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Silco Headcanons Part II 🦈
Tumblr media
Silco headcanons part deux! Some nsfw in there – but nothing too wild. Tw: for violence, sadism and the usual horribleness.
Part I is here!
Also Sevika the Dragon Mom  🐉
Jinx the Batshit Baby Bombshell  💣
Early riser. The Undercity’s hours are inverted – its commercial hub is liveliest in the evenings. Most businessmen have nocturnal schedules. Zaun’s kingpin is no exception. With that in mind, he’s ready by 5 in the evening – which in Piltover would translate to 4 in the morning. He prefers to get a head-start on criming; usually he’ll make a hundred fast-tracked decisions as soon as his foot is out the door.
Despises idleness. You’ll never catch him dawdling in bed. For one, he can’t afford to let things fall to the wayside. For another, he was raised to make use of every spare minute. Time is money etc. If you hear him say, “Make yourself useful,” it’s a codeword for: “Give me one good reason not to gut you like a kipper.”
Despite his wildly-crammed schedule, he never seems in a rush. Time may be money, but neither one is his master.
Has a food insecurity holdover from his childhood. This translates into a hair-trigger temper if he doesn’t get his meals served on time. RIP to his staff. Or you—if you’re cooking him dinner.
Sleeps on his back. Sometimes with his arms crossed across his chest, Nosferatu-style. The position is ingrained in his muscle memory due to his eye/facial injury, when sleeping on his side might’ve risked jostling his bandages. Sometimes Jinx will mimic his pose for shits and giggles. (“Ah, ze children of ze night, vat byootiful music zey make!” - “Go to sleep, Jinx.”)
Drinks decaf. Do not give him coffee. Those who’ve made the unfortunate choice have watched him grow disturbingly more Jinxlike with each cupful—restless, snarky and trigger-happy. Sevika will curb his intake before he reaches full on “Bombs-away!” stage. Seriously, it ain’t pretty.
There are rumors his mother was an inmate at the Asylum of the Irreparable. And that she was a psychotic bitch. Gee—I wonder if that affected him in any way.
Good swimmer. On his feet, he moves with a slinky sharklike grace. In real water, he unfurls like an actual goddamn shark. During his childhood, he used to take dips in the Pilt’s escarpment with other sumpsnipes. He could hold his breath for an impressively long time. The talent likely saved him during Vander’s drowning attempt.
For such a spindly bastard, he has a grip like a vise. One of the consequences of daily gruntwork at the mines. Used to amuse Jinx when she was younger by pulping cavern-fruit between his fingers.
Vander collected orphan strays. Silco collects killer strays. Ran, Dustin, Lock and most of his core coterie have a bone to pick with the establishment, and aren’t above breaking actual bones to topple it down. Jinx was Silco’s youngest stray by far – but hardly his only.
Once every month, he’ll treat his crew to dinner and drinks at the Drop. They’ll touch base, talk shop, and he’ll outline their plans moving forward. Everyone gets a bonus passed out in brown paper bags (cash, drugs, booze etc). It serves as both a morale booster for the crew, and a way for Silco to keep a finger on the pulse of his operation. A good businessman takes care of his assets.
In the same vein, he savors mind-games in an interpersonal context. Allies will find literal or metaphorical traps sprung on them out of the blue, just when things seemed to be running smoothly. The games serve to catch them off-guard and keep them on their toes. He enjoys wreaking havoc as much as Jinx. He just goes about it with a cool-headed premeditation.
Can disjoint his thumb or dislocate his shoulder to get out of handcuffs or restraints. Though it hurts like a blistering bitch afterward.
Things he never leaves without: his coat, coins in his wallet, and a folding knife in his boot. In a pinch he’ll forgo the first. More grudgingly, the second. But never the last.
His body-temperature stays at a feverish baseline due to his Shimmer micro-dosage. He always runs hot. But his circulation is also screwed up after his dunking in the Pilt. His hands stay hellishly cold.
Cold or not, he’s good with his hands. Very, very good. Like instrument of the Devil levels of good. In his youth, Vander could rest on the laurels of his good looks to attract lovers. Silco had to bring some actual technique—social, interpersonal, sexual—to the table if he expected to lure ‘em in. 
By nature, he’s tactile. He acquires knowledge through a literal hands-on approach, Younger, he learnt through actively handling everything around him. He'd find it hard to sit still for long periods without stimulation. Older, he's no different. But he’s learnt to school himself to stillness. Tiny tells give him away: a habit of idly manipulating objects in reach, gesturing while speaking, tapping or smoothing surfaces while thinking.
He’s tactile in bed too. He'll fixate on certain textures and sensations. He also enjoys intense high contact in the form of roughness. He has a high pain threshold that needs some extreme triggers: biting, bruising, bloodplay. He’ll dish it out and take it with equal relish. The suffering (his own, but more often someone else’s) is the root of his catharsis.
Sparse body hair. Light brown. Mostly on his arms and legs and in a happy trail down to his pubes. Very fine stubble on his jaw; shaves thrice a week and no more. Meanwhile his fingernails and the hair on his head grow irritatingly fast. 
His hair is naturally wavy. When he doesn't wash off the pomade before sleep, it sticks up all over in tufts. He despises the disheveled look (it harkens back to his untidy youth), and will always keep his locks well-tamed for neatness' sake.
Sometimes he sleep-talks. Most of it is profanity.
Uses surprisingly few curses in his daily speech. There are more effective linguistic shortcuts than swearing. But if he does swear, you'll hear the colorfully guttural filth of the Lanes sharpening his vowels and eroding his consonants, until he sounds like Vander’s brother in all but fact.
In that vein, he and Vander do share certain habits and colloquialisms, having grown up together. They'll both take their 'elevenses' before noon for a bite to eat and smoke. They’ll both appear more relaxed right before they lose their temper. They’ll both phrase things in a similar manner - i.e. "You did a cack-handed job yesterday," or describing Jinx's antics as being "full of beans." Used to freak poor Powder out. But whenever she made comparisons, Silco would get touchy and bad-tempered.
In his black heart, he misses talking to Vander. In boyhood, they had frequent late-night chats over a shared cigarette. After his ascent to leadership in the Lanes, Silco had moments of badly craving his brother’s listening-ear. 
Sadly, he’ll take poison before admitting it.
He likes apples, despite how pricey fruit is in the Undercity. He’ll munch on a bowful after his evening cigar. Healthy snack cancels out toxic vice, right?
He’s not an animal-lover. But he’s very adept at training dogs and coaxing cats to his corner. All creatures behave within certain Pavlovian parameters. Understanding them is the key to obtaining their obedience. Same goes for people.
Knows the names of all of Jinx’s creations. Also calls them by name during lectures, “Squiggles was in the hallway and I nearly tripped over him!” or “What was Prickly-Pie doing on the kitchen counter instead of in your room?” Lackeys within earshot are never sure if he’s referring to a weapon or a stuffed toy – or both.
Certain scents trigger certain strong emotions. The bilge of the Pilt: betrayal, pain, resurrection. The whiff of burley pipe tobacco: brotherhood, hopes, safety. The crispness of bank notes: productivity, success, opportunity. The char of factory smoke: industry, commerce, ambition. The undernote of Jinx’s gunpowder: freedom, sweet dreams, joy.
Keeps two handkerchiefs on his person. One is for him. The other is for Jinx.
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Tumblr media
Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?
Inspired by @bengal-the-writer ‘s post. Silco meets Leyendecker.
Please don’t repost without my permission ❤️
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Silco: you are perfect, my dear. also Jinx:
Tumblr media
it's the aggravated jaywalking for me
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girl PLEASE do another part of ‘hobbyist & finer things’!! it is in the top 3 of the best silco fics i swear.
Tumblr media
chp.2  |  HOBBYISTS & FINER THINGS ; silco / reader
summary: you're late on payment. silco pays you a visit. your courtesans are curious. it's rather romantic. read part one here.
word count: 3.8k
pairing: silco / f!reader
a/n: you all really enjoyed the first part of this little work of mine! thank you all for leaving such kind little notes and reblogs. i'll probably by using a mastertag to track this series - so if you want to check my blog for any updates, check the hobbyists & finer things tag! yet again, this pretty gif is by @aestheticsicrushon from this set here!
< previous chapter  | read me on ao3  |  next chapter >
You're three days late on payment.
Sevika makes a point of letting him know.
Set in the center of the bazaar, The Lilac Lounge is a ten-minute ride down the Lane. It's tucked neatly between shops nearly adjacent to Babette's own establishment. It creates a stream of pink and lilac light creeping into the streets, carried by the open doors and open arms of eager workers. The Lilac Lounge is a teetering two stories — the first is a sprawling maze of velvet-walled rooms for services and the like; up a winding staircase in the back sits the second floor where workers were boarded.
Once upon a time, the brothel would have been considered fashionable, but as time crept on, Yeleni was hesitant to change her ways.
Seems as though you've ushered in the new era, however — the previous sign has been removed in favor for one that glows brightly in the inky black evening air. The lilac florescent bleeds into the fog. Below the sign, curling clouds of shimmer waft towards the street’s lamplight.
There's a rag-tag gaggle outside, men and women gathered to leer and look through the windows, to consider the services — a few girls hang off their arms, goading them to come inside, to warm up, to get comfortable...
He ambles down from the carriage and shrugs his overcoat closer. It's nearly winter now. The days, as dim as they are, have grown shorter. He can see his breath now, mingling with smoke from his cigarette. He flicks the dying ember to the ground.
Silco's gold-tipped shoes meet the cobblestone. In one move, he leans and smothers the light with his heel. His leather gloves, as soft as silk, pass along the carriage door as he snaps it shut.
His men flank him as the carriage peels away.
The sea of bodies — watching owlishly at the appearance of the Undercity’s reigning Kingpin — parts with ease.
His good eye slips across a few of the faces — he meets them with level disinterest.
Silco, tall and lean, ducks through the open door of the brothel.
He's visited one brothel in this life of his. Babette's. He was young, then. Not a boy, but still half the man he is now. Vander, then, was tied to his hip. Now, older and wiser, he's settled that this sort of work perplexes him. More than anything, he respects it. Deeply so. It's the price of the truest vulnerability. Physically exhausting. Mentally draining. The list is long.
Immediately, heat greets him. The snap and crackle of a well-maintained fire burns in the corner. There's a girl behind the main desk — but she's far off in a book. The walls are a pale purple, rimmed with intricate, merlot top and bottom trim.
Silco inhales and moves to peel his gloves off.
You've touched up the wallpaper. Added a few new pieces of furniture.
He drops them on the counter. Still, no stir. He continues to take in the establishment, to look at the faces of workers and patrons alike. Then, for good measure, he reaches to ring the bell by the stack of pamphlets detailing services.
Suddenly, he realizes lobby of The Lilac Lounge has gone silent. Packed to the brim with pretty faces. The phonograph in the corner drones on some low tune.
The girl behind the desk — she's young, maybe a few years older than his Jinx — is looking at him with eyes wider than a mile when he finally finishes his lackadaisical inspection of the lobby.
His head lolls to her, attention torn from the piece in the corner. It’s new, he thinks. He can’t remember. Yeleni never had an appreciation for art. You are different.
"H-How may I help you, sir?" comes a timid question.
Silco speaks as warm as ever; he leans with one arm on the counter. His face softens. The girl is young.
"I'm here to see the Madam, sweet dear."
Her posture is straight as an arrow. Silco watches as she swallows. Her eyes seem to seek comfort in the sea of workers around her. They seem just as unsure as her.
"Th-The Madam is very busy," she explains in a rehearsed manner; Silco is left to wonder then how many visitors have come asking for you by name, "She is only to be seen by appointment."
Hm. Curious, he tuts.
Suddenly, Silco can hear your voice.
While this room has gone still, the winding river of workers and patrons has not slowed in the hallway beyond the lobby. The calls of chatter are equally comfortable as they are poised. Flirtations and jeers, music and sex. All of it blends together in the electric atmosphere of the brothel on this busy weeknight.
"Take them straight home to your mother," you call as the figure of man rounds the corner. Silco sees that you're pushing him by the shoulders out the door; there's a box in his arms, and he's laughing, and you've got a warm smile on your face, "Get these damn creams out of my brothel—"
The corners of his eyes crinkle, painted with lilac shadow and shimmer. He stills, however, at the sight of Silco.
You do, as well.
Immediately, you’re assessing the situation in the room with a matronly concern. In a flash, you’re looking at Gwenievere — the young girl behind the main desk. She looks apologetic; guilt washes over you in a flash. Clearly, she’d heeded your instructions to beat back visitors by insisting on appointments. And... Well. You pride her in her dedication for insisting the Kingpin of Zaun needed a damn appointment.
Your voice is warm. A rush of relief, almost. Silco wonders if perhaps that’s wishful thinking.
"Hello, Madame."
The smile he offers is lopsided but warm.
His voice is warm. Cordial. Very bit the gentleman.
But, why is he here? To pay a visit? Or —
“To what do I—?”
Suddenly, you snap rigid.
Silco, at first, isn't sure how to read the expression — in truth, he's a bit preoccupied by the rather Edwardian state of your attire. Your blouse is tucked into trimmed trousers, and the sleeves billow around your elbows in a mismatched roll. It's a very different appearance than the one you'd manicured when you'd visited him for business. This one, loose and easy, seems to speak more to your nature.
Rather charming, really. Horrifically so.
You've clearly been busy. There's a quill behind your ear. A smear of ink is dashed across your chin.
You round the counter in a few long strides as your hand reaches up to your lips, hoping to smother a look of sudden remembrance. As easy as breathing, you touch the sleeve of his overcoat.
Silco settles his weight on one long leg as he leans against the desk and tries to reign in his look of appreciation.
The whole room hangs on the interaction.
The whispers are starting. Faces peering in windows, courtesans hanging from the doorframes. Eyes watching.
The Madam touched Silco.
"I knew I'd forgotten something," there's a squeeze then, and an apologetic exhale that tells him enough about your current state of affairs. Your eyes are heavy with a genuine sort of look that makes Silco feel as if he's been completely disarmed, "How many days?"
"Three," he replies easily, almost bored. His gaze is rooted on you.
More whispers as more heads duck back into their rooms. Since when does Silco go easy on debts owed? Will there be trouble? He doesn't seem angry—
"—Shit," you curse in a whisper as you press your fingers to your brow.
Suddenly, you're painfully aware of your less than impressive appearance.
If you had known he was coming, perhaps you'd have worn something a little nicer. At the very least, maybe fix the mess of your hair.
God, you have ink all over you.
And here he is — oozing power, as magnanimous as it is. He's prim. Not a hair out of place. His aftershave is sharp. Masculine. Handsome. The whole of him is entirely so.
You've not gone a day without think of him, not with that beautiful painting hanging in your office.
"I understand you've been quite busy, Madame," Silco explains slowly as he inhales and pulls himself up from this lean, "And I had yet to see The Lilac Lounge under its new management. I chose not to pass up the opportunity."
You note the tone. Cooler now. Like you're back in his office, dancing politely around business dealings. The danger lay in the implications.
So, this is one of those moments — the ones Babette mentioned.
He will show he holds the leash. Be ready for it.
But, this seems different.
"I'd offer a tour," you say lightly, testing the waters, "Though I have a feeling some of my courtesans would be eager to volunteer first."
A compliment. The corner of his lip quirks. You notice.
"Kindly, I'll have to decline. Perhaps, though, a tour of your office? Or, would I need an appointment, miss?”
His smile is inclined Gwen’s way. It’s kind. Fatherly. The girl bites her cheek shyly.
“I think we can pencil you in. What do you think, Gwen?”
“Yes, Madam.”
With that, Silco nods to his men behind him. They ease up, reminding you that despite Silco’s calmness there are others who are keen to act. You give him a thankful look. He gathers his folded gloves in his hands and gestures for you to lead the way.
More chatter passing between lips and ears now. And did you hear about the painting? He's going to her office alone, now—
Silco doesn't mind the narrow hall you lead him down. He does feel a bit like a piece of meat, in all honesty, when eyes follow the both of you to the office at the far end of the long hall. His shoes pad along quietly, long strides following your lighter, more graceful ones.
Masked and painted faces stare back at him with every colorful, bright room passed. Giggles and whispers crescendo at your passing, silenced by the older courtesans clearly encouraging the younger ones to mind their business — all while their own eyes narrow in critically on their Madam and the Kingpin.
Finally, your office.
It's rather...
Silco looms behind you, his hands tucked neatly into his overcoats pockets, as you lead him through the open door.
Your voice is quiet. "I apologize about the mess. Admittedly, it’s been quite the week.”
“Appointments...?” Silco asks quietly as you move to nudge the door to your office closed. He watches you over his shoulder as you flick your eyes down the hall one last time; you’re aware of the curiosity this little visit has drawn. They’ll talk. You decide to let them.
Your exhale is tired as you move across the room, clearing off a plush little armchair for him adjacent to Yeleni’s — no, your desk.
"I’m sure you know how it is. Transitions in power always garner attention,” you explain as you struggle with a stack of paper. You plop it down on the long table in the middle of the room, set between two loveseats. It’s cluttered with various boxes and stacks of paper you’ve procured from God knows where. You rub your cheek as you turn back to him, “Some of the Chem Barons were hoping I’d forgo Yeleni’s previous contracts and seek new, exciting, profitable opportunities.”
You waggle your fingers. Your tone indicates your lack of interest.
Silco scoffs.
You laugh a little at his reaction, then move to the fireplace against the far wall. It’s dying — and you prod it lightly with one of the glimmering pokers Yeleni had kept over the years. The crackle is satisfying.
Then, his attention turns to the painting you’ve ceremoniously hung behind your desk.
It fit nicely. Just as he’d hoped.
You take a few steps closer, padding gently on the carpet, and extend a hand. “Let me take your coat?”
Silco’s attention is torn back to you. He obliges. For a moment, the tension between you is thicker than smog. You blame the proximity.
So, you take the heavy, wool overcoat from his shoulders and hang it neatly on the back of the tall chair across from your desk. You smooth it down. It’s warm. Smells like his cologne. Smoke clings to the collar.
When you turn back to him, he’s adjusting his golden cufflinks. His eyes are still on the painting.
“Missing it?” you ask playfully.
Silco’s good eye squints a bit in jest. “I believe it’s better suited with you.” Then, a pause. His voice falters. It’s quiet. “Do you like it?”
“Like it?” You sidle up beside him. “I love it. Thank you. Truly, Silco.”
He hangs onto that. It settles neatly in his heart. If he had a locket, perhaps he’d write the words down. Tuck them away.
“I’m... I’m glad.”
“Yes, well, I really went and showed my appreciation, didn’t I?” you sigh and move across the room to your desk, “Three days... I’m sorry, Silco—”
“I figured you were busy,” he chirps, bending at the waist to pluck up a stack of... budgeting expenses? From... god, from seventeen years ago? “With... this?”
The keys in your hand jingle. You close the top drawer of your desk. The eyeroll is as exasperated as the expression on his face.
“Welcome to my new life.”
“She kept...” he wets his thumb and flips a stack of pages; his eyes flick across the parchment, “All of this?”
You roughly unlock the bottom drawer to your desk. In it sits a neat silken satchel of coin currency. The gold tinkers as you set the heavy little purse down on the desk. You wag the key at him. “With no organizational system. I’ve been finding laundry notes mixed in with things like that.”
Silco sneers. “Why not just burn it all?”
You lean back in the large chair, head dropped back against the lilac leather.
You sag a bit.
“Because,” comes the tender reply, “Suddenly, I’m... Suddenly, I’m mother to forty people who... w-who rely on me to make sure they eat, that they have somewhere to sleep. And I have no idea how Yeleni did it.”
The Kingpin’s expression softens.
“You’re overwhelmed.”
Less of a question. More an assessment.
Your gaze connects with his. You’re quiet for a while. “Babette told me not to let you in on to that little secret.”
Silco’s laugh is more like a little puff of air. His eye closes briefly. He places the stack of papers down, and tucks his hands in his pockets. His voice is gravelly and low. “Yes, well, Babette and Yeleni both adored me—”
It’s your turn to snicker. You stand and move towards the small cart in the corner by the sonograph. “Babette seems rather proud to claim you visited her brothel—”
Silco stiffens. He almost snarls. “Please. She’s still spinning that tale? It was decades ago."
With a smooth pop, you uncork a bottle of wine. It’s by no means the sort you’d ever dream of offering Silco, but he seems to beat your preemptive warning as he nears the cart. You pour some for yourself in a shallow little glass, and the Kingpin moves to take the bottle from your hand.
He’s had plenty of bad wine in his life.
It’s humbling.
“Is that not what happened, then?” you raise a brow and lean back against the table as Silco pours himself a glass, “She warned me — that Silco, she said, quite the charmer...”
So this is what we’re doing.
He pauses, stream stopped, and flicks his eyes up to you. “Do I seem the type to indulge in...”
He waves a hand around him, gesturing to the office. To the brothel as a whole. Then, he finishes pouring his glass.
“...All this?”
“No, you’re far too busy,” you say quickly as you swallow a mouthful of wine, “But, you did gift the Madam of The Lilac Lounge an authentic Friedlingmer — to which she is incredibly thankful, had I said that yet?”
“You did,” he clinks his glass to yours. There’s a glimmer of something in his eye. Mischief, maybe?
“Yes, well. You're a smart man. Surely you’re aware of how that looks?”
“Painfully so,” comes the rough swallow; Silco’s mouth is red from the wine. It’s by no means the worst he’d had. He takes another sip and straightens his posture. He places the glass down on the cart and easily recorks the bottle with the heel of his palm; he considers his next words carefully, “And pray tell, perhaps that is what I intended? What then, Madame?”
You’re suddenly aware of how close the two of your are standing. The room is warm. Your skin is hot. Your cross your arm across your chest, holding your wine delicately as you tilt your head and hold his gaze.
“I’d be flattered.”
It’s quiet. He asks as if he’s anticipating it.
For whatever reason, that stings. Your brows twitch. Silco can see it. He breaks from your gaze to eye his wine. He swirls it absently and exhales.
“There’s no disqualifier. I — I am flattered,” you step away, moving towards your desk, “Though I have to be completely clear that I’m the Madam of this house. If you’re expecting trade for gifts, I regret to inform you I no longer offer those services.”
Suddenly, you hear him choke over your shoulder. Silco slams his fist into his chest, coughing roughly. Lights alive.
“You misunderstand—”
Your brow rises sharply. Silco pushes a hand through his hair, moving a flash of greying strands back.
"Do I?” you ask, confused.
“Yes,” he urges, then snaps his good eye shut, “No, not entirely — that sounded horrible. I apologize. I hadn’t meant to insinuate that... this...”
His hand falls. His words die. He pinches his brow.
“You thought I was propositioning sex?” he asks then as he looks up at you with a pained expression, plain as day and dry as the wine.
You roll your eyes and your posture sags; you kick the edge of your desk and lean against it. “No, no. I — not at first. I thought the gift was lovely — but, then I had plenty of chattering little courtesans making me think I was giving it more weight than it truly held.”
“I intended for it to... be heavy. To have some meaning.”
Your gaze catches his. He looks utterly distraught. Almost embarrassed. There’s something charming about the erosion of his usual icy composure. You find you like it quite a bit — his concern about your respect.
You tug the inside of your cheek between your teeth.
Fuck it.
Then, Silco watches you move quickly towards the second drawer to the top on your desk. You’re focused, gently procuring a small wooden box. When you stand, Silco catches a glimpse of a gilded little seal running along the front.
You set it down.
He watches you.
“These are for you.”
His attention bounces between you and the box. As he nears, you set his wine down gently on the desk. You can see the flash of surprise on his face.
Expensive, Piltover-finest cigars. Cigars wrapped in gilded labels, sealed tightly in a cedar box. There’s a gauge on the side, reading out the humidity of the inside. Clean, dark paint. Clearly well-minded. Imported.
His face softens.
He clears his throat.
“Do... Do these have weight, then, Madame?”
Your heart catches a bit. You exhale, ignoring the dreamy flicker of his lashes when he scans your face. There’s hope on his face, you realize. Silco tries to smother it before you see it, but it’s too late.
“They do, Silco,” you answer honestly.
His fingertips run along the seam. The action is... Well. You file that away.
“These were expensive.”
“Perhaps you can forgive me for being three days late on payment, then?” you jest, trying to lighten the tension. It’s wrapped itself around your heart.
Silco’s lip quirks. He pulls back from the box, swigging his wine. He sets the empty glass down and wets his lips. When he looks back up at you, you have to try not to squirm.
His voice is low. Honest. Warm. Tender.
“You were forgiven the moment I saw you again, my dear Madame.”
You swear then that your heart is his hearth. His words are wood, and your affections are the flames lapping eagerly up at them.
He's rather proud of himself.
He feels a rush of boyish pride at your parted lips, at your soft look — in the chaos of your office, he's made you slow down. He is the center of your attention. You, the beautiful Madam of The Lilac Lounge.
Suddenly, the grey in his hair and the ache in his knees and the lines on his face aren't so apparent.
Silco straightens his tie.
"Is this the payment in full?" he asks, gesturing to the velvet purse.
You nod, still holding your wine. You watch him.
With ease, he sweeps his overcoat on. The collar, high and crimson, kisses his cheek as he snaps the front down. He gathers his gloves, slides them on, and begins the arduous task of snapping each button. He makes the task look near poetic. Pretty.
He pushes a hand through his hair and bends to gather the gold.
Then, Silco extends a hand.
You graciously give your own.
This time, there's no glove to keep his lips from your skin. The kiss he presses to your knuckles is chaste. The look he slides up at you amidst it is dangerous. You know yourself well enough to steal your breath, to bide your beating heart. Your fingers twitch. Silco straightens himself and lets them slip from his grasp.
It's all... very romantic.
He gathers the cigar box and gingerly tucks it beneath his arm.
"I thank you for your time, Madame."
When he pulls the door open, you hear the scatter of footsteps. His head drops, and his laugh is quiet. You both know well enough that privacy is a rare enough gift in a place like this. You worry your lip and take one more sip of your wine.
Your face is hot.
"Silco?" you call as he steps into the hall.
He turns, inky black eye casting you a forlorn look over his shoulder.
"Do tell me how the cigars are."
...He will.
He smiles at you — toothy and sharp — and begins down the hall.
You watch and watch and watch until... he's gone. And the brothel sighs with ease and the halls flood with expectant faces and eager looks and gossiping little smiles.
But, lights alive, what do you have to say for yourself?
After all, you were three days late on payment.
And that's all the courtesans get out of you for now.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Did somebody say more Cozy Dad Silco headcanons? 
I doodled this while watching Jason Spisaks live signing this afternoon, I can’t wait to get my new prints in the mail the quality is so good and Jason always has the sweetest things to say for this fandom! 
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a-gal-with-taste · 5 months ago
His Colors
Tumblr media
Summary: You don't know why, or what convinced you it was a good idea. It WASN'T a good idea, and men had gotten killed for much less, than daring to put on your employer's coat and then getting caught wearing it when he returns to his office. However, Silco has an... interesting response to seeing you wearing his apparel.
Pairing: Silco X GN!Reader (Pre-Slash)
Wordcount: 1.5K
Warnings: SFW. Some romantic/sexual tension, small mention of violence, Silco being slightlypossessive
Note: No thoughts, just Silco taking one look at the person of his desire wearing his clothes/colors and immediately going 'Hm...Yes. Mine now.' He 100% is the type who would be smug for days if he realized you were twinning.
"You look good in my colors." You nearly jump a mile, immediately going to yank the coat off of your shoulders, before your boss lets out a small sigh and shortly says, "Leave it," as you hear the door click sharply shut behind him.
Fingers freezing on the collar, you lower your hands down increment by small, small increment as he comes over to you step by slow, slow step. Apologies turn to ash in your mouth as the Eye of Zaun smoothly steps into view on the mirror in front of you, face impassive though you're sure your darting eyes from his face to your own wide-eyed expression is nothing short of comedy.
"Um... I-i really don't know what... what possessed me to put it on, sir."
"I don't know either." He comments, eyes cool,  boring into yours through the reflection. The side he stands on, and just behind you is prickling, and it takes all the strength in your body not to jerk as he reached over, hands going towards your neck. The Industrialist wasn't known for his on-hands approach when it comes to retribution, but for daring to put on his prized coat after he left you alone in his office for only two minutes?
Men had been killed for even less, so yes, you could see him strangling you for this show of audacity, and you close your eyes in preparation, biting back a embarrassing whimper for mercy as you feel hands pass either side of your neck.
Keeping your eyes close, you wait for the inevitable, and are surprised, and confused when it doesn't come. Instead, you hear a faint rustle of fabric as the flaps of the coat-collar are pulled out a bit more, and then straightened, before your skin tingles through the thick fabric as you feel his hands slip down from your collarbones to smooth them into place. The hands remain in place, between the space of your chest and collar, and you release a breath you didn't realize you were holding as his voice quietly, and patiently orders, "Open your eyes."
Never one to disobey, you do so. You manage to breath normally even as your gaze instantly hones onto Silco still standing directly behind you. Even though you felt him, you still can't help but flicker your gaze down to his hands on your body, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. As if noticing where your eyes were at, he moves those hands from where they rested, to rest at your shoulders and slowly begins to turn you away from the floor-length mirror to face him.
You stand before Silco with hands limp at your sides, trying and failing to look away from his duel-colored eyes as he looks at yours without any hesitation, and without revealing a single thought going on in his mind. His hands remain on your shoulders as he drops his gaze down, following the coats form around your body while you find your ears start to burn at the mortification of this entire situation. "Sir, really, I'm-"
He trails his hand from your shoulder, gripping your bicep lightly, but firmly, while the other reaches over and takes your wrist from that same arm. Pulling that appendage up and out a bit, you're rendered mute as he runs a rather critical eye over the fit of the sleeve of his own coat around your arm. He pushes up the sleeve lightly from your wrist in his examination, and you feel your skin prickle, and ears burn with the feel of his skin on yours.
His hands are, surprisingly warm. You don't know why you always thought they would be as frigid as the man usual appears, but you suppose not...
"What are your measurements?" Silco asks, suddenly. Opening your mouth, no sound comes out. He glances back up at your owlish expression, and repeats the question again slowly, but again, you just can't seem to form the words or numbers he wants.
He sighs, clarifying a bit dryly. "Your shirt size."
You close your mouth, swallow, and tell him. He nods, and drops your arm, which you bring back to your side as he smoothly steps back, rendering you stiff.
He lets out a silent breath through his teeth with a nod to himself, hooking a thumb into the pocket of his pants while the other hand absently, thoughtfully rubs on his chin. The fact that he's just standing there, analyzing you, has you bewildered but nonetheless on-edge in preparation for whatever punishment he's concocting for you.
It's useless, you've seen others try and fail, but you try to plead your case nonetheless, "Sir... Silco, I truly am sorry for, um... putting your stuff on while you were-" You're voice is halted as he silently moves his hand from his chin, raising his index finger for silence as he closes his eye in thought, the lidless hellfire-black one still staring into the middle-distance. You can't help but feel as though it's still trained on you, and any other words you had in mind escape you.
A beat. Then the tip of his finger does a slow circle towards the ceiling.
You blink. He opens that brighter, seafoam green eye, and looks at you expectantly under a hooded lid and lashes. Swallowing, chest suddenly feeling tight, you find your feet and body doing the work for you as you brain goes dumb in your astonishment, turning in a slow, disbelieving circle for your boss while wearing his coat.
You feel fire race through your body when you hear him hum distantly by the time you're a third of the way through your rotation, eyes immediately locking onto his still-carefully unexpressive ones as you face him again, your brow raised in a million silent questions. Silco doesn't say anything, again a hand rubbing lightly at his lower face as his eyes roam over your form slowly again. Perhaps Silco takes pity on you (more than likely, he's finished with his examination) as he holds out his hand after another moment of you staring dumbfounded while he looks you over.
You can't seem to get out of his luxurious red, black and golden coat fast-enough, although you slow down considerably as he remarks lowly, with what you almost swear is teasing in his tone, "Don't rip it."
A jolt runs up your arm as you brush hands with his as he gently takes the coat you hold back out to him, casually smoothing the invisible wrinkles on the fabric before folding it over his arm. You stand at attention, awaiting for... well, at this point, you have no idea what you're in for, but his thoughtful expression fades back to neutrality as he looks back up to you. "I trust you've finished with your work for the day?" You nod, quickly & assuringly, and the corner of Silco's mouth quirks up.
"Good. You may go then." He turns, still running his hand over his coat, and you don't dare to take a blessing for granted as you turn and speed-walk out the door.
The moment you're in the hallway outside his office, with the door clicking shut, you let out a long huff of air at your moronic behavior, raising your hands to drag your face down as you silently berate yourself-
You freeze, inhale shortly again though your nose. Your cheeks flare with heat, as you realize you still smell the lingering of smoke, seasalt and cologne from your little stunt with the jacket. It's faint, but it is just so... so Silco, you can't help but jerk them down from your nose as soon as possible, arms stiff at your sides as you march away from the office with quick, determined steps to try and work on forgetting this mortifying incident as quickly as possible.
It works. For a time.
It works, until a week later when you find yourself called to the office.
It works, until you stand in front of Silco's desk and watch with a dry mouth as he slowly opens the slim tailor box on his desk, seemingly bemused by your inability to speak as he gestures you into position at the mirror.
Your attempt to forget the previous incident works, until once more Silco's hands rest just beneath your collarbone as he stands behind you in the mirror. Watching how your eyes scan over the altered, perfectly tailored jacket he had draped over your shoulders, silently guiding your lifeless arms through when all you could do was stare.
The popped-collar is much smaller, fabric close to highlight the line of your throat, with the coat stopping just above your hips, but you would be lying if your jaw didn't drop a little more every time you noted the stunning familiarity in that deep burgundy, smooth black and those gold accents in your new coat.
"See?" You let out a shaky breath as Silco's voice breaths past your ear, warmth filling your chest and cheeks as you feel his hands subtly massage into your shoulders. You see his reflection smile coyly at you from just behind, before your eyes slip close with a shiver as you feel the barest hint of lips along the tip of the jacket-collar at your neck. "Just like I said. You look good in my colors."
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24hlevi · 6 months ago
Christmas W/ The Arcane Characters
Arcane Characters (Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Silco, & Viktor) X Gn!Reader
Summary: What spending christmas would be like with them
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- christmas with jinx is like it's the best day in the world, and for her, it is! whether that be the decorations that she loves putting up, or giving and receiving gifts, it doesn't matter! she loves the day no matter how it goes
- you two usually make your own decorations with the supplies that jinx never runs out of and put them up everywhere, even in silco's office which he complained about but never took them down
- jinx always wakes up first on christmas day, and that means she will forcibly wake you up so you two can open presents and if you don't wake up the first time she'll either shake you awake or make a powder filled bomb of green and red for you to wake up to
- she gets you a wide variety of different things for christmas, some are stolen while some are hand-made, and some have much deeper meaning than others which she always figures out how to do in the most fun way possible
- there MUST be hot chocolate made before opening presents, jinx just loves it to drink while opening the gifts because it really adds that christmas spirit for her
- she makes sure to get everyone presents, even if they don't like her or vice versa, she just wants to spread the happiness (even if the present is a bomb)
- after presents are done being opened, jinx clings onto you the rest of the day, continuously thanking you for what you got her and saying how much she loves you
- that night jinx tried to cook dinner, it didn't go so well so you two ended up finding something else to eat, but after eating she cuddled with you so close and would keep leaving small kisses on your neck while mumbling out a "merry christmas, toots."
Tumblr media
- spending christmas with vi is much more lowkey than with jinx, but that doesn't mean its not christmas, it's just not as chaotic as the blue haired girl
- vi loves decorating the christmas tree but will say no to decorating anything else but it's not hard to convince her to help so the place ends up having a fair amount of decor because vi said "too much will look like we're obsessed with christmas" (she is tho)
- vi was in prison for quite a while, so she has a difficult time with getting presents for you when she wasn't there for so long but she does try her best, usually she will get much more meaningful gifts than ones that you would like but didn't have much meaning behind them
- it is a struggle to wake her up on christmas day, and usually she'll just hold onto you and say "five more minutes" until you remind her what day it is and she then gets up, but make sure to have coffee or else she will be half awake while opening presents
- vi had literally no clue what you could have gotten her for christmas so she had no expectations or hopes for anything specific, but when you gave her gloves for when she fights that have your initials on each one plus random quotes that you've said to her that were meaningful, she teared up a bit and hugged you tightly
- jinx got her alcohol as a present and you can bet that she popped that thing open at 11 in the morning and finished it that night with your help of course and it was a hilarious mess after the first few drinks with vi singing christmas songs randomly (she's amazing at singing even when drunk) and dragging you to dance with her whilst singing and tripping over her own feet
- you had to end up making dinner that night because vi tried and she ended up burning it all because she forgot about it since she was too busy dancing to the music until you yelled at her that there was literally a fire behind her
- by the end of the night vi was still a bit tipsy as she laid with you, slightly rambling about how great this christmas was with you until she eventually fell asleep with her head on your chest
Tumblr media
- spending christmas with caitlyn is just so amazing and she is always 10x more affectionate on holidays, it's like watching a sunset on a beach, it's beautiful, peaceful, and the best thing to do with the person you love most
- cait is a master at decorating, and expect the whole place to have decorations because she loves christmas and decorating so it's a win-win for her and she will definitely put mistletoe up and get you under it just for an excuse to kiss you
- okay but she loves baking so she pre-made a bunch of sweets and basically anything she can make christmas themed so that the next morning on christmas you guys can eat sweets the whole day
- caitlyn has quite a bit of money, so the presents she gets you can be more on the expensive side but she always makes sure that they have a deeper meaning than the price of the item but she loves gifting jewelry
- she wakes up early in general and christmas is no different, so she will wake you up when the sun isn't even up yet because she wakes up so early but she won't mind staying in bed with you until you're actually awake and the sun is up but she makes coffee before waking you up so that it's prepared for when you do get up
- after presents are done, you two end up going out for lunch despite it being freezing outside and barely any places being open but caitlyn already made reservations so it was all planned and worked out
- when you two get back home, caitlyn is attached to your side asking if today went well for you and gets so happy when you say yes and then she makes a great dinner because it's christmas and that means having a good dinner that night, at least to her it means that
- as you two are going to bed, she is still clinging to you and leaving kisses all over your face and neck while saying how much she loves you with her arms wrapped around you tightly as if you were to leave suddenly
Tumblr media
- christmas with silco seems like it's not that big of a deal, but after he met you he actually started to care about it (minus always giving things to jinx)
- he hates christmas decorations but when he was out of the office one day you and jinx decorated the whole place for when he got back and he just stared in disbelief but never said anything about how he didn't like it or wanted them taken down
- coffee is needed before he can even think about what day it is or how loud jinx is yelling from the door to your shared bedroom so have it ready for him and make sure to not give any to jinx or she'll be bouncing off the walls more than usual which will give silco a heart attack
- silco gets you really good looking clothes for you to wear when you're working with him or others (they match his but he'll claim it was an "accident") and a lot of fancy jewelry and accessories but there is one present that he got that actually has a lot of meaning to it that he saves for last
- he doesn't care about what you get him, because he doesn't need anything else when he has you and jinx and that's truly enough for him, but he will still appreciate and use every gift that's given to him
- for christmas he makes sure that no one does any work so they can actually enjoy the holiday but only because you suggested it to him and he actually listened which surprised everyone
- silco makes sure to make dinner for you and jinx which is amazing as usual but he does add more than the usual since it is a holiday
- going to bed after the day, silco lays beside you in silence before thanking you for how good the day was
Tumblr media
- christmas with viktor is like sitting beside a fire indoors and watching the snow fall outside, it's the best thing that could happen while it being winter
- its difficult for vik to put up decorations in certain places, but he does love seeing them as they put him in the real christmas spirit
- he ends up working so hard on christmas eve so that he doesn't have to on christmas that it's super hard to wake him up unless you have a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast
- viktor loves christmas music, and he most definitely will play it in the morning and the whole day on repeat so if you don't like christmas music then oh well
- viktor gets you presents that he mostly made himself rather than spending money on presents that he doesn't even know if you'll like while he knows what to make you that you'll use and enjoy
- get him literally anything and he will be so happy it doesn't even matter what it was but say you got him a new cane that is better for stability and isn't on the verge of breaking apart, he will love you forever and stay attached to you forever
- viktor makes dinner with your help which turns out amazing surprisingly as usually you end up eating alone since he's always in the lab but he always makes up for it on days like these
- as you two are going to sleep, he just looks at you with a faint smile on his lips before whispering out a "thank you, my love"
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viktorstittytank · 6 months ago
Being Silco’s secretary headcanons
☁️ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚🐑
Tumblr media
.when you saw the ad for zaun’s precious Silco in need of a secretary you laughed
.you didn’t take it seriously and jokingly applied with some of your friends
.all fun and games until you found yourself in Silco’s office in business casual and stilettos
.the man will stare you down for what feels like an eternity
.”Do you know why I chose you?”
.”You were the only idiot to actually send me their application.”
.will wear you to hell just for the fun of it cus he likes seeing you huffy.
.”Y/n bring me my jacket.” “Y/n sharpen this pencil.” “Y/n could you do this paperwork for me my hand is getting tired.” “Y/n go tell Jinx I said no.”
.You'd reluctantly carry out the tasks just thankful the man hadn’t murdered you out of boredom
.As soon as you’re able to sit down and work on any paperwork he’ll give you commentary
.”I dont like your slacks today.”then give you that sinister smirk knowing full well he provided you with your uniforms
.You are expected to have his coffee memorized because no he does not take it black that’s not complicated enough for you.
. When he’s frustrated you 100% have to take the fall
.It gets to the point that if Finn pisses him off you’ll find discreet ways to ruin Finn’s life
. Jinx will bother you for sure. Why? Cus he’ll let her
.He only says something if she gets carried away
.One time she jokingly cut up your blouse…while you were wearing it
.You went home humiliated and he had to boost your pay just so you would step foot in his office again. Safe to say he keeps Jinx at an arms length for you from here on out
.After a while he’ll start to play nice
.When paperwork is at its worst and the two of you are working late nights he’ll look up and see you passed out and just quietly drape his coat over you taking any unfinished work away
.will pretend he doesn’t know what you’re talking about if you bring it up later
.sighs constantly. You listen to it so much it becomes a sound of comfort
.never tells you about the missions or his business above ground so that you’ll be safe
.one day you’ll come in and find a gift basket waiting for you on your desk
.he doesn’t say anything and he’ll come off a little tense but if you thank him he’ll ease up
.randomly sends you home cus your voice is like an ear worm and simple phrases you’ve said will echo through his mind for way too long
.he hates the way you look at him. Batting those big Betty boop lashes (currently realizing he doesn’t even know who that is) up at him.
.you look like a doll and in his mind he’s an old man so he’s definitely never gonna approach you in a romantic way
.will let his feelings die/ consume him in silence.
.Eventually once he’s faced the fact he’s fallen for you you’re gonna lose your job and get demoted to like bartender at the last drop or something
.he’ll come by and visit but it won’t be the same
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cammys-imagines24 · 5 months ago
•Being in a Relationship with Silco•
Tumblr media
Well, first of all, no ones going to be able to lay a hand on you, that's for sure.
Much less get within twenty feet of you.
Silco has his most valued people guarding you at all times.
You are his queen. The Queen of Zaun.
Silco was a silent admirer of yours for a long time til he finally decided that he couldn't bare not telling you anymore.
The reason it took him a while to voice his interest was because he didn't want his life for you.
While he believes in his cause and he has great plans for his Nation of Zaun, he also acknowledges that it wouldn't be the first choice of many.
He didn't wish to place you into a life of crime unless he was sure you would reciprocate his affections.
But once you did, he made sure to leave nothing hidden from you.
Silco will never lie to you, sugar coat the specifics of his work and never leave anything out.
He will not pretend to be a saint as he feels that would be unfair to you and he wants your love for him to be true, monstrous details included.
Silco will take you with him to the meetings with the other bosses, he'll show you around his Shimmer warehouses and he will unveil to you the darkest parts of the Undercity.
The true underbelly of the beast, where no light shines whatsoever and where addicts dwell, suffering and deformed because of the very drug he distributes.
It is no great, happy bonding moment when Silco shows you these things but he will never hide who he is from your gaze.
And, you loving him despite all, despite every evidence to the contrary he lays at your feet makes him trust you above all others.
You have largely become the main reason he continues to fight for his perfect world because he'll be damned if he doesn't keep you happy and safe.
He will use everyone in the Undercity and Piltover as mere pawns to ensure your contentment.
Silco is honestly one of the most accepting gentlemen out there.
If you're feeling insecure about anything, anything at all, he will simply tell you how perfect you are and that he would not choose a partner who is anything less than enchanting.
Though his words are spoken simply and very matter of fact, they are filled with such conviction that it is easy to believe him when he calls you his "queen".
Silco would be very happy to have a child with you since he honestly loved raising Jinx.
But, having a baby between you two and seeing them grow right from the start? Seeing the combination of both your genes into this whole new person? That's a bit of a fantasy of his.
Of course, if you don't wish to have a child he will drop the conversation immediately. He is getting along in years after all.
Besides, it's hard enough as it is keeping you safe, much less a newborn who can't walk or talk and is such easy prey.
As much as he may fantasize about having a child with you, he doesn't know himself if he even wants to bring a true innocent into the crusade he started.
It's worse enough that his love for you brought you into it.
You're not going anywhere near Shimmer. He would never let you become addicted to that shit.
Silco enjoys asking for your opinion on matters having to do with his business and empire. He admires your intellect and he is always open to viewing things from a different perspective.
Plus, he never wants you to feel ignored.
Since you're already in his world, you may as well be his partner in all his operations.
Silco loves to spend quality time with you, even if it's just both of you reading your own selective books but sitting together.
Even if it's just taking a walk around the city together once a day or on the rare when he allows himself a break from work and spends hours on end talking with you.
He often cannot give you the quantity both he and you wishes for but when you do spend time together he always makes it feel like you two are the only ones in the world.
Silco is very good at making everything else melt away so that you can receive all his attention.
He's incredibly kinky. Bondage, you restrained of course, call him "daddy" and see what happens, spanking, blind folding, if you're being bratty he'll delight in punishing you and he loves marking you up in some way.
A complete 100% dom. Will never be a switch. Will never be a sub.
Silco's sex drive is pretty high despite his age just because he's been deprived of a partner for so long and because there's nothing more amusing than to have you begging for him.
He gets a kick out of hearing you scream his name and any moan, whimper and mewl he elicits out of you turns him on so much.
He will whisper such dirty things in your ear at all times just to get a reaction out of you.
You two have had sex in his office, on his desk, more times than you can count.
Silco's love language to you is definitely gifts and acts of service.
He treats you like royalty, buying anything you could ever wish for and then some. Jewelry, flowers, trinkets, interesting inventions, weapons, dinner at fancy restaurants, etc.
He doesn't think of it as buying your affections but simply that you should have all these novelties anyway. Just that you deserve the best.
Any hobby or interest you have he will purchase anything and everything in relation to your preferred pastimes.
How Silco services you is important, too. He makes it his job to ensure that you're safe, always.
He prefers this silent approach to showing you how much he loves you rather than saying it.
By being there when you're sick, by staying in bed with you an hour longer in the morning despite his busy schedule, by listening to you go on about your day and by remembering every detail of your relationship, he is plainly displaying how much you mean to him.
How much he values you, not just as his chosen partner but also as an individual person.
The love language Silco requires is more vocal affirmations and physical.
He simply loves it when you tell him you love him. It's like music to his ears.
Tell him you belong to him and be prepared to have him take you right then and there.
Tell him how much he means to you and you will receive a rare smile from him.
Silco has not had many kind words bestowed upon him, so to hear you say them and mean them is quite wondrous to him.
He has been deprived of true intimacy for as long as he can remember and now that he has it he doesn't wish to go without it.
At first Silco was a little reluctant to get too near you because of the scars upon his face and his grisly, unsettling to most, eye.
But you were never afraid and you always made sure to caress and kiss his face to let him know of your complete acceptance and adoration.
He appreciates it more than you will ever know, more than he will ever say out loud.
You injecting his toxic eye with a drop of Shimmer or helping him put on his makeup is routine now.
Silco loves the intimacy of it. Of letting you into his more bare moments.
When he shows you his own insecurities as you put on his concealer or draw in his eyebrow to match the other.
When he trembles in his seat and convulses because of the pink drug entering his system and you're there to calm him.
You're the only one he has let in, has let see all of him, not just the cunning, not to be taken lightly criminal that he shows the rest of the world.
You'd never betray him just like he never will forsake you and because of that Silco has allowed for you to take up a substantial portion of his heart.
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lullabyes22-blog · 20 days ago
Silco Headcanons 🦈
Silco headcanons because Crime Shark Dad is gnawing my brain with his sharp teefs again. Beware horribleness. Slight tw: for covert narcissistic features, I guess? 
Tumblr media
A flair for both writing and oratory. Definitely of the Angry Young Man persuasion. The pen is mightier than the sword - and he ain't afraid to stab a bitch with it. (Literally, once).
Contrarian to the core. He is That Asshole™ who enjoys playing devil's advocate just to learn his opponent's triggers - then pushing for the sadistic satisfaction of seeing them explode. 
Arguing with him is an exhausting endeavor akin to getting arrested. Everything you say will be weaponized against you. Better to zone out and engage as little as possible until he grows bored and leaves you alone.
Rage levels on par with Vi's pre-betrayal. Rage levels on par with Jinx's post-betrayal. Either way, that's a loooooot of rage. He's learnt to flick it on and off like a switch - but it's always there, beneath his surface sophistication, bleeding into all of his choices.
Different types of alcohol bring out different sides of his nature. There is a story behind each glass of whiskey on the rocks (keeps him mellow), highball of red wine (makes him nostalgic), shotglass of tequila (makes him belligerent), snifter of bourbon (makes him downright murderous before he blacks out.) 
Excellent at chess - but loses to Jinx because she makes wildly unpredictable moves with no pattern for him to second-guess and plan ahead.
Neptune in Gemini, for all y'all astrology lovers. 
Keeps his salon appointments like clockwork. Enjoys haircuts and manicures, and the overall sensation of being served. Reminds him of the privations of his youth, and how the Undercity deserves better.
Not that he's sharing, mind you. Charity is not in his vocabulary. Janna helps those who help themselves.
His laugh is nearly as creepy as Jinx's. One time they both burst into laughter at an awful joke - and every lackey within earshot thought the Drop was possessed by poltergeists. 
Surprisingly good dancer. Snappy footwork and a keen sense of rhythm. Also executes a mean hitch kick. 
His wardrobe costs more than his entire family could ever make in ten years. Every so often, he remembers this. Then he goes out and buys another suit.
Talks during sex. You’ll get a running commentary of all your best and worst attributes. Rip.
Has a weakness for Jazz music. Billie Holiday, Sinatra and Miles Davis leave his mood sentimental, upbeat or brooding, respectively. 
Master of the backhanded compliment. 
His style of seduction is negging you until you’re in tears. You’ll wake up in his bed the next morning, wondering Wtf just happened?
When he and Vander were teenagers, they hotwired an Enforcer's patrol-car and crashed it at the edge of the Sumps. Ranks as one of his five happiest memories. 
Oral fixations. If there's no cigarettes in range, he will gnaw pencils, straws, ice cubes, chicken bones. Younger, he used to chew his own fingernails, and learnt to wean himself off the habit because it telegraphed insecurity.
Those crooked teeth are sharp af. 
Code-switches seamlessly. His Piltie accent and mannerisms were acquired after spending time in Piltover’s academy on a Fissures’ scholarship. But if he’s drunk, angry or sleepy, the coarseness of the Lanes resurfaces in his speech patterns. 
Uses diminutives as a way to put people in their places rather than as a show of affection.
Speaking of affection - he grew up with little patience for physical displays. Then he met Jinx, and realized that a cuddly child climbing into his lap was maaaaybe not so bad. He'll indulge in it, but only up to a certain point. He's a busy man with a hundred things to do.
His love language is quality time + words of affirmation. He is also adept and welding them as weapons to get what he wants.
Can cook. i.e. can make edible food out of inedible food. Never particularly cared for fancy cuisine; he eats to live, not the other way around. Jinx changed that. Her horror at the blandness of his daily menu (fry-up for breakfast, boiled mutton for lunch, slurry mulch for dinner) motivated him to diversify his palate. Now he can whip up the spiciest stew and ice the cutest cupcakes. Sssh. It's the Undercity's best kept secret.
He enjoys being near bodies of water. Regularly goes to the Pilt - sometimes with Jinx, sometimes alone - to wade through the waters that nearly claimed his life.
Still capable of roof runs. Sadly, he's not as swift as during his youth. The injury to his eye has also screwed with his inner-balance; narrow spaces give him a queer sensation of vertigo.
A natural storyteller. Knows almost all the urban legends and folkore of the Undercity. He’d use them to entertain or soothe Jinx if she was upset.
Vander taught him to throw punches as a boy - same way Vi used to share her moves with the other sumpsnipes. The lessons still exist in his muscle-memory. He's deceptively spry and can pack a nasty right hook. 
He also fights insanely dirty. 
Consummate showman. Has an entrepreneur's fire in his belly and can charm you into forking over cash for the shittiest object - simply with how he dresses it up with his words.
A confrontationist with authority figures. As a teenager, he’s gotten into trouble with Enforcers on multiple occasions. Older, he's no different. He's simply traded his belligerence for a finely-concealed contempt. Also: bribes.
His favorite color is blue (because: Jinx).
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silence-burns · 5 months ago
Silco: voice
Fandom: Arcane 
Tumblr media
Silco was surprised when you told him how much you enjoyed his voice.
Until that moment, he didn't pay much attention to it. He wouldn't ridicule you for it, though - Silco would rather become more aware of various ways to use it for you. 
Silco would lean closer to you while speaking. He'd do it on purpose, making sure to brush the hair away from your ear. He'd love the goosebumps running up your neck in response.
Silco would take a lot of satisfaction in observing the way you reacted to him. He loved the quiet intake of breath you took every time he approached you from behind and put his chin on your shoulder. You'd lean back into his embrace and it would feel like everything was right. 
Pressed so closely together, you could feel the way Silco's words reverberated through his chest, especially if he spoke slowly, deepening his voice.
Silco uses a lot of tones depending on who he speaks to. He is aware that when it comes to successfully manipulating people, a plethora of small details must be taken into account. 
He wouldn't call himself the master of reading people, but a lot of Silco's business depended on being on good terms with difficult ones. During all those years spent at the very bottom of the Lanes, Silco had a lot of time and opportunity to learn and adjust.
He knows when to be silky smooth and alluring, and when to push and threaten and cut off the other party before they grow too sure of themselves. A lot can be forced onto a person if one knows how to play them.
Silco would refrain from using his tricks on you, though, or at least would be incredibly hesitant. A relationship for him equals boundaries to be set and lines not to be crossed - and he's especially careful about those because of his line of work. There are certain behaviors he has to uphold in the presence of his subjects, but prefers to leave them behind closed doors in private. 
Silco has never been the most talkative in bed, but he'd try his best once you admitted how much you loved to hear him. 
He'd take him time. If he teased you, it'd be without malice. He'd love to see you flustered, though, and would choose his words carefully.
Silco would also love to praise you, and would be very vocal about the way you felt against him.
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ineffableplum · 6 months ago
Giving Silco Shimmer Injections (Silco x Reader)
TW: Eyeball shots, not horribly graphic but still
-The only person he had ever allowed to give his injections was Jinx
-He's at his most vulnerable when he receives his injection, so don't be offended when he asks for privacy. The man was betrayed once and can't risk it. Especially not with you
-Over time he'll let you stay in the room. The door will be locked, as always, but your presence gives him security. Jinx doesn't complain when you stay, but she absolutely will wolf whistle the two of you when she leaves
-The first time you watched Silco get his shot, you were horrified. It wasn't the process that got to you- there was far too much violence in your day to day- rather the pain he went through
-Vial of Shimmer injected directly into the eyeball? Not pretty!
-You watch and provide comfort. Jinx injects and does the same. Honestly, you were impressed with the consistency from Jinx. Little shit was all over the place, so long as she could help Silco
-That was until she out late one night
-Silco was in a pissy mood from the latest Shimmer shipment and his daughter's absence. You let him work in peace, sitting quietly on his office couch reading. The large window displayed the city's lights, which shadowed his face. His frown was prominent
-You got up and made your way to besides his chair. Your arm rested over the top while you looked down at him
-He held his injection device in his hands
-The last thing you wanted was to overstep, but you knew he needed help. Silco looked up at you and sighed
-Sitting on his lap wasn't new. You straddled him, cupping his face in your hand gently. The scarred skin underneath you was nearly scalding, heat radiating from his face. You pressed a quick kiss to his nose
-"Do you want me to count down?" It was soft spoken as you tried to keep the mood calm. Silco blinked, "No, waiting is wor-"
-He hissed when you pushed the needle in. Quickly, you pulled away and tossed the device on the desk. Your arms wrapped around his slim frame and pulled him into you. He was shaking slightly, jaw clenched tightly
-Despite the sheen of sweat on his brow, you kissed his head delicately. He exhaled when you began to run your fingers through his hair. Slowly, the tension left him and he laid into you
-It was one of the most intimate moments you had shared. Holding him became a frequent occurrence
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lemmielem · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Branding is everything.
I hurt my own feelings with this one. I definitely have seen it suggested on here that Silco took inspiration from Jinx’s art for his evil ~brand~ … I just had to draw it out. -enjoy
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lacroixqueen · 4 months ago
i don't wanna keep secrets just to keep you (sevika x reader, office romance - 18+)
Tumblr media
Summary: Silco recently hired reader to be his new office assistant. She soon catches feelings for Sevika, and an office romance ensues.
Pairing: sevika x reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Tags: shyness, crushing, flirting, office romance, light fluff and angst
Author's Note: hiii sorry i haven't posted recently. med school has been busy asf and i have had no time to write. i put together this soft sweet piece for y'all so please enjoy~
You became Silco’s assistant a few months ago. He needed someone to place Shimmer orders, organize shipment paperwork, and generally keep the office organized and tidy. You were a bit skeptical at first, since working under Silco, the kingpin of Zaun, seemed like quite an intimidating endeavor.
You would be lying if you said the first few weeks on the job were easy. Silco really liked to pile work on you to see how you could handle the stress. Some days, you would come in at the crack of dawn and leave well into the middle of the night. You wanted to prove to him that you were a responsible employee who took your duties seriously.
As time went by though, he seemed to take it a bit easier on you by shortening your shifts and making your work more manageable. The more spare time he was willing to give you, the more often you spent it ogling his absolutely drop-dead gorgeous right-hand man.
Sevika didn’t come into the office that much. Silco usually sent her out on more dangerous missions in the field, like checking shipments in person or taking care of any pesky Chem-Barons who wanted to get in the way of the operation. But the rare moments she made an appearance were the ones you wanted to cherish forever.
“She new?” she asked, gesturing slightly in your direction. You immediately felt your cheeks heat up the moment she even acknowledged your existence. You pretended to look busy by shuffling absentmindedly through papers on your desk.
“Just an assistant,” Silco replied nonchalantly as he took a sip from his glass of whiskey. “Helping around the office.”
“Well make sure she stays out of my way,” Sevika’s voice remained firm as her eyes bore into you. You could feel the intensity of her stare even from across the room.
“Oh, just ignore her and you will be fine,” Silco was starting to get annoyed at this point. “She will not hurt a flea, I assure you. And besides, I hired her so she can do all your scut work. Unless you’d prefer more hours sorting through paperwork, that is.”
Sevika responded with a half-hearted grunt, standing up to return to the harbors.
“Pawns like her won’t last a day,” she spat before slamming the door behind her.
You cleared your throat in the midst of the awkward silence that ensued.
“Is she always like this?” you laughed nervously while stapling together some miscellaneous receipts.
“She’s probably just in one of her moods,” Silco sighed, rubbing the furrow between his brows. “Don’t pay her any mind.”
You decided to brush off her rudeness and let it roll off your back. The next few weeks were quite uneventful. Granted, Sevika did have to mediate a fight that broke out in the middle of the harbors but besides that it was just loading in more shipments and selling off the Shimmer batches that were currently on hand.
One day, Sevika came into the office for what seemed like no reason. She said she “just wanted to check on things”. She peered over your shoulder every now and then to see what you were doing. You could feel her intense, intimidating gaze sear into your back even without her having to say anything to you.
“That calculation is wrong,” she would say, with a certain softness in her voice that you were not expecting from her at all. She reached over your shoulder to point out exactly what she was referring to. “The tariffs from Noxus are slightly higher than other regions. Make sure you tabulate that. I don’t want any unbalanced books.”
Your heart was beating so loudly you were scared it would jump right out of your chest and land onto the table. What made it worse was that she smelled so good… like cherry wood, or a wicker basket. And the slightest scent of cigar smoke and whiskey.
“Y-yes ma’am!” you would blurt out, trying to look composed, but really just coming off as eager. You quickly scratched out your previous number while performing some mental arithmetic to obtain the correct value.
She gave you an approving nod, walking around the office to check that everything else was going swimmingly before pushing through the door and disappearing back into the depths of the undercity.
You finally exhaled, realizing that you had been holding your breath that entire time. The sheer chokehold her presence had over you was unforgivable, but it’s not like you had a choice either way. You were starting to fall for her, even if she barely spoke a few sentences to you.
You almost always looked forward to Sevika’s random visits. Most of the time, she would come in unannounced, and you would frequently be her first stop. You could feel the icy exterior she put up on the first day slowly begin to melt away, revealing truer parts of her soul to you, piece by piece.
“How was your day?” she would ask every now and then, planting her arms on either side of your desk as she leaned over to look at you.
“Um.. good!” you would chirp back. You would try your best to look busy by scribbling some nonsense on your papers, or shuffling around the pens and ink pots. “How about uh, yours?”
She lifted up her shirt to reveal a sizable bruise on her taut stomach. “Could be better,” she said, smirking as she watched your somewhat calm expression devolve into an embarrassed mess.
“Oh yeah, that uh.. looks kind of bad,” you replied, trying to hide your sweaty face with a book you found on the corner of your desk. “You should probably ice that or something.”
Shit shit shit. And of course she had to show off right in front of you without being prompted.
“Yeah, I will,” she reassured, covering her stomach again, fully satisfied that she was able to get you all flustered without even having to do anything.
“G-good!” you stammered out, watching her turn her back and exit the office to talk to Silco.
As soon as she slammed the door behind her, you melted like a pile of goop all over your desk. You covered your hot face with your hands, still attempting without much success to regain any semblance of composure in the aftermath of whatever that was. It was as if she knew exactly what she was doing, like she was trying to get a rise out of you. You felt like a poor doll she was toying with for her own entertainment. But another part of you also sort of loved it? Ugh.
You stayed extra late at the office that evening since there were still so many orders left to process. You decided to call it a night when you somehow got through a very intimidating pile of paperwork. After stretching your arms over your head, you quickly organized all of the stray documents on your desk and blew the last candle out.
You were about to lock up the office until you saw a familiar figure amble towards you. It seemed like Sevika still had some unfinished business to take care of.
“Headed home?” she asked, holding a crate over her shoulder.
“Yeah!” you responded, trying to appear more confident than you actually were. “I was just about to lock up..”
Sevika set down the large box with a ‘thump’, dusting off her hands while she towered over you. “Listen Y/N..” she sighed. “I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while but.. it’s not your fault I gave you the cold shoulder on your first day. I just didn’t trust you yet, but now I know where your true loyalties lie.”
“O-oh don’t even worry about that!” you yelped. “I definitely didn’t know what I was doing at all, and I understand where you were coming from, so it’s totally in the past now, and I also really respected and admired you regardless so let’s just put it behind us and-”
Sevika chuckled as she lifted up the crate over her shoulder again. She moved a bit closer towards you, then rested her mechanical hand on top of your head. “Just don’t work too hard.”
“I won’t!” you squeaked, feeling your heart pound against your chest once again.
“Good girl,” she said after ruffling your hair a bit, and then pushed past you, allowing the doors to close behind her.
You swallowed a lump that built up in your throat before locking the doors and scurrying back home. You wished that the chilly undercity air could cool down your burning hot cheeks, but to no avail. You knew from that moment forward that you were beyond the point of no return when it came to your feelings for her. And somehow, you were more than willing to fall even deeper into them, no matter the cost.
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dr-nomus · 6 months ago
People want Silco underwater base to be a metaphor for him using his trauma as a means to become more powerful whereas I headcanon that he just really likes fish.
Tumblr media
Sevika: damn what a scary office, full of metaphor and nuance about classicism and revenge.
Silco: hehe fishy
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More Zaddy Brain Rot + Spicy Hand Headcannons
Tumblr media
alright hear me out,��two words: Leather Gloves
Warning: NSFW 18+ ONLY
The moment a slight chilly breeze wooshes in, Silco is gloved and loaded. In a dedicated drawer he has a collection of leather gloves crafted from the finest material. Some are customized with spikes and studs on days he needs to deal with business while the others are plain or embroidered with his signature crest all of which vary in shades of black, brown and red
Today was a casual day and called for his usual black simple, smooth fitted gloves. They slipped on easily, giving each digit a warm and welcoming hug. They were indeed a perfect pair.
The crime lord truly felt powerful when he wore them; he would often greet you with his hand extended out which you would take in your own and lay a kiss on the knuckles. Electricity would shoot up your spine as the icy fabric met your lips; your eyes locking in place with his. He didn’t need to say anything because his mischievous glare said it all.  He expected to be treated like the royalty he is and you obeyed every command.
He knows it doesn’t take long to lure you into his office and If seeing him in his gloves wasn’t enough, feeling him is a whole other level. He would press you up against the edge of his desk before hoisting you to now sit on the wooden furniture. At first his roaming fingers would leave a cool trail behind, giving you an instant rush - every inch of your delicate skin was shivering with chills - he’s only just begun and you were already a melted puddle under his touch.
Of course the cheeky bastard would take his sweet time; dragging his hand at a tantalizingly slow pace up your plush thigh and towards the lacey undergarment he’s specially handpicked for you. He’d hook his first two fingers under the elastic band and pull it just enough for it to snap back causing you to squeak. Those same two troublesome fingers would graze ever so lightly towards your clothed slit while his free hand snaked its way through the valley of your breasts and firmly braced around your throat eliciting a faint gasp from you.
He’d soon become impatient of the endless teasing and feathered like strokes and have a carnal need to touch your supple skin. He’d loosen his grip from your neck and cup one side of your face, the velvety texture of his gloved thumb outlining the shape of your lips. “Open.” he’ll demand and you’ll do as so. Your tongue would loll out for him and without a second thought you’d wrap around his intruding finger; gently sucking. He’d growl his next order, “Off.” and you’ll slide your tongue back and replace it with your teeth, giving enough force for him to slip his thumb out. You’d repeat the same action for each individual finger and free his ever so wicked long fingers.
If you weren’t behaving he’d take the lovely opportunity to teach your bratty self a lesson. He’d force you to kneel before him, crammed between his spread legs. His thumb and forefinger pinching your cheeks together, pressing your lips into a pout. His expression was stone cold, the same one he uses to mark others with fear, unfortunate for him it didn’t have the same effect with you. No problem, he has alternative ways to break you.
Your stubbornness got the best of you today; “Count to ten.” his sentence didn’t register in your mind when he planted the first smack on your ass. You merely whimpered when he repeated the action; each slap increased intensity, echoing louder and louder throughout the corridor due to the leather. When you reached ten you were a sobbing mess, you could barely feel your ass thinking he had slapped it right off. His demeanor softened, soothing your raw, reddened bum with the coolness of his gloved hand.
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zinodust · 3 months ago
So something subtle I noticed in Arcane. Silco uses makeup. I'm far from the first to notice this as a quick Google will lead you to reddit. But what I've connected it to is with his relationship to Jinx/Powder.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jinx/Powder uses makeup. She's probably one of the only besides Silco, in the Undercity atleast, that does.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's interesting to think about. That Silco probably imported makeup from topside for Jinx when she asked for it. But then ended up using it himself as well.
Also is the image of her needing to practice doing her makeup, and Silco letting her practice on him. Probably still allowing her to do it, but she still does it on occasion. It's probably they now both have the dramatic arch to their brows.
Him continuously doing his makeup to show Jinx he likes it. And by keeping it pristine to preserve when she does it for him.
Just a cute image in my head of him having child Jinx slathering makeup and liner on him and him going to business meetings with it on. And no one says a thing cause it's Silco.
Except maybe Sevika who would be like, "Glad I wasn't made to have her practice on."
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24hlevi · 5 months ago
could you do arcane reaction to their s/o being afraid of darkness?
these are short so i apologize, hope you like it
Arcane Characters Reaction To Their S/o Being Afraid Of Darkness
Arcane Characters (Jinx, Vi, Silco, & Viktor) X Gn!Reader
Summary: Their reactions to their s/o being afraid of the dark
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- don't wanna be mean but jinx thought you were joking when you told her and started to laugh before realizing you were serious, she then apologized continuously until you told her (after 15 times) it was okay
- but she totally understood because she was scared shitless of the dark when she was younger
- so what did she do? all the things silco did for her when she was dealing with it
- that meant getting a light for the room when it was night or too dark for you, or playing music to help you get to sleep, or just talk to you the whole time until you fell asleep
- ngl she would probably ask why you were afraid of the dark and if it was a serious reason she would apologize so fast and would never ask again
- jinx would never be impatient with you about your fear, as she does know it makes it worse from her own life so no matter how long it takes she wouldn't get annoyed at how long it was taking for you to get over it
- if anyone were to make fun of this fear you have she would end up either 1, beating them up extremely bad or 2, kill them without you knowing but if you convince her not to then she'll just scare/threaten them near to death so they won't bother you again :)
Tumblr media
- vi is the best gf ever like any fear you have she is always there and will reassure you that she doesn't think it's funny or weird because fears are something that should never be taken lightly
- when you first told her your fear of the dark, she just said "okay" and went on like nothing happened (not in a bad way tho) but she did start to do things that would help you without making a big deal out of it
- she would most definitely sing you to sleep and she is an amazing singer btw, as well as just talking to you while holding you so that you would be distracted, or she would make you do something that will drain your energy before going to bed so you would fall asleep faster
- vi would never ask you why you had this fear as she couldn't tell if it was a serious reason or not so she never asked if you didn't bring it up first, just like you do with her
- she spent most of her teen years in a cell, so she definitely understands the scared feeling of being all alone in the dark with nothing else and would want to help you as much as possible so that you don't feel the same as she did
- once you'd eventually fall asleep, vi would stay awake for at least an half hour before finally going to sleep herself when she knew you were okay
- jfc if anyone made fun of you for this fear her fist will be hitting their face so fast without thinking, but she'd only do it once so they get the gist of not to do it again (unless it happened again, then she'd really hurt them)
Tumblr media
- viktor is often away from you, especially during the nights which leaves you alone in your room with total darkness around you, causing you to hardly get any sleep daily
- so that also means he doesn't know this fear exists until you find him in the lab at night and you have dark bags under your eyes and tear marks on your cheeks and when you told him he felt like total shit for not knowing or realizing
- since you told him your fear, he would make sure to stay with you in your room until you fell asleep and he would then go to the lab for an hour, come back to check on you, back to the lab, and it repeated every night
- but viktor would also get a special light for the room that illuminated the whole place (probably hextech tbh) as well as read a book aloud to you so you could fall asleep faster while listening to his voice
- he would always reassure you that nothing bad will happen to you when he's there with you and that he won't ever get annoyed about this if you take a while to get over it, he's seriously amazing at comforting
- viktor will learn over time that he has to be there for you more and that's exactly what he does, making sure that during the whole night he would be beside you instead of going to the lab
- if anyone made fun of you for this fear, he would most definitely get angry and spit out hateful words at the person and finishing with a threat from the council before walking away with you
Tumblr media
- ah yes my favorite dilf man, he just always knows when something is wrong and most of the time what it is that's causing it
- when you told him about your fear of the dark he wasn't surprised as you were in zaun and it's quite dangerous there so he understood why, but even if it was another reason he would still understand
- he would never think your fear is funny, and he would be there with you every step of the way, no matter how long it may take
- whenever he was there with you for the night, he would hold you silently with the new light he installed into the bedroom so that it wasn't completely dark and most likely run his fingers through your hair
- silco sucks ass at comforting people at times, but with you (and jinx) he is completely different, and even he doesn't understand it himself, but he somehow knows the right way to comfort and reassure you about this and anything else
- if he isn't available to be with you during the night he will have sevika stay with you until he is able to be with you so that someone else is at least there in case something happens
- oh boy, when someone makes fun of you about this, they are dead, no question about it, silco doesn't fuck around when it comes to you, and everyone knows that
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viktorstittytank · 6 months ago
No one I know of has written any poly Silco and Sevika so here y’a go. Y’all are being starved of quality content 👁👃🏾👁 you’re welcome.
Warnings: It IS smutty so 18+
Tumblr media
.originally you were with Silco
.powerful man gets pretty princess doll face baby cakes as a toy and goes full “she gets what she wants mode”
.does he find you annoying? Yes. But you’re HIS annoying pet and his pet will get spoiled.
.No seriously you can get whatever you want
. Why? Because he recognizes that if he spoils you you’ll never wanna leave
. When he realizes Sevika is something you want he goes and talks to her while you’re not around
.he doesn’t have to do a lot of convincing cus Sevika daydreams about choking you out
.the two of them gang up on you constantly
.if Silco says you’re not going on a mission you best believe Sevika will be right behind him ignoring those big puppy dog eyes of yours
.you get flustered? They’re both on you instantly
.”I’m sorry doll could you repeat yourself?” “Did princess just call Silco handsome ?”
.they’re literally the worst.
.If Silco scolds you and you run off to Sevika she’ll hold you in her lap while you calm down but she won’t voice her opinion because she still considers him the real authority in the relationship.
.They’ll hold your hands in public and no one dares to stare cus that’s a death sentence
.if you go out with Sevika while she’s gambling and sit in her lap you best believe Silco will drop by pulling up a chair and play with you over her shoulder during the game
.it’s a bit odd seeing the crime boss sitting backwards in a chair stroking your cheek and chin while his work associate bounces you on her leg but onlookers won’t ask questions
.If you smoke there will be stashes of expensive cigars everywhere.
.if you don’t smoke there will still be stashes of expensive cigars everywhere you just won’t know the spots, so once they start smoking it’ll seem like they pulled them out of thin air.
.them blowing their smoke on you just cus it’s hot
.everytime you get extra dressed up you won’t be out for long with the two of them
.going to a party in a low cut dress with these two? You’re also going home two hours earlier than expected.
.you cannot mingle with them glaring at whoever you try to talk to it just won’t work
.it’s very embarrassing catching them both staring at your chest in public so you do yourself a solid and go home like a champ 💪
. They will overstimulate the life out of you
.Sevika will be hitting it and Silco will just be relaxing by your head with your wrists all tied up in his tie smirking down and cooing nasty dirty things at you
.getting demeaned ALL THE TIME. If Sevika slaps you Silco spits in your mouth. The two of them work as a team constantly even if they’re just humiliating their precious y/n
.Silco likes to watch Sevika with you. He never touches himself while it’s happening but it is always mentally stored for later
.he will hold a vibrator to your clit and laugh while you cry cus Sevika’s strap is filling you up and hitting all the right places.
.if one person’s hand goes up your shirt then the other persons gonna have a hand up your shirt in record time
.you have two holes for a reason and they will use them
.In the middle of the day Silco will be giving you that pipe and out of nowhere you’ll open your eyes to find Sevika has found her way in the room leaning on her knees with her hands clasped smirking at the scene infront of her
.If Silco cums and it leaks out Sevika stuffs it back in immediately. Bonus points for using her metal hand cus it’s cold and she enjoys how shocked you seem.
.She loves to squeeze your face and make you look her in the eye while Silco’s hands are all over you. She knows her eyes are intimidating
.Sevika’s a grunter. If she likes something you’ll get that nice low grunt.
.Silco is pretty much silent except on extremely rare occasions where a breathy quiet moan will be pulled from his chest
.They both really enjoy hearing you whimper and whine and will do whatever it takes to hear it again and again and again
.They've made a competition out of pocketing your panties before. At one point they’ll start walking in during random hours of the day just to steal them. Eventually you catch on and confront the two of them but Silco just laughs and Sevika shrugs because the woman has no shame
.Silco will take you shopping for more cus you’re not getting those back they earned them
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Heyy there! Could you please write something where reader and silco are best friends? Thank you!
Silco BFF Headcanons
Note: this will be on crack
Arcane Master list
Tumblr media
Who tf you think you are?
You're his best friend
"What? Danger? Get yo twink ass over there" "for the last time Y/n Im not a twink"
Ya'll shit on each other so much
"Asshole" "bitch" "whore" "man whore" "I already said whore you can't say it again" "just did ya twink"
Milf 🤝 middle-aged twink
Best friends since childhood tbh
Vander use to like you like when you all were friends
Silco went "Nah that's my friend"
U stabbed Vander when he tried to drown Silco
Silco shot someone when they were on top of you and you were like "Get tf off"
Will always have each other back
Pretty sure at this point your siblings rather than best friends
One time on a mission to Piltover while still young you got hurt resulting in the biggest gash across your face: you survived but he blamed himself for a while
Would die for each other
"Get your shit together ya twink." "I will shoot you" "I will shoot you" "don't mock me"
Wrestling when younger, wrestling when older
Can drink him under the table still
"Ayo Im bleeding" "not on my carpet get out"
Will patch up injuries for each other
Making sure the other eats even if they have to force-feed each other
Tried dating: it didn't work
That doesn't mean ya'll didn't fake dating either especially to get guys/girls off each other
A secret handshake from when kids: still remember it
Crack head person 🤝 craves death just for the sleeping person
Sleeping on his couch
Jinx calling you aunty
Taking him to a brothel for his 21st birthday
It was like taking a virgin pure eyed person to the back of spencers
Im pulling out the angsty: you died before him, and in his arms out of all things
"You've really been there for me all along? Haven't you?" *dies*
"Y/n your not dead." "I'm not? Oh I mean- the pain- the horror!" *drops you* "excuse me rude!"
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