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You all know I love Thor and Loki’s sibling relationship so damn much, right?  It always gets me right in the feels.

I have a fic rec here: Foundations, by @aurorawest, which she summarizes: “Nothing crumbles all at once. Loki, and five times the cracks showed.”

It’s a collection of (five) vignettes about the slow demise of Loki and Thor’s relationship along the way to Thor 1.  It’s Loki’s POV, so it’s also a really good insight into the web of his increasingly troubled mind.  And Thor is written damn perfectly, as well.  *italian finger kiss*

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Mhm, I’m just going to rant on here. I’m a graduate from Duke University.  It has been my dream school since the sixth grade and I worked hard for it. Now, as for my siblings, not so much. I am the oldest of 5, meaning I have 4 younger siblings. My whole life I have been taunted by my siblings for being the smarty pants of the family. The one that was driven, the one that made great dreams, and the one that actually enjoys science.  I guess my parents always made me a point of comparison to my siblings that I was an epitome of perfection, which led my siblings on a path of ways to tear me down or damage my image. I will admit, my parents were wrong for making my siblings feel less than because they weren’t as driven as I was in school or making them feel worthless because they aren’t so interested in school.  Both my siblings (the second and third are both in college) go to the same university. Now my brother (he is the second child of our family, we will call him “A”) and sister (we will call “P” is the third of our family) are what I consider Thing 1 and Thing 2. 


It is as if they formed some sort of association to find ways to make me miserable. I’ll go depth in another day (or maybe I never will because I don’t opening up about places of pain, especially from my family) but focusing on the topic of school, they’ve always made me to feel like the bottom of their shoe. “Oh, you think you’re better because you go were a top student?”  … “Nobody cares you made a 2350 on the SAT” … “You’re still stupid” … Just being hurtful. Not to make excuses for their actions because honestly, they are grown enough to know right from wrong, their hurt probably comes from feeling they were never enough to my parents. But why take that out on me? To the point my siblings even lied that I do nothing in school and I’m just at an expensive school for nothing. The hatred for me went as far as to the point where my school would ask for sibling verification forms to verify that I indeed have 2 other siblings at a 4-year university. The catch is that they have to sign it. Did they sign it? No. Once again, ways to try to hurt me. It was ridiculous. So much disdain because I am someone who excels in school and I care about my education. The only thing I’ll apologize for is NOT being sorry about going to a school I merited. No one can take that honor away from me. I have never dissed nor spoke down on the school that they attend but they feel the need to do that to mine. For Christ’s sake, P hates Duke and supports UNC (my school’s rival) solely based on the fact that I go to Duke! Such bitterness! To talk about the present, I can assure you that none of them congratulated me on graduating. Instead, my father told me how they told him that I never majored in neuroscience … Which is bogus and a flat out lie. Why are you speaking lies onto my life? Honestly, A goes along with whatever P says, feels, and does – which is sad cause he is older than P. I could write a book on how mean P is. One day she’ll realize that she is not hurting me, but herself. P said I only majored in a STEM major because that is what my parents wanted me to do. I really wish she would just allow me to tell my own stories for myself because I majored in a major that I enjoyed AND I chose. All the years of bitterness and hating me for going to Duke still never stopped my blessings. Still didn’t stop be from graduating. I am still here, successful and blessed. And the difference between my sister and I, I will never wish ill on her, no matter what she says about me. Her not congratulating me did not steal the smile I still wear because I am happy for myself that I made it, I made my dream a reality. 

I guess what triggered this rant is I’m home now and my sister has this favorite hobby for whenever she has phone conversations about things that she thinks might rub me the wrong way, she speaks out loud or she’ll come in the bathroom to have her conversation (we have a sister-sister styled bathroom so I hear everything). She goes on and on about “her path”, wanting to be successful, and how “just because you go to a school like Harvard and Yale, you could still not be shit after you graduate”. Her constant need to try to “rub shoulders” with me when we are and will never be in the same places in life. The path the Lord destined for me to be is completely different from yours. Laughing to myself a little bit because I remember when she was in high school, her favorite thing to do was to stand in front of my door or to my little sister (she is 8 and honestly, I will only say it is sad how P has tried to feed her a bad image of me but my God works and she never bought it) and say how she was president of whatever club, listing her other accomplishments loud enough for me to hear. But not in a cocky way, I have been there, done that, and in most cases, I have done more. … Basically this is the same trick is tried to pull today. Standing in the bathroom and loudly talking about school and internships she knows she’ll get into and blah blah blah. If only she knew I am happy for her. But it is clear as day that your source of motivation is revenge and spite or a way to rub in my face “HA! I’m doing well”. If your successes make you feel the need to be a braggadocio, you had your priorities fucked up. Be successful or YOU. I honest to God pray that she gets tired of this someday because in the end, she will only hurt herself, meanwhile the person (me) that she is aiming to hurt never batted an eye towards her way and learned to be unbothered by her because it was a sad sight to see the oozing hatred while I stay here forever blessed. Sister, come to your senses and learn that in the kindest way possible, you no longer phase me because your actions are a cry for help, recognition, and attention. I pity you. Don’t let yourself go out looking sad.  

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time. no i disagree. i hate time it’s not possible my sibling was thirteen when i was ten. when i was ten my sibling made a random teenage boy trip over his feet by smiling at him. that’s too powerful i refuse this knowledge

they were also 5’6” by the time they were eleven. i’m barely 5’3” now

they’re too powerful!!! i don’t like this!!!

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these are the best fits i could find to what you’re looking for!

  • boo seungkwan of seventeen
  • choi jongho of ateez
  • jacob bae of the boyz
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anyway my sister has a migraine so i had to run to get her something but it was in my parent’s room where my dad is videoconferencing for work but i didn’t have time to change so i ran through his video call wearing vintage silk mickey mouse boxer shorts and they’re all just gonna hafta deal with it. 

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Dean: Sam, you are one of the most innocent beings I have ever met.
Sam: What are you talking about? I live my life on the EDGE! 
Sam: *puts coffee down without a coaster* 
Dean: …
Sam: …
Sam: *slides coaster under the coffee mug* 
Dean: *sighs* Case in point.

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argued with them about doing chores
been told you look like them
saved a food for yourself but they ate it
they saved food for themselves and you ate it

blamed them for something you did
they blamed you for something they did
ignored them for over a day
they ignored you for over a day

been super close with their best friends
ran to get to the bathroom before them
made them cry
they made you cry
defended them to your parents
they defended you to your parents
gotten into a physical fight with them
cried because of an argument with them
driven with them somewhere without your parents
annoyed them on purpose
they annoyed you on purpose
prank called them
they prank called you
gotten mad at someone for saying something bad about them
they have gotten mad at someone for saying something bad about you

had teachers mix you up

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