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Parima’s Symphony of Life
कुछ बातें अधूरी सी, कुछ रातें सुनी सी, 
आँखें हैं सुनी, ढूंढ़ती हैं आहटें।
ज़रूरी नहीं हर जवाब में कड़वाहट ही घुले,
गर कहीं साथ छूट जाए, तोह फिर मत कहना
फिर गम मत करना, काश उसकी सुन ली होती
कुछ बातें अधूरी सी , कुछ रातें सुनी सी
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What the fuck have I done.
This is gonna be absolute crackfic. I have 4 chapters of this shit planned God help us all.
Take this v short build up and trust me when I say the smut is coming.
Also, you can’t say I never give you anything. I really am a just and merciful Mistress I want it known.

Warnings: I’m not claiming to know jackshit about fuck, so please forgive any religious inaccuracies I’m sure there will be plenty. Be prepared for NO smut.

Darlings@potato-ren @softheartclyde @murmurofbees@formerly-anonhamster @mariquinn6666 @blackredrose27 @noodlecupcakes @strawberrybaby9 @kowalskibro @jyn-z-solo @emily-strange @daddysbabycub @callmehopeless @petalsrdead @ellelaconiwrites @patersonn-kylo


The first time you see him is on the day of your official initiation into the convent. But it’s not when he officiates the ceremony, no, it’s not when he lays the veil over your head as he hums the rites in easy, confident, perfect, eloquent Latin.

No, it’s before, in the morning. It’s after prayers, after breakfast, when you’re heading down one of the many cold corridors that you still don’t know your way around properly. The Monastery is huge, with a church, two chapels, archives, libraries, a number of rooms for visiting school groups and whole wings of the place designated as sleeping quarters for the monastics who spend their days here. There are kitchens and lavatories of course, courtyards, stables, and a small plot for farming vegetables and raising animals for sustenance.

The Holy Fathers had their own wing at the far end the Monastery, near the church, which was why you were so surprised to see him so far away from it.

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