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#shut up migs

it’s 4am is anyone really gonna give a damn if i shit with the door open in the dark

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ogghhbhjh when my hhhnnnngnnggg girlfriend laughs i hhhrhrrkrkrkrkkr i’m. ascending jhhhhhjrrkrkk magical noise hhhhhhhh i’m so in love

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me, a mlm minor, as i slip fully clothed into a jacuzzi that has been filled with 80 bottles worth of strawberry perrier and no less than 6 bath bombs: bex should be held responsible for what she has said and also give a real apology rather than doing the online equivalent of sticking her fingers in her ears and yelling “LALALALA FUCK YOU”

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it’s not “i miss my mom’s hugs” it’s “i miss my
moms’ hugs” lance has two mothers thank you for listening

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okay have any of yall actually watched this ad? i was curious and like why the fuck not but? When i was watching i thought i saw something weird so i rewinded and paused it and this stone cold bitch straight up PINCH HER TITTIES TO PULL THEM UP like goddamn i understand ‘giving the girls a lift’ or whatever the fuck she says but where did you place your nerve endings???did u lose them? do u feel pain

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