that I can do,” Reuben said nervously, his voice cracking a little. He cleared his throat and asked “Spirit, what is your name? Or is there, like, something that we can call you?”

Adelaide’s hands began to move again. “L-E-S-L-I-E. Really? Your name is Leslie?” She asked incredulously. Her hands moved again, this time only spelling Y-E-S.

Reuben continued with his interview. “Okay then, Leslie. Can you tell us what exactly you are? Like are you a ghost or a poltergeist or-”

“I-D-K-M-A-N,” Adelaide spelled out before he could even finish his thought. “I’m getting the feeling that it doesn’t want to tell us. That’s not exactly reassuring but okay,” she said.

“I only have one more question for you, Leslie,” Reuben said. “What do you want from Adelaide?”

There was a slight pause, then Adelaide’s hands moved. “W-I-F-I. Leslie wants wifi?” she mused aloud.

Suddenly Adelaide’s laptop flew open on the desk, and a shadowy figure began to materialize sitting in her chair. It was hard for them to make out features, almost like they were looking at a blurred photograph.

“So - uh, I’m Leslie. Hello,” the shadowy figure said dryly. “I got kinda bored with your little letter game so I figured that it was a lot easier to manifest before you kids and just speak like normal.” Leslie said this casually as if it were the most usual thing in the world for mysterious figures to appear before teenagers.

“To answer your questions, I’m a shadow person, and I don’t really know how to explain that but, um, yeah I’ve been stealing your wifi for months. I don’t know what your family is doing, Adelaide, but you’ve got the fastest wifi in Anthelion and I need it to keep my blog up to date. Oh, and I’ve also been using your laptop in case you haven’t noticed. Sorry if that inconvenienced you in any way.”

       Adelaide stared at Leslie for a moment, trying to make sense of what was going on. It was Reuben who broke the silence first. “Okay then,” he said, trying to hide his confusion and slight fear. “That is more than enough weirdness for one night. I’m gonna go downstairs and keep watching the X Files. Goodnight everyone.”

Once Reuben was out of earshot, Leslie spoke again. “He’s a weird one. Does it really bother you if I stick around and use your computer once in awhile?” he asked Adelaide.

“Not really, I mean you’ve already made yourself pretty comfy in here anyway. As long as you don’t bother me during the day, or the rest of my family ever. Especially not my brothers,” Adelaide stressed.

Leslie shrugged. “I don’t have any interest in you or your family. I just really need a place to blog from. I’m not really into eating souls or anything, I’m on a paleo diet and making people upset is some serious bad karma that I do not need in my afterlife.”

Adelaide could not decide what was weirder, the fact that she had a shadow person living in her home, or that the shadow person was using her wifi to run an aesthetic blog.

“Okay, then I guess I’ll just leave you to it,” she said hesitantly as she backed out of her room, still trying to process what was going on. She walked downstairs and into the living room to see Reuben sitting on the carpet with a coconut water pouch, watching the X Files on the lowest possible volume to not bother her parents. Being a vampire, Reuben did not sleep, but Adelaide was exhausted after all that had happened that night. Without saying a word, she collapsed face first onto the couch and fell asleep.

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Hi Kit!! I was thinking about Shattered Memories for the first time in a little while and so I decided to search your blog about your opinion on it and you said it frustrates you, and I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it if you're interested? :)

Oh man, what a coincidence. I was just talking about this with @dunglizard.

Hmm… to condense my thoughts on it, my basic opinion is that while I did enjoy playing the game, there was a lot ABOUT it that was frustrating. Most of my issues with it have to do with wasted potential and the disrespectful attitude of the people making it, and then also there were gameplay aspects that were frustrating too. Of the two, the gameplay aspects are more forgivable imo, because like, no game is perfect and they really were trying to do something new, which is risky and doesn’t always succeed even with the best of intentions.

But to be clear– I had fun playing it! The story was compelling, the character writing was great, and the entire visual makeup of the game was haunting and beautiful. There was a LOT about it that I find really commendable!

And, really, what made it so frustrating to me was the fact that those aspects of it… deserved better, and were sorely let down by the things that WEREN’T good about the game.

I’ll put my negativity under a readmore because it got really long.

(disclaimer: I’m an angry old Silent Hill fogey and while I think I’m generally more reasonable than a LOT of fans, I’m still exactly the kind of person that Tomm Hulett likes to chortle about never being able to please, so like… keep that in mind.)

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…speaking of SHSM feeling unfinished…

has anyone ever ACTUALLY gotten the wicked and weak ending? I’ve personally tried so many times, meeting all of the criteria each time, and never managed it. and I know more people who’ve had the same problem than I do people who have actually gotten that ending.

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so the other day, me and other com tech kids went on a little excursion to a place where people who’ve pursued careers in our division and stuff can talk to us and the video producer was talking about making vines and he asked the crowd how many of us used vine and other social medias, so me, being the only girl there, raised my hand. no one else from my school raised heir hand so the guy beside me says “i don’t use social media, i’m not a teenage girl!” and then he froze, eyes wide open. everyone beside me slowly turned their heads toward me to look at me, half for confirmation, half in shock, and the boy beside me says quietly, “i forgot morgan was a girl…” and my teacher just exclaims “waIT MORGAN’S A GIRL??!!”. i love shsm kids

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hi, im in high school right now and im taking SHSM, i want to go into environment studies for post-secondary, is environment studies Health and Wellness or Humanities for SHSM?

Hello anon, so after talking to the other admins, it turns out that none of us are that familiar with SHSM. It seems like it might’ve been introduced after we all left high school, or is only offered at some high schools and not others (mine never had SHSM).

From my understanding so far though (after some Googling), I don’t think Health and Wellness would suffice to get into a Humanities or Environmental Studies major. I’d recommend either going for Kinesiology or Health Studies, which seems to be more similar to the skills learned in Health and Wellness (from what I’m presuming). 

Since none of us really have any experience in terms of SHSM, I’d strongly encourage you to talk to your guidance counsellor as they can give you a better answer and refer you to the correct steps (or major) towards your university path. 

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

- H

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First day of school wasn’t soo awful. I do have a group of bitches in my Speciality Skills Hospitality Class that want to make my friend and I switch courses. I’m not going to let them intimidate us at all. If they have a problem they can speak up, If not they better roll those eyes in another direction before I cut a bitch.

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Today in parenting, we worked in the library on our culture project. In healthcare, some kids did the lab I did yesterday, and other kids, along with me, did some reading on caring for a patient. I spent most of my time trying to organize my proposal on customizing sweatshirt hoodies for my Specialist High Skills Major program. It was a success btw :) in university chemistry, we basically had a free period so I went to yje library. I was supposed to do homework, but that didn’t happen. I just sat there talking lol. In university biology, we got back our rigged digestive systems quiz. I got an 86%! Then we spent the rest of the period asking and answering questions on the digestive system. One girl in my class asked how many times are we supposed to take a dump a day lol.

Seeing you made my day. I hate that you’re busy. I hate that I can’t steal any of your time away. I miss you. More than you know. When I see you, I just get WAY more greedy for you. I guess I should be content with the time that I have. But 5 minutes isn’t enough! Ugh.

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Today I had a Specialist High Skills Major training certification on CPR and First Aid.

It took the whole day to complete. Some guy from a company came to our school and taught us how to do CPR, and he went into further depth on the anatomy of the heart, lungs, and brain.

Ugh, it was so uncomfortable sitting on the gym floor all day. But hopefully I passed the training!

I was kind of hoping that I’d see you today, but I guess this is what I get for getting my hopes up too high.

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In parenting, we read an article on family diversity and we took notes on it. In healthcare, we watched a video on how to make hospital beds, and then we did a quiz on medical equipment. In university biology, we did an activity booklet on dihybrid crosses. In university chemistry, we did textbook work on Limiting and Excess Reagents.

Tomorrow, I have a Specialist High Skills Major certification training that’s gonna take 2 days. I’ll be missing a lot of classes :/ , I’m already slightly falling behind in uni chem so I really have to pull up my socks and catch up with my work!

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  • I love her too much and I can’t have her.
  • She’s one of my best friends, we’re both girls and my parents are extremely religious and hate “evil fags”.
  • We’ve kissed a couple of times and each of those times was magical and beautiful but also painful because I knew it didn’t really mean anything.
  • I broke up with my boyfriend 3 days ago because I don’t love him at all and the fact that I was in a relationship with him while being in love with someone else makes me feel disgusted about myself.
  • I’ve been loving her for 3 years and when I wake up in the morning I feel like I love her even more than the day before.
  • She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect for me.
  • She has a boyfriend and he’s an asshole, and it hurts me to see her getting hurt.
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