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#sick and tired
arsonistblue · 7 months ago
okay, allistics, for the last goddamn time.
it is "autistic person," not "person with autism."
"autistic" is not a bad word.
autism speaks is a hate group and not where you should get your information.
if you want information about autism, listen to autistic people. we're the ones who understand it the best.
autism does not need a cure.
if you had a child, you signed up for the possibility of having an autistic child. having an autistic child is not a tragedy.
get. this. through. your. thick. fucking. skulls.
sincerely, an autistic person.
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thebrokenquotes · a year ago
I keep thinking, thinking, and my thoughts are all sick, and my head is sick.
- Fyodor Dostoevsky, Stories; The Meek One, written c. 1876
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nostxlgia18 · 2 months ago
Part 1 part 2
Pairing: Chris/Ransom × girlfriend!reader
Summary: How would the boys react to their girl being sick
Warning: fluff, sick reader
Requested by : @cevansrogerss 🌹
Chris Evans
Tumblr media
Last night, you were extremely tired when you got home from work, all you wanted to do was warm up under a blanket and just drift off to sleep. The following morning you woke up with a nose block and a very heavy head, you could barely get out of bed but you forced yourself to. Chris was gonna be back from shooting today and ugh you feel pathetic.
"Babe?" a yell from downstairs woke you up
'When did I fall asleep?' you wondered
You stumbled out of your bed, giving one look in the mirror
You left a sigh, red nose and cheeks 'Ahh such a great way to greet your boyfriend'
You walked down the stairs and heard a gasp instantly
"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Chris started to walk up to you
"Stop stop, don't come near me. You might catch it too" You gestured him to stop
"Ohh fuck it" Chris ignored your protests and pulled you in his arms
"Since when?" he asked caressing your face
"This morning" You sniffed
"Oh darling! Did you call the doc?" Chris enquired
"No but, I'm sure it's a flu. I took a medicine though" you coughed
"Good!, Why don't you go upstairs and I'll make you some soup huh? and then we can cuddle the whole day okay" Chris made his way to the kitchen
"No wait, you were....were supposed to go meet your friends!" you sneezed
"There is no way I'm leaving you alone"
"I'll be fine on my own, you don't cancel your plans for me" You stopped him mid-sentence
"No means NO! now get your bratty ass up in the bed" and Chris disappeared in the kitchen
Ransom Drysdale
Tumblr media
'Achoo' you sneezed for the 10th time this evening, having a mid-night ice cream wasn't good after all
Your phone chimed with a notification from Ransom, the playboy with who you have been having a enemy with benefit kind off relationship for 3 months now
Ransom- See you tonight sugar. 😉
Y/n- Nah, I'll pass. I'm sick
Ransom- so?
Y/n- What do you mean SO? I'm sick Hugh
Ransom- Did I ask? I want you here in 15
Oo thank god he didn't argue further, you turned your phone off and tried falling asleep
The doorbell to your home rang a several times, waking you up in a jolt
"I'm gonna kill whoever it it!" you exclaimed getting out of bed
You opened the door to see Ransom, if his looks could kill you would be 3ft underground right now
"What are you doing here? you yelled
He walked past you into the living room hitting your shoulders
"Why is your phone turned off?" he asked
"Cause I wanted to sleep peacefully, why are you here anyway? " you shrugged
"Cause you didn't show up at mine" he crossed his hands over his chest
"Yeah and I told you I'm sick, why will you have sex with a sick person?" you grossed out just thinking about it
He sighed and held out a plastic bag for you
'Wow, you didn't realize he had this till now'
You took the bag and pulled out a rectangular container
"Have this, might help you" Ransom said starting to walk out of your home
"Wait, you bought soup for me?" You couldn't believe your eyes
Ransom cares!
He didn't reply to you, just walked out with a smirk on his face
You bit your lower lip, thinking
This asshole isn't much of an asshole you thought he is.
Taglist: @shyconversationalbookworm
Reblogs are appreciated 🤑
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taechnological · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jahsnumb · 3 days ago
Depressed people are not weak. They are the
strongest people. They fight more than anyone else
and fall more than anyone else but still decide to get
up. Depression is a very deep battle inside a human
being and is not fixed by blaming them for being
depressed. Love them no matter what they are going
through, embrace them when they are frustrated for
no reason and dont give up on them.
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hotdudeswhump · 4 months ago
An Extensive list of MOST/ MY FAV Gintama Whump! (Cause I love my all my 43 followers😌❤)
Episode 13: Stabed in the gut, had a nightmare, and broke his ribs as well as injured his left arm to point where he can't move.
Episode 31: Gets hit by a car and as a result he losses his memories.
Episode 58: Stabbed in the gut again and passes out. (Aftercare is provided here)
Episode 61: injuries from episode 58 are causing pain and hindering with his ability to fight. Cause of this, he gets injured further and passes out yet again.
Episode 87: Gunshot wound to leg.
Episode 97: High fever.
Episode 107: Gets poisoned and shot in the arm and gut. He passes out and falls in a river.
Episode 145: stabbed by a Kunai.
Episode 178: has like 20 Kunais thrown into his back and also has his back ripped open by a sword.
Episode 07-08 of Gintama's: Enchousen: has needles thrown into his pressure points. As a result, he's temporarily paralyzed but, the needles also contain poisen... slowly eating away at his body.
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thebrokenquotes · a year ago
This is terrible, I'm so terribly sick, and tired. I want rest. Won't you give me peace? I want peace.
— Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anais Nin: Vol. 1, 1931-1934
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megaceros · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
tired eyes
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