blanketforcas · 2 days ago
me: i am normal
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sebeestie · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
why is seb enveloping mick’s hand like that? does he think he has big hands? or is he trying to compensate for not having?
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candycatstuffs · 5 hours ago
When u line something traditionally and then ruin it with ugly colors </3
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midurii · a day ago
Tumblr media
Definitely worth staying up until 4am to paint this
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Becky: is Damian a tsundere?
Becky: because it sounds to me like Damian's playing hard to get.
Ewen: nah, Anya's just hard to want.
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weirdsimsinhistory · a day ago
Tumblr media
My dog, Spoopy, has decided to roll around in his pee then shake it off everywhere.
.....thanks Spoopy.
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As a reminder:
I believe endos exist.
I believe some Endogenics are confused traumagenic systems. I believe this due to the amount of traumagenic systems who used to believe they’re required endo, but have since realized they were traumagenic. It’s a thing that happens.
I believe that’s perfectly fine and valid.
I have never once claimed that all endos are traumagenic systems, as people are now saying. 👍
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kingkatsuki · 2 days ago
in regards to this
Tumblr media
what I wouldn't give to be laying in a field with BOTH Bakugou and Kirishima, MAN 😔
Yessss! A band playing on the stage in the background as the sun begins to set, Kirishima’s head on your lap as you lean against Bakugou. Your fingers running along the top of Kiri’s nose that’s now pink from sunburn as you sip on the cold beer in one of those plastic cups that Bakugou bought you from the bar.
The three of you sweaty from being in the hot crowds a few moments earlier, trying to get as close to the stage as possible for one of your favourite bands as both burly men protected you in the pits. Taking cute selfies together in the sea of people.
Bakugou promising to buy you a shirt at the merch tent once the headliner is done as the three of you relax before they come on.
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bananasbyler · 2 days ago
“Left up for interpretation” - Noah
Oh no.... my hope went down a little—
Please tell me he just used the wrong words 😭
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virghoe-x · 2 days ago
need someone’s son to lay on my titties and take a nap with me
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karrova · 2 days ago
you know those moments when you’re reading the perfect book at the perfect time? when the weather and the time of year and the music you’re listening to and the way life feels all coalesces into this intense and perfect scene and life suddenly feels romantic and special again???
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outlawadvocate · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i simply cannot move on from the angle
and the tits
whatever you do don't think of him grabbing your head and pushing you dow—
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photozoi · a day ago
Tumblr media
A lazy, rainy afternoon for the Boiz of the Forest.
Jeep, the Young(ish) Prince- Borzoi
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w-oobin · 9 years ago
Tumblr media
Tablo:  Throughout the entire time (3 years) it took to resolve the controversy, [Hye Jung, Tablo's wife] never once made it seem like she was experiencing any hardships.  
Host:  Even though it was probably really difficult for her.
Tablo:  Yes, it was probably even more difficult for her than for me.  Much more difficult.  But she always said, "It's okay, it's okay."
But, we did have one conflict.
We were eating together, and because I always had this troubled look on my face, the atmosphere while we were eating wasn't very good.
Suddenly, Hye Jung-ie slammed her spoon on the table.
"Hurry up and cry.  Just hurry up and cry.  Cry as much as you want," she said.
And at those words, I really cried.
She told me to just cry it all out now and put an end to all of it.  She told me, "You're not someone who can't beat this.  You're stronger than this."
So, like a child, I cried and cried.
Host:  Did she not cry with you?
Tablo:  She didn't cry then, but when the whole controversy was resolved, one day, I asked her, "It was hard, wasn't it?"  And then she started crying really hard.  She had held it all in.  Even though she'd been wanting to cry, she thought it would, as a result, make me weaker.
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alasarys · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
17 May 2022
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soft-husbands · 2 days ago
Wow imagine getting to watch episode 7 in theaters with the cast…… wish that could be me
Tumblr media
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el-shab-hussein · 4 hours ago
2 months of West Bank invasions by the IOF and this isn't being criticized by the international community. Western governments are silent because their involvement is an indictment of their global influence, as is the U.N. But when Hamas starts launching rockets again, remember the invasions of Nablus, Ramallah, Jenin, Al-Khalil (Hebron), and the hundreds of villages in between that were raided and attacked. Remember the Aqsa raids and the dispelling of protestors and mourners (3 different general funerals now) with grenades and armoured vehicles. Remember the hundreds arrested every week, and all the children that were arrested and blindfolded and beaten into submission in detention. Remember all the casualties and the permanently injured. The ones who survived the atrocities and the ones who didn't.
Evictions are only a piece in the puzzle of ethnic cleansing. Don't wake up when we defend ourselves. Wake up NOW. And don't let them ignore what's happening. The IOF has been invading the West Bank, internationally recognized as Palestinian territory (even though in practice it is also occupied and controlled by Israel), for 2 months. Israel started a war that Palestine and its factions are always hesitant to fight back in. Let it be known.
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vintagebond · 16 hours ago
Like this post to give me a kiss on my forehead
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iklaap · 2 days ago
نشاں بھی کوئی نہ چھوڑا کہ دل کو سمجھائیں
تیری تلاش میں جائیں تو ہم کہاں جائیں
nishan bhi koi nah chora k dil ko samjhaien
teri talash mein jaien tou hum kahan jaien
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superduperstitionss · 2 days ago
ok ill bite. what if we put spamton in a tamagotchi
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