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“Dude, I fucking hate midterm week, why do we have to have big exams in the middle of the semester? Aren’t our finals enough?” Jack asked, as he walked back to his dorm with two of his suitemates, Rian and Zack.

“I guess not. I hate how intense the workload gets in this week of the semester,” Zack replied.

“I do, too, but it could be worse, we could be Alex right now,” Rian pointed out, making them all laugh some.

“Rian’s right, it seems like Alex’s midterms have been rough, he’s been staying up until, like, three in the morning every night for the past week. I’m actually a bit worried about him,” Jack explained, as they finally reached their building.

Once they walked in, they made their way over to the elevator, so they could ride up to the fifth floor.

“Honestly, same here, it seems like he’s really pushing himself,” Rian replied.

The ride upstairs was silent after this, and once they got to their floor, they went over to their suite. Jack opened up the door and let them in, and when they walked in, they saw Alex sitting on the couch in the living room.

He had a thick blanket wrapped around his shoulders, and he was staring at his laptop. Jack could see that he looked very stressed out and exhausted, which only concerned him more.

“Hey Alex, how’s your studying going?” Zack asked, as the three of them all sat down in the living room.

“Oh, hey guys, what’s up? I’ve been studying for the same exam for the past two hours, and all of it still makes almost no sense. I started to get a headache from looking at my screen, which has just made it harder to focus,” Alex explained, his voice a bit raspy.

“Maybe you should take a little break, the fact you made your head hurt so much isn’t good,” Rian replied.

“Nah, I don’t need to do that, it’s just a headache. Besides, I’ve still got so much to do before I can sleep tonight, so I’d rather just get it all done at this point,” Alex replied, coughing some.

“Are you sure you can’t just call it a night now? You sound and look like you’re getting sick,” Jack continued.

“I don’t feel the greatest, but it’s not a big deal, I’ll be okay, since I kind of have to be. It’s midterm week, I don’t have time to sleep off a cold, or whatever this is. Once this week is over, I’ll be able to take better care of myself again. I think I’m gong to go in my room and study for now. You can go in whenever, Jack, I just want to sit at my desk since all of my books are there,”

Alex grabbed his laptop and blanket, then made his way into the room he shared with Jack.

“He’s going to burn himself out. Well, more than he already has,” Zack stated, as Rian turned on the TV.

“You’re probably right about that, dude. I think tomorrow is his last cray busy day, so hopefully he’ll try to get some rest after that,” Jack replied.

“I hope so. Oh, I meant to tell you guys, I won’t be here after class tomorrow, I’m going home for the weekend,” Rian stated.

“I am, too. I forgot that tomorrow is already Friday, I meant to mention that earlier in the week,” Zack added.

“That sounds nice. I guess I’ll be staying here with Alex, and make sure that he takes care of himself and rests this weekend,” Jack replied, as Rian put on a show that they all liked.

After about an hour, Jack decided that he should go into his room for the night, since he had some work to get done. Also, he wanted to try to encourage Alex to sleep at a reasonable time that night.

“See you guys in the morning,” Jack said to Rian and Zack, as he got up, and went into his room.

Alex was sitting at his desk, working on something at his laptop.

“Hey, dude, how’s the studying going?” Jack asked, taking a seat at his desk.

“It’s alright. I stopped studying for my Art History exam about twenty minutes ago, and I’ve been trying to look up graduate school programs ever since. I have to turn in some information abut five programs by midnight tonight, and I’ve only gotten one fully done so far,” Alex explained, breaking into a small coughing fit.

“I see, do you want any help with that? Maybe I can research a couple different programs and find the information you need to turn in for your class,” Jack offered.

“I appreciate you wanting to help me, but I think this is something that I have to do on my own, since I could end up going to one of these schools in a couple of years,”

“No problem, is there anything else I can do for you? I just don’t want you to have to stay up super late to do homework again like you’ve been doing all week,”

“I don’t think I have anything that’s just busywork that you could do for me. Everything I have to do is kind of big, so I really need to do it. I’ll be okay, I can function on just a few hours of sleep,”

“I know you think you can, but that doesn’t mean that you should. You seem exhausted, and you really don’t sound good,”

“I’ll be okay, it’s just a cold. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to rest a lot and sleep this shit off this weekend, but I just have too many important things to worry about right now,” Alex explained with a sneeze.

“If you say so. Hey, Rian and Zack are both going home for the weekend. Maybe since it’ll just be the two of us, we can have a fun, relaxing weekend together here,”

“That sounds great, but don’t feel like you have to spend the whole weekend with me. If there’s a cool party that you want to go to, don’t let me stop you from going,”

“I don’t think there’s any good parties this weekend, and I wouldn’t want to go solo anyway,”

“Oh, okay, sounds good then. Hey, I’d love to keep talking, but I really have to get a lot of shit done, do you mind if we stop this conversation, and I put my headphones in?” Alex asked, already pulling his headphones out of his backpack.

“Yeah, no worries, man. Good luck with your homework and studying,” Jack replied, opening up an assignment on his computer.

Over the next couple of hours, the two of them worked on various assignments. As time went on, Jack could tell that Alex’s coughing was getting worse, which worried him some. He hoped that Alex would be able to get a decent amount of sleep that night, since he had a couple of tests and a presentation the next day, but Jack knew that this was unlikely.

Once it was close to one, Jack decided to call it a night, figuring he could use the weekend to finish up the things he had left to do. Jack packed up his backpack, then quickly got ready to go to sleep. Alex watched Jack crawl into his bead and forced himself to get up and turn off the overhead light and use his desk lamp instead.

Jack checked a few things on his phone before putting it down and closing his eyes. As he started to drift off, he hoped that Alex would be able to get some rest soon.


“I’m so glad that midterms are over now, this midterm week really sucked. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to go home and be with my family,” Rian said as he walked through the aisles of the grocery store right off campus with Zack and Jack.

“Me too, dude. I’m glad we all came here first, though. I really need some caffeine for the drive home,” Zack replied.

“It sounds like you guys are going to have nice weekends. Hopefully, Alex will actually rest now that everything is finally over. I didn’t sleep much last night because he kept coughing, and he ended up staying up until almost four,” Jack explained, grabbing some canned soup to take back for Alex.

“That sounds awful for both of you. I hope he feels better over the weekend,” Zack stated.

“Same here, that’s why I got all of this stuff. I think I’m ready to go, if you two are,” Jack decided, looking through his basket to make sure he had everything he wanted.

The three of them went over to the self-checkouts, and quickly purchased everything they got, then they walked out to their cars.

“I’ll see you guys Sunday night,” Zack said to his friends.

“You guys be safe driving home,” Jack replied.

“Will do, good luck with Alex,” Rian added, as the three of them got into their cars.

Jack listened to his favorite album as he drove back to his dorm. In just minutes he pulled into the parking lot, then grabbed his groceries, before walking in and going up to his floor. He was fairly certain that Alex was done with his classes for the day, since it was pretty late in the afternoon, so he expected to see Alex when he got to the dorm.

As Jack walked off of the elevator, he searched in his pockets for his key, and found it right as he got to his door. When he walked in, he saw Alex laying on the couch under a blanket, watching something on the TV.

“Hey Alex, how’re you doing?” Jack asked, setting the groceries down on the counter.

“Not great, I feel terrible,” Alex replied in a raspier voice.

“Yeah, I bet. How were your exams and that presentation?”

Jack took a seat at the end of the couch as Alex sat up some.

“It was all okay, I guess. My voice sounded just like this during my presentation, so I bet I’m going to get points off for not speaking clearly, since my professor is an asshole like that. My philosophy exam went well, but it was all multiple choice, and we went over all of the questions in class the last time we met. The Art History exam didn’t go so well, though,” Alex explained.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, that’s the stuff I was trying to study last night when I had that killer headache, so I didn’t retain a lot of it. I don’t think I failed, but I definitely didn’t do as well if I would’ve if I didn’t feel so awful,”

Alex coughed some, then drank the water he had on the coffee table.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll have other opportunities throughout the semester to boost your grade from whatever it is now. I’m glad you’re done with everything for a bit, so you can just rest and relax this weekend,”

“I actually have more shit that I should really work on, but I don’t think I’ll be able to focus, since my brain is so annoyingly preoccupied with how bad I’m feeling,”

“I get what you’re saying, but I think that you really just need to rest for a bit. I know you want to be productive and get a lot done, but just let yourself relax for the weekend. Having a cold doesn’t make you weak, or whatever, it just means that you need some time off from working so hard,” Jack stated.

“I guess you’re right, I definitely don’t want to overdo it or anything. Thanks for talking some sense into me, man,”

Alex smiled some in thanks, which Jack returned.

“No problem, man. I don’t have too much to worry about this weekend, so I’m going to stay here with you, and do what I can to help you feel better. I went to the grocery store right after class and picked up some soup and stuff for you,”

“Thanks, Jack, I really appreciate that,” Alex said, before coughing more.

“No problem. Why don’t we go back to watching what you had on earlier, so you can rest your voice some?” Jack suggested.

“Sounds good, there’s a South Park marathon on right now, if that’s cool with you,”

“That sounds great, let’s watch it!”

Alex turned on the TV up some, and they began to watch the episode that had just started. Both of them were glad that they could spend the weekend together if it be spent entirely on the couch.

A/N: Hey guys, I got the idea for this from a quote prompt blog!! I’ve still got quite a few ideas to work with, but please send in requests if you have them!! I love writing what you all want to read, so please send in ideas if you’ve got them! Thanks for reading, it really means the world. Lots of love, Liv.

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so i was playing animal crossing today and my boy raymond was sick. but i gave him some meds and tlc but he’s all good now! i love him sm🥺

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Prompt: Batfam prompt coming your way if you want it! Entirely up to you! How about Dick goes out with a cold/flu/fever, because he cares more about the people he’s saving than himself, and Jason and Tim have to catch him, beat the bad guys, and bring Dick home to rest and get alllll sorts of brotherly love?

It’s the drool that wakes Tim, the uncomfortable dampness pooling at the corner of his mouth. He comes to slowly, consciousness bringing with it an evident twinge across his lower back. A groan grows deep in his throat, wakefulness reminding him that he’s been hunched over a computer in the Cave for hours, leaving him feeling far older than he actually is. He contemplates nodding back off, fleeing from the lingering need for caffeine, but then there’s a scoff too close to his face, and he cracks an eye open to see Damian frowning at him.

“You’re repulsive, Drake.”

Tim sits up with a yawn and narrows his eyes into a dull glare, too tired to hold much heat across his eyes. He throws his arms over his head, lacing his fingers and arching his back into a much-needed stretch. “At least I’m not a demon spawn.”

Damian scoffs and pulls off his domino, a small yawn slipping past his lips.

“Did you just get back?”

“Father and I returned twenty-three minutes ago.”

Tim slumps back against the chair, working around the small, admitting thought that he actually needs to sleep in a real bed for more than an hour if he wants to continue operating as a human. He rubs at his bleary eyes. “How was it? Quiet?” 

“Our territory was. We bumped into Grayson about an hour ago. He was tipped off about a potential metahuman ring.”

Tim hums, eyes slipping shut, but then his sleep-riddled mind clears, and he jerks forward, eyes flying open. “Wait, what? Dick’s out?” He scans the room, noticing a distinct lack of Nightwing material.

“Of course he’s out.” Damian’s voice is annoyingly matter of fact, and Tim hops to his feet and crosses his arm, frown sharp.

“Damian, he’s sick.”

“Grayson is more than capable of working through illness, Drake. He’s been trained to withstand—”

“—anything. Yeah, I know,” Tim finishes, a worried bite to his tone. Bruce trained all of his bats to withstand illness, to work through ailments, to find an inner balance between exertion and fatigue. Still, he had checked Dick’s fever earlier, and it was worryingly high, resting at 102.3 degrees. He also knew that Dick was itching to explore the anonymous tip about the metahuman ring, and Tim had meant to keep Dick from leaving. Falling asleep over a large monitor was not a part of his nightly plans.

He leans over and taps into the comms on the computer, only faintly aware of Damian slipping up behind him. “Red Robin to Nightwing.” He waits, scanning the connection, waiting for a quiver in the flat audio line. “Come in, Nightwing.”

“He’s probably busy, Drake, making himself useful unlike—”

“Shut it,” Tim spits out, whipping a sharp glare over his shoulder before turning back to the computer. “Dick, answer the damn comm.”

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It’s such a classic when the character that’s always the first one up sleeps in when sick and that alone reveals that something’s going on. Seriously I live for the opening dialogue/narration “Since when am I the first one up?” 

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Thancred knows he’s in trouble the moment he feels a telltale little tickle in his throat and a slight twinge of pain between his temples. He covers his mouth with his hand and clears his throat as quietly as he can, hoping it’s nothing.

Of course it’s not.

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A/N suggestion by @yourlocallovesickie


Originally posted by jackstaubergif

Keith woke up with a horrible stomach ache. He could feel the food he’d eaten the day before sloshing around and it didn’t feel good. His lower stomach hurt too but not as bad. He got up to use the bathroom then shower to see if he’d feel better. You were already at work so he couldn’t call you for help at least not now.

Cuz he didn’t feel that bad yet.

While in the shower though his lower stomach starting feeling worse like he needed to empty his bowels but he couldn’t not here. He massaged his bloated belly trying to rub the feeling away. But it kept getting stronger and stronger until he had to just give in.

He squatted down and proceed to have diarrhea he feels relieved getting it out of his system. But it was disgusting it was the worst bout of the shits he’s had in awhile. He knew something was very wrong with his stomach. Especially if he couldn’t control his bowels.

He tried to keep it under control but when you have diarrhea you can’t really control it. He was shitting and having bad farts which made it worse. He was making a huge mess in the shower.

He waited it out so he could properly clean up but it went on longer than he expected.

Once it was finally over. He quickly cleaned up and got out of the shower only to need to go and vomit into the toilet.

Then he got back into pjs then went and laid down on the bathroom floor knowing he wouldn’t be able to stay away from the bathroom for long. He sent you a quick message.

Text: I’ve caught a bad stomach bug getting sick from both ends. Feeling super sick and disgusting.

Text Y/N: oh bud I’m sorry I’ll try to be home soon. Please stay hydrated there’s some rehydration stuff if you need it.

Text: ok thanks babe I’ll take some medicine to see if it’ll help too.

Text: Y/N ok.

Soon the urge to use the bathroom again made have bad farts then as soon as he got to the toilet he started going again just as bad as before then after that he vomited. He noticed the pattern. First he’d get diarrhea then he’d throw up. It was awful and it felt so bad.

He took some medicine and water to try and help with his stomach. Then he tried to rest

Later when you get home you help take care of him

After a long few days with medicine and water and emptying his stomach he finally got better.

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forever in love with the trope where a person has been dealing with a very stressful situation and barely holding themselves together and then when it’s finally over and they finally get a chance to relax they immediately get sick as everything finally catches up to them

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This one isn’t very well written, but it’s a continuation from a previous request which you will find here:

I hope you enjoy! Sorry for the poor quality, I’m writing this on four hours of sleep 😅

Lucy fic

Words: 1824

Sickie: Yechan

Caretaker: Sangyeop


Yechan had began to feel odd the day after Sangyeop had gone an entire twenty four hours without throwing up. It was a good sign, since that meant the younger member and vocalist had pretty much recovered from his bout of whatever stomach flu he had caught. But it appeared that Yechan’s constant hovering and caretaking of the sick Sangyeop had only but solidified the eldest’s impending doom.

Because when Yechan woke up that morning, his body did not want him to get out of bed. His usually loud self was extremely toned down this morning, but everyone was still asleep so didn’t get to witness this tired version of Yechan, as he tried to go about his morning routine.

The band’s schedule had been pushed back quite a bit, due to the prediction that eventually, the bug would spread to the rest of the members, and they could hardly continue with one or more members either puking everywhere or their heads lolling in a feverish daze. It wouldn’t be fair on them or anyone else.

Yechan tried to take a sip of water, but even that soured in his mouth. He believed that he was in a state of denial, because after that Yechan had even dared to force himself to have breakfast, which he somehow succeeded in, but would later be punished for.

After that semi-torture, Yechan had no energy to even move from where he sat and stared into space, glassy eyed, with his head on his hand. He was pretty much ignoring the fact that his stomach felt uncomfortably nauseous, the gnawing of a sick but hungry stomach had changed to a sick and full stomach. The organ had apparently realised that being hungry for necessary food had been a mistake and despite all of its best efforts, wasn’t going to last long before it would completely reject its contents.

When Gwangil opened the door not long after Yechan had been like this, he seemed surprised to see Yechan. Admittedly, the other band members didn’t always wake up naturally, and even though Yechan tried, being quiet really wasn’t usually something he was good at. It was even worse when he was nervous.

“Hyung?” Gwangil frowned, stepping out of the bedroom.

Yechan looked wordlessly up at the youngest member, feeling his stomach flip from within him. Gwangil seemed to recognise the unusual behaviour of Yechan was down to something being off, and the youngest immediately walked over and put a hand to the eldest’s forehead.

“You caught the bug didn’t you?” Gwangil asked with a sad sigh.

Yechan nodded, still looking up at the youngest, saliva pooling into his mouth as his stomach decided that it really hadn’t liked being force fed like that.

It was when it lurched that Yechan sprang up and ran to the bathroom with a muffled “ugh” sounding from behind the hand that was clamped firmly over his mouth and nose.

As soon as the violinist was leaned over the bowl, his body was pretty much expelling the unwanted breakfast in an instant. His entire body rippled with the effort of it and he soon found himself gasping for air.

Behind him, he heard the bedroom door open again and the other two came out to see what was going on.

“What’s happening?” Sangyeop asked, a little wearily, but that was because he had only just got over the sickness that Yechan was descending into.

“I think Yechan hyung has just come down with what you had.” Gwangil responded, and within a moment Sangyeop had joined Yechan in the bathroom.

“It’s okay,” Yechan tried to wave behind him as more stomach contents threatened to appear. “You don’t need to be here.”

“Actually yes I do, I’ve just got over it so it’s not like I can catch it again.” Sangyeop answered, rubbing the eldest along the spine. It sent Yechan over the edge and he leaned into the bowl again with a short sob. It was disgusting and he felt absolutely awful. He coughed up one last stream and the feeling of imminent vomiting receded…for now. Yechan could afford to sit back on his heels and catch his breath.

“Okay, we’re setting you up camp on the sofa, you don’t need to spend anymore time in the bathroom than you already have these past few days with me.” Sangyeop announced and lifted half of Yechan’s weight off of the ground.

“Don’t you mean my bed, I sleep there anyway because you guys kicked me out,” Yechan whined loudly. His head felt like a fuzzy mess and he could barely control what he was saying.

“God you’re annoying when you’re like this,” Sangyeop muttered, “It’s because you were too loud.”

Yechan pouted in response and allowed himself to be half carried and half dragged to the sofa where one of the other members, probably Wonsang, had already left some medicine and a damp towel. Sangyeop deposited him and threw a blanket over the eldest, who just looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Can you watch something with me? A movie or whatever?” he asked. In a small part of his brain, Yechan felt like he was being annoying, but he was too sick to care right now. He would apologise when he had the full function of all his brain cells.

Sangyeop softened. “Sure hyung, just let me get something in case you need to throw up again.”

He fetched an empty bin from the bathroom and placed it on the floor. Yechan waited until the younger sat back into the sofa and turned on the TV before he used his lap as a pillow. He heard Sangyeop sigh slightly but he didn’t move him, so Yechan relaxed on his side to watch whatever Sangyeop had put on. It wasn’t long before the eldest found himself asleep however.


Sangyeop didn’t mean to be so exasperated with the sick hyung laying on his lap, but he’d hoped that he wouldn’t catch the bug. Now that he had, Sangyeop felt a little guilty, even though he knew that it wasn’t his fault, and if it hadn’t been Yechan who’d caught it, it would have been one of the other two and Yechan would then catch it anyway.

The man was now snoring away on his lap, wrapped up in his blanket and had been in the middle of watching some variety show that had been on. Sangyeop placed a hand on the elder’s forehead and almost retracted it instantly and grabbed the damp towel from beside him and draped it over the violinist’s forehead after gently brushing back his hair.

Sangyeop sat like that for a few hours, roughly three, just watching random programmes on TV and Wonsang bringing him food and drink. Yechan was completely out for the count. There had been a couple of times where Sangyeop thought he was going to wake up and be sick, but both times were false alarms and Yechan had settled.

It was around midday when Sangyeop found himself nodding off too. Since he was still getting over the sickness himself, he hadn’t regained all 100% of his energy. Which meant that he was tired too apparently.

He believed he’d been asleep for maybe half an hour before he awoke to Yechan whimpering in his sleep. Sangyeop snapped his eyes open. The eldest band member was shining in sweat and he was clearly restless, which led the guitarist to believe that something unpleasant was about to follow.

The younger man gently raised the elder to sitting position and placed the bin on the elder’s lap. His eyes barely had a chance to open before a cough made its way up his throat, being followed by a stream of his stomach contents. Sangyeop couldn’t be irritated or grossed out if he tried. The half asleep appearance of Yechan, who’d been rudely awoken by his own malfunctioning bodily functions was pitiful.

Sangyeop rubbed his hyung between his shoulders as the poor man heaved weakly into the bin. He could feel Yechan shuddering under his touch and the usually energetic eldest, looked absolutely lifeless. Despite Yechan being occasionally annoying, Sangyeop much preferred the loud energy of his hyung than this one that was sapped of all strength and noise due to one measly stomach flu.

The violinist heaved once more and he fell back against the sofa. Sangyeop quickly moved the bin before it could be knocked over and placed it back where it was before.

“Are you done?” Sangyeop asked gently.

Yechan squinted at him through bleary eyes and messy hair which was damp in parts from the sweat. His shoulders were shaking and Sangyeop pulled the blanket more onto Yechan.

Yechan nodded.

“Can I have a tissue? To wipe my mouth.”

“Of course, do you think you could take a fever reducer with some water too?” Sangyeop returned.

Yechan smiled weakly. “Maybe, we’ll have to see.”

Sangyeop nodded and passed his hyung each of these things.


As it turned out, the glass of water Yechan drank with the fever reducers were a bad idea. Because after that the nausea didn’t leave him, so he couldn’t get back to sleep. The other members kept coming in to check on him, and it was around four in the afternoon when Yechan dared take another sip of water, after having thrown up twice more since the first one.

Luckily this time the fever reducer stayed down, and Yechan felt himself slipping back into sleepiness. He mumbled something that he couldn’t remember, but apparently he wanted Sangyeop to stroke his hair because after that, he felt Sangyeop’s hand on his hair, and that lulled him to sleep.

The dreams were bizarre. Yechan had never really experienced fever dreams first hand before, he’d been on the receiving end of Sangyeop’s punch though, and that wasn’t nice. Apparently there was one moment during the ordeal when he’d woke up and poked the younger squarely in the eye. Yechan would laugh about that afterwards. “An eye for an eye” as the saying goes.

It wasn’t as if Yechan wasn’t grateful for the company of the younger member though, who stayed with him like Yechan had with him, and took care of him when the man was at his most delirious. Apparently the fevers of this bug caused every recipient to get like this, seeing as both Sangyeop and himself got like this. And it must take someone who cares a lot about you to have to put up with that.

Although he knew he annoyed people with his noise levels sometimes, it was nice to know that his volume wasn’t something that made any of the other members care any less about him. He supposed, what kind of leader would he be if they didn’t? Sometimes you had to just take the person as they were, quirks and all. And Lucy really did that with Yechan.

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“I’m fine.” Lincoln said as he frantically wiped his nose and sniffed. “One hundred percent fine.” Duncan raised his eyebrows and stared at him. “Yes, and that is why you are sweating and shivering, obviously have a headache and you feel as if your guts are trying to eject themselves .” The strange thing was that it was all true.His head was spinning and he felt so fucking dizzy he thought that the world would try to throw him to the ground. Sweat was pouring off him due to the fever he wouldn’t admit he had, which also causes those horrible aches to run through his body. And oh god his stomach. It was swirling and churning so hard he felt as if he was about to empty his stomach all over himself before fainting. It was so bloated he had to wear a bigger size of jeans just to fit the pants over his bloated and angry stomach. But those stupid pants were still squeezing his stomach so hard that whenever he moved it loudly protested and he felt like retching so hard. But he had to work, he was behind schedule with his new book, he knew his fans would be desperately waiting for it and he had no desire to disappoint them. He had woken up with a swirling in his stomach and saliva pooling in his mouth and had immediately rushed to the bathroom and had started retching almost as soon as he leaned over the toilet. Thankfully Duncan didn’t know this as he had been taking out the trash. He had barely managed to calm his angry stomach and clean himself up before Duncan came back, but Duncan had taken one look at him before pointing at the bed. “Come on Link you look horrible, get into the bed.” “I’m fine, Duncan calm down.” Duncan glared at his stubborn boyfriend before an idea popped into his head. “You know what Link? I think you’re fine. So you can just eat breakfast and go to work.” Lincoln paled at the sentence as he felt nausea wipe over him. “It’s fine, I’m not very hungry.” He said, trying to think of an excuse. Duncan grinned mischievously. “But you’re always hungry, unless you’re sick. Are you sick?” “What, no of course not, I’ll eat anything you want me to.” Duncan’s features shifted, it was obvious that he hadn’t expected Lincoln to agree. He looked at him hesitantly before pushing forward a plate of pancakes with golden syrup. Lincoln had to restrain himself to stop the gag that was begging to happen, he closed his eyes as he stuffed a huge bite full of fruit, pancakes, and syrup into his mouth. He went on eating and stuffed the food in his mouth then suddenly all of the food seemed to reject the bloated area of his stomach and he gagged. Duncan’s eyes widened in alarm as he looked at the look on his boyfriend’s face. He ran to the bathroom and pulled out a bucket and shoved it under Lincoln in record timing. As Lincoln gagged and retched out the breakfast he managed to whisper the words “ You were right, I’m sick.” At that Duncan chuckled, “I told you so.”

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💌Lovesick: A parkner love story 💌

(This is a little sneak peek of something that I’m writing. Hope y'all like it!)

“Hey spider boy. Pepper wants me tomorrow for intern stuff so what do you say we do something in the lab?” Harley was confused when he didn’t get an answer. Then he turned around and saw Peter taking off his mask. He was pale and had bags under his eyes “You look like a dead tarantula, spidey”

“Harls I’m fine” Peter threw his mask in the table and went to Harley’s table “What are you doing?”

“Just some science project. FRIDAY what’s wrong with Peter?” Peter rolled his eyes at Harley’s answer

“It seems like Peter has a temperature of 102.2 degrees farenheit” Peter laughed

“Fri, I am fine” Harley raised an eyebrow. Goddamit he looked cute

“God Spidey. What am I supposed to do with you?” Peter immediately put his hand in the wall next to Harley. Oh god

“I have a couple suggestions” Peter was cornering Harley. Peter was cornering Harley.

“W-what?” Harley was being cornered by a Peter that looked so hot

“Come on Keener. We both know that this is supposed to happen” Peter was smaller than Harley, but he still could be so intimidated by him. However, Peter had a fever. He couldn’t give it to him even tho he wanted. He couldn’t do that to Peter. But god it was hard

“Peter stop it. Lay in the couch” Harley pushed Peter away and dragged him to the couch “I am gonna make you soup”

“Come on Harley” Peter said grabbing Harley’s wrist. Harley rolled his eyes and took off Peter’s hand

“Lay down Parker” He got in the elevator and sighted when the doors closed “Penthouse Fri” Was the only thing that came out of Harley’s mouth

“You seem in distress” FRIDAY informed. Harley chuckled and shook his head

“I’m ok FRIDAY” The silence that the AI provided could be easily confused with doubt. The door opened and Harley went straigt to the kitchen. He took all the ingredients and started making the soup. After a few minutes of cooking he got bored and started playing music. He was humming and dancing.

He felt great. Maybe Peter does like him after all. Maybe the fever made him finally admit it. Maybe everything could go as Harley’s daydreams. There was also a part of himself that told him that Peter could be delusional and it’s just because he’s sick, but there was nothing wrong with daydreaming about Peter liking Harley. If Peter didn’t like Harley that way, it’s not gonna be that easy to get rid of that crush.

Harley was serving the soup in a bowl when he finally noticed that he was being watched. He turned around and there was Peter super close to his face

“What the fuck Peter?! You scared the hell out of me!” Peter passed his arms around Harley’s neck causing him to blush

“Hey” It’s everything Peter says. Just that with a smile. Harley literally got lost in his eyes

“H-Hi” Peter chuckled at Harley’s response.

“Why so nervous Harley?” Peter asks getting closer to him

“Peter you’re sick” Peter rolled his eyes. Harley right now is in one of the toughest situations he’s ever been

“You always take care of me. Let me take care of you” Peter said smiling. Harley sighted and pushed Peter away

“Come on. You need some rest” Harley grabbed Peter by his wrist and dragged him to the couch. Harley couldn’t help but to cuddle Peter in the couch

“You smell good” Peter added. Harley chuckled

“Let’s watch a movie till you fall asleep” Then Harley proceeded to play star wars on the tv. He knows Peter good enough for him to know that Peter loves it. They spend like half of the movie there. Just cuddling while Harley is playing with Peter’s hair and Peter is slowly falling asleep

“Harls?” Peter said with his sleepy voice “Thanks for taking care of me” Harley smiles

“Anytime spidey” Harley says watching him fall asleep

“I really like you Harley. You have no idea how much I like you” Then Peter finally closes his eyes and falls asleep in Harley’s arms

“I really like you too Peter” Then Harley leaves a kiss on Peter’s head and stays there watching Peter till he eventually falls asleep too


“Hey boys” Harley finally opened his eyes. Tony and all the Avengers were around him. He turned down and sawPeter who was also waking up “I see you guys were ok without us”

“I feel like someone stabbed me multiple times in every inch of my body” Peter admitted. Harley couldn’t help but laugh at the comment

“You’re sick Peter. FRIDAY informed me in the middle of the mission. I would’ve come but the timing was really bad” Tony said and Peter and Harley looked at each other

“When did we even get here? I was at school and then I wake up here” Harley’s smile dropped. You gotta be kidding me

“You don’t remember when you came from patrol?” Harley asked

“Not really. I just remember that I felt horrible” Peter said hesitant. Harley could see how some of the Avengers wanted to start laughing. He just faked a smile

“Really? What a shame!” Harley said in the most passive aggressive way possible. Obviously Peter didn’t even notice

“Yeah well. I’m gessing that you took care of him by the soup in the kitchen” Tony asked. Harley just sighted

“He never ate it tho. You should do that Peter” Peter smiled and got up

“Thanks Harley” then he walked towards the kitchen leaving Harley alone in the couch.

“That is so fucked up” Clint finally said laughing. Tony and Harley glared at him

“Well. Guess that tells me that he really doesn’t like me” Harley admitted. Before anyone could say anything he got up and went straight to his room.

How could he be so stupid? Peter liking Harley? Please. Harley could never be with someone like him. Peter was literally Spiderman, he was one of the most brilliant minds in the world, and he was also the best human being in the galaxy. Why would he want to be with Harley, the guy that only knows how to get in trouble? Peter only took him as a joke. Either way it’s just a crush. Harley will get over it just like all his past crushes. He just has to distance himself from Peter. Before it’s too late. Before it starts hurting

The next past week Harley tries to not be around Peter. When Peter gets better then he starts to notice it. Harley is avoiding him. Everytime Peter talked to him he gave short answers or just avoided the question, everytime Peter goes in the lab, Harley makes an excuse to get out of it, everytime Peter texted him or called him, Harley didn’t answer. Basically all the stuff you do when you start avoiding someone. Obviously Peter started overthinking it. Did he say something to Harley? Maybe he hurt his feelings, maybe he was rude to him, either way Peter couldn’t remember no matter how hard he tried. He thought nothing bad happened because Harley even took care of him and they ended up cuddling in the couch (what a dream) but maybe it was an accident? He had no idea. He just knows that Harley is mad at him so he’s gonna do what he does best: apologize.

He knew exactly at what time Harley would be in the lab alone, so he did his thing. He opened the window and got into the lab. Harley was there with his earbuds on. He took his mask off and immediately handed Harley an envelope. Harley raised an eyebrow

“What is this?” Harley asked confused

“Just open it” Peter said firmly. Harley hesitated and opened it. It was a card that said ’I messed up big time (I’m sorry)’ Harley couldn’t help but chuckle at it. He opened the card and read it

I’m sorry for what I said…Let’s eat our weight in tacos and make it up

Harley then raised an eyebrow and looked at Peter

“What is this for?” Harley asked. It was a progress. They were having a conversation.

“I noticed that you are avoiding me and I guess it’s because of something I did or said when I was sick. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings” Harley rolled his eyes

“You didn’t have to buy me a card” Peter sighted at Harley’s answer

“But I did. I’m gonna be honest with you. I like you a lot Harls” Harley’s eyes widened as he dropped the card. Peter then realized that it was a bad idea. Harley obviously doesn’t like him “Y-You don’t have to, like, say it back. I-I get that you don’t like me. I just really wish we could stay as friends, you know? I get if you don’t want that either. The point is that I am sorry I hurt you” After that Harley just stared at Peter. Peter was waiting for an answer while Harley just wondered why did he like that idiot.

“I like you too Peter” Was everything that came out of Harley’s mouth. Peter immediately smiled

“Really?” Harley chuckled at Peter’s answer

“Yeah. I just thought you didn’t like me. That’s why I was avoiding you” Peter sighted in relief

“That’s good. I thought you were mad at me or something” Harley shook his head. A short silence followed that “We should go out sometime” Peter finally said. Harley smiled

“I would really like that” Peter then cleared his throat and looked down

“I was going to the movies tomorrow with Ned but he got sick. Do you want to go with me instead?” Harley wanted to start screaming. This was actually happening! But Harley saved that for later. Instead he just smiled and nodded

“Text me the time and place. I’ll be there. It’s a date” Peter then nodded.

And that is how it all started.

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prompt:  Oh my gosh i am so so so so happy that youre finally writing for the Batfam!!!! Ive been following you for awhile now and I’m glad that youve fell into the rabbit hole that is thos crazy family😂 For a prompt, how about Jason and Dick taking care of each other at home when theyre both in varying degrees of sick? Your last fic was amazing and I love your group writing. Have a great day

I’m glad you like my group writing because I STRUGGLE to write more than one person honestly, lol

Jason’s dragging his feet around the small convenience store, too tired to move, his muscles melting to hot, thick goo. He’s been fighting a cold for the better half of two days now, having picked one up from a sick kid taking residence in one of his shelters, and normally, he’d isolate himself in one of his safe houses for a few days to sleep off the cold, but with his shelters expanding outside of Gotham to Bludhaven, he’s too busy interviewing for team leaders and security to temporarily remove himself from the world.

Instead, he’s reduced to a sniffling, shivery mess of a man who’s wandering a convenience store in Bludhaven at 1 AM. His head is hot and feeling like it’s stuffed to the brim with cotton. His concentration is waning under the thick, pounding pressure in his head, slowing his thoughts down to basic, one-word sentences as he scans the shelf for medicine, hoping for a concoction that will kick this cold square in the ass.


Jason was willingly taking his time, prolonging the inevitable bike ride back to Gotham; however, the sudden, incredibly unwanted, presence of one pesky bird tightens his muscles and clears his head enough to move faster.

“Dick,” Jason says, keeping his eyes glued to the shelf. “What a pleasant surprise,” he adds flatly, groaning when he spots Dick, with his badge on full display, walking toward him through his peripherals.

“What are you doing in Bludhaven?”

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Jon pressed a lingering kiss on Martin’s hot forehead, checking his temperature and worrying when it didn’t seem any lower.

38.4. The Eye so helpfully provided. Which confirmed his suspicions, thank you very much.

“Good morning, darling.” There were so many things to worry about, especially when the fog took a moment to clear from his eyes, and Jon knit his brow, stroking back auburn curls and murmuring soft memories because his biggest fear was losing him again to the Lonely.

And not being enough to get him back.

“Jon.” His voice was raspy, cracked in the middle, and he turned away to cough weakly into the back of his hand.

“There you are.” Brushing away the remnants of clinging mist and wishing he was stronger.

“Where’d I go?” Martin blinked, languid and slow, face flushed delicately over his nose and hiding away the lightest freckles.

“Just been asleep, that’s all.” He groaned, turning his face into Jon’s thigh to rub his cheek against it and Jon wasn’t sure he could handle how utterly, heartbreakingly adorable this man was. “I know, not fun being ill.”

“S’stupid.” Laughing gently, he laid down beside him and wrapped him up.

“Is it?”


“I see, that is a powerful truth.” He tugged his head to his chest and kissed the top of it. “I’m going into the village to pick up supplies. Was there anything special you wanted, my darling?”


“Two packages, then?” Martin smacked at his shoulder and missed. “Alright, alright. I’ll stop teasing, shall I?”


“I’ll be back soon.” And when Martin gripped him harder, Jon soothed him to sleep, replacing himself with a pillow as he slipped away.

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Here you go, lovely anon! 

There’s actually no puking in this because the story went in a different direction. I know I said I was going to include emeto but….

If you do want some pukey Dakota in the future then feel free to send a request. 


The bed’s wooden framed creaked as Dakota and Blair fell onto the mattress. Well, it was more like Blair shoving her boyfriend onto the bed than anything. She crawled on top of him with a playful smile and began kissing his stubble-covered jaw. Outside the bedroom door, the heavy bass of music drowned out any sound they might make. Like a moan.

Dakota did moan beneath Blair’s lips but not for the reason you might think. The sudden experience of being pushed onto his back caused the contents of Dakota’s stomach to slosh up his esophagus. It burned for a moment before a different type of heat took over.

He kissed Blair back, enjoying the way her hands snaked under his shirt. She obviously thought his moaning was caused by something else. They never intended to do this, especially not at someone’s else house, but the empty rooms upstairs were too inviting. Both of them were drunk because it was Shawn’s birthday party after all.

Dakota should have known that tequila coupled with lime and salt shots would set off a fire in his chest. He knew that alcohol was often the culprit for his heartburn, and then sucking the acidic fruit was just asking for it. He moaned again, feeling something rise in his throat, and then broke away from the kiss. He needed to get off his back or the burning sensation would continue to crawl up higher in his chest.

Dakota let out a long exhale and sat up on the bed with Blair still in his lap. Once upright, a deep belch erupted form his mouth which he tried to blow away from Blair’s face. “Sorry,” he said, rubbing his chest. The discomfort was quickly sobering him up and he didn’t like it one bit.

“You alright?” Blair asked, with her arms around his neck. “Heartburn?”

Dakota nodded while grimacing. He tried swallowing the buildup of saliva in his mouth, but it felt like there was a lump in his throat. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down. “I need to stand up for a second.”

Blair quickly got off his lap. “Maybe some fresh air will help.”

Heeding Blair suggestion, the two of them fixed themselves before leaving the bedroom. Blair was only slightly disappointed that nothing happened, but she soon got over that upon seeing the unease in Dakota’s face. She hoped they could find Shawn or Mateo and ask for an antacid.

The bedroom door no longer muffled the sound of voices and music. They walked through the house, trying to get to the backdoor while dodging ping pong balls and drunken partiers. Shawn definitely knew how to throw a birthday celebration.

Speaking of Shawn, before the couple could make it to a less crowded area, they ran into none other than the birthday boy. He was calmer than Blair expected him to be, but the scent clinging to him soon explained why.

“Yo Kota, Blair,” Shawn greeted them. He dragged out Blair’s name and gave her a goofy smile. “Havin’ fun I hope.”

“Yeah,” Blair said, slightly distracted. “Hey, Shawn, where’s Mateo?” She wanted to ask Shawn for help, but he seemed more that slightly distracted. His drooping eyes told her that Mateo would probably be the better person to ask.

“Uhh in the kitchen maybe?” He scratched his head, pointed to the ceiling, then walked away without another word.

Dakota and Blair exchanged glances. “Okay then…” Dakota said hesitantly. “Let’s hope he’s right because it’s getting worse.”

Thankfully, Shawn’s hunch was correct because Mateo was indeed in the kitchen. He was cleaning up empty cups and discarded cans. He smiled at them when they entered. “Hey guys, how’s it going?”

“Not so great,” Blair admitted. “Please tell me you have tums or something.”

Mateo thought for a moment, checked some cupboards, then turned back to them with a pink bottle in hand. “Will Pepto do?”

Dakota nodded as enthusiastically as you’d expect for someone with acid bubbling in their belly. “I’ll take anything.”

Normally Dakota would drink it straight from the bottle. He’d gotten pretty good at judging how much he needed. In this case however, he wasn’t about to take a shot of someone’s else medication.

Ironically, after Dakota’s insistence, Mateo poured the thick pink liquid into a red solo cup, so it really was like taking a shot…if that shot took fifty years to slide to your mouth. Regardless, Dakota was glad to have something to extinguish the flames in his chest.

“I hope that helps,” Mateo said. “Now, I have to go and find my very drunk and stoned boyfriend before he hurts himself. We’ll probably be needing that Pepto tomorrow.”

Dakota and Blair thanked him. Despite the chaos in the house, Mateo seemed to be relaxed, or at least having a good time. The first time they met him, Mateo didn’t speak much, but it seemed that dating Shawn was making him more outgoing.

Blair grabbed Dakota’s hand and they went outside to the front yard where it was quieter than out back. They sat on the stone steps leading up to the door. It was a cool night, so they snuggled up next to each other.

“Is it working? Blair asked. “Are you feeling better?”

Dakota held up his finger and swallowed thickly before burping into his fist. It was a long, chesty burp, but he sighed afterwards. “Getting there.”

“Good.” She put her head on his shoulder. With her long nails, she drew circles on his leg.

The music was once again muffled to where they could barely hear it. They could however hear crickets hiding in the bushes. Dakota exhaled while looking up at the night sky. “I feel old.”

Blair actually laughed out loud. “Why?”

“Did you see Shawn back there? I miss that,” he admitted while shaking his head. “Now I can’t even have a few drinks without my stomach acting up.”

“I’ll admit, we don’t party like we used to. But he is only two years younger than us.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Besides,” Blair said with a shy smile. “I don’t mind slowing down as long as it’s with you.”  

Dakota smiled. He leaned in to kiss Blair but the moment was ruined by another belch that hit the back of his throat. “Sorry,” he said, feeling his ears go red. He let his head fall onto her shoulder and buried his face in the fabric of her shirt. “I can’t fucking win tonight.”

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Ship : Iwaoi. | Iwaizumi x Oikawa. |

Genre : fluff.

Warning : none.

On a cold winter night, Oikawa was coming back from work to work. It had been considerably cold and gloomy all day, and from the very afternoon - Oikawa already found his nose slightly running. Truthfully, he didn’t think it was a big issue. He just thought that he was getting a little bothered from the snow, and he was always trying to take care of himself properly. Sure, he had been staying to work a few more hours than normal, but he wasn’t overworking himself. Pssssh, it was fine! He was almost always tired. It wasn’t like he’d overworked himself or anything.

A few shivers wracked his frame, as he pulled his scarf closer to his face. He wasn’t cold, he felt hot, in fact. His face was flushed too. But he was sure that it was just the cold. He started trying to walk a little faster, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up next to his adorable boyfriend, and watch some movies until they both fall asleep. He tried to walk faster but he felt as though his entire body was weighing him down. That was when he started thinking ‘oh, it’s probably just a small cold. It’ll go away soon.’ He was convinced.

As soon as he got home, he took off his clothes, not bothering to take a shower, he just got dressed into some warm pyjamas. That should probably do the trick. He probably should’ve taken a shower, but he was too tired. He walked into the living room, where his boyfriend was sitting and watching tv, most likely awaiting his late return from work. He knew that Iwaizumi didn’t mind, considering that he usually came back only a few hours before him. Soon, Iwaizumi noticed that he’d come back.

“Oh, Tooru, you’re ba- are you okay?”

He questioned almost immediately. A slightly rough chuckle escaped his lips, nodding. Almost everyone’s faces were flushed when faced with some snow, it was fine! Why was his love so worried? It was nothing serious. Nothing to worry, or whine about.

“Of course I am, Iwa chan! It’s just all the snow. Took me a while to get home without the bus, y’know!”

His voice was quite rough, but he blamed that on the snow too. He still had the same playful tone as always, but somehow, Iwaizumi wasn’t convinced. He knew Oikawa wouldn’t admit it, but he was pretty concerned that he walked all the way home in all the snow.

“You walked all the way here? Tooru, baby, why didn’t you call me? I could’ve drove you home!”

He exclaimed - clearly worried for his lover, which was only normal for his Iwa chan, of course! Truth be told, Oikawa didn’t want to bother Iwaizumi with his antics. He didn’t want to be a bother, plus, most people walked home. So why couldn’t he? He didn’t find it a problem.

“Well, you come home about 3 or 2 hours before me, I figured you’d want to relax.”

He could see the look of sheer concern, and disappointment on Iwaizumi’s face. He saw that very same look of concern every time something serious happened. Like an injury, which was the most common occurrence his lover worry over. Iwaizumi sighed, shaking his head before speaking.

“Just c’mere, shittykawa. I missed you. And you need warming up.”

He gave his boyfriend a smile, despite how shitty he felt. His nose had stopped running a while ago, but it was blocked now. And a dull ache had settled in his head, not to mention how much his throat hurt every time he spoke. But of course, he simply convinced himself that it was just a cold. No worries, he could still go to work and all. He slowly walked over to the couch, laying down next to Iwaizumi, and cuddling into his chest. Iwaizumi, who was covered in a fluffy blanket, pulled the blanket over Oikawa shoulder, snuggling into him further.

And that was when he noticed the sheer heat radiating off his boyfriend’s body.

“Tooru- fuck, you’re burning!”


“Stay here, I’m getting a thermometer.”

Iwaizumi scurried off to the kitchen, leaving zero room for arguments. He knew exactly how stubborn his boyfriend could be. As soon as he entered the kitchen, he hurried to the ‘medicine cupboard’, grabbing the thermometer and hastily rushing back to his obviously sick boyfriend. He didn’t even ask, he placed the thermometer in his mouth, and sat down next to him. He was extremely worried. Oikawa didn’t get sick often, and when he did - it was either a small cold, or it hit him hard as ever. There was rarely an in-between. He was worried that it’d hit him hard.

As soon as the thermometer beeped, he took it out of his mouth - only to be greeted with the sight of a fever. He sighed, placing the thermometer on the table and hurrying back into the kitchen. Grabbing a small tray, a bowl, and a cloth, he filled the bowl with cold water, placing the cloth inside. He then grabbed some cold medicine, and filled a cup of water for Oikawa to down it with, placing both on the tray. He had experience in taking care of Oikawa, though it was usually Oikawa taking care of him. He took the tray, and walked back into the living room.

Placing the tray on the table, and sitting down, he took the cloth out of the water, twisting it to rid it of too much water, then putting the cloth on Oikawa’s forehead. To which Oikawa responded with a small whine, making Iwaizumi let out a small chuckle. Oikawa was always a playful, fun, person. Despite the many insecurities he had. Which of course, he’d sworn he’d help his boyfriend with. And with him, Oikawa seemed so happy. It made him happy. It wasn’t that fake happiness, and those fake smiles. Even when he was sick, Oikawa was always happy to have Iwaizumi with him.


Oikawa said with a small pout. Iwaizumi shook his head, placing a small kiss on Oikawa’s hand, seeing as he had a cloth on his forehead. He knew Oikawa wouldn’t be keen on taking the medicine, so he decided to let him enjoy himself first, and then give him the medicine. Humming, he laid back down on the couch, wrapping his arms around the other. Oikawa snuggled into Iwaizumi’s warm chest, and suddenly, he couldn’t feel safer than this. Iwaizumi grabbed the remote, turning on one of their favourite movies.

“You’re taking your medicine later, you know that, right? And no going to work tomorrow until you’re fully better.”

“But Iwa chan-“

“Shhh, crappykawa. I’ll stay with you until you’re better, don’t worry.”

“Hmph. You’re the best, Iwa chan…”

“I know. Now, let’s watch, and then we can take you to bed.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, shittykawa.”

| credits to : Ritsu-chan22 on deviantart for the amazing render used in the photo above! |

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