#sick of being sick
screaming--agony · 10 days ago
Dear Diary,
The feeling is back.
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alphacrone · 5 months ago
might fuck around and make a deal with a demon. at this point it seems like a good idea.
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obsessedcapricornwriter · 5 months ago
Do you ever wonder if there is actually something wrong with you?
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b-lizi · 3 months ago
When you're so bored you want to do things but they seems way too tiring so you just lay in bed staring at the ceiling for hours
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thebumblingbee · 8 months ago
I am having a Very Bad™️ mental health night and let me just say I’m getting real sick of this garbage.
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getagriponmyboyracerrollbar · 8 months ago
Contrary to popular expectations, I have not died from Covid. Not that I haven’t been far too damn sick. And it’s taking way too long getting back to normal. Start to get better and wham! Worse again. I’ve been fighting shit for months and am done with it.
Fuck coronaviruses. (There are many, and for other species, hence cat vaccines for example.)
On the upside, it’s Rocktober, my fave month.
I just bought this for my bathroom. 😂
Tumblr media
And this came in the mail. 💕
Tumblr media
Doing ok so far in Rocktober.
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kickdrumheart68 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 3 of Covid.... 🙄
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celestial-stoner-baby · a month ago
The thing no one warns you about with chronic pain is how hard it makes forming relationships. I'm constantly floored by my own anxiety that I'm not enough. How many times can I express my pain before they get sick of hearing it? How long will me sleeping all the time be cute? When will the person who has completely enraptured my heart decide that I'm not worth all the baggage I come with? And the worst part is I'm powerless to change anything.
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keetskeets · 5 months ago
Well, covid sucks.
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zapomniana-nadzieja · a year ago
it’s all getting bad again. the thoughts and the feelings. actually no...there are no feelings i feel so numb i don’t feel sad or angry or really anything at all. Its not that i don’t want to be here i just don’t really see the point in being here 
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akthoughtsout · 5 months ago
I had written a post...
One I placed my broken prices on..
A piece of paper you were given...
A picture you left behind ...
A life you spoke beyond...
A future you never intended on
My heart was what you step on.
I believed you when you said you would love me
I really believed you.
I should have known you wouldn't have been waiting for me, I should have known I wasn't what you wanted.. I shouldn't have given you the chance to get to know me.. I wish I could have saved the parts of me that I gave you.
I wish I wouldn't have been so open and welcoming for your love..
I should have wondered more.
I should have known..
Since when did "I" become special to someone.
Since when did I become worthy of a love
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screaming--agony · 8 months ago
“When I'm at my worst and I'm so ashamed I open up and nobody stays”
-Citizen Soldier // Bedroom Ceiling
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ravemey · 10 months ago
Journal 7 - 8/17/2021
So although I have been sick for the last few days, I'm starting to come back slowly. I don't need to stay in bed all day anymore luckily and I'm back on my feet. My coughing still needs to be worked on so I'm hoping the Robitussin takes care of that officially. Today's my last day off from work and I hope to get some stuff planned and taken care of today despite my exhaustion still. (I know I should still rest but my mind is awake and I cannot take another day of doing nothing... it actually annoys the heck out of me.)
Tumblr media
Anyway, things have been looking up for me lately, I have a new job that I will be starting soon in September~ I'm hoping this will be a much more positive work environment and won't be completely draining all the time. I'll still be doing the same thing but the new environment has been something I've been after. There are some people in my current work environment that have a vendetta against me for no reason and I can't even reason with them because I don't know what they're mad about. It's grown into such an awful, hateful work atmosphere... And you know it's bad when even in my fever dreams, it's about my hateful coworkers... It's literally driving me to madness. It's funny because I used to get along with everyone perfectly fine, I literally don't know what happened.
Lately I've been planning some extra content, reading up on some books, studying up, trying to come up with a "curriculum" (not quite sure what to call it) for all of you. I feel like I've really been falling flat on my face lately and I apologize... Life is difficult for me right now financially and mentally. I have all these ideas and don't quite know what to do with them yet unfortunately but it'll come to me, I promise.
Stay Blessed,
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everlasting-ink23 · a year ago
“Your Labs Came Back Looking Good…”
          Yep. You know, the most frustrating six words in the entire English language. Because, when you’re a chronically ill human being, like I am, those are not the words that you need or want to hear. You’d think that they are- any healthy person would LOVE to hear that there’s nothing wrong with them. A healthy person, would think that I am absolutely insane for wanting the doctor to tell…
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sparkles-and-trash · a year ago
crying in the bathtub is just another level of misery lmao
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coldwinterdoll · a year ago
Tumblr media
Story of my life
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littlecatsnotkids · a year ago
It is mentally exhausting to get the help you need. It is tiring to hear that you need medication to help you function as a normal human being. Even if you know that’s it’s because of your internalised stigma, it is tiring and difficult and unpleasant.
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midnight-specialist · 2 years ago
Can we talk about the pain one feels when being diagnosed with a mental disorder? I keep hearing "but it's good! At least now you know!" ... yeah I know. I'm well aware of my self destructive behaviour. I'm well aware that I, sometimes, have no power over my own feelings or mood. I'm well aware that I now, do not see myself as the same person I once thought I was. I'm well aware that all my relationships are affected by it. I'm well aware that I, from now on and for the rest of my life, have to think about every little decision I make. To top it off, I have to be medicated so that I at least get some sense of reality and normality in my everyday life. But the absolute worst thing is being painfully aware that you cannot turn back time. Which means that things will never EVER be the same as before your diagnosis.
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gandalfs-mommy-milkers · a year ago
wow i sure do love not knowing what the FUCK is going on with my body and/or brain! yep! i love being in the dark! no one being able to figure it out! yessiree I just thoroughly enjoy being fucking miserable all the goddamn time! i looove that shit!
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mylife-myrecovery · 2 years ago
Life with an ED
• Laying in bed awake at night because your head feels wired and loud.
• Arguing and agonising over every single bite of every single meal.
• Knowing you shouldn’t, but also feeling like you have to.
• Feeling like a fraud because your BMI is too high for an official diagnosis (or you just don’t fit a particular criteria for anything.)
• Trying to get better and then you go and accidentally lose weight.
• Just wanting it to all stop and just enjoy life like a normal fucking person...
In case anyone hasn’t quite got it, I’m so sick of this. It’s like it just snuck up on me and hit me with a baseball bat to the head. I want to get better but I think it’s gonna take time to get to a good point with it...
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