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amourbleue · 11 minutes ago
“What are you doing here?”
“What am I– I live here! What are you doing here?!” Buck then saw May wasn’t alone. “...Oh, my bad. Who are you doing here?”
“Oh my God!”
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ingenders · 29 minutes ago
That metaphor about kids fighting and oppression doesn't make any sense unless there's actual abuse or some kind of huge power differential going on in the first place
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purple-grizzly · 31 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I told these two young gentlemen to show me their best ninja kicks. Swipe for the results. 🥷 #photography #photoshoot #photographer #bryangallagherphoto #grassvalley #nevadacity #nevadacounty #california #outdoors #portraitphotographer #portraitphotography #family #familyportraits #portrait #canonphotography #canon5dmarkiv #lightroom #siblings #pennvalley #pennvalleyphotographer #nevadacityphotographer #grassvalleyphotographer #familyphotographer #familyphotography (at Grass Valley, California)
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wethree-diary · 32 minutes ago
Is he 6 foot five? Or is he not that tall?
Is he wondering why, why you haven’t called?
When you look at me, do you think of him?
When you’re touching me, do you feel his skin?
Us by We Three
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sera-wasnever · 49 minutes ago
Also I'm so sorry if we talk every single social skill/spoon has deserted me for the last couple weeks
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museinmind · an hour ago
every boy changes his way of talking to me once hockey gets brought up
me: *sees the habs playing behind him on the tv so i watch*
him: ew hockey
me: i like watching actually
him: you have a brother or something
like no 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 i’m just a girlboss
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buttercupbuck · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maddie Buckley, an Older Sister™️
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pocketramblr · an hour ago
I should probably mention that at least one of their siblings has Foresight. Said sibling may also have spontaneously developed that seemingly overnight. Their quirk was ironically enough to have wings. AFO has issues with this particular sister despite the fact that she partially helped raise him because AFO has issues with birds. -Aster
AfO just hating bird quirks is not a running joke I expected on this blog but I like it lol.
Imagine your brother giving you a foresight quirk and see you he's going to become a potato faced mass murderer. Easily the most day of your life.
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e-untamed · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The Untamed + Tumblr Posts: Pork Rib and Lotus Soup Edition
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hello-nichya-here · an hour ago
Chapters: 8/8 Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender Rating: Explicit Warnings: Underage Relationships: Azula/Zuko (Avatar) Characters: Azula (Avatar), Zuko (Avatar) Additional Tags: Sibling Incest, Sibling Bonding, Brother-Sister Relationships, Brother/Sister Incest, Mental Health Issues, Fluff, Romance, Possessive Behavior, Dysfunctional Family, Jealousy, Overprotective Zuko (Avatar), Zucest - Freeform, Codependency, Made For Each Other, fire siblings, Trauma, Sex, Guilt, Forbidden Love, Sharing a Bed Series: Part 4 of Cute Zucest Summary:
A fluffy, cutesy, modern Zucest AU about Azula readjusting to normal life after getting some much needed therapy, with heavy doses of overprotective Zuko because it's good for the soul.
For @asexuelf and @signlessacolyte
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kagrenacs · 2 hours ago
Kireth and Raynor are probably my favorite npcs in eso, every quest with them feels like this
Tumblr media
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capt-snoozles · 2 hours ago
Katara hummed, pulling her hair back to tie it in a bun while she inspected the inside of the fridge. There was nothing interesting though, so she closed the door with her foot, securing her bun with one of Sokka’s hair ties.
Sure, she had her own, but stealing Sokka's was more satisfying.
She was just beginning her inspection of the pantry, when her phone buzzed in her pocket, revealing a message from the brother in mention.
It was a photo of his boyfriend, Zuko, asleep and cuddled into Sokka’s side, usually grumpy features softened into something sweeter. Sokka himself looked like he might cry, and Katara laughed breathily, trying to keep it quiet due to the late hour.
She sent him back a selfie, making half a heart with her hand and making puppy dog eyes at the camera. The response came before she’d even manage to slip her phone back into her pocket and she grinned.
Loser Brother <3 Is that my dressing gown????
Me Yes <3
It was his fault for not taking it with him when he’d decided to stay the night at his boyfriend's house. The material was a navy blue, and was warm and comfy and smelled like him, he should have known she’d steal it the first chance she got.
She ignored the following string of complaints as she caught sight of the bananas on the bench and got an idea. She then proceeded to send her darling brother the step-by-step process of scooping ice cream into a bowl with milo and sliced banana just to make him jealous, finishing it off with a dramatic video of her taking a bite and humming exaggeratedly in delight.
Again, it was what Sokka got for staying at his boyfriend's house overnight. Not that she actually cared- unless it was Brother + Sister night. Then she’d be pissed and she’d probably send him videos of her reorganising the labels on his drawers so they didn’t match.
As it was though, she was quite content with her gentle ice-cream based torture as she happily danced back to the table and curled up on a dining chair so she could get back to studying.
A few hours later, her bowl was in the sink, and she could feel her bun unravelling, an itchy frustration building under her skin as she squinted at a screen full of information that refused to sink into her brain. In a last ditch effort to understand it, she took a photo and sent it to Sokka, knowing that he'd probably understand the scientific jargon.
It took a few minutes, but she eventually got an easy to understand summary of what she’d sent him and relief crashed through her, her shoulders untensing as she read over the text and glanced back up at the screen to match up the information.
Her phone buzzed with a second message and she looked down at it, heart warm and happy.
Loser Brother <3 i know you’re working real hard over there but make sure to actually get some sleep, you can’t use that big brain of yours if you don’t give it a rest every now and then!!! i myself am going to sleep bc i need to rest /my/ big brain, love you x Ps. pls return dressing gown before i get home, i will be cold without it ):
She texted him a returned “love you” and rolled her eyes at the last line before putting her phone down and cramming in another few minutes of DNA research, feeling calmer now that she had Sokka’s summary to refer to.
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confusedhost · 2 hours ago
Winter or Beach with Alex and/or Rose
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A pretty demigirl accidentally spikes you in the face, wdyd
their sister finds a rock
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fazbear-security · 2 hours ago
Michael: We need more help. Maybe I should call my friends?
Luis: ...your what?
Michael: My friends.
Coraline: Is he saying 'friends'?
Tara: I think he's being sarcastic.
Franco: No, no, no. This is delirium. He's cracked from being awake all night. Hey, Mike! All of your friends are in this room!
Michael: I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, I made new friends. It was a task! I complete tasks!
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