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[Explicit: Minors DNI] AO3
Smut, elevator sex, PinV sex, Silco's a bastard, but you already knew that
Word count: 2.9k
After eyeing you all throughout the Chem Baron assembly, Silco gets a moment with you alone in the greenhouse building's elevator.
Notes: I had about 500 words of this written since June and then never picked it back up. Then I read @insomniac-silco-maniac's one-shot Stuck and was inspired to finally finish this! You told me to tag you, so here you go!
Beta readers: @mazikomo @averagecrastinator
Tumblr media
As Silco's assistant, you've been spending the better part of the morning dealing with the Chem Barons at one of their assemblies. It's a mind-numbing affair, filled with incessant whining and bickering. The same arguments week after week. The only silver lining to it is getting to see first-hand Silco doing what he does best: putting people in their place.
It's with great pleasure that you watch Silco handle each entitled Chem-Baron with the same calculated but ruthless gravitas you've come to admire. His voice is utterly enchanting; ranging from a light and airy melody to low and gravelly rumble. You could listen to it all day. You practically do, as you spend almost every waking moment at his side. Watching him work and seeing the almost wild passion he holds for his cause never fails to excite you in more ways than one.
It's art, really, the way he conducts business: equal parts artistry and animalistic instinct.
As the assembly drags on, you keep your periphery on Silco, only looking away to take any necessary notes down. And you could swear that Silco is watching you as well. Each time you chance a glance at him when he's not speaking, his eyes are fixed on your face, sending a small sliver of heat to your stomach. His ocean green and volcanic orange eyes flicker with a small ember that seems to burn a bit brighter each time he looks at you. After about an hour of this, you find yourself adjusting in your seat futilely, attempting to rid yourself of the ache growing in your core.
Once the assembly convenes, you stand to take your place at Silco's side and exit the hall, making your way to the elevator. The doors open and you walk in, press the button for the ground floor, and back into the corner to give Silco room. His eyes rake your form as he strolls in before standing diagonally to you, dead center in the elevator. He turns to face the front just as the elevator doors close. 
"What else is on the agenda for today?" He asks, eyes fixed forward, the lift starting its agonizingly slow descent down.
You fumble with your notes. "Singed requested you meet him in his lab in half an hour. He said he's made some progress on a new strain of Shimmer."
"Hmmm," Silco hums in thought. "It appears we'll be running late for that."
You check your watch. 
That didn't seem right; you got out of the assembly with plenty of time to make the journey from the greenhouse building to Singed's lab. 
Just as you're about to voice this, Silco leans forward and slams his fist into the emergency stop button along the front panel. The elevator jolts to a halt and your breath catches in your throat. 
"Tell me," he says, his voice velvet as he turns his whole body to face you. "How long have you been working for me?"
Your eyes dart to his in confusion, and you're met with an inferno. Both eyes are ablaze, their flames licking at your skin. It sends heat immediately into your stomach. It's not until his good eyebrow cocks upwards that you realize you haven't answered his question.
"About…" you shrink into the corner, suddenly acutely aware of just how small the elevator is, how close his body is to yours. "About six months, sir."
He hums as one hand moves to splay against the elevator wall next to your head, caging you in.
"And how long have you been fantasizing about me?" A smirk curls at the scar of his lip, his eyes never breaking contact with yours.
"I—," you stammer. "I—" 
Your eyes widen and cheeks flush with heat. You want to look away but his gaze pins your eyes, just as his arm cages your body in place. 
The words aren't coming fast enough. You've lost all ability to speak. Where did this come from? Do you deny it? Dismiss it? Janna forbid: admit to it? Best to just deny it, right?
"I don't know what you're talking abou—"
He tuts.
"Don't lie to me, girl." The words are harsh but the tone is soft, at complete odds with the firm, unwavering cadence he had used moments ago at the assembly. His eyes continue to bore into yours, voice dripping with wickedness as his lip pulls into a full grin. "I know all your tells."
A small squeak escapes your lips and that seems to amuse him as his smile widens even further, showing a rare glint of his chipped teeth.
"Don't be shy." His voice drops to a lower register, hushed and conspiratorial. "Your secret's safe with me."
His eyes give yours a short reprieve, darting to your lips, awaiting your reply. 
"About—" you can't believe you're about to say this. "About six months, sir."
His eyebrows raise and eyes return to yours, revealing a blown out pupil in his green eye. His free hand lifts, coming to rest two fingertips under your chin with the faintest bit of pressure, beckoning you to look at him even more fully. 
"I've got a secret of my own," he says, hand snaking around to the base of your neck. It sends a shiver down your spine and you cannot stop the infinitesimal flutter of your eyelids. You can feel his breath on your skin as he leans forward, lips a scant inch away from your ear. 
"The feeling is mutual," he whispers.
A small moan escapes your lips. 
It's all the permission he needs. 
His lips rush to devour your neck, his tongue hot as he kisses and sucks on your pulse point. The arm that once caged you in now wraps around your waist, pulling you closer to him. Your eyes flutter closed and head leans back to give him more access to your pristine skin. There's a clatter as your pen and notebook fall to the floor, abandoned, hands moving to grasp at the exaggerated lapels of his coat.
Everything about Silco is ravenous, from the way his hand claws into your waist to the way his teeth drag across the skin of your neck. 
Your hand trails up his chest, wrapping around his neck to rest at the base of his skull, fingers carding through the hair at the back of his head as he continues to make a meal of you. 
"Sil—" your voice is caught in your throat, eyes squeezed shut as you commit the feeling of his lips on you to memory. All you can manage is a small whimper.
He pulls back at the sound of your voice, searching your face. 
"Oh?" His glee at the sounds you make is almost palpable. "Did you say something, dear?"
With his tongue no longer rolling over your neck, you finally manage to form words in your head and out your mouth. They come out soft, pleading.
"Silco, please."
Both of his hands come to splay on your rib cage, one thumb brushing tantalizing close to the bottom curve of your breast. 
"Please, what?" His eyebrows raise, a smug smirk curling at his lips.
"Please, Silco, kiss me."
He lets out a low growl before crashing his lips into yours. It's harsh, hungry and everything you dreamed of and more. His tongue pushes past your lips to meld with yours as he tries to taste every bit of you. 
And just as his mouth explores each inch of yours, his hands rove around your body, fingertips gliding down your navel to slide underneath your blouse's hemline. As the skin of his fingers heats the skin of your stomach, you let out a short gasp that Silco captures with his lips. His fingertips leave fires in their wake as they move up your stomach, all the while pulling the fabric up along with them, exposing more of your skin to the cool air. The combination of the heat of his palms and the chill of the air creates a blissful sensation that makes every one of your nerves sing. 
You snake your hands under his coat to feel the rise and fall of his chest, a frantic rhythm matched only by the perilously quick drumming of your heartbeat.
As Silco's hands continue their journey up your body, he pulls back from the kiss, the pupil of his ocean green eye blown out as both eyes take in the sight of your bare flesh. His eyes dart to yours and you bite your bottom lip as you nod, all but begging him to continue. He pulls your blouse up to reveal your breasts, a long, guttural exhale escaping his lips as he marvels at you. You raise your arms and he pulls the fabric up over them before casting it to the floor.
His voice is velvet, a hint of a laugh behind it as if he's in disbelief that he's been bestowed such a sight. 
"Beautiful girl." 
One hand palms the weight of a breast, the sensitive nub of a hardened nipple gently pressed between his index and middle finger. It elicits a small gasp from you, back arching into his touch. As he rubs one breast with his hand, he leans forward to wrap his lips around the stiffened peak of the other, lapping at it with his tongue. 
"Oh gods!" You exclaim, eyes shut tight. At that, Silco hums into you, sending a vibration through your nipple that makes its way down to your core.
He speaks into your skin, his voice low, an almost animalistic growl behind each word.
"Do you have—" he takes your nipple between his chipped teeth a bites down lightly "—any idea—" he soothes the nub with the heat of his tongue "—how many times I've pictured this?"
Hearing his words makes your head spin, heat pooling between your legs.
His lips trail hungry kisses across your clavicle to land on your other breast and give it the same treatment.
"How many times we've shared this very elevator—" he sucks on your nipple before flattening his tongue across it to lick one long line from your nipple to your neck "—and I had to restrain myself from taking you?"
Your hands wrap around his neck to grab at the hair at the base of his neck, fingernails dragging into his scalp. His hands frantically run down your sides over your hips to dip under the hem of your skirt before grabbing, fingers digging into the skin of your thighs hard enough to leave bruises. You let out a moan and he inhales it, lips capturing yours in another ravenous kiss as he deftly lifts you up.
Your legs immediately wrap around his hips as Silco steps forward and you're suddenly hit with what can only be his hardened cock against your clothed core. He rocks his hips into you and it sends a fire through your entire body from your core to your fingertips. Your walls clench around nothing, desperate for him.
"Fu—" the words get caught in your throat, hands grabbing Silco's face, forcing him to look at you. There's hunger in his eyes as they stare into your foggy ones, half-lidded and filled with lust. "Fuck me, Silco."
He lets out a low grunt as one hand rushes to pull down the fabric of your lace panties down enough before working on unclasping the buttons on the front of his pants. You hear the shuffle of fabric before feeling the head of his cock catch at your glistening entrance. 
He's so close. He's right there. You rock your hips to try to push onto him but he pulls back. His teeth are bared in a wicked smile as tendrils of his hair fall out of place. 
"Say it again," he growls, his eyes wild and staring at your kiss-swollen lips before darting to your eyes. 
You squeeze your legs around his hips and lick your lips before lowering your voice, each word laced with desire.
"Fuck me, Silco."
In one smooth motion, he pushes into you, his cock blissfully stretching your walls and filling you up. You cry out as he pushes himself all the way up to the hilt, letting out a shattered moan as he does, his pelvis pushing against your clit. 
You both take a moment, savoring the union of your two bodies, your walls adjusting to his size. Then, Silco rocks once up into you, much slower and sensually than you anticipated he would. After a few measured thrusts, his pace picks up and he finds his voice.
"Perfect girl," he says, lips coming to kiss your neck, his nose brushing against your skin, breath hot and labored. "Taking me so well."
Your walls squeeze at his words and he bites your neck in response. 
"Beautiful, dirty girl, so warm and wet for me."
The lewd sounds of him fucking up into you combined with his words send a wave of pleasure through you, a level of ecstacy you've never known before. All those nights picturing this moment, your fingers trying in vain to do the work of his cock, the work you can only imagine.
Nothing compares. Nothing comes even close. 
Your hands trail down to grasp at his shoulders, fingernails digging into the fabric of his coat. Eyes roll to the back of your head as he continues his relentless pounding into your pussy, his pace quickening, his breath coming out in short puffs through gritted teeth.
With each thrust, the coil in your navel pulls taut, threatening to snap. Your legs quiver around his hips, squeezing him tightly as you try to rock your hips to rub your clit against him.
He adjusts his angle and hits a spot within you that has you gasping, panting his name in a breathless mantra, repeating it over and over as you get closer and closer to your peak. Spurned on by his name on your lips, he fucks up into you harder, his own release just within reach.
His hands grip onto your thighs, the contact points underneath his fingertips aching from the continued pressure. Ocean green and volcanic eyes gaze up into yours, his right one half-lidded and fogged with lust. 
"That's it," he growls, voice ragged with desire. "Come for me."
At that, the line in your stomach snaps and your walls pulse and clench around his cock, a shattered wail escaping your lips as ecstasy shoots through every cell of your body, from your core up your navel through your limbs to your fingertips, making your head spin. 
Silco's release follows hot on the heels of yours, gravely voice growling your name as his cock twitches within you, his hips frantically rocking as his seed fills you. His good eye squeezes shut as he rides out his climax, hands finally loosening their vice grip on your thighs.
Panting, sweaty, and exhausted, you and Silco cling to each other, savoring the afterglow of your climaxes. He presses his forehead into yours, good eye closed, the tip of his long nose grazing against yours. You can feel the warmth of his breath on your cheeks and can't help a soft, albeit cockdrunk, smile from forming on your lips. He opens his eye and gazes into yours, expression soft like you've never seen before. 
"Ready?" He asks and you nod. 
Carefully, he pulls out of you, a small hiss whistling through clenched teeth as he does. With your legs still wrapped around his hips, he brings both arms to wrap around you as he steps back to give you room. Suddenly every muscle in your body cries out in exhaustion and your legs fall limp, feet dangling above the floor as Silco continues to carry your weight. He lowers you down gently, reaching down to grab your discarded blouse, pen, and notebook. He offers the blouse first and you slide it back on before accepting the rest of your things from his outstretched hand. He tucks his cock back into his pants, buttons them up, and smooths the rogue hairs on his forehead back to join the rest on the crown of his head.
You tug at your blouse hem, straightening yourself out, attempting to look presentable and like you hadn't just gotten your brains fucked out of you by your boss. Silco turns briefly over his shoulder to hit the emergency stop button and the elevator lurches as it resumes its descent to the ground floor. Turning back to you, he reaches one hand up to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ears before planting a tender, unhurried kiss on your forehead. Your eyes flutter closed at the warmth, both from his lips and the one growing in your chest. 
Silco pulls back to gaze at you, hand now resting on your cheek. His eyes rake over your form to find nothing out of place. He, of course, looks completely unaffected, his clothes still in perfect order, all crisp lines and impeccably smooth. With one final knowing look into your eyes, he resumes his position facing the front of the elevator just as it dings to signal its arrival. 
The doors open and Silco steps to the side, a hand gesturing you through. You walk over the threshold and feel the light pressure of his hand pressing into your lower back, guiding you forward. 
As you step out onto the street, Silco turns a corner, his palm still resting on your back. 
"Wait, isn't Singed's lab that way?" You start to protest, head turning behind you. 
Silco leans forward, his nose brushing the shell of your ears as he whispers, "Change of plans. We have some business to attend to in my office."
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I just wanna grab a hairbrush and comb Silco's hair, is that too much to ask 😔
No sweetheart, that isn’t too much to ask at all 🖤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“This wasn’t the agreement.”
You ignore the man sat in the wooden chair in front of you, and continue to drag the brush through his pomaded hair, ensuring it lays nice and flat either side of the crisp centre parting you’ve created.
“Darling,” the baritone of Silco’s voice contains a warning not dissimilar to a distant roll of thunder. A classic Eye of Zaun technique that’s unrivalled in its effectiveness at striking ice cold fear into the hearts of anyone unlucky enough to be on the receiving end.
Except you. Naturally.
“Need I remind you that I have an important Baron meeting today?”
“No, you need not remind me. I’m well aware. All the more reason for you to look smart—”
Your voice pitches into a squeak and you clamp your quivering lips together to trap the giggles which threaten to escape. Silco glowers at you in the mirror from beneath the flattened dark curtains of hair. The entire effect is spectacular. Like a petulant Piltovian school boy.
“Suits you,” you cheep.
His expression darkens even further.
You lean down and rest your forearms upon his shoulders, meeting his gaze in the mirror as his knee begins to bounce an irritated rhythm.
“You should have known better than to let me do your hair.”
“I do know better,” his green eye narrows, “But seeing as you held every brush I own hostage until I agreed to your demand, I was left with no choice.”
You pull a face and shrug as if to say Eh - what can ya do?
Silco’s boot heel ceases its impatient tapping, and he fixes you with a stern look.
“You’ve had your fun,” he reasons calmly, “Now, would you be so kind as to fix the mess you’ve created?”
“Fine,” you concede, straightening once more, “we’ll have you looking snazzy for your big meeting in just a jiffy.”
He looks placated enough as you sweep the soft bristles through his hair from brow to crown a few times to undo the centre part, before tucking the brush up under your arm and using your fingers to delve deep into the roots and manipulate the long strands up into an impressive spike.
“How about a mohawk instead?”
Silco closes his eye, and empties his lungs in a long-suffering sigh.
Tumblr media
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A Kiss With A Fist  Chapter 11
Silco x Fem!Reader (SFW)
Synopsis: Lore faithful, reader insert as OC, set in the time skip between act 1&2 of the show.  Now fully plotted but started as pwp, no ragerts, Reader is a sex worker wearing out her welcome when Babette sends her to Silco as a gift.
Author’s Note: This chapter dedicated both to @abitohoney and @sherwood-forests , the two sweetest beans who have kept on loving this story and being kind, supportive friends even though my attention strayed from it for so long.  And thank you for the patience of all the readers while I focused on other projects.  It’s still going to be slow going here but I’m determined to see this one through.
TW:  Abduction, angst, torture, forced drug use, eye horror
Tumblr media
"It's ...a key."
"As ever, your powers of observation are impeccable."
Silco did not look up from the book he had open, underlining a passage of note and marking a page.  He read a lot you'd come to realize.  Books constantly littering his desk and office in piles of disarray.  He had no respect for the things, but that wasn't unusual.  Actually quite in keeping with so much of what you'd learned of his mannerisms.
Sat there, perched on the edge of his desk, waiting to give him the usual injection, instead of pulling open his desk drawer and setting the brass injection device in your hand instead he’d surprised you with a little red lacquered box, the stylized violent slashes of his own eye design upon its lid in gleaming gold.  
Some bauble you'd assumed, pleased that he'd want to gift you some little decoration of jewelry.  Something to wear with as much delight as you took in the marks he left on you.  Instead within lay a little brass key.  Not even a chain attached to indicate it some manner of symbolic gesture.
His sarcasm earned him a cool stare from you over the lid of the box, and the kind of weighted silence he hated.  Had him finish his research and flip the book closed with one fine finger to look up at you, expression almost businesslike as he laced hands loosely, elbows upon the desk.
"I'm afraid if we'd like to carry on, our situation needs to change."
That didn't sound great, opened a cold and yawning pit in your stomach as you set the box back upon his desk.  Mismatched eyes tracked your relinquishment of the gift.  Lingered on the little box as he continued.
"I cannot keep being seen at Babette's.  It speaks of favoritism and makes things… vulnerable.  It's also not terribly safe for you."
Gaze flicked up to catch your own and hold.  Forcing you to swallow a half formed retort already at the back of your tongue. Fine fingers plucked the little box back up and set it in your hands once more, and of all things, he offered you the slow curl of a half-tilt smile, as if he were amused with himself at his offer.
"I believe it's called keeping a mistress.  Though I'm not sure how that term applies to the unmarried." He said quietly. Seemed to ebb in his delight as your silence stretched too long.
Your life had been a gilded cage since you’d met him, many fine things once out of reach now entirely possible.  Yet you hadn’t strained toward them or sought them out, simply accepted what came with the territory and treated yourself to a wardrobe befitting someone whose company he paid to enjoy.  A wardrobe you knew he’d appreciate, nothing else.  
You’d committed to being, as he’d put it so many months ago, his creature.  And accepted the golden bars surrounding you; the bodyguard escort, the mark it left on you, the way it had separated you from your peers at Babette’s or downstairs in the Drop.  The way your time belonged to him and not yourself, to all of it.  Accepted it gladly and delved in deeper.  But the door to that cage had always been open, or so it felt.
Now it was like you’d stepped on a spring trigger and the grate of the cage had come crashing down.  Paradise flipped in an instant to a suffocating enclosure.  His mistress?  His kept thing.  Irrational panic closed the walls of your throat tight and the future flashed like photographic negatives across your mind’s eye.  
Locked away in some apartment alone waiting on him.  Days of domestic boredom stretching into months, years?  No freedom, no privacy, no ability to just pack up and go with no one to answer to.  Well, the ever present guard at your door had seen to the start of the end of that freedom anyhow, hadn’t it?  
And what would happen when he was bored of you at last, as all men became?  What then, when he had no more to take and you had nothing new left to give, or he found a new plaything, someone fresher to bend and break for his hand?  Out on the street, with youth used up and his mark still on you, no one willing to touch his leftovers with a ten foot pole, lest they risk his anger…  or worse perhaps, simply left there, alone, in empty, silent, cold comfort to succumb to your own bitterness and loss.  To be left behind like an abandoned pet in an empty home.
His derogatory little nickname chafed at the edges of your mind.  Just a little pet, kept in a little golden cage somewhere high and safe until the novelty wore off.
Your hands were shaking visibly as you stared down at them, and not even closing fingers tightly on the little box stopped the tremor.  Lungs refused to draw even a quarter capacity the air you knew they could, head starting a slow, hot spin even as you shook it slowly.
It was barely a whisper of a word but you watched it stiffen every line of him in your periphery.
“What?”  Silco’s tone soured to sharp, though he attempted to keep the blade of it safe behind the fisted velvet glove of his voice.
Eyes turned up slowly from your shaking hands to him and you could feel the blood draining from your face as you stared back at him.
“I said no.”
It would strike you later that it was not a word you’d used with him before, not like this.  But now, in this instant, rational thought and detached observation were distant memories.  You were living heartbeat to hard thudding heartbeat as it drummed behind the burn of your brain and the wide of your eyes.
“I don’t… I don’t want to be kept.  Like some, some princess locked in a little tower all safe from the world.  I don’t even want your stupid meathead guards, you think I want to be squirreled away in some place somewhere all alone?  No.  No!”  
Like a dam breaking, the words started at a trickle and soon increased to a rushing flood, a tidal pouring drench that you couldn’t stop even as you heard your insulting tone and cringed, the agony of your own rude sharpness only making you more angry, more vicious, like there was nothing for it but to descend into the mire the second one foot got caught in its sucking pull.  
Sat back in his chair, Silco looked for a moment like you’d struck him before that dark thundercloud descended upon his expression, a livid and barely leashed rage rocking him forward as he planted a hand on the arm of his chair in a white knuckle grip, the other balled to a taut fist upon one knee.
“This was a gift -”  
Not even the harshness of his snarl through the clench of gritted chipped teeth was enough to stop your spiral or plug the terrible rush of all the horrifying words that came spilling out of you as you jumped from your seat on the desk, your own fists balled tight, the edges of that little box biting into the grip of one palm.
“A gift?!  Only you could keep taking and taking and call it a gift!  I don’t want your ivory tower, I don’t want your illusions of safety, I don’t want  your leash or your chains, I don’t want your money and pretty things.  I don’t want to be told what to do and where to go and when to speak and sit and sleep and eat and what to think.  I belong to me!  To myself! ”
Your hand stung with how hard you slapped the box back on his desk.
He glowered up at you.
“No one has ever said otherwise.”  Tone like a high tensile wire ready to snap under the strain, to cut free and whip violently in any and every direction at once.  “If that’s how you feel then leave .”
“Gladly.”  You spat back, and rounded the desk, your heart a hard stone caught in the sinking mud clogging your chest, a dull angry ache radiating outward so every hard pounding of it felt like a deep, stabbing pain.  Heat pricked at your eyes and all of it made you blind with bitter anger; the only familiar outlet to all these uncomfortable, unfamiliar and awful feelings.  You slammed the door as hard as you were physically capable of doing and stormed out of the Drop.
Fuck whatever idiot guard had to try to keep pace.
Back in your room at Babettes you stood there, shaking, recalling the last fit of anger that had caused you to do violence to your own things.  That had been his fault as well.  It took everything in you right now not to start smashing furniture into matchsticks.  
I believe it's called keeping a mistress.
You turned and put your fist straight into the wall.
Your knuckles were still screaming later when you pulled open the door to Babette’s inner sanctum.
The elderly yordle, though to be fair they all looked ancient no matter what their inestimable age, sat behind her desk wreathed in the smoke of the near finished cigarette dangling from the end of her silly long filter holder.  Two of your fellow workers sat lounging and drinking, enjoying the end of their shifts on both of her tufted velvet couches, so similar to the one in Silco’s office, if a bit more ostentatious and luridly red.
Babette took one look at your face and plunked two little bags of coins on her desk, tipping out her waiting girls.
“Give us the room, darlings.”  She took a breathlessly long drag on the last of her cigarette, watching you intently.
Both girls climbed to their feet, grabbed their shares and hustled out past you as you rocked a shoulder back to allow them by before shutting the door behind yourself.  Babette gestured to the seat before her desk and lit a fresh cigarette.  Not for the first time you wondered how many years off an impossible lifespan chain smoking could skim away.  The yordle regarded you with weary, rheumy eyes under all that garishly thick blue eyeshadow and summoned a puckered smile.
“What did you need, my dear?”
“My contract is over.”
Babette choked on her inhalation of more of that putridly thick smoke.  Not spiced and scented and fine tobacco like those cigars Silco preferred, but gutterweed tobacco, cheap and harsh and cloying in thick layers to every surface of her office in a nicotine yellowing haze.  She coughed, eyes watering as she gogged at you.
“Wh- what?”
“My contract.  It's done.  I’ll go back on the line tomorrow night.”  
She stared at you like you’d sprouted a second head and a few extra limbs to boot, blinking slowly as she hacked out the last of her coughing fit.
“I don’t understand.  We had everything ready to help you move out-”
That angry pounding in your brain doubled in tempo as you leaned forward in a sudden, sharp lurch.
“Are you… are you telling me you knew Silco was going to ask me to leave ?  And you were just… fine with that?  What did he do, come here and ask your blessing like you’re my parents?  How could you…  And you just agreed??”
You thought you were angry before.  Now you were seeing red, breath coming in hard, uneven, fast little jags, nails cutting into your palms and the knuckles you’d put through drywall oozing blood between clenched digits.  Head felt fit to explode, a wordless shard of a scream stuck cutting the inside of your throat.
The fact that everyone but you seemed to be conspiring to move you about like a little pawn on a chessboard or trade you like a slab of inanimate meat at market had you reeling in your rage.  Babette stared down your obvious fury, unflustered, those large eyes of hers narrowing slightly.
“Of course I agreed.  Don’t take this the wrong way, my dear, but did you leave your brains in the nightstand again?”
You bared teeth at her, feeling ready to split from all the fury squeezing you in ever shrinking tight bands.
“ What ?”
“Yes Silco let me know he intended to ask you to leave.  You’re my employee.  Are you telling me you spent all this time around him and didn’t pick up an ounce of knowledge about good business practice?”  She huffed a rasping, coughing little laugh and cast you an up and down appraisal in derision.  Utterly unimpressed with the cauldron of murderous anger you were currently simmering in.
“And I’m assuming instead of taking the best opportunity you’ll ever get to leave this life behind you threw his generosity back in his face?  I wish I could say I was disappointed in you, but that would mean I had expectations to begin with.”
Her words stung like a slap come across your mouth knuckles first.
“You always were your own worst enemy, kid.”  She sighed, dropping her gaze and attention back to her ledgers, giving you a little wave of her tiny lacquered nailed fingers in dismissal.  “You want to go back to selling yourself to whoever comes through the door?  Fine.  But our last conversation still stands:  One foot out of place, one single hair harmed on any customer that didn’t explicitly ask for such a service and you’re out.”
She glanced up toward the ceiling, considering for a moment, before she leveled that tired gaze at you once more and smiled unhappily.  
“Perhaps you should go ahead and pack the boxes we got for you anyhow.  We both know you’ll never be able to keep that promise.”
Stomach tied in hot knots and mind a livid blank, you rose and kicked the chair you sat in against the near wall before stomping out, Babette’s dry, mirthless little hacking laugh following you out the door.
No guard awaited you at your door when you returned, come to think of it none had been stood out there when you’d left to speak with Babette, either, but you were in too much of a snit at the time to notice.  Miraculous that in the ten fold grip of a full on tantrum you were able to register it now.  Well, good.  Fine.  You’d kicked the golden bars of your cage open and good riddance.
The longing to take your unfocused rage out on something, anything was coming in hot waves.  But if you were going to start working again tomorrow as you’d told Babette, you couldn’t afford to trash the place you’d need to do it in.  The salon had seen better days anyhow.  You’d let it slide into a comfortable, relaxed abode instead of the sultry parlor it should have been kept as.  Let it become your little private apartment where none of the frou-frou trappings of all the pretty fantasy rooms needed to matter.
Well, you’d fix that up tomorrow.  It felt a good enough use of the surplus of funds Silco had lined your pockets with.  You’d give yourself your own posh little bower and fuck whomever you liked in it, thank you.  You practically ripped the lovely outfit off you’d put on for him tonight and crawled into bed, suffering your anger in silence only to find the pillow smelled like him.  The sharp, unbidden urge to grab it and pull it close had you chucking it across the room as well as kicking the sheets and covers to the foot of the bed.  
Finding no irony at all in laying there cold and uncomfortable, you chased sleep that refused to come as each argument that evening replayed itself over and over again in worse and worse spirals.
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
It left you exhausted and cranky the next morning, with a crick in your neck and a bitter stomach, but laying there being miserable wasn’t going to get you anywhere.  You climbed up and into clothes, grabbed your bag and as much coin as it felt safe to carry in one trip, along with your little knife.  In the bathroom you scowled at the little remnants of him left behind that confronted you.  His toothbrush, toiletries, straight razor.  You ought to have tossed them all into the trash, instead you yanked open a drawer and scooped them within, slammed the drawer shut hard.  You could toss all his stuff later, you told yourself.  Along with clothes he’d left there and anything else of his.
Back out in your bedroom you paused to grab your small knife off the nightstand and stopped.  Jinx’s little get well card that you’d framed sat there, staring up at you with its lurid colored little face and scribbled bright blue hair.  
Memory came back as unwelcome as a ghost.  
Sevika watching over you, having carried you home, and then never mentioning it again or looking for even so much as a thank you.  
Silco’s warm weight denting the bed, curled protectively around your broken body, blood on his hands.  For you.  
The little card, evidence he’d been so enraged and concerned even his kid knew something bad had happened to you.  And he’d brought it here, set it by your bed.
Made love to you like your face hadn’t been ruined with a black eye and swollen, split lip. Like you mattered more than your pretty.
No.  No, fuck it.  It was going in the trash with everything else when you got back.  
But you’d never had a get well card before.
Never had anyone who cared if you lived or died or survived the day.
Well, you’d never had it before so you’d get by just fine without it again.  
You slapped the framed card face down, laced up boots and left for the markets.
A thick, dark coffee and a pastry at one of the food stalls made a world of difference for your disposition, though didn’t do much for the persistent dull headache that stretched back across your scalp, the slow throb of it mirror to the ache you were steadfastly ignoring within your core.  An empty, hollow feeling to the pit of your stomach that you were determined to pay no mind to.
Instead you filled the void with shopping; picking out new trinkets and toys, new drapes to soften the ceilings and walls of your salon and multicolored crystal lamps to hang that would create a soft, seductive illumination and throw shards of color wherever the light pierced them.  Fresh sheets and a multitude of pillows to create an inviting nest of the bed.  Silken rope for restraints, because why not?  Lovely incense and an entire crate of candles, all ordered, packed and carted back to Babette’s by a few of the vendors’ helpful lackeys.
A new perfume was just what you needed next, and then perhaps some different outfits or lingerie.
The perfumer’s shop was tucked just on the edge of a crossway alley corner and the main strip of marketplace, ostentatious yet peeling yellow paint coating its facade, large glass windows decorated around their outset with frosted etching and leaded panes that curled and twined into various flowers evocative of the scents held within all the gorgeous little stoppered blown glass bottles within that lined the shelves like little jewels in an array of glittering colors, sizes and shapes.
The wizened old man at the counter ignored your presence save for a bored and sedate little nod of his head upon your entrance, though you felt the weight of his rheumy gaze track your unhurried progress around the room periodically as you sniffed the occasional bottle stopper curiously.
He waited until you were running out of options and clearly torn between two fragrances, neither of which you terribly preferred, to point toward the hallway past his counter.
“More choices in the back.”  He croaked.  “If you don’t like the blends there’s simple essence ones back there as well.”
Considering the two bottles in your hands and deciding neither suited you, you set both down and ducked through the sheer silk curtain dividing the front rooms from the further ones down the hall.  
You made it just through the doorway of the first room to open up to your right when a hand clapped over the lower half of your face and one strong arm barred itself around your middle, pinning arms in tightly.  
The shock of it had you inhale sharply, nearly sucking into your mouth the soft cloth that hand was mashing to your face.
The skin around your nostrils and mouth burned, and eyes watered. Sweetness flooded your senses, a pungent sweetness like fresh cut grass or greens.  The world swam as you kicked legs to stay afloat, everything heavy, so heavy.  Each limb and both eyelids weighted leaden, head rolling fit to snap on a neck that suddenly felt far too fine and brittle for its weight.
Then nothing.
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
The cold woke you like a slap.
Gasping, dripping, blinking blearing drops of water from your eyes as you sputtered and sucked air.  Drowning?  No.  Firm floor under your feet.  Hard chair under your bottom.
Sensation and rational thought both came back slow, trying to build on shifting sands and sort out reality and the still humming, heavy buzz of that dreamless black void you’d just been yanked from.
Seated, yes.  Arms ached and the attempt to move them proved that pain due to being tied down, quite tightly, with little to no concern for circulation.  Fingers prickling at their tips as you worked them to get blood flow.  Another rope tight around the base of your throat and one across your forehead.  Another coiled round your midsection, stopping you filling lungs to full capacity.  And all the ropes curiously padded from full contact against your skin, lined with cloth or towels to prevent them biting into flesh or leaving more than faint bruises.
Water you’d been so rudely awakened with dripped off your nose and chin and eyelashes, down your throat and soaked the neckline of your shirt, making it cling uncomfortably to damp skin prickling with the chill.  
It was dark and the air was dank, even for the undercity standards, like a sub-basement with no circulation.  
Blinking in the dim light, a group of men came into focus; a semi-circle of perhaps ten or more before you, clustered randomly about the central point of one particular man sat comfortably in finery that could only belong to one of the Barons.  He was an older man, with a neatly kept goatee and thinly connected mustache gone white, opulently outfitted with a brilliantly yellow coat draped over his shoulders, with dark, cresting shoulder padding that added substantial bulk to his lithe frame, its studded black lapels disinviting the notion of touch.  Thinning, snow white hair was swept back in a severe ponytail that ran long down his back, and he watched you from the deeply crinkled, hooded amusement of dark, elongated, narrow eyes set over the warm copper cheekbones of his aging face.
His demeanor was far more relaxed than those around him, particularly the youngest man who stood beside him.  A boy still clearly in his teens with chill pale eyes that glared at you unblinking, both hands curled into fists at his sides, something vaguely familiar clenched half hidden in the grasp of one of his hands.  He grinned coldly as he watched your attention fall on the thing he held.
“So.  You’re Silco’s plaything.”  The older man began, the dry observation for some reason earning a tittering of unpleasant laughter from the gathered lot.  Fuck.
“No…” You repressed that natural inclination toward sass, but barely.  Hard not to let a certain irritation show at being unceremoniously abducted, knocked out, and tied up.  Still that ‘no’ drew out a bit patronizingly and the old man cocked a thinning brow.
“No?  You are a well known piece of decor in his office.  And while I would not put it past Silco to only keep such living art around as a hobby or an offering to his guests… I highly doubt he’d then make regular visits to that same glorified footstool at the brothel where she lives.  Or provide her a near constant escort.”
Well, he had you there.  Almost.
Mouth tightened in a hateful little grin back at him.
“Did you see my escort today?”
It didn’t even give him a moment’s pause.  He merely shrugged shoulders under the swallowing drape of that imposing, brilliant jacket.
“No.  A very fortunate stroke of luck for us.”
“Not all that fortunate.  I don’t know what you want, but I can make some guesses.  If the first name out of your mouth is Silco’s, and you think I’m ransomable or that hurting me will get to him, you’re wrong.  You didn’t see an escort because I’m not employed by him anymore.  Sorry.”
The young man stepped forward sharply and cracked his hand in an opened palm slap across your face that should have wrenched your head to the side, were you not affixed to the chair as you were.  
Apparently that had been a little too much sass creeping into your belittling tone.
The old man sucked his teeth and shot an unappreciative glance up at the boy as he returned to his side.  Cursing under his breath in a language you did not speak that heavily accented both their voices, the young man spat vitriol at you and the old man chided him in return.  
“I said no damage that might show, did I not, Finn?”  The old man asked hotly, staccato of his tone sharpening.
“Yes, grandfather.”
The old man sighed and turned back to you with an ironically apologetic lift and drop of his brows.  Kids, huh?  Whatcha gonna do.
You glared back, unimpressed, cheek and the corner of your mouth stinging harshly.
“You left his employment?  Or he dismissed you from it?”  He asked, slowly, carefully, in a way that suggested that there was a right way and a very wrong way to answer those questions. “Margot seemed quite convinced he’d never let you go, but I’d rather hear the truth of it from your own mouth.”
The exhalation of breath left you slow as you set your jaw stubbornly.  This was stupid.  They were stupid.  Only the profoundly stupid would attempt to use a working girl to get to someone like Silco, for whatever their ends might be.  And fucking Margot.  Of course she’d happily give you up as a little pawn to be played.  Bitch.  You were done with this.  You weren’t his creature any more and they could like it or lump it, same as him.
The old man looked more tired at your digging your heels in and stoic silence than he had at his grandson’s outburst.  
“I take it you’ve seen one of these before?”  He held open a palm lazily and Finn placed the object he’d been holding into it.  A very familiar brass object, with its little trigger and long guard to the open end.  It was slightly rougher looking than Silco’s injector, perhaps an early prototype or an unskilled reproduction.  
The swallow you made worked against the rope that ran across your throat.
The old man smiled grimly and toyed with the brass contraption, turning it over in careful fingers.
“You look quite healthy, if you don’t mind me saying so.”  He observed.  “I don’t imagine you’ve ever joined your, ah, boss?  In his addiction?  How ironic that so many of your fellow professionals have quite a taste for it and he’d pick one who didn’t partake in his stock and trade.  Not that I’d stoop to accusing Silco of getting high off his own supply, mind you.”
He handed the injector back to Finn and you watched the boy’s fingers curl tightly around the barrel of the thing as his pale glare stayed fixed on you.
“Did Silco ever give you a tour of one of his factories?  Show you his labs?  Was he ever kind enough to give you a post-coital lesson in the varieties of that lovely purple drug that’s put him on the top of the heap down here?”
You had it in you to continue to refuse to answer, but it felt a bit pointless, especially with the way that kid was eyeing you. And so you shook your head, insomuch as the ropes allowed.  No.
“Ah.  Well.  What he takes isn’t exactly what he ships out across the trenches.  There’s quite a few subtle varieties, all good for different things.  The least refined make excellent monsters out of good men.  A touch more refinement and a bit of clever proprietary mixing makes a wonderfully heady drug, and so on into medical research, healing properties or analgesics.  His good doctor really is quite a genius.  Terribly dangerous, as most men with a dream are”.
Said with the exhausted gravitas of a man toiling within the machinations of his own dreams.
“Suffice it to say the manner of product Silco enjoys is difficult to get ahold of at best.  You’ll have to forgive that we were unable to acquire it.  What’s in that little device will have to suffice instead.  At least for our purposes.”
He gave Finn a little nod and the boy grinned sickly as he stalked toward you again.  The chair you were lashed to was solid, heavy, and immune to your struggles against it.  His thumb dug into your upper eyelid, peeling it up and back as he settled the cage of that brass device over your eye.  Bile rose in your throat as the inherent urge to struggle waged war against the knowledge that if you were moving when the plunger of the needle came down you well could be blinded.
You barely caught the tightening of his fingers upon the trigger before the searing heat pierced your eye down to its core.  Half of vision cut out in a blinding purple shock as the shimmer burst through the gelatinous membrane and flooded fine veins that fed straight to brain matter.  The world dialed down to a pinprick before it exploded violently.  Every emotion a rage, every muscle a rictus of agony, the noise of the world a deafening, unceasing, clashing roar.
It lasted perhaps thirty seconds, but felt like a week.
The chokehold grip of the drug released suddenly, like being dropped unceremoniously back into the puddle of your own pathetic existence, leaving you wrung out, weak and shaking uncontrollably.
“Hmn.  Perhaps a bit harsher than we were led to believe.” The old man observed as you struggled to fit the bits of yourself back together again, terrified to open your eyes, terrified that you’d find the vision in the one injected permanently gone.  
He waited for you to come around, waited until you worked up the nerve to blink eyes open and adjust to the fact that yes, you still had full vision, even if it felt like the injected eye had been salted, set on fire, and was now full of wasps.  He smiled mock kindness at you and rested his chin upon folded hands.
“Now then.  Which was it?  You left, or you were dismissed?”
Which was it?  He had dismissed you but it had been your choice, hadn’t it?  So hard to think, to set pieces straight, hard enough to know what lines went where with Silco anyhow.  No, no.  It had been your choice.  This, or rather, that had been your doing.
“Left.”  You croaked.  Throat felt like you’d walked several hundred miles through a desert wasteland.
“Oh good.”  The old man replied, almost gleefully, if such a term could be used with his staid and respectable demeanor.  “In which case, tomorrow, when you are recovered, you will return to his employment.  By whatever means necessary.  Do I make myself understood?”
Another self-important man telling you what to do.  
Teeth grit as you glared across at him, hawked back whatever little precious moisture still clung in your throat and spat.  It sailed in a neat little arc that landed well short of his feet.
Finn was already stepping toward you again and the panic that welled up played second fiddle to all the hot rage that boiled within.  You had a temper, yes, but this was something animalistic, something primal and insatiable and dangerous.
He came within reach and you kicked out.  The bastards hadn’t tied your legs down.
You got him, right in the balls, and hard.  He crumpled like a house of cards with a sickly wheezing sound that gave you no end of hateful joy.  
Out you kicked again and that little brass injector went flying.  All around you the other men were in a state of chaos, some scrambling for the injector others unsure what to do.  
One more kick, this one a rounding arc, and you’d leveled the young fucker.  He lay on his side at your feet gasping, hands clenched between his thighs upon the crotch you’d punted straight up into his pelvis.  It should have been enough, but you couldn’t stop.  Couldn’t stop that eruption of blinding violence that had nowhere to go but out.  Down to the only limbs that were free.
His jaw made a sickening crunch with the very first hard stomp of your boot heel.
The boy himself made a noise caught halfway between a broken steam whistle and a strangled cat.  
They’d managed to get him out from under your feet by the third stomp, two men dragging him off and away until the noises he made vanished into the surrounding dark.  The old man was glaring at you, all semblance of cordial warmth washed clean off that wizened face.  He nodded and two of the others, careful to approach from the side, closed in on you.
Again, and again, and again.  That little plunger of the needle came down.
Not in your eye this time, thank fuck, but that only spared the horror of fear.  It did nothing for the pain, the sickness, the disgusting inhuman sensation of the fleeting high or the overwhelming nausea welling in the pit of your twisting stomach.
They took their time about it.  Waiting for each wave to pass before subjecting you to it again. Found new, fresh skin to inject each round.  Leaving nothing behind but a miniscule little pinprick that would be invisible the second the small beading of blood dried and flaked away.
No marks, no evidence.
You were reeling by the time the old man held his hand up.  Weak and retching, tears streaming cold down your face and as plentiful as the glass of water they’d tossed on you earlier. Your fingers and toes felt broken in the intensity of their uncontrollable constriction, air a harsh gasping fire in the unwelcoming vacuum of lungs.
A small, quiet part of your brain wondered if they’d kill you now.  Hoped for it.  Surely the nothing of being dead was better than this agony.  
“Can you speak?”  The old man asked, patience returning to the timbre of his voice.
You gaped like a fish at him, mouth working to no effect.
“Ah well.  But you can listen.  And if you do not want to remain here… or find yourself back here again like this, you will listen.”  He watched you writhe in your misery, eyes rolled up toward the ceiling as you shivered from the marrow of bones and quick of teeth on out to the burning surface of skin caught cold fire.  “Nod.”
You nodded frantically against the ropes, swiveling gaze back on him.
“I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings here.  And while we have regrettably gotten off on a bad foot- “  He paused to smirk at his own turn of phrase, gaze drifting to the very boot that had pulped his grandson’s pretty face, “I’d like our partnership to be an amicable one.”
You huffed a breath he took for laughter and he smiled generously at your pathetic gogging.
“I bear no ill will toward your employer.  Far from it.  I think he’s doing an admirable job organizing the undercity.  But.  He is consolidating an alarming amount of power.  Such a thing is never good under just one man.  Inevitably something happens to them, control is as much a drug as that purple poison running through your veins right now and just as corrupting.  Silco plays his cards far too close to his chest for my liking.  And while every hand he’s dealt to myself and the other Barons have been terribly generous, there may come a time when that well runs dry.”
He glanced down, examining the cleanliness of his nails, picking at a spot lodged beneath one as he continued and you struggled to keep a grip on his meandering train of thought and your own slipshod sanity.
“All I want is information.  You are in a unique enough position to provide that, along with whatever other little insights you might glean.  You have access to him, his paperwork, his office, his conversations and meetings, and of course whatever he might let slip while in the pleasure of your…”  Dark eyes glanced up, cast you up and down disparagingly, “charms.”
He rose, resettled the jacket on his shoulders with a finicky little shrug.
“Do this, and live.  Do it well and I’ll pay you handsomely.  If you do not, then I can hardly see the value in keeping you around.  It would be better if you tell me now if you plan to reneg on this agreement.  I will make the end quick.”
He caught your eye once more and all that easy cheer evaporated like a fine mist.
“It will not be quick if you lie to me or choose to reneg later.  Do you understand?”
Slowly, you forced the muscles cramping in your neck to work a single nod.  Exhausting.
“Good.  Then, we have a deal?”
Another excruciating nod.
“A pleasure doing business with you, Miss.”  He dipped his own head in a deferential little nod back and turned to go, pausing only to address the pair of men still standing, waiting at either side of your chair.
“Knock her out.  Leave her somewhere she’s less likely to be accosted.  She can figure out how to make her own way home after what she did to my grandson.”
The stifling sweet burn on the rag held over mouth and nose was a welcome balm as the dark  nothing slipped in over the agony, drowning it in lapping, deep, black waves.
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the-insomniac-emporium · a day ago
Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Arcane Characters/Reader, pt. 2)
Ayyye, finally finished the next round of these! Just some short scenes featuring one of my favorite dialogue tropes, wherein character A jokingly says "tell me something I don't know", only for character B to reply with something cute/sincere.
Featuring: Silco, Viktor, Grayson, and Ekko Genre: Fluff with a couple drops of angst (mainly in Viktor's section, sorry) Warnings: Ekko's section involves treating (mild) injuries, including the use of an alcohol wipe, but nothing is described in major detail. Very mild stuff, especially for my blog Notes: Gender neutral reader, Ekko's section can probably be interpreted as either platonic or romantic (there's love there, for sure, but there's no established relationship)
His mouth is half open, a half second away from calling for you, when a soft clink accompanies the appearance of a steaming mug on his desk. After all these years, he should not be surprised… and yet he is.
“Here, a fresh cup,” you say, casually, as if you hadn’t just predicted the very thing he had been about to request. Without waiting for any signs of gratitude, you shift around to the other side of Silco’s desk, neatly gathering a few of the day’s documents. “I’ll go ahead and get these to the Barons. Oh, and as a heads up… Dandy stopped by earlier to complain about his share of last week’s raid, so I went ahead and smoothed his ego over a few drinks. We should be fine for now, but the bastard is starting to outgrow his usefulness. Just say the word and I’ll take care of him.”
Of course you would. That was your job, wasn’t it? Taking care of anything Silco needed, taking care of him. There was hardly a day that went by without you dancing around The Last Drop, juggling tasks as you went, never once uttering a single complaint within his earshot. Once, he had asked why you worked so hard. In reply, you had laughed, told him that someone had to, before quietly admitting that Zaun was your home. Though you could not fight for it, you could ease the troubles of those that did.
“Sometimes I don’t know how I would manage without you,” Silco says, voice sweet enough to send a shiver down your spine, but tinged with enough mirth to make you wonder how serious he was. Nonetheless, you send him a smirk over your shoulder.
“Tell me something I don’t know,” you chimed, lingering in the doorway just long enough to catch sight of Silco’s smile. Then you slip out, closing the door behind you. A few seconds pass, silent but for the sound of your retreating footsteps, as your employer takes in the weight of your absence. In his mind’s eye, there is nothing as bright as your grin, even with the glare of neon right outside his window. Another moment passes before he speaks; his voice is tiny, a wretched thing for a man so prideful, so quiet as if he dared not allow himself to hear the words.
“I hope I never learn.”
All the footsteps and floorboard creaks in the world could not stir Viktor from his thoughts, not when he was so heavily engrossed in his work, nose practically buried in his notes. Every sound blurs together in his head, a symphony too soft to serve as a distraction. Part of you finds it endearing. Most of you, however, feels a growing sense of impatience. When clearing your throat does nothing to garner your partner’s attention, you resort to other means- albeit less polite ones. Loathe as you are to fully interrupt his work, you take care not to crumple or otherwise dirty any of his papers, but nonetheless allow yourself to sit on the corner of his desk.
Finally he looks up, lips in a soft ‘o’ shape. Confusion lines his expression, but he is quick to offer a small smile, always glad to share in your company. It makes some of your tension fall away… just not enough to undo the building pressure in your mind.
“We were supposed to have lunch together,” you say, fingers pinching the bridge of your nose, already feeling your stress twist into a migraine. Almost immediately Viktor winces, gaze quickly snapping to the clock above his desk. It was a wonder he had one at all, considering how rarely he glanced that way, how little attention he paid to the passing hours. Maybe the clock only served one purpose: To show him just how much time he had spent away from you. When he returns his attention to you, guilt overwhelms his expression.
“I’m sorry, my dear. Sometimes I lose track of time,” Viktor apologizes, slowly, but with genuine regret in his voice. Taking a deep breath, you try to settle your nerves, knowing exactly how important your boyfriend’s work was- both to him, and to the city. Being with him meant occasionally letting your relationship sit on the sidelines, in exchange for being right there when the whole world changed. Most days you didn’t have any doubts about whether or not it would be worth it… you were really trying to make today one of those days.
“Tell me something I don’t know,” you eventually reply, forcing yourself to add a little chuckle for his sake. Without even thinking about it, you shift one of your hands a little bit closer, and feel a rush of joy when Viktor intertwines his fingers with yours.
“I must admit… I worry about how much time I have left,” he whispers, sounding pained, his eyes clenching shut for a moment. When they reopen, he finds you watching him with silent concern. You’ve always known that his health was… less than ideal. More than that, his childhood in the undercity had exposed him to dangerous substances, putting him at an incredibly high risk of getting seriously ill. But you had held onto hope for as long as possible, despite the circles under his eyes getting darker with every passing year. By this point, your hope was akin to a ragged cloth draped over a hole in the dirt, hardly more than a cover for an eyesore.
“Deep breaths, love,” you eventually bring yourself to say, giving your boyfriend your best attempt at a reassuring smile. “Whatever you accomplish with the time you have will be more than enough.” Viktor gives you soft thanks, and gently squeezes your hand. But his thoughts hold themselves in high contrast, loud and impossible to ignore, as he desperately wishes he could share your confidence.
Soft jingling stirs you from your sleep, your mind long since memorizing this sweet song, the misshapen melody that played every time your beloved returned home. Although excitement urges you to jump to your feet, you allow yourself a few moments to stretch out and fully wake up. Falling asleep on the couch had not been the brightest idea. Even these few, easy movements make you intensely aware of how stiff your body is, your neck in particular protesting through pain.
On the bright side, however, your smiling face is the first thing Grayson sees when she steps inside. In an instant her expression flips from weary sadness to twinkling delight. With one last stretch, you dispel the last of your residual sleepiness, and rise to greet your wife. As always, she meets you halfway. There’s a tremendous tenderness to her touch, a little tighter than usual, and you know that she must have lost an officer today. Her grief never showed through anger; instead, it showed itself through compassion, commitment to those who remained.
“You didn’t have to stay up for me,” Grayson whispers, still latching onto you like the world is ending. You know, without a doubt, that she knows that you wouldn’t have it any other way- that waiting for her is non negotiable, a part of your routine that you would not willingly give up. In turn, her concern was an equal part of that routine. Tonight, you are eager to brush past this part.
“Mmmm, of course I do, love,” you chime, all the while tugging her by the hand, directing her towards the breakfast nook. Once you’ve herded her into a sitting position, you press a quick kiss to her forehead. Then you’re practically skipping across the room, humming a little under your breath, occasionally glancing back at your smiling wife. For once, there is a slight hesitancy to her expression. Unsure if it was due to your words or whatever happened at work, you hurry up your task, returning with two mugs of iced tea. “Here you go, dear. And for the record… I had to stay up late, because you came home late. You always do.”
To her surprise, there is no bitterness or judgement in your voice. After all of your years together, you knew well enough how important her work was, and had accepted the toll on your relationship. More than that, you had learned to weave around it… even if it meant buying new flavors of tea that worked best served cold.
“I do come home late, don’t I?... Hmm, tell me something I don’t know,” she replies, softly, before taking a sip of her tea. Pausing for effect, you give a short hum, pretending to be deep in thought. After a few moments you lean over to kiss your wife, then eagerly deliver your reply:
“You’re worth the wait.”
With victory comes glory, with loss comes the sting of defeat. In this case, loss also comes with the sting of an alcohol wipe against your forehead, as one of the Firelights’ medics does their best to patch up your busted brow. One little slip up had ruined an entire operation. Not yours, of course, but that hardly lessened the guilt. You had been part of a team, and that meant every failure was shared. At least you could draw some comfort from the fact that nobody died. 
“Almost done,” the medic assures you, after a particularly painful wipe makes you flinch. They start to apply some gauze, but their movements slow down after a few seconds, gaze shifting to someone behind you. “Checking on your favorite, I assume?” They ask, teasing, but with exhaustion clear in their tone. As tempted as you are to look at whoever just walked in, you stay still long enough for them to finish applying your bandages.
“You know me so well, Talion. Get some rest, I’ll make sure someone keeps an eye on these guys,” the newcomer says, and you turn just in time to see Ekko gesture towards the sleeping bodies of your team members. All three seem to be resting easy, curled up as comfortably as they can at the moment, considering their injuries. The medic gives them a quick once over, doing one last evaluation before making a decision. With a curt nod, they take their leave, making sure to close the door as softly as possible. Once the two of you are alone, Ekko sits down by your side.
A pause fills the room. Heavy, tense, suffocating. You’re sure that he’s mad at you. But then his eyes meet your own, and the tilt of his eyebrows betrays his concern. One of his hands runs through his hair as he seems to contemplate what to say.
“Rough day, huh?... Please tell me you have some good news,” he says, eventually, barely speaking above a whisper. It’s clear the humor in his tone is forced for both of your benefits. Trying to ignore the residual stinging of your wounds, as well as detract from the disappointment of the day’s failure, you reply in kind, albeit a little less forced.
“Good news? Hmm, let me think…” You trail off for a few seconds, pretending to give the question serious thought. “I survived, for starters.” In response, Ekko gives a quiet chuckle, slowly shaking his head.
“Yeah, yeah you did. Maybe tell me something I don’t know?” He’s smiling as he speaks, more than willing to admit his relief at your survival. But considering the rest of your team would be out of commission for at least a few days, and a sizeable shipment of Shimmer was headed for the streets…
“Okay, that’s fair, and valid. Fair and valid. Hmm… I love you?” You offer, dragging the words out, gesturing vaguely with your hands. This only serves to make Ekko roll his eyes (and murmur something that sounds a lot like “I love you too”). “Yeah, figured you already knew that, just wanted to remind you. Also, you know that one dick who works for Silco? Goes by ‘Dilbert’ or ‘Dahlia’ or probably ‘Dandy’? We absolutely kicked his ass, so that’s pretty cool.” Now that is exactly the kind of thing he was hoping you’d say. Nobody likes Dandy.
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sweatandwoe · a day ago
The Cuckening
Tumblr media
@chickenparm anything for you babe
Tags: Afab!reader, cuckolding, vaginal fingers, p in v, p in a, double penetration, thigh fucking, cum eating, rough sex, cunnilingus, this is barely edited cause I wrote this in my lunch break does this count as a tag
Parings: Reader x Huck (main pair), Reader x (Vander, Singed, Silco, Heimerdinger, Jayce and Viktor, Locke and Dustin)
Word count: 1.8k
You look so gorgeous like this. Head thrown back in ecstasy, your legs trembling, nails digging into skin hard enough to leave scratches. 
And Huck wasn’t even the one doing it to you. 
Vander is pounding you, your legs thrown over his arms, with his hands against the walls and enjoying your cries as he fucks you against it.  Huck strokes his cock quickly, panting as he watches you cry out again. Your pleasure tenfold with the monsterVander has inside of you, only growing more with how he tells you to touch your clit. A growl of words against your cheek, the hound of the underworld not stopping the pace he's set. Brutal and fast, and has you leaking down onto The Last Drop's floor beneath you. "Cum on my cock again, Darling. Wanna feel it one more time, then I'll fill you."
There’s so much to admire. Not just you, but the way Vander’s muscles flex. The way his chest and stomach press you against the wall. The way he steals one of your cries with a sloppy kiss. 
It’s so perfect, that when you cum a third time, so does Huck. Stars shining in both of your eyes. It isn’t long before Vander’s following, Pumping you full, and then slipping out to reveal the mess he had left of your cunt.  
Huck’s quick to come over and help give you comfort, pressing a kiss to your cheek and making sure to tell you how wonderful you are. Vander kisses your crown and you sigh happily. 
Seeing how happy you are, the shorter man comes to a realization, one he won’t voice until later after you’re nice and relaxed and in his arms in bed. 
That one time wasn’t enough. 
There’s a hum. “Dear, you’re creating a lot of noise.” 
Huck can see you try to stifle your moan, but you’re unable to as the long fingers curl deeper into you. “I'm sorry, d-doctor. It feels so good.” 
The scientist chuckles, thrusting his fingers in and out of your slick opening. His eyes flick over your body, meeting the other man’s gaze. One eyebrow lifts. “Are they always so noisy?” 
Huck swallows, watching as you writhe against the table as Singed’s fingers grow faster and faster. “Sometimes. With the right person.” 
Singed doesn’t comment on that, turning his eyes back onto you. With a sudden movement, he’s pushing his fingers to the knuckle, and flicking his wrist face enough that you cry out. Your thighs shaking, and your bare feet are bracing against the lab floor, pressing down onto your toes. 
The doctor removes his hand, eyeing the glistening digits. He holds it out to Huck, who moves forward to lick them clean. Another hum, using his other hand to write down a note. “
The scarred man is fucking your face. Both hands fisted in your hair, holding you in place as his hips snap forward, balls slapping against your chin each time. Drool and tears are leaking down your face, but you only hold your hands tightly behind your own back. 
Huck had told the man you were good, and you were proving it with how well you were taking his cock down your throat.
The scarred man hadn’t given his name, saying “It was not time for that reveal yet”, whatever that meant. You had still wanted him, enough to take him just on appearance alone, before sinking down on your knees before him.  
This one so far is the roughest, even rougher than Vander. Huck can hear you gag around him, and his balls tighten at the noise, his fingers moving faster as the man keeps up his rough pace.  “You’re such a good whore.” He growls, dragging you off his cock so you can catch your breath. 
A long string of drool still connects you to the man, and your tears are mixing in with the salvia on your chin. But once your breath is caught, you simply re-open your mouth, meeting the blue and red eyes above you. He takes his time to trace the tip of his cock against your lips before he slips it inside. 
When you moan around him, he starts up his pace once more. “Gods above, I’m going to paint your face. Leave you covered in my cum.” The red eye snaps to Huck, and he starts to grin, before he brings you forward, holding you to the base of his cock. He groans, loud as you squirm and struggle from his cock in your throat. 
He pulls back and makes good on his word, streaks of cum covering your face moments later. You catch a little on your tongue, but he’s made you a mess. After a moment of panting, he reaches down and grabs your chin, and tilts your head to gaze at your face. 
His tongue works in his mouth before he adds some of his own spit to the mixture on his face. You take it, panting and crying still. “Thank you, sir.” 
Blue and red eyes hold your gaze for a moment. “If he ever disappoints you, you come find me.” And then the cock is put away, and the man is soon walking out of the alleyway. 
Once he’s gone, Huck walks over to you, stroking his cock. Your lips wrap around the tip, and he bites his lips, cumming quickly once you touch him. You smile afterward, swallowing him down. 
Gods, you were so perfect. “What are you thinking next?” 
You hum. “Something sweeter, that was nice but I think something softer would be a nice break.” 
Huck smiles, kissing your slick forehead. “I think I can find you something.”
You’re giggling, head nuzzling into Huck’s thigh, as you come down from your high. “It tickles.” 
There’s a huff behind you, the stool scraping against the floor. “I cannot exactly shave, my dear.” The yordle squeaks out, his mustache wet. But he doesn’t seem annoyed, he also seems amused, one hand drawing over your ass cheek. “You’re lucky you taste so good.” 
His hands spread you out again, blue eyes twinkling as he eyes you. “Tastes almost better than my milk. Perhaps I could give you each a taste?” 
"Yordles have milk?" Huck asks, raising an eyebrow.
Heimerdinger smiles, leaning forward to grind himself against your folds. "Oh yes. Plenty of it. Especially, ngh, now." He slips inside of you, the wet noise heard in the quiet of the room. Furry hips don't create the same slapping noise against your own.
"I wanna try some milk," you pant, smiling as you're fucked once again.
Huck smiles back. Oh, this one was definitely sweeter.
The Academy is the source of many different types of sweetness. Some are more experimental than others. 
“I think we’re starting to reach overstimulation.” Viktor comments, sitting beside Huck, both watching as you sit and bounce in Jayce’s lap. He makes a note on his clipboard, watching as Jayce begins to pant. “Once you finish Jayce, we’ll move on to the next round.” 
“D-Do you have to make it sound so clinical right now?” He moans, gripping your hips when you roll your hips against him, sighing and happy, even as tears reach your eyes. Huck can’t stop looking at the way the young man’s muscles ripple with each thrust up into you, how he braces himself in the chair. 
Jayce is panting, kissing your shoulder. “You feel so good.” The words are drawn out, to time with each of his thrusts, before he lifts you suddenly off of him. Drawing you back against his chest, you only encourage him when he starts to fuck your thighs. 
“Just like that, Jayce. Come on pretty boy, cum on my thighs.” Something about the young man had brought out you to be more vocal. Commanding. It was making Huck’s dick twitch again, even if he was spent already. Perhaps both of you could get overstimulated? 
Jayce covers your thighs, before slumping back into his chair. You giggle, turning around, rubbing your ass over his still twitching cock as you litter kisses across his throat. 
Viktor rubs his chin. “Interesting. It seems like Jayce is the one getting overstimulated, not your partner.” He lifts the clipboard and sighs. Huck’s cheeks go red at the impressive size tent in his trousers. “Mr. Huck, could you clean them off? I’ll attempt my own way to reach the overstimulation your partner desires.” 
“Can do!” And you turn, spreading your legs over the top of Jayce’s own, Huck kneeling down to lap the cum off of your thighs. It’s not the first time he’s done it, enjoying the feeling and taste of cleaning you up. 
When you coo and call him a good boy, both Jayce and his cocks twitch at the same time. 
He was definitely going to try and get you to use that in the bedroom more often.
You’re whimpering as the two men fuck you. One is large, covered in tattoos and piercings. Locke, Huck thinks his name was called, he’s stronger of the two and holding you up, while his hips rock against your backside. The one against your front is drooling, laughing as he fucks hard and fast into your pussy. 
Dustin, Huck thinks his name is, as the third, Ran is busy holding him down. They had no want to partake but also didn’t mind indulging him a little. Pressing their boot against his back, making sure his head is turned to the right angle, to watch you get fucked by the two. They simply smoked, waiting on their two friends to have their fill and fun. 
When you cry out, Dustin laughs even louder. Leaning over, he licks your face, before his own crumples, burying himself inside of you with a shout. Pulling out moments later, his seed dripping from you and down your thighs. 
Huck licks his lips. Hips begin to grind against the ground, rough and hard against the tent in his trousers.
His glasses hit the young, as Ran tugs his hair, to watch as Locke keeps fucking you. A few more, before the burly man’s face buries against your shoulder, groaning loudly as he fills your ass. 
Strong arms hold you for a few heartbeats more, before you’re set carefully down on the ground. Both your holes filled. 
Once you’re set, the three move off. A quick thanks from the largest one, before the three are rounding a corner, continuing whatever they had originally set off to do. 
Huck wastes no time, crawling over to you, and spreading your legs. You sigh when he dips his tongue in, cleaning you. “Good boy.” You coo, moving your legs even wider as his tongue works you, lapping up the cum that had been spilled. 
Once it’s all gone, he slips down his trousers. Just enough to free his cock, and press into your still slick entrance. Only a few thrusts are all it takes before he fills you too, panting and laying against your chest. 
Soft kisses are shared before he’ll help you dress and carry you home even if he has to. His heart swelling at seeing you so happy and sated. 
He was glad you had agreed to this, so you could receive perfection every day if you wanted. Though even as his arms curl around you now, he still couldn’t believe, he was what you wanted. 
“I love you.” He whispers against your skin. 
“I love you too, Huck.” You wince as you shift, a whine rising from your throat. “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow.” 
He laughs, moving off of you to help you put back on your shirt first. Kissing your forehead afterward, “And I’ll take care of you.” 
He always would. 
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gh0ulri · 11 hours ago
potential spoilers :0) for timeless
Tumblr media
“Just don’t let me die like this again. Please”
a scene from @sweatandwoe’s Timeless fic ! 
this fic is so so good ! espescially loved this scene with reader and sevika ugh :0(
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x-amount-verbs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Silco in A Helping Hand 25-26
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togetherhearted · 15 hours ago
Hello, Long time no see <3 How have you been? :D Remember when I requested the golden trio and a random character with a reader who can do magic? This time around I would like the same characters but with a reader who can do fake magic (linking rings, card tricks, escape artistry, pulling a rabbit from a hat, you name it!) xD Please and thank you in advance >////<
Hi!It has been a while indeed!
I got a job in a hospital's reception till the end of September and I'm waiting for some keychains to arrive so I can open a little ko-fi shop and sell them. Vikkitty's one is coming! :D I hope everything's going well for you ^^
Now,onto the request!Thanks for waiting!
Tumblr media
Piranha escape.
He watched you descending into the tank. The tension was palpable in the air. Silco's eyes were locked on your figure.
A stage assistant covered the tank with a curtain.
Everyone gasped when, once the curtain was moved, you weren't there;only the piranhas were swimming inside.
The crowd clapped enthusiastically.Silco did not move until you sat next to him fine and dandy.
He remained silent and just held your hand.
Tumblr media
Poro's hat
-Keep your eyes on me Vik- You put a Poro plushie inside a cylinder. -Now watch this!- You covered it;tapped it and then a real Poro came out.
Viktor was amazed by your trick;still he was a man of science, and he needed answers.
-That was incredible. How did you do that-
You help your little fur friend -Sorry,Magician 's secret-
Viktor then attempted to get an answer from  you for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
Card Tricks.
-When you said you were like magic in bed, you meant...-
-Is this your card?- You showed him one.
-Holy shi-
Your boyfriend took the card in his hands and observed it. There was no doubt. This was  the one he was thinking of. 
-Could you do that again?- 
You just nodded and did the same process again;and again.He was never satisfied with the result. You never seemed to fail.
-Want me to do it again?- It was getting late and your eyes felt heavier by the minute.
-No l, but thank you for asking- He took the cards and put them on the night stand.
He laid down with you.
Tumblr media
Spoon bending.
It was obvious your girlfriend was bored. You promised Jinx a nice evening at her favourite food stall. Unluckily it was crowded that night and the food was slow to come.
You took a brief look at the spoon next to you. Jinx was easy to amuse and you just got the right trick.
You caught her attention by grabbing it;with a couple of swift hand moves you bent it.
This got a positive reaction her. The other clients as well were interested amd asked you if you know other magic tricks.
Waiting was more fun thanks to you.
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ilovethevillainswhatcanisay · 8 months ago
glad we’ve all agreed to be horny with no judgement
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caitlinsnicket · 8 months ago
you accidentally call them mommy/daddy (arcane preference)
a/n: the taglist is downstairs! sorry it took so long, I was having my finals. feel free to like, reblog, and leave a comment. requests are closed, but feel free to send things anyways!
| Jinx
Tumblr media
she's got you on her lap, riding her thigh with your hands tied behind your back
her ministrations are slow and deep, which only makes you frustrated because they lead to nothing
she can see you're getting frustrated, but she's just amused
you can feel tears burning behind your eyes, just wanting her to do something
"please, mommy, please let me-"
you squeak when she suddenly grabs you by your throat
"what did you just call me?"
she doesn't look pissed, just confused
"sorry... mommy?"
well she likes that
unties your hands and puts her hand between your legs
"well done trinket. you did so good. here's your reward"
cue the best orgasm of your life
wants you to call her mommy all the time now, won't shut up about it
will refer to hersef as mommy
i just want her to top me wtf
| Vi
Tumblr media
you're holding on for dear life in the bed rest, hips above Vi's head while her tongue works wonders in your clit
her hands make marks on your ass from how tight she's holding you
you just keep rambling while feeling your orgasm build up
"yes, mommy, just like that-"
you don't even register what you said, just enjoying the moment
afterwards, while holding you close and kissing your neck, she gets a little flushed
"did you call me... mommy? like, i'm not not into it, i just didn't think you were into it"
cue a long pillow talk about all the things you wanted to try with each other
you start to call her by the nickname when you two are alone, not just at sexy times
she likes it, makes her feel comfortable and in a powerful position
will tease you in public, low enough for only you to hear
"don't you wanna do good for mommy, kitty? then behave"
| Caitlyn
Tumblr media
she's teasing you around her office, giving you light touches and kisses and soft name calling
you're starting to get annoyed, as you're there to work, not to flirt
still, she keeps pushing your buttons until you've had enough
"stop it mommy, or you wont see me for a week"
the what now????
turns into a tomato and stutters
a shiver runs down her spine at that
leaves you alone because she is embarassed, and you just decide to turn it against her
when you get to your house, you corner her in a wall
"what now... mommy? you bothered me the whole day, what are you gonna do to me now?"
your 'fuck me' eyes are good, because she just lunges for your face and fucks you silly
next morning she sees the marks in your body and gets even more embarassed
"I won't mind if you call me that again"
| Ekko
Tumblr media
he's pounding you from behind, holding your hair with one hand and spreading your ass with the other
he's going in deep, moving his hips so that his thrusts always hit your g-spot, biting his lips trying not to cum on the spot
your moans start to get louder and he knows you're close
"yeah, just like that daddy-"
oh well
his dirty talk game just goes astronomic
"oh yeah? is daddy pounding you just right? is daddy turning you into a slut?"
you don't expect him to become so dirty, so you clench and when he slaps your ass, you can't hold back anymore
him, on the other hand, can't do anything except hold onto you for dear life
he cleans you up and kisses you sweetly, carrying you to bed
"daddy, huh? i could get used to that"
will like to be called that only in his private chambers
| Silco
Tumblr media
he actually sugested it for you one day
"i know you like experimenting. maybe we could try some name-calling. whenever you're ready"
you give it some thought, but there's a lot happening, so you don't act on it
until one day, when you're both entangled on each other, just enjoying the way your bodies touch
he's in his high chair and you're on his lap, kissing him and rocking yourself very slowly
his fingers brush against your clit slowly while you purr in his ear
"how is this petal?"
"good daddy, so good"
you two don't mention it, but now he refers to himself as daddy during sex, never in front of others
gets a warm feeling in his chest when you say it, and twitches inside of you
| Viktor
Tumblr media
you're sitting in his workbench, legs spread in front of him and skirt rolled up
his hands are working wonders in your slit, touching all the right places
he looks like he's figuring out a hextec piece, a light blush on his cheekss
"is this good?"
you pant a "yes" filled with longing, and he starts kissing your thighs
he keeps going with his ministrations, watching you with gleaming eyes
"just like that daddy, you're doing so fucking good"
his ears go red and he keeps his pace, nipping at your soft flesh
you cum all over his fingers, calling him daddy and gripping his hands
he doesn't let you catch your breath, just goes right back to it, using his mouth next to make you a overstimulated mess
a soft dom for sure
loves it when you call him daddy
@tartheanmaid @cariossa @gutsandglue @eko2ono @my-bestfriend-is-a-meth-teacher @emotionalyunstablehanjisimp @ewphoriae @mxxnch @king0flies @flowerboy1130 @panshrekxual-iii @wrddrms @lesbian-rondo @ofartsandshadows @the-wordis-bird @sakutsu14 @nsfw-kill-me-now @allyboba @nymphofzaun @aleks-chan @vikivikiv @queerkittycat @purple-vale @phoenixofjewel @justtryingt0vibe @http-jackass @chelablackcat @salem-poltergeist @tovewantcoffee @psychologicalnecrosis @chickenshins @awesomekawaiibouquetlady @musical-yeet @gloomdoomraccoon @cherry-poppins @komoresunrise @testsubject24601 @hopelessly-hopeful-hope @plaguedoctorsalad @snakesnack6 @governmentfraud
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theprettyarachnid · 6 months ago
arcane char reaction to the reader that falls asleep in their lap, pleaseeee
a/n: oh to fall asleep in viktor/jayce's lap... also this request made me think and have i written cuddling headcanons for these characters? i cant remember if i have or not
warnings: none(?)
characters: jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
🕷 Probably wouldn't notice at first, she'd be rambling about something while working on one of her gadgets before checking to see if you're listening only to find you with your eyes closed
🕷 "hey sleepy head, are you listening?"
🕷 She'd probably lift one of your eyelids but would quickly pull away when she realized you were actually asleep
🕷 Jinx might get a little pouty because she was feeling chatty but would let you sleep
🕷 If she has a hand free, she plays with your hair
🕷 If you're still sleeping when she's finished with her stuff, she'll grab a marker and draw little doodles all over you
🕷 You two would be hanging out on the couch watching tv when she saw you asleep
🕷 She literally becomes stiff as a board because she doesn't want to wake you
🕷 lowkey forgets to breathe
🕷 Eventually Vi slowly relaxes when she's confident enough that she won't wake you up accidentally
🕷 Lowers the volume on the tv and will try and grab a blanket to cover you so you don't get cold
🕷 If there isn't a blanket close enough, she'll slip out of her jacket or sweatshirt and drape it over you
🕷 Honestly I can imagine Vi being very comfy
🕷 Caitlyn purposely makes you lay in her lap and plays with your hair or caresses your face so you'll fall asleep
🕷 She turns the heat up a little and gets you all snuggled up with blankets while she's reviewing a case
🕷 You soon catch onto the fact that she does it on purpose but it's not like you really care
🕷 There have been a few times where you'll wake up with her asleep with her arms wrapped around you
🕷 "... but i was cleaning up shop when i overheard—babe?"
🕷 Ekko always smirks when you fall asleep on his lap mainly because he just finds it very cute
🕷 He likes to take your hand and trace the lines in your palm
🕷 I feel like Ekko's body temperature is naturally just very warm
🕷 Sometimes he'll reposition you if he starts to get uncomfortable but he's a pro at not waking you up
🕷 Shoulder kisses <3
🕷 He'll be reading a book, taking a break from work, but once he's ready to get back to it he sees you're asleep
🕷 Might question if you're faking it just so he doesn't leave but he stays put either way
🕷 Viktor will either continue reading or will put the book away and just admire you
🕷 His leg will eventually start to cramp so he'll gently lay you on his chest instead
🕷 "mmgh... viktor?"
🕷 "shh, my любимая, i'm right here" любимая (lyuBEEmaya): darling, love
🕷 Jayce can be a little fidgety but if he doesn't have anywhere to be, he'll try to sit as still as possible
🕷 Might go on his phone and scroll through whatever while rubbing your arm
🕷 Depending on how late it is in the day, he might just pick you up and bring you to bed
🕷 If he tries to leave and you grab hold of him, he'll stay
🕷 Will bring you to his chest and just rub your back lulling you back to sleep
🕷 Might quietly tease you about wanting him to stay
🕷 "you must've really missed me today..."
🕷 It's a rare occasion that Silco actually lets you fall asleep on his lap
🕷 It's usually when he's doing paper work at his desk and you're sitting on his lap
🕷 Whenever he lets you sit on his lap, it usually means he's angry about something so most of the time he doesn't let you leave
🕷 Since he works late nights, you end up falling asleep on him
🕷 Silco would offer you some of his cigar just to see you asleep
🕷 I can't really imagine him caring that much but he'll rub your back occasionally while flipping through papers
🕷 Once he's finished with paper work, he'll wake you up by gently shaking you
🕷 This is only after he gives you a few hickeys
🕷 Literally how can you not fall asleep on this man? He's so comfortable
🕷 When he sees you asleep, he quietly chuckles to himself before putting you to bed
🕷 He's also a pro at not waking people up just because he's had plenty of nights where he's had to stay up with Powder/Jinx
🕷 Vander will usually put off whatever he has to do for tomorrow so he can stay with you
🕷 Will change you into comfier clothes
🕷 He usually falls asleep shortly after you
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fulltimeanimesimp · 7 months ago
Arcane characters and the “i want a baby” text
this is so old but its so funny im still gonna do this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ill write actual fics i just wanted to get this out of my head
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ink-and-dagger · a day ago
astro prompt: please oh please some more jealous silco, but after DWM ends, so silco does something about it
Hello dear one, thank you for sending in a prompt! 🖤
I have loads of DWM bonus content planned, and jealousy will definitely be an element at play in some of them - from both sides too, not just Silco. So don’t you worry about that. Although none of what’s currently planned will be toxic jealousy - these two have had their fair share of angst by now 😅
But I did want to use this ask to drop some Post-DWM Lore that I feel is important to note.
It’s my personal head-canon [though I guess as the author that technically makes it canon] that directly after Chapter 18 ends [and after the lazy morning yum-yums they were clearly about to engage in] Astrid and Silco have a full debrief; mugs of coffee and cuddles in bed while they talk through everything that has happened. And also how things are going to work from here on out.
It might sound a bit dorky, but remember that neither of them have been in a committed relationship before, and they genuinely don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Plus they have a lot of elements to consider. E.g:
Are they going to keep the relationship private for safety reasons?
If so then who can/should know? [Jinx, Sevika, Jasper, Max etc.]
Any boundaries needed to separate boss/employee relationship and work/personal life?
How will it… work exactly..? Should Astrid come up after every shift? How often does he want her to stay over?
What exactly are they going to tell Jinx? How involved in Jinx’s life is Astrid going to be?
Is there anything else they should know about each other’s past?
“Can I call you my boyfriend?” “Yes.” “Can I call you my Snookums?” “No.”
After months of emotional constipation, miscommunication, angst and much more besides, I feel Astrid would insist on laying all cards out on the table, and as we’ve already established - Silco is not one to deny her anything.
Part of these discussions would inevitably turn to relationship expectations, specifically touching on what happened in that fateful Chapter 14.
Here’s the thing. Silco is a jealous and possessive man. It’s part of who he is, and Astrid knows this. And now that he’s no longer being a big baby about his feelings, she’s more than happy to agree to lay off the flirting.
“I expected more… resistance.”
“Why? Do you really think I care about selling a few extra drinks more than I do your comfort?”
“…Your thoughts on the matter were quite strong the last time we… discussed it.”
“Yeah, because you were being a massive prick about it. All you ever had to do was ask nicely, Silco, Sweetie.”
And as for the whole Marcus fiasco…
That’s something to explore in a future ficlet 😏
So basically yeah - I just wanted to clarify that post-DWM Astrid would no longer be an outrageous flirt with the club patrons. That it’s something they both discussed and agreed on. And any future jealousy would come from the actions of others, and wouldn’t be caused by Astrid or Silco’s own behaviours. 🖤💜
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angelltheninth · a month ago
Hey i see that asks are open again. Nice love your stuff. Can i ask for some arcane girls or guys.thinking there s/o left them after there first time but they are just down stairs making them some food or so ? Thanks anyway ❤️
I'm so happy to hear you like my writing. Thanks for the wholesome ask Anon!
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Silco, Sevika, Marcus, Jayce, Viktor, Mel x Reader
Tags: mild-smut, developing relationship, morning after, kisses, making breakfast, hugs, neck kisses, shoulder kisses, flirting, teasing, slight dirty talk
A/N: My cooking skills aren't that good but I'd try for these characters.
Tumblr media
Jinx is very cuddly in the morning so when she wakes up and finds that you're not there after the amazing night you spent together she's a bit hurt at first. The voices are taunting her about you leaving of course and she's quick to shut them up.
She tries to shrug it off, after all you're not exactly exclusive yet so she can't afford to be too jealous. She throws her clothes and gets ready for the day. When a scent of something burning catches her nose she things she set something on fire over night. However what she finds is you in the kitchen wearing only a shirt and your underwear as you struggle to make breakfast on her fire hazard of a stove.
"Ah there ya are sweet stuff. Almost thought ya left me. That'd be pretty fucking crappy don't ya think? If ya don't wanna be an item just tell me, no need ta sneak out. And trying to burn my place down too? Tryin ta get rid of the evidence or something? Ya... wanted to make me breakfast in bed? And ask me ta be your girlfriend? Oh... I uh... may have jumped the gun a little... I can make it up ta ya with a kiss."
Tumblr media
Vi can't lie and say that she was more then disappointed when she woke up to an empty bed. She may be tough on the outside but you managed to break into her heart, so she can't just pretend that it was a one night thing.
After all she took you on quite a few dates before this and thought that the two of you were on the same page about the relationship. Clearly not. She wants to blow off some steam. However just as she pulls her hoodie over her head she hears someone humming. It turns out to be you, back turned to her while making food. Vi grins and sneaks up on you, startling you for a moment as she hugs you to her front and tilts your head to kiss your neck, right over the kisses and bite marks she made last night.
"Morning sweetheart, though you left me but... this is a nice surprise for sure. I had half the mind to march over to your place and give you a piece of my mind for toying with me. Glad I don't have to. Food looks good. Oh and the pancakes too. Hold still, I want to have a little taste, the pancakes can wait. You bet your sweet ass I'll put you on the table, I might be from Zaun but I eat my food at the table."
Tumblr media
Caitlyn is surprised to find you gone in the morning. After all you'd have to sneak off through the window and she's pretty sure she would have heard you.
She absolutely wants to have a talk with you about leaving after having sex for the first time. You seemed pretty happy last night and didn't make any move to leave why she fell asleep. She can't think of any reason you'd sneak off. But before she goes to confront you she needs to eat something since she's pretty spent from last night. Caitlyn makes her way into the kitchen only to find you laughing and talking with her dad as you make food for her and the other Kiramman's.
"For a moment I thought you snuck out on me darling. Glad to see that wasn't the case. What are you making? Hm... sounds good. And did you put my dad up to helping you or was he already here? You're learning the secret Kiramman recipes? Well I know we've been doing pretty well but a marriage is going a little too fast don't you think, plus I don't even have a ring for you. A kiss? Sure I can do that for you, but I fully expect you to make this up to me with a date at a later time."
Tumblr media
Ekko was a bit glad when he didn't find you in bed the next day. He does enjoy your company but he's part of a rebellion so it might be best for you to keep your distance.
However when he washes up and gets into the kitchen he finds you already sitting at the little table, waiting for him as you divide the breakfast and coffee you made. He's a bit at a loss for words at first because the last thing he expected after a wild night of having sex was for you to have the energy to get up before him and make all this food for the two of you. He's still not sure if you should involve yourself with him so closely but he can't fight the warm feeling in his heart as you motion him to sit down and eat before it gets cold.
"Color me surprised Firefly, you got more stamina than I gave you credit for. Have you been holding out on me last night? No, I'm not complaining about it, couldn't you tell I had fun? Did you... did you run into anyone while getting the ingredients for this? I'm not embarrassed, I just... I'm a little worried for your safety alright? I don't want you to get in trouble because you're associated with me, we're not exactly popular in Zaun at the moment. Yeah I know you can take care of yourself, but you can't stop me from worrying about you, not now or ever."
Tumblr media
Silco is used to sleeping alone so getting to fall asleep next to someone for the night was refreshing. He wasn't really expecting you to stay either so he goes about his day when he wakes up.
Upon opening the door however he's met with Jinx who tells him that you're in the kitchen and that you're... not the worst choice for a partner. Confused Silco makes his way to the kitchen where he finds you cooking for three. You see him and forget the food for a moment as you cross the distance between you and give him a big kiss and tell him good morning and you hope he's worked up an appetite since last night. Silco chuckles and is about to kiss you back when Jinx barges in commenting on how gross you're being so early in the morning.
"So uh... darling, I think we should eat, after all you went through all the trouble of making breakfast, it'd be a shame if it went cold. Jinx you be polite, they're a guest. No, not because... nevermind, eat your food. Why are you laughing for? My façade? I have no such thing darling, you've seen all of me from the start. Including last night. Right, sorry, Jinx you eat here, we're gonna take our food upstairs. Come darling. Sorry about her, she's a good kid I promise. No she won't try to kill you. I promise. Hey, wow, what are... oh... I was serious about the food but... I could work up a bit more of an appetite."
Tumblr media
Sevika is usually the one to leave, not the other way around. She didn't expect anything from the relationship, after all it was just a one-night stand. At least it was supposed to be.
Sevika takes a quick shower only to come back to the bedroom with you standing there holding a tray of food and wearing nothing but a shirt. She doesn't bother to hide the way her eyes hungerly trail over your mostly naked body. You fidget under her gaze and tell her you wanted to make her breakfast as a thank you for an amazing time last night. Sevika can't help but smirk and lick her lips before she takes the tray, disposes of it on a nearby desk, picks you up and throws you back on the bed, practically tearing your shirt with her metal hand and kissing a way down your neck, shoulders, chest and stomach.
"I appreciate the food sweetcheeks, but if you wanted to thank me you should have waited for me with your legs open. It was a nice gesture though, who knew you were such a romantic. Of course I plan to eat it, you worked so hard on it after all. But first I'm gonna have my fill of you. Huh, why do you want me to wait? You wanna do this again? Take to dinner? I don't really date. You'll bribe me with more food? As in actual food or... this. Hm... well if that's my treat I might think about a date. Now, let me hear you moan for me."
Tumblr media
Marcus doesn't have much time for one-night stands so that fact that had one with you was pretty unusual already.
He didn't expect you to say and thought you'd sneak out as soon you as you woke up. Instead however he found you in his small kitchen, laughing and talking with his daughter while she handed you various ingredients for breakfast. Marcus blinked at the sight, half convinced he was dreaming. The scene was just so... domestic, something that he hadn't experienced in a very long time with another person. You broke the spell when you called out to him and whished him good morning, a little awkward as you sat at the table. His daughter was quick to run up to him, take him by the hand and lead him to the table to eat.
"I see you decided to stay a while huh? I don't exactly mind. But we should talk more about this later. Mmm, this isn't bad. Did you help out too Ren? It's very good, yeah. Are they a good friend? Well yes you could say that, they're a very good friend. Isn't that right lovely? Yeah I know I need to get to work soon, but I'll eat this first, it's been a while since I had a meal like this. You can... make it again sometime, if you want."
Tumblr media
Jayce is pretty big on cuddles. He's cuddled with you many times but last night was the first time you had sex so of course he looked forward to morning cuddles, only to be sad when he fund you gone.
He sighed, oh well, maybe he misinterpreted your intentions. Last night was fun though he can't deny that much. Gathering his clothes and washing up he finally makes his way downstairs to make himself some breakfast, only to find most of it already made by you. To make things better you're making it while mostly naked, only wearing shorts that don't hide much and one of Jayce's shirts which is a bit big on you. He chuckles at the fast he was worried and offers to help you with the rest of it, but of course he does get more than a bit distracted by your thighs and the fact that you seem to be showing off his bite marks proudly along your neck.
"I'm glad to see you're still here babe. Hah, I was a bit worried yeah, I really like you so, I'd like this to be a reoccurring thing you know. Unless... you were just being polite, in which case forget what I just said. Oh thank gods, I thought I made things really awkward for a moment. Hey, careful with that! You're gonna burn yourself, and we can't have that, I won't have that. You need to pay attention. Oh haha, I might steal a few peaks at you but at least I'm keeping a firm grip. You are too? What do you... oh fuck! Right... right now? What about the food? Haha, you're hungry for something else? That makes two of us actually. Ok, but don't blame me if you can't walk later."
Tumblr media
Viktor doesn't sleep with many people and doesn't exactly know what the norm for things like this is. Usually his dates at least wait until the morning to leave so he was a bit baffled that you were already gone.
Just as he was stretching he hears the door opening and sees you carrying two bowls of food. You awkwardly wish him good morning as you walk over to the bed. Viktor brings the blanket around him, a bit self-conscious about him being the only one naked here. You chuckle and give him a quick peck on the lips before offering him the bowl of food. This was certainly different than his previous hook-ups, but he doing that he rather liked this change of pace. The food was delicious too.
"This is quite the surprise darling. I'm not gonna complain about someone as beautiful as you serving me breakfast however, that would be very stupid of me. I am curious however, what prompted you to do this? Just felt like it? Do you always do this for the people you sleep with? Well then I'm glad to hear that I'm special to you. I think you're quite special to me also, and I'd like to explore that further. Are you free tomorrow evening?"
Tumblr media
Mel doesn't bring many people to her bed, but those she does bring, she wants them to stay. If Mel brings you to her bed it means she likes you enough to give the relationship a try at least.
So imagine the disappointment when she finds you gone the next morning. Mel is pretty good at reading people so she thought she had your intentions figured out. She was definitely keen on giving you a piece of her mind next time she saw you. Little did she know that the next time would be very soon seeing as you're setting the freshly made food on the table right as she gets down the stairs. It was definitely a pleasant surprise for her. But she did still want to clear the air and make her attentions known in case they weren't clear earlier. She wants to date you.
"Good morning darling, I was looking forward to waking up to you, and yet you seemed to have different ideas hm? Don't get me wrong, I like the gesture, its incredibly sweet of you, but next time I'd appreciate a heads up. Yes, I fully plan on there being a next time. That is, if you'd like that of course, I certainly would. Good, I'm glad we're on the same page. How about we eat this and then go back to bed? I'd hate to let this food go to waste but I was fully ready to cuddle you until noon. And doing a few other things as well, and we're sure to be very energized after this no?"
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pajama-han · 7 months ago
Arcane characters react to their SO having a stuffed toy as their comfort object (Arcane characters x GN reader)
- Thinks it’s the cutest thing in the whole world that you carry around a little plushie
- Will 100% sew tiny outfits for it and dress it up.
- Talks to it a lot (it tells the funniest stories)
- Will ship it with her rabbit
- Might get a bit jealous if you pay more attention to it than to her.
- This will get you a clingy Jinx on your back, poking your cheek with a playful pout
- “Save some cuddles for meeeee!”
- As if you could get any more adorable in her eyes.
- Whenever you’re holding it, she’ll give you a kiss and kiss the plush as well.
- “Lookin’ good today, babe! You, too, (Plush’s name)!”
- Always makes sure you have it before you set out.
- “You got (Plush’s name)? They can hang out in my backpack if you want.”
- Will decimate anyone who teases you about it.
- Buys a matching one for herself immediately and gives it a cute, silly name.
- Whenever you’re together, she poses the plushes in cute ways.
- Whenever she’s working on a tough case, you’ll see her plush in her arms. Sometimes she asks it questions about it, and she makes it talk back in a silly voice.
- This, surprisingly, helps her get over quite a few hurdles.
- “Thank you for your help, Detective Chiffon! Now, I believe you had a tea party scheduled with (your Plush’s name).”
- Will offer to mend for you it if the fabric gets torn.
- Will tease you about it at first, but will back off once he sees how much it means to you
- Thinks it’s awesome that you have such a nice way of calming down.
- Also thinks you’re too precious for words.
- Shows you off to everyone at the hideaway, "Guys look, my baby has a baby!!"
- Like Jinx, he might get a bit jealous of it, and might get a bit clingy.
- He’ll be hanging off of your shoulders and kiss your cheek, “Yeah, (Plush’s name) is cute. But I’m still the cutest, right, babe?”
- The first time he sees you with it, he’ll smile a bit teasingly.
- “Hello, Y/N. Care to introduce me to your friend?”
- Once properly introduced, he will shake it’s paw/hand politely.
- Loves it when you bring it to the lab when you visit.
- You know how some software developers have rubber ducks at their desk that they explain their coding to in order to find the problem with it? Yeah.
- On more than one occasion, you’ve come into the lab looking for your plushie only to see Viktor and Jayce taking turns explaining their latest Hextech conundrum to it.
- Then, they’ll realize the error, and whoop, cheer, and hoist the plush into the air triumphantly.
- “Little (Plush’s name) is quite an asset to the team. Mind if I credit them in our dissertation?”
- (He’s completely serious about that)
- Finds it childish but won’t make fun of you.
- Forbids you from taking it out in public with him, though.
- It’s not because he’s embarrassed, he would just hate for it to get lost, stolen, dirty, or hurt.
- Yes, he specifically says “hurt” rather than “damaged”
- Once when you couldn’t find your plush, you found Silco staring at it on his desk, gently stroking one of its hands/paws. He had just finished a stressful meeting with the Chem Barons, but when you caught him with the plush, he looked calm.
- If you get him one for himself (because you don't want your plushie reeking of smoke), he’ll scoff a bit and jam it into one of his desk drawers dismissively.
- But after that, every time he has a rough day, you hear him open that drawer and take it out. If he catches you peeking in on his private moment, he’ll scowl at you.
- “This doesn’t leave this room.” The words would have more venom in them if he wasn’t cradling his own comfort object so close to his heart.
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lynmbo · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
im in love with this old man
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hunterwritings · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
you get injured
summary: arcane characters reacting to you getting hurt
pairing(s): jinx x reader | silco x reader | viktor x reader | ekko x reader
warnings: mention of injury + blood, cursing
Tumblr media
when coming back from a supply run, you had an incident with the firelights and had gotten injured.
you sighed as you held your side, red staining both your shirt and your hand
you mumbled curses to yourself as you pushed open the metal door as you slowly walked into jinx's hideout
jinx was humming to herself as she was reading a magazine and blasted her music.
The second that her eyes drifted over to you, her head shot up and she dropped her magazine. "Y/n!" She said as she stood up and rushed to your side. "Wha-what happened?!" She asked frantically as she laid her hands on your injured side.
"I'm okay jinx, really." You tried to reassure her but you could see the worry in her eyes as she laid her other hand on the side of you face. "I just need to get this cleaned up, okay?" You told her as she nodded quickly.
You winced as you pressed a cotton ball with alcohol on it to your side. You sat on the couch in jinx's hideout as you cleaned up your wound. Jinx sat on the floor next to you, with her forehead pressed to her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs. She felt guilty for letting you get hurt and put the blame on herself.
"jinx, honey" you moved over on the couch to sit on the sofa behind jinx. You liad your hand on her back as she kept her head in her knees. "I should've been with you." Jinx breathed out as she held her head up by her hand. "I already told you I'm fine." You said as you kneeled down next to jinx on the floor. "None of this was your fault." You reassured her as you held her cheek in your hand and wiped her cheek with your thumb. She sniffles as she smiles at you as you pressed your forehead against hers.
"Next time I'm going with you." She states as you chuckle.
Tumblr media
you winced as silco helped stich up your wounded shoulder. You sat on his lap while both of you were in his office.
"You have to be more careful next time, darling." He advised as he pressed harshly against your shoulder.
You chuckled as he looked sternly up at you, clearly not joking. "So I was bit clumsy, but I'm fine." You tried to reassure him with a stupid smile. Your mood quickly changed as he pulled tightly on the cord he was stiching on your wound and cuts the end of it. "Clumsy?" He says as he sets down the needle and thread. "What happens next time when you're clumsy? Hm?" He asks as he holds your face between his fingers gently.
He sighed as he let go of your face and pressed his head to the back of his chair as he stared at the ceiling. "Next time you're out you'll run and trip on your own knife." He closed his eyes with his head up. You chuckled as you moved your legs so that they were on either side of his legs. "Luckily enough for you, I'm not that much of an idiot." You joked as you finally saw a hint of a smile on his face as he opened his eyes to look at you.
He moved his hands from his lap and onto your thighs as he sighed. "I'll be more careful next time, I promise." You reassured him as he kept his gaze on you. "Good." He breathed out as he reached his hand behind your neck and pulled his head up to press his lips against yours.
Tumblr media
one day, you were running late for work at the academy and as you were running up a flight of stairs you had tripped and fell down a couple steps. Luckily nothing was broken but your legs were scratched up and even started bleeding a bit.
without even thinking, you had slowly walked into viktor's lab and tried to start your work.
Once viktor had saw you, he was immediately worried. "Y/n! What happened to your legs?!" He asked anxiously as he saw blood coming through your pants and he tried to quickly walk over to you. "Oh, I'm okay I just tripped." You tried to laugh it off but viktor was obviously still worried for you.
"Your legs need to be cleaned up before we do anything." He stated.
Even though you tried to protest, viktor told you to sit on the couch and roll up your pant legs and he saw multiple cuts on your legs. "All this because you didn't want to be late?" He chuckled as he prepared some medical supplies. "I guess I could've been a bit more careful." You said as he looked up at you with a smile.
You winced as he pressed alcohol to one of your cuts. "Sorry." He whispered as his eyebrows furrowed together.
He finished cleaning up your cuts by putting some bandages on your legs. "Thank you very much viktor." You smiled as you pecked him on the cheek, slowly watching his face turn red as he nervously chuckled. "Maybe next time you could walk with me, you definitely won't trip then." He said jokingly as you laughed in response.
Tumblr media
you were riding around on your hoverboard when patrolling for the firefights when you had a malfunction in your hoverboard and fell a couple stories onto concrete and ended up breaking your arm.
Ekko saw you and immediately flew down to be by your side. "Holy shit y/n, are you okay?" He asked, his mask making his voice sound deeper and more robotic. "Shit, it hurts. I-I think it's broken." You told him, feeling tears well up in your eyes from the pain. "You can't fly anymore, we're going to have to walk back to camp, it's not so far." He said as he helped you stand up. You kept your arm close to your body as Ekko had his arms around your body as he walked you bac to the hideout.
As you made your way back to the hideout, ekko had immediately called for a medic who told you that your arm was broken and they had to apply a cast.
You were sitting on a couch with ekko standing up and looking down at the firelights, both of you had taken your masks off to see each other. "The medic said I wouldn't be able to take this off for another 8 weeks or so." You explained as ekko hummed as he turned away. "I'm sorry I'll be out of the fight for so long." You said as he turned back around to face you. "You shouldn't be apologizing, you didn't mean to fall like that." He said. "I should've had that board checked anyway." Ekko said as his eyebrows furrowed closely together, almost feeling angry to himself.
"On the bright side-" You started, trying to change the subject. "- You get to sign my cast." You stood up and walked over to him, holding a marker that you had picked up from the table across from the couch. He scoffed as he looked down at your cast and back up at you. "You're not taking this seriously are you?" He rhetorically asked as you gave him a sly grin. "Well, what else am I supposed to do? Cry about it all the time?" You joke as he shakes his head with a smile.
He reluctantly grabs the marker from your fingers and takes off the cap. He holds onto your cast as he shakily writes his name onto your cast. "Could've been a bit neater." You joked as his scoffed at you. He laid his hand on your waist and pulled you close to him. "You're really looking for trouble today, aren't you?" He spoke with a sly grin. You chuckled as you looked into his eyes. "Well, you've gotta make light of the situation, right?" You smile as he leaned forward to press his lips against your own, smiling into the kiss.
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