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#silent knight

Neo, to Jinn: *How do I get what I need?*

Jinn, who loves specific questions: “Here’s a foolproof plan to get you exactly what you /need/.”

Years later

Neo, loved and cared for, jolts awake next to Jaune: *That bitch! She tricked me into becoming a better person!*

49 notes

Ruby: heeeee

Nora: damn right

Neo: *smirks*




Fiona: *happy sheep noises*

28 notes

(Jaune is still trying to lead his girlfriend down a less nefarious lifestyle)

JAUNE: At the very least, you need to be more nice.

NEO: (via sign language) I am nice!

JAUNE: You threatened the cashier with Hush at Raskin Bobbins because they said the 2 for 1 special ended yesterday!

NEO: But I didn’t stab them! I call that character development!

18 notes

If Neo really does end up trying to kill Ruby 
I so hope Jaune is there to call her out on her motives 

31 notes

I keep imagining Neo defecting to be something like Greed-Ling and Ed in FMA:B

Jaune: “So why don’t we work together? Why not come with me?” 

Neo, pretending to be offended: *I’d never just follow you. Who the hell do you think I am?*

Neo walks away, then turns back around: *But if you all want to team up with /me/ to stop Cinder and Salem from ending the world, I guess I could allow that…*

62 notes

Everyone is changing outfits for Vacuo. Blake is helping Neo pick out some new clothes. 

Blake, standing in front of a row of blouses: “What are your sizes, again?”

Neo, sifting through a pile of black and white trousers: *I’m an extra-small top!*

Blake: …

Blake, looks at Jaune: “Yeah, I already knew that.”

65 notes

Neo savored her treat as she and her blonde dummy walked through the street.

Jaune: Hmm? Neo you got a little ice cream there.

Neo: 🤨

He raised a napkin before pausing and leaning in, lowering down to lick her cheek.

Jaune: Mmm, chocolate 😋

Neo: -///- …💡😮… 😈

With a slight smile she acted making her way to a nearby bench to sit her cute little tush down. Jaune followed ready to sit beside her and probably, likely be forced into pampering her. He was however stopped when her foot raised before him to stop him.

With a smile she acted angling her ice cream, letting the melted treat drip just below her Beacon Uniform’s skirt unto her milky smooth thighs. Her smile grew as her brows wiggled in a silent demand.

Jaune: -///- ‘Gulp’

He knew a barrier was up, on that let him see the surrounding but not the other way around. A act he was sadly accustomed to. Which was why he got on his knees, what everyone in the park saw was the blonde pull out a ring and her cover her mouth tears in her eyes as they clapped at the new married couple.

What was happening was the surrounding cheering on the blonde as he licked the melted Neapolitan of his Neopolitan.  And herself spreading her legs making it very clear he wasn’t anywhere near done as her panties shattered to reveal her pretty pink pussy where she scooped off a pit of her ice cream working it into her diamond breaking snatch, the chill making a shudder run through him.

Crowds: Kiss kiss kiss! 😆

Jaune: You planned this didn’t you? -///-

Neo: 😘

Jaune: Dammit >///<

He leaned in, parting her legs and licking his ice-cream, making her gasp as her head threw back. She cried out a silent moan, never happier that nobody could hear her scream!


Bleiss’s Scroll ringed and opening it she checked what fucking video was worth several of her fucking friends linking to her. Then she saw her Darling on knee proposing to her teammate!


The door slammed open and she turned to see Cereal Bitch with her weapns drawn and murder in her eyes and Pedo-Bait much the same Crescent Rose locked and loaded a bone chilling dullness in her eyes.

Pyrrha: We’re gonna to find you Partner, we have… Questions for her 😠

Ruby: Yeah… like how many anti-tank rounds she thinks she can take…


Pyrrha: Are you with us or against us Gelé…

Ruby: *Raises Weapon’s barrel here way* 😠

Bleiss: Let me get Bitch Maker…

65 notes

Super Angst Option of Neo’s future defection next episode:

After the magic clears, and Salem is temporarily gone, Jaune is left with Oscar’s unconscious body. He doesn’t know if the boy is even alive. And this time, Jaune doesn’t have the aura to use his semblance like he did at Haven. 

Distraught, Jaune cries over Oscar. 

Neo makes her way to the hanger to get out of the whale when she sees him. Jaune is making every promise he can think of to the Brothers if they just save Oscar’s life. Because he can’t lose someone again. 

And for just the briefest of moments, Neo can empathize.

44 notes

The team reaches Vacuo 

Coco, looking at Neo: “Who is this tiny feral woman, and why is she so fashionable?”

Neo can’t stop looking at Coco’s knee-high 5-inch heels

Jaune: “Neo’s with us. We’re actually partners.”

Coco, pulling her sunglasses down: ”No shit?”

59 notes

Ruby:*she beams*

Blake: *blush* gods you moron!

Weiss: *deep red* you dolt!

Neo: pouts

51 notes

Fiona: *blush*

May: no! Dont make me not angry at you!


Neo: *☹


44 notes

Jaune: “If you kill a killer, the number of murderers in the world stays the same…”

Neo, sitting in his lap: *Not if you kill more than one!*

68 notes

How Jaune and Neo would work together 



Every Neutral Good Paladin needs a Chaotic Neutral Rogue

191 notes

Cinder, pointing at Neo : “Now let’s see. Do I take away the only person who cherishes you, again?”

Neo squeezes Hush tighter

Cinder, smiles and points at Jaune: “Or do I kill your girlfriend right in front of you, again?”

Jaune grimaces  

Cinder laughs: “Oh! maybe I just let you bleed out together so I get both options…”

46 notes

Neo’s first night in the JNR room, 3:00am 

Nora: “If something can’t become invisible, is it in-invisible?”

Ren: “Nora, that’s just visible.”

Neo rolls on her side and puts her pillow over her head 

Jaune: “No, wait! Like, describing something that can’t become invisible even if you tried, I guess that’d be in-invisible.”

Nora: “See Jaune get’s it!”

Jaune: “But if it’s just something that-”

Neo rolls out of bed and starts hitting Jaune with her pillow. It’s too dark for her to sign at him to shut up.

Jaune, between smacks from Neo: “Hey! She started it!”

Nora springs up out of her bed excitedly: “Pillow fight?!”

82 notes

If we do get Neo to join JNR (either real or fake defection) I can see her being rude and mean for awhile. She beat them single handedly just two days ago. Ren knows it’s really a defense mechanism, Nora is still bedridden, and Jaune is too nice to tell her off. 

Until Neo accidentally tries to do something with Pyrrha’s sash and Jaune finally gets upset enough to walk out. 

Nora explains it’s not actually his sash, it’s Pyrrha’s. Neo could have done almost anything to Jaune and he’d shrug it off, but that sash is all he has left of his partner. 

So Neo would grab Roman’s hat and finally feel bad for how she had been treating everyone. She can’t apologize in person so she’d have to reluctantly write an apology letter to Jaune. 

And we could finally get that shared trauma bonding 

46 notes

Neo fake defects to have a better chance of catching Ruby off guard. Weeks later, she’s in RWBY’s room going through their things when someone knocks at the door. She panics and glamours herself to look like Ruby.

Jaune, walks in and sits on the bed “I need your advice again. Leader to leader.”

Neo sits down next to him trying to keep her cover 

Jaune: “Is it bad to want to ask out one of our teammates? I mean, I know half our teams are dating each other already, but, as leaders should we avoid that?”

Neo places her hand on his shoulder 

Jaune, nods as if she gave him a sage response: “You’re right. We have been through a lot and we really do deserve to be happy in all of this. But still, I don’t know if she even likes me back. I mean, she just got here, but we have so much in common, and she’s so talented, and beautiful…”

Neo, trying to end the conversation as fast as possible so she can escape, smiles and pats Jaune’s back. 

Jaune, pulling out his scroll: “You really give the best advice, Ruby, thank you. I’ll text Neo and ask her to meet up right now!”

Her scroll rings from her pocket. The two of them awkwardly look away from each other

78 notes

Neo, Oscar, and Jaune get out of the whale just in time. Neo reveals that she had the Relic and gives it back to Jaune.

Neo: *She said to give her back to you, so, here*

Jaune, visibly shocked: “You’re just giving this to me? After everything? You have no idea what that means. Thank you. It must have been so dangerous to escape with this…”

Neo, finally being appreciated again, waves him away and blushes

60 notes