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phonyaries 20 hours ago
if anybody could help me with some money for groceries to last me until Friday, I would greatly appreciate it 馃ズ I could pay you back too, if necessary!
cash app/venmo : $hoekravitz
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qquinzel 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
I鈥檝e had Lottie for about 5 years now and she鈥檚 the light of my life. I noticed she has been losing weight and is sluggish. Unfortunately, it鈥檚 become clear age has pneumonia which - in Guinea pigs - is fatal. I鈥檓 disabled and unable to work at the moment which means I do not have the money for euthanasia and cremation. I鈥檓 trying to raise around $300 for her treatment and to put her out of her suffering. Even a signal boost helps! Thanks in advance.
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d1gnan 4 hours ago
hey i just got robbed in dallas of like 45 dollars and im realy bad on cash rn im like devestated if anybody wants 2 help me recoopeeate some finances my cashapp is $pewpjokez
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catterole 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
i鈥檓 opening commissions !! you can find more info in the link in my bio 馃
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choicesfandomappreciation 6 hours ago
Someone is trying to create a Nightbound project (similar like the itlivesproject) and I think this might interest you. The tumblr blog is brycebound and garrusxnightbound . It might take time since the person just started.
Signal Boost appreciated
Oo this sounds fun! Anyone interested?
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origamihrts 3 months ago
TW!! DEATH + Negligent Officers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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action 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Ways to support Ukraine 馃嚭馃嚘
More than 500,000 people have already left Ukraine due to the invasion by the Russian Federation. The European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management estimates that roughly 18 million Ukrainians will be affected by the conflict in humanitarian terms, with 7 million internally displaced and 4 million seeking refuge elsewhere. To help those still in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian refugees, we鈥檝e compiled this list of resources.
HelpUkraineWin.org has a collection of vetted and trusted resources, charities, and organizations to help Ukraine.
Some additional ways to donate:
Vostok SOS provides immediate evacuation support.
Malteser International provides essentials for Ukrainian refugees.
Ukraine Crisis Media Center provides fundraising links and a list of tips for sharing information.
Misinformation spreads fast on social media. It is more important than ever to share accurate, verifiable news and information. Here are some resources to learn how to identify misinformation:
This link from the nonprofit WITNESS shares tips for identifying authentic video sources (available in English, Spanish, Ukranian, Russian, and Arabic).
These visual verification tips, also from WITNESS, provide information on verifying images and videos (available in English and Spanish).
This interview with NPR contains tips for identifying fake TikToks.
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actualbird 11 days ago
there have been many cases already international clients dropping their commissions from filipino artists or avoiding commissioning filipino creators altogether, either due to a fear of consequences getting associated with us because of current events or the misguided notion that not supporting us somehow hurts the oppressive government we鈥檙e under. lemme address both those issues:
for the first reason, nothing will happen to you, a foreigner, for supporting filipinos. theres nothing to be afraid of, youre not in this country and wont suffer any consequences. many of us, however? we鈥檙e afraid. especially artists and creators who rely on commissions to support themselves and their families
for the second reason, you are not hurting our oppressors at all. you are hurting filipinos, majority of which did not want this to happen and are actively speaking out against the looming dictatorship. dropping filipino creators does nothing but hurt us. our inflation rates are predicted to rise, and money is fast becoming an even bigger issue for so so many
so if youre looking for art, dont give up on us. commission filipino artists and/or boost commission posts! 1 USD is literally enough to buy a meal here, it really helps.聽here is a link to a thread of filipino artists posting their commission rates.聽and here is another thread of filipino commission rates. tips and donations outside of comms to these artists help even more.
edit: fixed links
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mademoisellesarcasme a day ago
heads up errbody
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theicysneasel 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Trans and gender nonconforming friends: This is a smear campaign in disguise targeting trans people. There is a fraudulent organization disguising as pro-trans attempting to recruit trans folks in hopes of including them in an anti trans documentary to be. This documentary is being proxy-coordinated by Matt Walsh, his crew members, and members of PragerU. If you receive a message from anyone claiming to be from the Gender Unity Project, block them immediately. Warn your friends of this set-up as well. The more people know about this scheme, the more likely it is to fail. Full information to follow:
Tumblr media
All of you stay safe and stay alert. I鈥檝e got your back, always.
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vesselofashes 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just an FYI, 4ch*n trolls are using the Ukraine crisis as a means to stoke antiblack racism on Twitter. There's already a bunch of people believing this bait and blaming "SJWs", "those people" (i.e. black people), and "BLM". Racist trolls do this every time there's a crisis and it's absolutely disgusting. Don't fall for this divisive propaganda.
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titleknown a month ago
So, with all the nightmarish tech bills that鈥檝e been going around in the US (Including one I haven鈥檛 even made a post on yet), I figured I might as well use this opportunity to give a breather by showing off an opportunity to fight for good things.
Specifically, they鈥檙e using April 4th as a day of action to get people to try and fight for major antitrust bills in Congress. You know, to deal with the horrible; horrible monopolies that have been actually screwing up the internet rather than; say; Too Much Free Speech or Not Enough Punishment of Piracy like the jerk brigade is pushing.
The link shows you the steps you need to do for the sake of getting Antitrust Day rolling, and this is important because, in an inverse of the bad laws we鈥檙e fighting, while this antitrust push is targeted at big tech, it sure as shit isn鈥檛 going to stop there.
In other words, Today Facebook, Tomorrow Disney. And I think that鈥檚 sure as hell worth fighting for...
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mack3030 a month ago
Early Access Creators - YOU CANNOT SIT THE FENCE THIS TIME. :|
Look, I love y'all. I know you don't want to participate in so-called "drama" because you think it's messy and shit. I get that, I do. But here's the deal. Cowbuild and her cronies are making the whole patreon method of dealing with the sims look bad, and that affects YOU guys too.
Tumblr media
Because of these bad apples, there are some people questioning if patreon is safe. Especially because Anto is involved, and he USED TO BE EARLY ACCESS.
You guys need to join in on calling this out and saying "No. This is not okay. We do not accept it, and we do not want this to be part of our community." I and others have tried to explain that these bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch, but when y'all choose to be silent on the issue, you don't help your case. So now is the time to speak up. You don't have to make your own post even. Just REBLOGGING what's already been shared is enough.
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theicysneasel 2 months ago
Trans kids and parents of trans kids living in Texas: The Governor just issued a dangerous order declaring all forms of gender affirming care as child abuse under existing law.
Under this directive, all persons working with children, including doctors, teachers, counselors, and caregivers, are required to report any child believed to be transgender or face prosecution. Parents may have children removed from their homes and placed in state custody.
This is an extremely dangerous situation. Parents of trans children: leave the state now. The user below has offered assistance to those looking to get to a safer place. Please reach out to her if you need to. Important information will follow.
Tumblr media
Please be safe out there, all of you. I love you and I am so sorry these things have come to pass. Let鈥檚 get through this.
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derailing-ruby 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This post by @fullhalalalchemist鈥 should contain all of the information needed. Help the US. Stop letting them take away rights.
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goodnigth 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hey guys, a friend of mine is organizing this gofundme for an unsheltered man in our town who had open heart surgery and is now struggling to pay for a hotel room per night. it鈥檚 a really great story and Andrew is a really nice man.
if you have anything to donate, or if you can reblog, please do. at the time i鈥檓 posting this it鈥檚 23 degrees outside in this area. thanks
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titleknown a month ago
Because, god knows when it rains it pours, there鈥檚 yet another horrible internet bill on the table, and it is a doozy!聽
It鈥檚 called the Kids Online Safety Act and it鈥檚 basically designed to force internet companies to mandate ID for website logins, destroy websites with any hint of a kid looking at things they aren鈥檛 supposed to (With an extremely broad definition of 鈥渨hat they aren鈥檛 supposed to鈥), force companies to send data聽鈥渇or study鈥 to the government (IE, spy on kids) force them to use an age-verification system that will likely include mandatory government ID checks, and put on mandatory parental controls cranked up to high by default for parents to spy on their kids!
Now, this is a nightmare for several reasons. The mandated ID checks are horrifying and intrusive violation of privacy for adults and the young alike, in a way that screws over queer sex workers especially, and the increased liability for websites will lead to truly biblical purges of NSFW content, but there鈥檚 another big one:
This bill will lead to kids getting abused and killed.
Like, imagine that parental spying being used on queer or mentally ill teens. Imagine the definition of 鈥渘ot okay for minors鈥 being expanded by, like say, the transphobic push in Texas or Florida鈥檚 Don鈥檛 Say Gay bill. You see where this goes.
Now, this is before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, who鈥檚 members are:
Maria Cantwell, Washington, Chair
Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota
Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
Brian Schatz, Hawaii
Ed Markey, Massachusetts
Gary Peters, Michigan
Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin
Tammy Duckworth, Illinois
Jon Tester, Montana
Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona (Unfortunately)
Jacky Rosen, Nevada
Ben Ray Luj谩n, New Mexico
John Hickenlooper, Colorado
Raphael Warnock, Georgia
Roger Wicker, Mississippi, Ranking Member
John Thune, South Dakota聽
Roy Blunt, Missouri聽
Ted Cruz, Texas (Ugh)
Deb Fischer, Nebraska聽
Jerry Moran, Kansas聽
Dan Sullivan, Alaska聽
Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee聽
Mike Lee, Utah聽
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin聽
Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia聽
Todd Young, Indiana聽
Rick Scott, Florida聽
Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming
You can find their contact info here, and if they鈥檙e a part of your state, contact them and tell them this bill is a spying bill that will kill children, it needs to die.
But, even in other state, contact your sentators any way you can, and tell them this is a bad bill, and if it gets out of committee, it needs to die.
Tell your friends IRL to do it too either way, because they measure this shit in terms of how many messages they get, and so we need to flood their offices, and this goes for the other bad internet bills I鈥檝e talked about too.
Again, deeply fatigued by all the godawful internet bills, but this is a goddamn war, and nobody ever won a war by giving up...
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tealingual 2 months ago
Phrasebook for Ukrainian refugees!
Help needed to make a phrasebook for Ukrainian refugees! If you speak 鈥 Polish (袩芯谢褜褋泻邪)聽馃嚨馃嚤 鈥 Romanian (袪褍屑褍薪褋褜泻邪)聽馃嚥馃嚛馃嚪馃嚧 鈥 Hungarian (校谐芯褉褋褜泻邪)聽馃嚟馃嚭 鈥 Slovak (小谢芯胁邪褑褜泻邪)聽馃嚫馃嚢 鈥 German (袧褨屑械褑褜泻邪) 馃嚛馃嚜馃嚘馃嚬馃嚚馃嚟馃嚤馃嚠 鈥 Bulgarian (袘芯谢谐邪褉褋褜泻邪) 馃嚙馃嚞 Please consider participating and adding the phrases in your language!聽
馃嚭馃嚘 The link to the phrasebook聽馃嚭馃嚘
Please reblog this to spread the word!聽
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ohmystarsy 2 months ago
I'm probably writing this post a week too late, but all those Western people/media comparing Putin to Hitler instead of Stalin, who was also a fascist AND ordered a genocide of Ukrainian people in 1930s, made me realise that maybe, perhaps, the West conveniently forgot about all war crimes and other monstrosities that Stalin commited. And maybe, perhaps, that's one of the reasons that the West doesn't really 'get' Eastern Europe and that too many "takes" on current war in Ukraine is just - ok I will use that word - disgusting.
Of course, conveniently for Putin, we don't have time now to learn all history of Eastern Europe. But if you want to educate yourself and try to understand why Eastern Europe is so 'hysteric' about Russia now AND to understand today Russia more, I recommend you read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It's a short novel - I believe between 100 and 200 pages - that describes one day in gulag camp and is based on experiences of the author himself. Gulag camps - if you don't know - were forced labour camps in Siberia during USSR (and it's really telling that English Wikipedia calls them "forced labour camps" while Polish one just outright calls them "concentration camps"), but the history of sending criminals and political opponents to Siberia dates waaaaaay back to tsarist Russia (and is still continued today). I believe most Eastern Europeans have that one person in family that was sent to Siberia, bc anyone could be sent if they were unlucky enough (in my case it was both my grand-grand-grandma and grand-grand-grandpa). That's one of the reasons - I believe - we are so scared of Russia, because of generational trauma that is an effect of years and sometimes centuries of oppression. As I remember it, the book is pretty disturbing, so please be warned, but if I could read it at age of 15, so can you.
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lemonykleonella 3 months ago
Hey guys. Due to the situation in my country, I opened up my ko-fi donations again. I am not sure what will happen but if you can spare a few dollars, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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