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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#sight series
What is TMA about? What is it?

I literally opened this ask and said aloud: “Oh my dear friend, that is a dangerous question…”

TMA is The Magnus Archives, a horror-anthology podcast produced by Rusty Quill. Each episode is centred around a “statement” which is essentially a self-contained short horror story (very creepy-pasta-esque) read by the head archivist of the Magnus Institute. There is a meta-narrative that develops, following the Archive staff over the series. I could give you the Spotify synopsis or a review, but I think it’s just better to say: give it a go - if you’re a fan of horror or supernatural themes and a good mystery, it will likely appeal to you and even if that’s not normally your jam, the incredible writing and performances rapidly suck you into the world. It is very LGBTQIA+ friendly, diverse and inclusive and never resorts to exploiting cheap scares, bigotry or sexual violence. 
You can listen to it at the Rusty Quill website or on most podcast services and I will highly recommend it. 

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Have you thought of making a taglist? I know your chapters are on a schedule - updates on weekends - but if people were interested would a taglist be possible? -acespade

Hey acespade!

Thank you for your question and interest!

So, let’s say I’m about 10 years less social-media competent than you think I am. Not quite this social-media age of “get off my lawn”


Originally posted by visually-corrupted

But still doing this every time an account says it updated its policy:


Originally posted by copias-cape

That being said! What tags would be helpful to you? I can take a swing at it! Admittedly, my tags are disjointed  and disorganized. I try to keep the series name and acronym in there, and book name and acronym, but then I also overburden it with names of characters included in each chapter and whatever bullshit commentary comes out of my mouth that day.  I normally only put full names if it’s an art commission or some artwork (though…. as i’m looking through it, I see how inconsistent that is and how ineffective >>’‘)

I will look more into this to see if I can fix it up! In the meantime, though, if you have a suggestion for the tag’s list, please send me another ask! I appreciate any help you can give ^.^’‘

(Also! Although this is my favorite site to get comments, if you’re trying to find an easier way to read/reread the series, it’s way better organized on fanfiction. Not sure if that helps! Will try to fix these up!)

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VHope (Taehyung/Hoseok), Min Yoongi
Modern Witches AU
Rose Tinted Sight (And a Candy Red Taste)
Genre: ??, A little fluffy at the end (though honestly someone do tell me a list of genres cause this definitely aint in catagories i know)
Word Count: 4465

Summary: Taehyung’s first meeting with Hoseok happens at a party and never has Taehyung wanted so much to taint a human’s neck with blood.

Warnings: Casual use of vulgarities and cursing, blood, blood drinking, talk of cutting parts of the body, actual cutting of the palm with a knife, thoughts of killing people.

Other Notes: Vampire Taehyung, Witch Yoongi, Witch Hoseok, An egregious number of times the word pretty is used to describe Hoseok, non-traditional vampire lore

Cross posted to AO3


“And why are you taking me to a party?”


Taehyung stops in his tracks. He doesn’t need feed. He is content enough with what basically is two drops of blood Yoongi gives him every month. He takes what he gets without having to hurt people.

What?” He stutters.

“You’re going to feed.”

“Why should I? I’ve got you.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes as he grabs Taehyung’s jacket sleeve to get him moving again. He pulls the grey haired along as he checks his phone.

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like half of guts’ whole character is that “idk what to do, i didnt expect to get this far,” meme….. pre meeting the hawks he wasnt expecting to do anything other than roam around looking for battlefields, then post eclipse he wasnt expecting to get companions again, then he wasnt expecting to no longer be fixated on killing griffith, then he wasnt expecting to get casca back he just wanted to get her to elfhelm so demons wouldnt go after her… now rn he’s like “hm. idk what to do.” it’s interesting

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Like 95% of the time George dates guys they’re all himbos. They all so stupid and even when they aren’t really stupid they just radiate the himboness. Big muscles, no brain cells, and a good heart. Probably a nice ass. The perfect type of man really. I appreciate her being given a great taste in men when she has a taste for them. I really appreciate it.

This happens with Bess too but she is not as much of a morosexual as her cousin.

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Which of you has had the most trouble on your travels, and what were the most memorable incidents?

There’s a lot of murmuring as the collective tries to work out between them whose had the most trouble; Requiem is quiet in the corner.

“Oh! There was that time that we got held up by a bunch of slag-for-processors when we were trying to navigate an asteroid belt with the planet,” Solar Pax offers. He gestures off toward Sparkhaven. “Do you know how hard it is to maneuver a newly-built planet through an asteroid belt while someone is threatening to blow apart your fleet if you don’t give them sheet metal? It was ridiculous! Everyone was short-circuiting! Benzyl snapped and Butyl had to keep the Dreadnought in formation.”

“That’s nothing! Fireball put me in a box once and shipped me to this Goddess with backstruts for miles that owed her some cabbage. There was this big shindig going on, so I jacked up out of the box and there was a security guard right there, so I-”

“Brother, I told you to jump out of her cake for a surprise, not a box. You recall?” Fireball interrupts, narrowing her optics in displeasure. She doesn’t have to worry about half the room since they barely understand what’s coming out of Dealbreaker’s intake, but the Officer is obviously taking notes.

“Oh, Carrier’s the word,” Dealbreaker blinks his optics in thought for an astrosecond. “So, hypothetically there was a guard gaping like a oilcarp who hypothetically got intimate with the lid of a hypothetical box before someone hypothetically dove off a balcony on to a hypothetical cake and waiter…so I’ve heard.”

Fireball’s battle-mask and visor clicks into place to keep her faceplates’ twisting in frustration out of sight.

“Requiem, did you not have any adventures before you came to our home?” Nanostorm asks the undertaker in the corner.

“I once took up the position of an engineer upon a ship bound for the outer reaches. I am not an engineer, so the ship became stranded one stellar cycle into the voyage due to engine failure. The Captain went outside to repair it. He became lost to the void. However, he must have finished repairs before for the ship ran once more as if nothing had happened. The crew did not even seem to notice his absence after a few orns.”

“Why I always get the feel’en you’re pull’en our stabilizers?” Flux asks the undertaker.

“Yeah, you’re always spouting out ghost stories.” Crux agrees.

“Believe what you wish.”

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tag   dump   :   in   character.

#meme     /     delivery route's open., #inbox call     /     pick up the damn phone., #starter call     /     just here for a paycheck., #plotting call     /     story dlc sold separately., #answered     /     voicemail backlogs., #open     /     a random encounter., #wishlist     /     my treasure hoard., #dash commentary     /     a shit post trust fall., #verse : canon     /     only a brave man acts in times great and small., #arc : crisis core     /     the price of freedom is steep., #arc : vii     /     if everything's a dream don't wake me., #arc : advent children     /     are sins ever forgiven?, #arc : dirge of cerberus     /     the path to darkness opens once more., #arc : post series     /     i'm not alone.  not anymore., #verse : kingdom hearts     /     even if i go far away i'll come back., #arc : i     /     i fell into darkness and couldn't find the light., #arc : ii     /     me and the one who embodies the darkness in me., #arc : iii     /     don't lose sight of your light., #verse : 616 marvel     /     the moment you stepped in here you were never alone., #verse : dragon age     /     you will find wisdom only if you seek it., #arc : inquisition     /     stand your ground.  the dawn will come., #arc : trespasser     /     it was about people doing what was necessary., #verse : world jumping     /     the wolf searching for his pack., #verse : undetermined     /     where will you be when the story begins?
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