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Need to start coming up with Christmassy designs, so this is my first ‘brainstorm’ of ideas/techniques I might want to use. Interesting, will have to experiment more with similar techniques.

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Sciartober Day 13: For the prompt, avian, a casual murder of crows. I was hoping that making a lot of silhouettes would cut down on rendering time, but it still took a few hours. Anyway, I had the idea of a close up crow with a bunch of silhouetted crows flying overhead, showing off various flying positions. Kuratake brushpen, Pentel brushpen (which is not so much leaking as dripping at this point), acrylic brush, Prismacolor fine line marker (03), and croquile pen on Strathmore Bristol board.

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Everything Black and White (Portrait)!

~ Jonathan Alonso ~

#saturated #photoshots #blackandwhitestreetphotography #raw_bnw #photographyislove #streetlamp #foundobjects #semirealistic #shadowsandlight #outoffocus #photographersoninstagram #ig_bnw #bnw_users #photography_love #artforsalebyartist #photographyy #silhouettes #coloredpencils #artinstallation

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Everything Black and White (Landscapes)!

~ Jonathan Alonso ~

#shadowsandlight #youngphotographer #sculptural #raw_bnw #photographersoninstagram #bnw_daily #pictureframes #contrasts #lightsandshadows #bw_captures #sillhouette #silhouettes #canon6dmarkii #phototoday #bnw_creatives #bnw_oftheworld #dailydoodle #photography_love #compositionkillerz

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inktober 2020 // day twelve: slippery

she came from planet claire; i knew she came from there.
she drove a plymouth satellite; a-faster than the speed of light
planet claire has pink air; all the trees are red.
no one ever dies there, no one has a head.
some say she’s from mars,
or one of the seven stars that shine after three-thirty in the morning.
well, she isn’t

little homage to keith haring here on a slippery floor 🔥🔥🔥

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i thought it might be fun and interesting to post the process of designing a new outfit for my main boy! my friend who’s going to real art school talked me through how silhouettes work and how useful they are for character design. the process was lengthy but really fun and helpful! soon enough i’ll post a finished piece of what i decided on in the end

first image: sketching out some of the ideas i had and playing with what works and what doesn’t

second: took what i liked from the first three and made the option on the left, then was struck with new inspiration for the one on the right

third: same as the second, but with the cloak layer removed to see the shape of the fits better

fourth: i decided on the final option i sketched, and started playing with color palettes!

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