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#sibling vibes
f1incorrects · a day ago
Charles: I had a terrible dream last night, you were in it.
Max: And?
Charles: What do you mean by ‚and‘?
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paintedwarpony · 3 months ago
I'm on episode 55 of Dungeons and Daddies. Heres something I just realized. Anthony Burch, the DM is siblings with Ashley Burch and she's guest cast a few times.
They're currently fighting a monster that Anthony described as "me in highschool" in a lair full of mall samurai swords, anime figures new in box, and tommie bahama flame shirts.
For attacks Anthony and Ashley have been screaming lines from their fan fiction stories they wrote as kids.
Its amazing.
Tumblr media
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wilds-ponytail · 4 months ago
*Legend and Warriors wresting over a shield*
Legend: Get your hands off my shield!
Warriors: There's like a million shields
Legend: Take that one, it has a flower on it. Girls like flowers
Warriors: *Hits Legend with the a shield* Oops, now this one has blood on it
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fandomsunderthesun · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Big sister Emerald doesn’t want to do the thing, little brother Oscar gives her a look.
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incorrectclonewars · 10 months ago
Anakin: [runs into the glass door and knocks himself out]
Ahsoka: [turns around and walks away]
Barriss: Isn’t that your Master?
Ahsoka, hissing: Shh! Lower your voice!
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torchwood-99 · 4 months ago
future where Owen, Tosh and Ianto are resurrected and instead of Gwen feeling guilty that at times she felt like she was better than them for surviving she just tells them every day how superior that makes her, like it’s her trump card for everything she just rubs it into their faces that she lived when they died like the losers they are
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willowfae82 · 11 months ago
just noticed in ‘bright’ when Julie comes to talk to her dad ‘sort pics to put on the realty website’ as she walks past the sofa she pushes Carlos’ feet off. like it’s such a random sibling-y thing to do. i wonder if it was stage direction or just interaction between Madi and Sonny. 
also Julie being like ‘seems like someone’s spending too much time on the internet.’ and their dad just like ‘mmmhm.’ just. the family dynamic is so pure. 
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noidontakecriticism · 4 months ago
Luz: Well, well, well, if it isn't our old friend...
Hunter: The realization that we messed up real bad
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f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Charles: Am I right, Max?
Max: I’m almost certain you’re not, but to be fair, I wasn’t listening.
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made-by-jade-222 · 7 months ago
Uraraka eats too fast, she gets the hiccups, and Kaminari does his best to help her get rid of them.
Ler! Kaminari
Lee! Uraraka
Length: 🧁 Cupcake
“Hey Uraraka!" Kaminari said, looking up from his game. "Wanna play winner?" he asked.
Sero waved her over. "Yeah! I could use a challenge! Beating you is too easy man," he said, nudging Kaminari.
"Nuh-uh! I was just letting you win!"
"Suuuuure, you were."
She walked over and looked at the screen. "Super smash bros?"
"Yeah! You wanna play?" Sero asked.
Kaminari grinned. "Awesome! Hey, you want some popcorn? It's world famous! Well, dorm famous!" he said, handing her the bowl.
Uraraka smiled and took the bowl from him. "Sure! I don't think I've actually tried it before," she said. It was rainbow candy coated popcorn drizzled with chocolate and mixed in with gummy worms, marshmallows and m&ms and skittles. She tossed a handful in her mouth as the boys started their next match. Surprisingly, it was really good! She kept munching on it as she watched them play. A few minutes later, Kaminari cheered.
"Yesssss! Finally! I won!" he said. "Alright Uraraka, you ready to...whoa!"
Sero snickered. "Dang! You ate the whole bowl!”
Uraraka giggled. "Sorry! It was really good and *hic* I couldn't help it! Oh *hic* no!" she whined, and suddenly gripped onto the couch tightly.
"You good?" Sero asked.
She nodded. "I always *hic* get hiccups when I *hic* eat too fast! And then *hic* whoa!" She hiccupped so hard that she lost her grip on the couch and started floating. "I *hic* float when I *hic* get the hiccups!"
The boys stared up at her for a second before bursting out laughing.
"Hahahaha! Oh my gosh! That's amazing!" Kaminari cackled.
Sero couldn't even speak, he was laughing so hard.
Uraraka folded her arms and pouted as she continued to hiccup and bounce off the walls like one of those DVD loading screens. "Are you two *hic* done?" she asked. ‘This is so embarrassing!’ she thought. ‘But at least I’m in sweats and not a skirt! That would have been really embarrassing!’
"Yeah! I'll get a broom or something for you to grab onto!" Sero said, then ran out of the room.
"Can't you just undo it yourself?" Kaminari asked, scratching his head as he watched her.
"No! *hic* Every time I try *hic* I hiccup again and *hic* float back up! The only *hic* way is *hic* to cure my hiccups! *hic*" she said.
"Well how am I supposed to scare you from down here? Oh wait, just drink some water! Here, catch!" Kaminari threw a bottle of water up at her.
It hit her forehead.
He tried again, but it hit her knee this time.
After a few more tries she groaned. "Enough *hic* already! I think you gave me a bruise...*hic*"
Kaminari grimaced. "Sorry! about you try launching yourself towards me from the walls? I'll grab you and pull you down!" he said.
"Okay! *hic* Here I go!"
Uraraka floated over to a wall and pushed herself off from it and down towards Kaminari. He jumped up on the couch and reached up, grinning brightly when he managed to grab hold of her ankles. "Gotcha!" he said. He held on tightly and tried to step off the couch, but he slipped, fell and let go of her, pulling off her shoes in the process.
"Dang it!"
She sighed and they tried again, and this time, Kaminari was able to sit on the couch while holding her ankles as she kept hiccupping and floating upwards.
"Hey, I have an idea of how to cure your hiccups! Kirishima does it to me all the time!"
Uraraka was still suspended in the air when she felt Kaminari start tickling her socked foot. "Ehehehehehehehehe! *hic* Nohohohohohohoho! *hic*"
Kaminari grinned. "Aw, come on Uraraka! Trust the process!" he said, tickling her foot harder, scribbling into her arches.
She started floating downwards.
"See? It's working!"
Kaminari pulled on her a little harder and managed to pin one of her ankles between the couch and the wall, and then started squeezing her knees.
"Hahahahahahaha! Nohohohohoho! Whehehehehere is Sehehehehero?"
"I don't know, he should have been back by now," Kaminari said. "Hmm, your knees aren't very!" He stood up on the couch and danced his fingers up and down her sides.
"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Uraraka squealed and squirmed and prayed that her hiccups would be cured soon so she'd be able to escape the tickling sensations. "*HIC* NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! NAHAHAHAHAHAT THEHEHEHERE!"
Kaminari was now spidering his wiggling fingers all over her stomach, and after a moment, she fell over on top of him.
They both groaned from the impact, and with some help, Uraraka got her foot unstuck from between the wall and the couch.
"You okay?" Kaminari asked as he got up and sat on the little coffee table across from her.
She lay back against the couch, catching her breath. "A little beat up, but otherwise fine," she said.
"Beat up?!?!?"
"The water bottles?"
"Oh, yeah...sorry," he said, grimacing.
"It's okay."
"Wait, did you hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"I think you just hiccupped again!"
"I did not!"
"Did too! Listen! See? Right there!"
"I didn't hear anything! You already cured my...ohhhhh. Oh no."
Kaminari grinned evilly and pounced on her, digging his fingers into her upper ribs.
He giggled as he tickled her ribs like he was playing a xylophone. "Sorry Uraraka, but I have to get all those hiccups out of you!"
"I am not!" he said, smiling widely. ‘Uh, yeah I’m totally using this as an excuse to tickle you. You’re too adorable, how can I not?’ he thought. "How dare you think that! Here I am trying to help you, and this is how you treat me?" he asked, using one hand to pinch one of her cheeks playfully before going back to her ribs and tickling his way back to her stomach.
She laughed hysterically and weakly struggled against his fast, tickling hands, too tired from earlier to fight back much, but she trusted him to stop when she needed him to.
"It's a good thing you're so ticklish! Otherwise we'd never have gotten you down!" Kaminari said, darting his hands into her armpits.
She squealed and kicked her legs more frantically than before. "EEEE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
He laughed. "Oh my gohohohosh, that was the cutest thing ever! I gotta hear it again!" he said, digging into her armpits harder.
She squealed again, somehow higher pitched. "EEEEEK! EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!"
Kaminari let up immediately and got off of her, still chuckling at her reaction. He glanced up only to see Sero standing there with Toshinori, who were both extremely amused at the blushing pair.
"H-how long have you been s-standing there?!?!" Uraraka asked.
"Long enough," Sero said, smirking. "Sorry I took so long. I'd gotten the broom but Sensei found me and forced me to sweep the porch outside."
Toshinori raised an eyebrow. "You told me you'd do it but you've been procrastinating all day. So what was all this about?" he asked, gesturing and smiling at his two students, who still looked a bit bashful.
"I ate too fast and got the hiccups...and when I get the hiccups I float," Uraraka explained.
Toshinori chuckled.
"Senseiiii, don't laugh at mehehehe!" she whined, unable to keep from giggling at how silly the whole situation was.
"I'm not laughing at you, silly. So, I take it your hiccups are gone now?"
Kaminari grinned and gave him a thumbs up. "Yep! *hic*" His eyes widened. "Oh *hic* no..."
Uraraka smirked. "Hey Sero, now that you're done sweeping, how about you help me cure some hiccups?" she asked.
Sero cracked his knuckles. "Definitely.”
Kaminari squeaked in horror and ran off, hiccupping all the way down the hall. Uraraka and Sero ran after him, laughing excitedly. Toshinori watched them run off, smiling and shaking his head at how silly and endearing they were.
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sukisimpsstuff · 7 months ago
Aang: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's happened to me. Toph: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you? Aang: Yes! Suki: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.
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obaewankenope · 2 months ago
Fracticide should be legal. Sometimes you just wanna kill your sib and not get charged for it.
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