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HAHA yes i do!! full size, the fucker’s bigger than my thighs, and i keep it next to my turret on my collection shelf. pardon my red leds


it has color modes for chell, p-body, and atlas, and i love it to DEATH, its one of my favorite pieces ever

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@gods-own-xman - “ i always felt like due to Sebastian’s classism more subtle racism is intertwined. He’ll see what he deems to be “exceptional” people of color as just that. (Ex. “You’re not like really black”, “You’re so well spoken.”)”

Oh, in terms of how things would work in the real world, classism is indeed super intertwined with racism, and if he was a real person then Shaw would ABSOLUTELY be one of those cluelessly privileged people whose answer to marginalized groups is “well just work harder”, oppose any kind of “special treatment” because “well I never got any handouts”, etc. He probably would not hold any conscious racial stereotypes but have the same subconscious bigotries as anyone else raised in Western societies, and his classism/bootstrapping mentality would hurt POC more because of the overlap between race and poverty.

But in terms of how racism is typically written in comic books, there’s like…there’s no real nuance like that? Either someone has no racial bigotry whatsoever OR they’re an out-and-out racist, you don’t really get any realistic degrees or middle ground like I described above. So if he’s not one he’s going to be the other, is what I’m worried about.

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