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loopin · 3 months ago
Just saw these tags, and I feel incredibly honoured. I would be so delighted if anyone did decide to adopt my hc!
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manyprofoundbonds · a year ago
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#brooding arthur
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fagottinis · 5 months ago
A year later and I would still give anything to see your smile again.
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repmet · 2 months ago
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Merlin, the most powerful sorcerer ever to walk the Earth: *is in danger*
Arthur and the knights: (ง •̀_•́)ง
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fooligancity · 18 days ago
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merlin has a chokehold on me im living in 2008 and it’s hell. anyway theyre snoozin
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celestialjoys · 4 months ago
if I don't ever meet a cowboy who calls me darlin' and tenderly puts his hat on my head and offers a respectful hand to help me onto his horse then what the fuck even is the point of it all
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limegremlin · 4 years ago
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What do you say to this, Homestuck fans?
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modernday-jay · 3 months ago
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behold your new may queen
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slitchypagan · 4 months ago
Arthur: You're so irritating Merlin, shut up.
Merlin: of course sire :)
Some random knight: Shut up Merlin, you're irritating
Merlin: :(
Arthur: You watch your fucking mouth or I'll knock you out so hard you'll be a different person when you wake up.
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camelotsheart · 2 months ago
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Arthur Pendragon + Character Study Quotes from Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings, Wikipedia and BBC Merlin
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loopin · 10 months ago
Worryingly often, when I think of Lupin III: The First, the “third” and “first” get mixed up in my head and the result is that my first instinct is to call it “Lupin: The Thirst”
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givemetheusernamethatiwant · 8 months ago
Merlin: I want you to look me straight in the eyes
Arthur: you cant expect me to look at those eyes and be straight
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fagottinis · 6 months ago
i dont care who’s the top or bottom? tell me who’s the trans masc addicted to monster and who’s the redbull enby
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elenafishersps1 · 4 months ago
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very real photo of Arthur Morgan excitedly celebrating my birthday, thank you Arthur! 🥰🎉✨🎈
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lancelotdeservedbetter · a year ago
Mordred: Emrys!! i'm a knight now!! we can protect Arthur together!! Emrys look!! be my friend!!
S5 Merlin, trying to work out how many people he can kill and still get home in time to pass out on the floor:
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little-hendrix-wing · 2 months ago
listen up yall
modern merlin au where arthur and merlin are lying down side by side sharing headphones listening to the smiths while staring up at the ceiling having one of those sublime moments where the universe takes you somewhere else and realizing they are in love to then have their first kiss
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maccreadysimp · 11 months ago
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finished my homework
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w0wiie · 2 months ago
Promise of Joy
“There will be a day where you can share your joy with others. I promise you that.”
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A mysterious girl chased by shady characters. She bumped into him and clung to him for help. What kind of business would they want from this little girl. And so, he hopes to someday chase away her fears and nightmares.
T H E   P A R A L L E L S ! ! !
Yall won’t be able to survive the parallels I have set up to canon v the games. Merlina is a child here. Yessss. 
Here’s the pic without the “sepia” filter 
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camelotsheart · 6 months ago
the writers really made arthur say "sometimes I dream of leaving camelot" and "obviously I'd take merlin with me" and "it's just a dream, and that's all it can ever be" in the same scene and expected me to be ok
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loopin · 4 months ago
I saw a post for a lupin discord server you were in but the link expired, would it be alright to post the new one?
Hello! Unfortunately I no longer have a working link to that server to hand, since I have since left it (not for any bad reason, though. I just fell out of the discord habit). The link was originally posted by tumblr user @/alucardrights, to whom I recently sent an ask regarding the server in which I requested that they provide a new link if the server is still viable. With any luck, they might respond to my ask, so if you keep an eye on their blog, you might get that link in the next few days
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