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six2vii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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jukeboxhound · a day ago
The duality of man be like:
I don't actually want to be isolated; there are individuals whose company I like and some of my favorite environments involve being an anonymous face in a calm crowd, like coffee shops or public benches downtown
I can hear the distant echo of other people's existence when I step outside my cabin door and this is absolutely a personal attack against my human rights
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painsandconfusion · 2 days ago
Would you feel like doing some drowning prompts?
@void-fireworks, oh, I'd love to.
Also, HOW did you know I was just trying to think of a topic for a prompt list? Are you psychic? Should I be afraid?
Anywho, here's some things! Enjoy!!
Whump Prompts: Drowning
Whumper’s fingers twisting far too tight into Whumpee’s hair, ripping some loose as Whumpee thrashes under the water.
“Theeeeere you go. Cough it all up. Very good. Okay, now take a deep breath for me. Deeper. There.”
The slow-motion thrashing. Panic building as Whumper has to fight against the water.
“I thought you’d make it at least a full minute. How disappointing. How about we try again?”
Water burning like fire in Whumpee’s sinuses. Pushing against the backs of their eyes. Like frostbite and fire in their lungs.
Whumpee’s eyes wide and frantic under the water. But is it pure water? Or salt? Is there soap? How baldly does it burn their eyes? Tears streaming down their face for hours after, trying to flush out the dry, burning pain.
“Why do you look so scared, pet? It’s just a bath. You don't think I'd hurt you, do you?"
A classic - a whumpee who has been desperately swimming again. They come to a stop, treading water, panting, looking frantically around them. The moment they start to relax, a hand/jaws/rope/whatever clamps down on their ankle, dragging them under before they have the chance to scream.
Darkness. Just darkness seeping in. Is it from the water? Or are their eyes washing over?
Each breath aching and burning after Whumpee coughed up all the water. It feels like there’s still more. There’s always more.
Whumper helpfully patting Whumpee’s back, helping them cough it all up before shoving them under again.
“Are you really going to die like that? In two inches of water. That would be really pathetic of you, don’t you think?”
Drowning in a lake. Whumpee’s fingers clutching at the muck and green, slimy plants, desperately trying to push away, but falling back into the slippery rocks time after time as their vision fades into dark.
Whumpee thrashing against hands at their neck, having no idea how is holding them down. Their face is distorted and blurred by the warped and rushing water between them.
Unconventional drowning, but can we get a shoutout for water-boarding? Thanks.
Whumpee trapped in the brig of a sinking ship. Clawing at the wood and iron bars, screaming for help as everyone scrambled out in a frenzy, not caring to let them out.
“N-no please. I - I can’t. I. I can’t. I can’t br-breathe. Please. No - nnn-NO!”
Whumper shoving Whumpee back under the water without giving them the time to take a full, gasping breath.
Drowning in the ocean. Each wave crashing fresh over their face, giving them just enough air to stay conscious. But how long can they hold on before it’s too much?
That last, desperate gasp of air before they are forced under the water without warning.
Whumper just holding Whumpee tight as they drag them down down down - confident that Whumpee’s panic will ensure they run out of air first.
"Go on, just breathe it in. There's no need to fight me. You're just delaying the inevitable."
Whumpee tied down as the water slowly rises around them. Jerking against their restraints until blood from their wrists dances through the rushing water.
A recovering Whumpee panicking whenever they get too close to a river or when Caretaker tries to draw them a bath.
"Aww, are you getting hungry? I thought so. I'll give you one bite for every minute you can stay under. How about that?"
Also, uh, here's some drowning scenes I wrote before? Feel free to pull whatever you want from those as well!! 1, 2, 3 that last one is awful but i guess you can look at it if you want.
(If you use any of these, please do tag me because I'm a sucker and just want to read the whump and if you hand-deliver whump to me, I will weep with joy.)
(tags: @prisonerwhump @whumpawink @mabledonut @paleassprince @distinctlywhumpthing @wormwriting @tropes-for-my-md-daydreams @batfacedliar @suspicious-whumping-egg )
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marlinspirkhall · a day ago
Me, circa 2014: Alright. I am going to pay attention in Maths Class. I am not going to get distracted.
Me, approximately 30 minutes later: I can spell entire sentences on a scientific calculator
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addywalkerstan · 19 hours ago
if claudie has the addy mold i will cook and eat a logan doll live on AGIG
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28nachos · 21 hours ago
god y'all really don't pay attention. they could literally swap out every player in this whole mess and y'all wouldn't even notice the difference. this is why babygate works so well. people are just clueless. louis is fucked by his own fandom.
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shysimblr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I just remembered this interaction and I realised how much I miss it in game haha
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gar-trek · 2 days ago
Just got tricked into diligently watching Friends cuz I looked up and saw Brent Spiner but right then his scene ended and I was waiting for him to come back 😔😔😔😔
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bibblelevi · 4 hours ago
SAR IM DRUNK RN Thinking about Levi's nipples :( how they're so sensitive. How much he whines and whimpers when you tease them. Pinching them makes him squirm and make his briefs all messy :( He gets all embarrassed about it but its so hot how needy he gets when you play with them. He loves when your mouth is on them especially when jacking him off, suckling softly between harsh nips and pulls between your teeth UGH I'm obsessed with his tits HELP
cw for pain
The thought of literally popping one of Levi’s titties into my mouth and just like… laying there, sucking… I’m gonna end up calling him mommy at some point.
I don’t care how many times I write it. I don’t care if I use the same phrases or words. I will talk about sucking and biting Levi’s nipples until it becomes my cause of death.
He’s such a little masochist. Any sort of nipping or hard pinching - especially when you pinch them for a few seconds in a row - he’ll squirm and let out a quiet little “oh” while tryna’ arch away. He gets overstimulated so easily.
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w-oobin · 8 years ago
Tumblr media
Tablo:  Throughout the entire time (3 years) it took to resolve the controversy, [Hye Jung, Tablo's wife] never once made it seem like she was experiencing any hardships.  
Host:  Even though it was probably really difficult for her.
Tablo:  Yes, it was probably even more difficult for her than for me.  Much more difficult.  But she always said, "It's okay, it's okay."
But, we did have one conflict.
We were eating together, and because I always had this troubled look on my face, the atmosphere while we were eating wasn't very good.
Suddenly, Hye Jung-ie slammed her spoon on the table.
"Hurry up and cry.  Just hurry up and cry.  Cry as much as you want," she said.
And at those words, I really cried.
She told me to just cry it all out now and put an end to all of it.  She told me, "You're not someone who can't beat this.  You're stronger than this."
So, like a child, I cried and cried.
Host:  Did she not cry with you?
Tablo:  She didn't cry then, but when the whole controversy was resolved, one day, I asked her, "It was hard, wasn't it?"  And then she started crying really hard.  She had held it all in.  Even though she'd been wanting to cry, she thought it would, as a result, make me weaker.
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gumaashta · a day ago
زخم گھنگھرو پہن کے بیٹھے ہیں
تیری یادوں کا رقص جاری ہے
zakhm ghungaro pehan k baithe hain
teri yaadon ka raQs jaari hai
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urlbrowser · a month ago
You know when Tommy was standing outside for a bit, possibly still on call with Wilbur? And then the others were like “Tommy, just come in, I’ll open the door”, to which Tommy started screaming and repeating “NOOOOOO, NOOO”? And ya know, to be fair, up until that point, I thought it was one of his obscure bits. But then he just disappeared for like 6 minutes. Nobody knew where he went, they were saying that he wasn’t outside, and that he wasn’t inside the house either. So I was like “huh”.
And when he came back inside 6 or so minutes later, he was covered in mud, touch-repulsed, and basically non-verbal for about 10 minutes. . . He then got up, changed clothes, cleaned up, and when back to normal. And every time one of his friends would mention it, he would avoid the question.
So just, like, WHERE was he??
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veronicathegoddess · a month ago
you mean i actually have to tell you i'm horny using words??? is whining and whimpering not enough to tell you that i'm wet and needy 🥺🥺
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So I saw THIS POST and I just had to draw it before anyone else.
So please excuse the quality fjnvkdk it’s literally 6 30 am now and no I am not up early
you ask the man in the green-moss cloak, a black-and metal-headband tied around his arm, why did you do it?
he answers, tired and heavy, i had to.
Tumblr media
you ask the victor, lights of red dancing around his lacerated face, and he answers, it was the right thing to do.
Tumblr media
you ask the wizard, clever fingers dancing across obsidian and amethyst, and he replies, i had nothing else left.
Tumblr media
you ask the undead, her eyes red with tears and lost lives, broken by betrayal, and she tells you, it was my revenge.
Tumblr media
you ask the widow and backstabber with the strange voices in his head, and he replies, it was grief.
Tumblr media
you ask the loyal soldier who lost home and then kin and then trust, and he answers, i wanted to stay alive.
Tumblr media
you ask the man scorned, the sickly red-life who died too soon from his own mistakes, the pacifist in a violent world, and he says, i never wanted to.
Tumblr media
you ask the inventor, the redstoner, and he replies, it was fun.
Tumblr media
you ask the first red lifer, the hermit and outcast til the very bitter end, and he mutters, i was cursed.
Tumblr media
you ask the fairy queen of no kingdom, and she says, i wanted them to suffer too.
Tumblr media
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