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rankstrangers · 2 days ago
Help a black trans woman fight breast cancer
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From Instagram. Tomorrow Valentino is a 50 year-old trans woman struggling with breast cancer. She can’t pay for treatment off of the sex work she does, so THC (Trans Housing Coalition) is asking for donations to her treatment fund. (Click the purple link for more info)
Cashapp: $OTY7
Venmo: Tomorrow-Valentino
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shoplifting · a day ago
[Transcript: Over the last day or so I've been seeing a lot, a lot of comments with the name Jelani Day, and I came across a video of Jelani's mother essentially begging for the media and for police to continue searching for her son. So this is Jelani Day, he also goes by JJ, 25 years old, 6'2", Black male, short black hair, he has a little bit of facial hair, and he weighs about 180 pounds.
Jelani was last seen on August 24th entering a dispensary called Beyond/Hello in Bloomington, Illinois. He was wearing a black shirt that has the Jimi Hendrix logo on it, white or silver basketball shorts, black shoes that have a silver or white bottom, and a blue Detroit Lions baseball cap.
Two days later on August 26th, Jelani's car was found in the woods almost an hour away in Peru, Illinois. In the car, they found that shirt that Jelani was wearing, the one with Jimi Hendrix, as well as his baseball cap. The license plate had also been removed from his car.
On September 4th, an unidentified body was also found in the same area in Peru, but police are still working on identifying the body and they have said to not speculate that it is Jelani. However, Jelani's mother has said that she feels like all investigations have ceased on her son's case after they found this unidentified body.
Jelani's mother describes her son as energetic and full of life, with so much ambition. She says he was just a normal guy who loved to live life and spend time with his friends and travel. He always kept in contact with his family and he would call her just to say he wanted to hear her voice. He was a first semester graduate student at Illinois State University. He was an incredible student with a high GPA, and he wanted to go on and get his doctorate and become a speech pathologist.
The Gabby Petito case has shown us that collective voice, people spreading accurate information, can help in cases like this. Jelani's mother is begging for help to help bring home her son, and she really feels that someone out there has to have some information on what is going on. Anyone with information, please contact the Bloomington police, and Jelani's mother has also hired a private investigator and she stated that if people feel uncomfortable talking to the police that they can speak to her directly, they can speak to the investigator, that anyone is available to speak at any time with details about her son. No detail is too small.
End transcript.]
Bloomington Police:
(309) 820-8888
Peru Police Detective Commander Dennis Hocking:
(309) 223-2151 ex. 2804
Detective Brad Jones:
(309) 223-2151 ex. 2816
Detective Paul Jones:
(309) 434-2548
Family's Private Investigator:
(618) 223-0044
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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summerpixiee · a day ago
Tumblr media
I am remaking this post because my first post lost traction and despite the amount of notes I haven't reached half of my goal.
I am a queer black woman living in an abusive household, my parents are both physically, emotionally abusive and they are homophobic. It has become increasingly unsafe for me to remain living in such conditions.
I am not allowed to work as they don't allow me to go to job interviews and working remotely is impossible because they frequently take away my laptop and phone,if I refuse to give them my devices I get beaten. I try my best to not upset, but they find faults in every other thing that I do . I urgently need to leave and start healing from the pain and trauma they have caused,and start living a free life.
I have attached my old post here.
Proof of my situation here.
The link to my P*yPal and my GoGetFunding post which I have added the link to.
My p*ypal name is : chelseanovasummer
Please donate to my p*ypal as friends and/family so I can avoid the fee. Thank you so much 🧡
Please help me out🙏🏽💗
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kdinjenzen · a day ago
Hey everyone,
Because just everything decided to go wrong medically, and otherwise, for me this year, our household once again finds itself in a situation of “BIG MEDICAL BILLS” because the American Health Care System is basically a huge scam.
And so, despite not really liking asking for help, I’m here again.
If you can help, I appreciate it very much.
And I’m actively looking for a way to repay the kindnesses shown to me through this, so if there’s something you all would like to see me do as a way to give thanks, I’m all ears.
Kdin ❤️
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sublimespices · 2 days ago
Help two trans bitches (one of whom is severely disabled) move
Me and @pf2e live in a shitty studio apartment that already costs $800 a month and our rent will be increasing next year by a whopping $75 for a month-to-month lease. We can hardly afford this apartment as is and I've scoped out two that are significantly cheaper. We will easily afford rent in either of those apartments but we cannot afford moving costs as I recently had to clear out our savings to buy a wheelchair and we don't have enough savings even for the security deposit let alone application fees, first and last months rent, renting a U-Haul, giving a friend gas money, etc. to get out of here.
I'll draw pretty much anything for people's donations, and I can also do hand crafts, etc. Marcy does tabletop design work as well. We don't have a huge support system locally and I can barely walk around my own home. I have EDS and scoliosis and struggle with daily tasks and living in this tiny apartment doesn't make things easier as I'd like to get a power chair one of these days with help from my doctors and we just don't have space for my mobility aids, our clothes, pretty much anything. My ankle is also sprained so I've been out of work for far too long.
TLDR; this apartment sucks, it's too small, and we need somewhere with at least one bedroom and a dishwasher
I'd like to raise at least $2500 if possible. Thank you for reading, and if you need any sort of proof of our shit situation I can definitely provide. We have a bit of cash but that's all we've got as far as savings.
c*shapp $sweetvalentines
v*nmo @/cryptqueen
0/$2500 raised
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bonitabby · 11 hours ago
if you’re a Black presenting woman in St. Louis, pls be safe there is a person (maybe multiple ppl) committing violent hate crimes (murder & other gun violence) specifically towards Black women in that area
more info here & here
contact the governor of MO at (573)-751-3222
contact the mayer of StL at (314)-622-3201
pls share Black women’s lives are in danger
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kerokerokeroppi · a day ago
help a jewish trans guy pay for his meds
Tumblr media
hi! i’m froggy and you’ve most likely seen me making posts about being autistic or trans or gay or whatever on this hellsite, but this isn’t about me. 
my friend ashton who just turned 19 got shoved off his insurance by his dad and can’t afford his meds, which he gets violent, painful withdrawals without them. so we need help! he’s a gay, jewish, autistic, transmasc guy who’s great at art and desperately needs help, and to get his meds as quickly as possible.
right now, we need $95 to cover his meds for the rest of this and next month. any money that goes over the amount we need will be used on moving ashton from his abusive situation to our house temporarily until we all move into a big apartment.
here’s where you can help ashton!
Tumblr media
his p*yp*al is @undeadkaiju, and his URL on here is @undead-kaiju​ if you have any questions! if you’d like to ask me anything, feel free as well! he doesn’t use tumblr much.
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justjensenanddean · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Readers’ Choice: Sexiest TV Star, Vote For JENSEN HERE   
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chenoaa · a day ago
ok temporarily suspending doing commissions. i went into the ER last night w severe pain and had emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. i am doing ok but in a lot of pain and not able to do much. i still rly need help making rent and bills behind as well as diapers/wipes/misc for Ezio until i recover and can reopen commissions. so unfortunately i am asking for donations again n i’m rly sorry for that but my luck isn’t the greatest rn and i need help.
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kyo-soma · a day ago
Hey guys. I'm Danni, lgbt, neuro divergent, and me, my disabled dad and my brother are going to be homeless. So, originally, I had money put to the side for a down payment on a new flat, however, we were informed that there's a shortage of 3 bedroom homes at the moment (which we were only informed about now due to a fuck up on the housing people's end) . Because of legal reasons, we cannot cover 3 people in a two bedroom flat, so I'm going to need to try and raise an additional £800, if not more, to prevent all of us going homeless. I don't have an official eviction notice just yet, as you can see our hearing is tomorrow so we're likely to find out in the next few days, but I am told it's likely to be about 1-2 months before we are evicted.
I'm a carer for my disabled dad so I really need to be with him but him and my brother are likely to be homeless for awhile as his only relative living is my gran who can't house anyone due to already having my cousin. Because of this, I can only work 16hrs a week, however, I am currently unemployed and I'm unfit for work due to suffering from severe psychosis and depression. My brother is in a similar boat, meaning none of us have any savings or money to cover the down payment for even one of us. Hooray!
If any of you can spare any donations so we may not get put in homeless, I'd obviously be extremely, extremely, grateful. Ideally, I'd also love to be able to afford some place with pets so I don't need to get them put down.
My PayPal is If you can't donate, boosts would be very much appreciated. Every donation, no matter how small, helps, seriously. If you donate I can maybe do some writing or graphic design in return; feel free to send me a message if you donate so I can thank you.
Below is the letter about the hearing and the old letter (which was extended due to covid.)
Thank you for your consideration.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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edg3ydaddies · 2 days ago
I am working on a disability application and gathering my medical records, I need help paying my electric bill this month. Its $234 dollars. Link is to my paypal.
Please donate and/or share
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demonnoid · 2 days ago
Homeless LGBTQ family in need!
Tumblr media
Hello everyone,
So my small LGBTQ family and I have been homeless for 10 months. Our unemployment benefits have dried up and we could use assistance paying for cheap motel rooms and food. Any help is appreciated, including boosts. Thank you all for your support.
Venmo: @Elsa-Leon-89
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twice-sys · a day ago
urgent/emergency (09/20/21)
i made one of these a week ago on a dif blog but it was kinda lengthy and didn’t pick up traction so long story short im getting kicked out and need at least 1.5k (preferably closer to 2k-2.5k) for a security deposit on an apartment + first/lasts months rent by october 1st. i work part time on minimum wage and am severely disabled. pls boost
venmo @casperpup cashapp $casperpup dm for paypal
EDIT: my venmo was wrong! its casper-pup
@transgooglesearches @trans-mom @dog-teeth @justsomeantifas pls rb this !!
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chaosqueer · 2 days ago
my family still has 4 more days left before payday, we're scraping at pantry crumbs, and I'm almost out of my antidepressants. the upcoming paycheck almost entirely already earmarked for other bills. we're struggling really hard right now and all I really want right now is to put some food in our fridge.
doing this always fucking sucks but i'm tired of writing extra paragraphs to tack on to the end of these posts where i apologize for being poor and needing to beg for help.
P@ypal: @chaosqueer
C@$h @pp: $chaosqueer
V3nm0: @chaosqueer
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apparltl0n · a day ago
Its Hispanic Heritage Month, help a Mexican family move.
My fiancé and i are planning on moving soon to help my sister with child rearing since shes just now able to move out of her abusive boyfriend's house. We still need to pay this months rent, next month's at the new place, remaining bills, moving costs (renting a uhaul) and any other expenses that could come up till i find a job at our new location.
Any amount helps, and if you cant donate: please share
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richardgoranski · a day ago
hi everyone, i hate to do this and i didnt want to have to make a post like this but we need help. my fiancé and i have found ourselves faced with some emergency expenses and it’s just getting to be too much. we’ve been living paycheck to paycheck for a while but this past week he got rear ended and dealing with that has just kind of depleted everything that we have. i literally have 93 cents in my checking account and we still have bills and grocery shopping we need to get done.
if anyone has any spare cash and would like to help us out, we would both super appreciate it. anything helps and anything is appreciated
Venmo: braangster
CashApp: $ConnorPrieve
like i said, anything at all would be appreciated, including any donations and any boosting
thank you all!
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gjalleon · 2 days ago
aight so i hate doing this but my little boy needs help right now.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is my little boy jake and he’s currently very sick. the biggest concern is that he isn’t drinking any water and isn’t eating. we’ve tried several different things to keep him hydrated but what he really needs is to go to the vet.
i’m disabled and unemployed.
the kind of medical care he needs will probably be $400 at the very least, we don’t have an exact estimate now but my mom isn’t always willing to accept help with money easily. we need to take him to the vet as soon as possible and any support i can get for that at all is very helpful!
my kο-fi
my p@ypal
if you can’t donate PLEASE reblog, i need to help my boy as much as i can.
i will update this post as we know more!
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daonepiece · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Could I rob you a few seconds to show you the previews of my pieces for @onepieceplanner ? One has tiny tontattas running around and the other has 2 certain brothers.. 🥺
And while you are at it maybe visit their page too? Grab your planner before the Log Pose changes course foreverrr (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
Pre-order open till Oct 10!
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istarteatinggarbage · a day ago
IMPORTANT!!! Hey everyone! With my declining health and inability to work, I was approved by the organization "Help Hope Live" to launch a campaign/fundraiser to raise money for me to live off of while I wait to find out about my social security application status which can sometimes take years. This fundraiser will help me raise money for rent, medical, toiletry, food, etc expenses so that I can move forward with the social security process and be able to have some sort of income during this wait. Please please share and spread this anywhere and everywhere! This campaign can be accessed by anyone, can be shared anywhere, and anyone can donate regardless of their relation/connection to me. Please spread this anywhere you possibly can think of. The link is attached, thank you so so much even for just reading this far.
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