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You know me the best
You know my worst, see me hurt, but you don’t judge
That, right there, is the scariest feeling
Opening and closing up again
I’ve been hurt so I don’t trust
Now here we are, staring at the ceiling 

I’ve said those words before but it was a lie
And you deserve to hear them a thousand times 

If all it is is eight letters
Why is it so hard to say?

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“The Shabbat had taken everyone by surprise. Jesus had been placed hurriedly in someone else’s tomb, and they had not had the time to carry out the funeral rite for him. That had to wait until Saturday was over […] Wasn’t there some urgency? Didn’t they have to hurry up? No doubt, but someone who does not know how to stop does not “hurry up”: he hurries through. He just keeps going forward—even when up against a wall, even on the brink of a chasm or—what is worse—over the back of someone weaker. He does not see that before making something, it is necessary to make room, it is necessary to stop being busy so that action can be orderly, with its proper direction, from its beginning to its end.”

Fabrice Hadjadj: The Resurrection [Résurrection, mode d’emploi]

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I douse my veins in bourbon
And set my bedroom walls ablaze.
Pour another glass; toast another bloodshot day,
And lie in silence beneath the flames.

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⭐️ 1243, 28 mai 2020 ⭐️

J’aurais aimé

Que le silence

Dure un peu plus longtemps

⭐️ Court poème de la nuit et des grillons. Musique : Osk — Aurora. ⭐️

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There are largely 2 ways people look at the world. One is from the perspective of survival, and one is from the perspective of the spiritual.

When your primary concern is to survive, compete, achieve, and win; you cannot achieve it being a loving person. Loving, caring, and forgiving people cannot be competent. To survive and thrive you need to draw boundaries, you need to put up limitations, you need to fight and strive. You need to be aggressive, violent, impatient, restless, and full of desire. You need to always take from life more than what you need and ensure the other does not get what he can’t achieve and simply dies away. This is not cruelty, this is simply how nature is. Cells compete against each other for domination, resources, and continuity. The ones who cannot win simply do not get to continue. When you function from here, you have to believe that the world is a bad place that’s out there to get you and your job is to take advantage of and exploit everything and everyone.

There is a secondary perspective, that of the spiritual. Here, the primary concern is not survival, it is beauty and blissfulness. This perspective has a realisation that has arisen out of awareness of the primal nature, out of awareness of the limitations, the boundaries, and the fights and ugliness thereof. To the man of survival, the spiritual man will always look like an utter fool - The spiritual man is nice, he is welcoming, he is open, he gives, he feeds the animals, he forgives, he allows, he is patient, he is restful, he is meditative; what kind of an idiot is he anyway? Yes, he is an idiot of sorts because he is no more involved in Life. He has taken a step into the beyond. For him, what matters the most is the stillness of his mind and his appreciation of life. His happiness is no more important, he is happy when you are. His suffering is no more existent, his suffering is only seeing your helplessness. His desires are no more for himself, but for the greater good of all Life and to uphold natural balance and Dharma.

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