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#sig curtis
tikkety-tok2 months ago
I swear, even if you haven't seen FMA, I think you might appreciate the fucking talent! 馃ぉ
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civilianplus8 months ago
sometimes a family is a bastard war criminal trying to atone for his sins, a lieutenant under strict orders not to die, a teenage boy with a 1:1 ratio of flesh to metal limbs, a soul bound to a suit of armor, a mechanic, that one old lady who definitely smokes weed, a housewife, her muscled simp of a husband, the semi-demon-possessed prince of a foreign country, a disgruntled adoptive father only recently off a vengeful murder spree, a pint-sized princess skilled in the art of knife magic, a sword lesbian, 536329 souls inside an immortal dad-bod, a handful of surprisingly endearing fursonas,
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shocotate8 months ago
Meat Day
Tumblr media
Q8: Popular in Amestris, what is the day and month of 鈥淢eat Day鈥?
A: November 29th聽聽聽聽 B: February 9th
C: March 10th 聽 D: Sig鈥檚 Birthday
Tumblr media
B: February 9th
Column: By the way, it's a play on the words 'MEAT' and 'MEET', and means 鈥榓 day to go and meet meat鈥.
- Perfect Guidebook 2, pages 98 & 167.
The word for 2 in Japanese is 鈥榥i鈥 (浜) and the word for 9 is 鈥榢u鈥 (涔) so together as 2/9 they make 鈥榥iku鈥, the word for meat (鑲). The sentence about going to meet meat is more wordplay in both Japanese and English, as it is written as 鈥渘iku ni ai ni iku hi鈥, with ni iku (銇銇), 鈥榞o to鈥, being similar to niku as well.
The other answers are puns too. 11/29 is 1 1 2 9, i i ni ku, 鈥榞ood meat鈥 (銇勩亜鑲) and 3/10 is mii to, 鈥榤eat鈥 in English (銉熴兗銉).
So basically,
Tumblr media
Happy Meat Day!
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felestina-stilton3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Listen, I love cat-ifying characters from my favourite fandoms so I will do this even if it was already done like 1000 times before me (but I will give credit when credit is needed - I sure did got inspired by FMA Kitties)
bonus: lineart of Elric kittens I also made because cute 馃挮
Tumblr media
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the-swift-tricker3 months ago
all i want is a relationship like sig and izumi from fullmetal alchemist
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borkthemorka year ago
There鈥檚 nothing funnier than a woman beating the shit out of a powerful gang in a bar while wearing a very pretty dress
Tumblr media
And then you cut to her husband...
Tumblr media
Save him.
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mags-duranba month ago
Tumblr media
Izumi Curtis from Full Metal Alchemist
They are marriage goals and I love them so muuuch! Such an underrated pairing. Yes, she is his number one fan! <3
Requested by @tipsyimperial for the Six Fanarts Challenge!
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yourfaveisagirlboss8 months ago
Tumblr media
馃挅 Izumi and Sig Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist are girlboss and malewife! 馃挅
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edwardelricsrightarm3 months ago
I love how the Elrics just go around collecting adopted parents and surrogate guardians in all directions. No matter what they do, they attract the attention of parentally charged adult figures in their lives and end up in a mess of chaotic found family bullshit and I love this about them.
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aquietwritingcorner5 days ago
Flufftober 2021, Day 12: 聽Sleepy Kiss 聽 聽 Word Count: 462 Author: aquietwritingcorner/realitybreakgirl Rating: K/G Characters: Izumi Curtis, Sig Curtis Warning: N/A Summary: Izumi is worn out. Sig gently wakes her up to go to bed Notes: N/A AO3 ||
Sleepy Kiss
Most of the time Izumi didn鈥檛 let her condition slow her down. Or at least not too much. She had a business to run, a husband to dote on, and two children to train and care for. She was a busy woman and, even though overdoing it often caused her to vomit blood, she still tried her best not to let it slow her down.
Sometimes, though, it just got to her, and left her feeling tired a lot sooner than she wanted. Today was one of those days. The shop had been extraordinarily busy, Sig, Mason, and herself working hard, with Edward and Alphonse helping. There had been training after the shop had closed for the day as well. She had been focusing on the physical as well as the mental for the boys. After that it was time for dinner, and then, finally, time to rest.
The boys were in the floor, reading over an alchemy text. Mason had gone home for the evening. Sig was finishing up in the shop. Izumi was intending to go in there and help him, just as soon as she had a little rest. She had sat down on the couch, reclining back on it and then鈥
鈥art of her was aware that she had dozed off, that time was passing, but most of her was not. She was just so tired, and the radio and the boys鈥 chatter made for such a pleasant, soothing background that she just couldn鈥檛 help but doze off, content at the moment.
She wasn鈥檛 sure how much time had passed, but she felt a large, gentle hand rest on the side of her face. She leaned into it, sighing pleasantly.
She hummed, Sig鈥檚 voice gently breaking into her sleep.
She took in a breath, and her eyes fluttered.
鈥淚zumi, it鈥檚 time for bed.鈥
Izumi opened her eyes, looking sleepily into the loving face of her husband.
鈥溾︹檓 sorry,鈥 she said, her voice still heavy with sleep. 鈥淚 should have come help you.鈥
Sig shook his head, a soft smile on his lips. 鈥淣o, you were tired. It鈥檚 alright.鈥
She smiled up at him, reaching up to lazily wrap her arms around his neck. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so wonderful.鈥
He leaned down, placing a kiss upon her lips, which she sleepily returned.
鈥淟et鈥檚 get you to bed,鈥 he said when the broke the kiss.
He pulled back just enough that he could help her up, not that she needed it, and she leaned on him, enjoying the love that she felt from her husband. They turned to walk up to their bedroom together, and, as they turned the corner, Izumi still feeling sleepy, she caught sight of Ed and Al鈥檚 disgusted faces, and couldn鈥檛 help but laugh to herself.
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