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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Ok listen I don’t want to be that person but I can’t be the only one who notices the similarities between Sierra and Arzaylea.


Both are darker compacted and have similar facial features. Someone please tell me I’m not crazy.

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apart from if we like her or not imo luke just doesn't look happy with her. have you seen the photos from the airport where she was interacting w other boys but luke and he didn't look interested at all. just like it was w arzaylea :/ what do you think about that?

i understand what you mean completely. a lot of the time, he looks sad or distant, like he doesn’t want to be in any situation with her. it makes me upset because i feel like he feels almost forced to be around her because she seems like she’s really pushy and all ‘pay attention to me! like me!’

you feel?

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this "relationship" is following a timeline, the larzaylea timeline. first step: official pap photos holding hands ✔️second step: mah lurve type photo ✔️third step: going on tour with him ✔️fourth step: living together and “raising” petunia ✔️fifth step: sucking up to fans ✔️. id love to see what steps you/everyone else think will happen next

in my opinion, i have a feeling things are headed downward and they have been for a while. sierra has been doing these things almost exactly the same way arzaylea did, which i think makes zero sense considering arzaylea literally ruined luke’s life. however, some possible next steps i think are:

6 - she starts to show her true colors a little more here and there, causing conflict within the 5sos fandom
7 - she cheats on luke and starts to ‘expose him’
8 - (hopefully) everyone sees that maybe i and people like me were right all along to have our doubts about her and people stop being 10 feet up her ass.

however, with the way things are going now, number 8 doesn’t seem too likely.

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Alex and Sierra are the most wonderful people alive and I really hope they know. I hope they realize how much they make people happy and how amazing they are. They have a one of a kind personality. They are so lovely. Wow. They make me glad I’m alive. Everything about them is flawlessly unique and admirable. Even if they don’t win in the competition (highly doubtful) they’ll still win in life. 
They are beautiful. 

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