edensrose · 2 days ago
Tolkien Characters As Things I Say Regularly / Have Said Pt2
Maedhros: hELPLBFHLB
Fëanor: I'm such a nice person
Bilbo: DYING
Mairon: To fuck or be fucked
Manwë: crying crYING CRYING NOISES
Tauriel: The things I'd let that woman do to me — wait I'm straight
Yavanna: SOBS
Maglor: I am in despair, I am HOLLOW
Thranduil: Every day I grow closer to setting this whole place on fire
Melkor: If I see one more baby advertisement I'm throwing a baby
Namo: Bye I'm gonna go throw myself down some stairs
Eonwë: It's all fun and games until I get the knife
Annatar: ME!? I don't kill people, what
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louisbach2211 · 2 days ago
Star Wars AU - young lovers
Tumblr media
Queen Nerdanel and her secret lover Feanor
Tumblr media
It didnt end well
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quinthejester · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
second stinki son of Feanor, Curufin. 
So I’ve probably mentioned this headcanon about him before, but I imagine before his father’s death, Curufin would dress a lot like him. However, after his death, he’d take to wearing darker colours and looking plainer. This is because he feels like he failed his father by letting him die, and that he is no longer worthy enough to truly carry on his legacy, though would go on to put the pressure of becoming like Feanor on to his son, Celebrimbor. 
I also imagine him with burns on his hands and lower arms, because I see him having cradled his father as he died, and refusing to let go of him as his father goes all inferno fiery explosion mode. Celegorm probably had to drag him off or something.
Other headcanon is that, while Curufin is good with weapons, he’s the least talented at them compared to his brothers. Instead, the ‘weapons’ he’s always been best at using are his words, trickery, and maybe occasionally poisoning an enemy or two. 
Other designs, see: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir
Only the twins left to do! 
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anattmar · a day ago
Tumblr media
malewife Maedhros🤭 Valinor edition
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feenerd · a day ago
Fëanor fully armed with his sword drawn at a pride parade
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sharkangelic · a day ago
What if Maglor just Faded
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narratorstragedy · 5 months ago
tolkien, every time he’s not sure what a new character should look like: he was tall. he had dark hair. his eyes were grey. he was hot
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lesbian-elrond · 4 months ago
People keep trying to convince me that the LOTR Amazon show “Might be good”, and the thing is, I really, genuinely, don’t care? To my mind this is a lose lose situation. Either
1) It’s a terrible show, they make a bunch of decisions we don’t like, the canon is tainted, the fan theories and interpretations and spaces we’ve created are eroded or demolished to make way for a hollywood monstrosity.
or 2) it’s a “good” show, the costuming looks great, the script is elegant, they pull off the casting and people widely like it. It’s a huge public win for amazon, with a high profile interpretation of a cultural touchstone. Now LOTR has been manipulated to pour money and social influence into Amazon. A human rights abuser and climate terrorist, the acceptable face of late stage capitalism.
I don’t want either of those results, frankly, so I can’t feel excited about the idea that it might be “good”. I don’t want a world where these characters and stories are working for Amazon. The idea that they’ll be helping Jeff Bezos and his ilk makes me nauseous. There’s nothing capitalism can’t reach, there’s nothing sacred that billionaires can’t touch. Our safe space is gone so that Bezos can make a few bucks and get back in the publics good graces, while Amazon treats its workers like animals, feeds climate disaster and spies on activists
Is that what we want these characters’ real life impact to be? Because that’s what’s happening here.
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aragornsrockcollection · 2 months ago
I have read and enjoyed reading many fics with the plot “Elrond tracks down and refuses to leave Maglor behind when he sails to Valinor.”
I would happily read a dozen more, I am but a simple fan of angsty reunions and unexpected forgiveness that sets characters on a path of schmoopy healing through the power of love and family.
You know what I’ve never seen but would read the shit out of?
Galadriel tracks down Maglor and refuses to sail without him.
Why on earth would she do that? Who knows that’s why I’m interested!
She’s still full of pride and refuses to let one of her cousin’s out-stubborn her record-stay in Endor. If she’s going home, she’s gonna have been the last rebel Noldo on middle earth damnit. Of course this would be couched in language like “Our time on these shores is over, and even penance must have an end.” And sound very wise.
He’s still her cousin and she loves him despite everything. She thinks he’s suffered enough, maybe even regrets she did not interfere to stop his suffering earlier.
She love’s her son-in-law Elrond, and in light of losing her granddaughter to the choice of Luthien, and having been separated from her daughter all these years by the sea, she can’t stand to see a another perminent parting when she can prevent it. Maybe she was even friends with her aunt Nerdanel long ago and has been thinking about how Maglor may deserve what he has sentenced himself to, but those who love him don’t deserve to suffer with him.
She is finally forgiven and permitted to return to Valinor, but she’s still Galadriel, and if the Valar thought her return was going to be simple and predictable they forgot who they were dealing with. How better to stir the pot than bring the last Feanorian home?
She intended to just say goodbye and good riddance, and tie up a final loose end. But damnit, he’s so pathetic, she can’t build up the vitriol.
She feels like, having finally been forgiven, she should forgive in turn, having grown as a person. Boring, I know.
She never actually believed he was living like a hermit on the beach. Her cousin Makalaure? Sure, he was far from the worst of them, but he was as proud as any of his brothers, and perhaps the most fond of material comforts of them all, save maybe Caranthir. But he always was great at twisting a narrative to do what he wanted, and the penitent sinner wandering singing to the wind is just the sort of yarn he’d spin to cast himself in a sympathetic and romantic light before he disappeared to start over. Wait. He’s really here and half mad- half faded? That is the stupidest thing she’s ever heard, she refuses to let him stay like this.
Celebrian once told her offhand she wished she could have met the men that raised her husband and this is something she can give to her, after all the world has taken.
She doesn’t get to see Feanor’s face at finding out she gave three of her hairs to a dwarf, and telling Maglor is as close as she’s going to get to that satisfaction.
Without Maglor around, Finrod is considered the greatest bard of the Noldor, and she’s still pissed at him for dying in such a stupid way. So Maglor will be coming to Valinor to put him in his place whether he wants to or not.
She made a bet with Aredhel on the ice over which of the Feanorians would survive the longest, and she knows rumor and songs are not going to suffice for proof that she won.
Frodo asked her if it was true Maglor still wandered the shores, and if he would ever be permitted to come to Valinor to heal. And she refused to look like someone who keeps grudges for longer than his race has even existed in front of him.
He owes her money.
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carlandrea · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
absolute icon behavior from Namo "not the first" Doomsayer
[ID: A two panel comic.
The first panel shows Feanor, dressed in red robes, angrily shouting towards the camera. The three speech panels read "if you take my rocks, I'll DIE. You'll MURDER me. I'll be the first elf to be MURDERED in ELF HEAVEN.
The second shows Nienna, Mandos, and Irmo. Nienna has several sobbing eyes, Mandos is a skeleton in a robe that covers most of his face, and Irmo is a pale purple man with long hair, moth wings, and moth antennae. He looks annoyed A thought bubble from Mandos reads "Oh, I am going to be SUCH a bitch about this." end ID]
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willshebemina · 6 months ago
Tolkien describing all his male characters:
aragorn: dark hair, grey eyes. very beautiful, very powerful
feanor: dark hair, grey eyes. very beautiful, very powerful
beren: dark hair, grey eyes. very beautiful, very powerful
boromir: dark hair, grey eyes. very beautiful, very powerful
turin: dark hair, grey eyes. very beautiful, very powerful
elrond: dark hair, grey eyes. very beautiful, very powerful
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edensrose · 2 days ago
Hellooooo! I love your blog so much! Literally everything on this place is wonderful❣
I saw that your requests are open👀
I'm going through a hard phase with my tests now, I'm feeling so overwhelmed yet I need to keep studying lol. Can I request comfort hcs or fic (whatever you want to) with Irmo? Maybe reader is trying to do something and they can't do it even thoug they try but maybe in the end everything goes fine, specially with Irmo's comfort, and okay?
Lmao this is exactly what I'm waiting for my life, a miracle☠
Once again, I kove your blog❤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
( ❀ ) ˙ ˖ irmo ⠀〳 reader⠀ ❜࿔
· ⊰ synopsis. after finding you curled up in his garden and weeping, irmo provides you comfort
· ⊰ note. hi love! thank you so much, I'm really glad that you enjoy my content! I'm so so sorry to hear what you're going through, I know the feeling of studying non-stop and feeling overwhelmed. I really hope everything gets better, but please put your health first dear! drink lots of water, eat, get enough sleep and if you need anything at all my inbox is wide open 💕
( masterlist ) ( taglist )
Tumblr media
ʚ Irmo never expected to find you curled up beside one of the willows in his garden of Lorien and crying your eyes out. In fact, he was on his way to request a favour of you as his maia
ʚ Truth be told, he had never truly seen you weep and the sight alone shattered his heart. He debates whether he should leave you be and give you some space, but eventually, he decides to reveal himself 
ʚ "My dearest maia. . ." "Lord Irmo!" You quickly attempt to brush away your tears and stand to your feet to bow — but he stops you dead in your tracks with a hand on your shoulder and instead, slowly kneels down to your position on the ground
ʚ Now, of course you didn’t want your own vala to be kneeling to you of all people - so once again you try to get up. But alas, Irmo’s hand on your shoulder keeps you still - until they fall to take ahold of your own hands instead. They were warm, gentle, bringing your knuckles to his lips where he laid a delicate kiss upon them
ʚ “What is troubling you so? Why do you weep?” 
ʚ Irmo was no stranger to comfort. After all, the valar did find refuge in this garden of his - he knew more than anyone when and how to be a shoulder to cry on 
ʚ You tried to remain strong, tried to keep yourself from shattering then and there. But with the delicate feel of his lips pressing a kiss to your hands and the gentle look his violet eyes gave you - everything came crashing down 
ʚ He didn’t expect you to collapse into him, cling onto his white robes and sob into his shoulder but the moment you did, his arms wrapped around your quaking form and pulled you into his warm, protective embrace 
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ —
There’s a tender touch in your hair, fingers cupping your scalp as his chin rests upon your head. Irmo makes no effort to move nor shift, instead, he keeps you firm in his hold. A shielding embrace to protect you from the world around. “Dearest. . .” His voice is low, barely teetering the lines of a whisper — as if he were handling a frightened woodland creature. 
You try to respond, attempt to pull yourself from the ocean of grief, but your tears weigh you down and subconsciously, your grip tightens upon his robes. “I’m sorry - I-I’m so sorry,’’ you can’t help the slew of apologies falling from your lips as you bury your face deeper into his shoulder. Irmo, in-turn, brings you closer. 
It’s silent for a few fleeting moments. Until a melody fills the air — gentle, like a mild breeze. You feel the vibration of his chest and it only takes a second to realise that the vala is singing to you. Although still tense, you attempt to focus on the lullaby that he hushes you with. As such, your fierce hold loosens gradually and your sobs fade into quiet hiccups. 
Irmo was a master of lulling many to sleep, and it would have been the same case for you if it weren’t for your racing mind. 
“What bothers you, dearest?” Even as his song ended, his voice remained ever as melodic. Like a gentle chime in the wind. He pulls away only in favour of taking your face into his soft hand. “Why do you cry? Has someone upset you?’’ There’s a faint furrow in his brows yet his expression remained ever as gentle. 
You clear your throat, simply shaking your head and bringing your arms to hook around his neck. You would admit — you never could tell if the vala was only being his usual, compassionate self, or if this were something more. There were many who noted you happened to be a favourite of his. . . or was it simply because you were one of his best maia? 
Only time would tell. 
As you confessed your troubles to him, he listens with benevolent countenance, his thumb rubbing at the skin below your eyes to brush away the remnants of tears dripping down your face. “I see. And this has been troubling you for quite some time, yes?” You bite your lips and sheepishly nod, already knowing where this was leading — and only felt your chest clench when he released a sigh. 
“Dearest, why had you not come to me sooner?”
“I. . . I did not wish to bother you, My Lord -”
“Nonsense. . .’’
Your breath hitched in the base of your throat as his touch engulfs the entirety of your face. Irmo now cups your face in his hands with a furrow of his brows. Yet a smile soon takes his lips. “How can you ever bother me?’’ He sighs, playing with a strand of your hair.. “Dearest, I know more than anyone that you will overcome this challenge — you always have been exceptional in your skillset.’’ 
“I - I don’t know if I can do this alone, my lord. . .’’ 
“Then, do not.’’ His smile froze your heart, a warm feeling coming to your cheeks as a second kiss is pressed to your skin, this time upon your forehead. “I am here. . . As I will always be.’’ His smile sends a flurry of butterflies throughout your chest and he leans in closer. 
“Rely on me, dearest.’’ 
Tumblr media
taglist — @kiatheinsomniac @augustwithquills @blueberryrock @a-chaotic-dumbass @m-shade @nerdydcfan @flowerchildishere @camilomyshiningsun @bugnug @algae-rave @snakesofindia-sursesaji @theroguemaia @heraluthor @pinkslashersimp @the-girl-king
Tumblr media
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applegreenrunnerbean · a month ago
Oh Boy I've just come up with an exceptionally Cursed headcanon:
It's Gimli and Legolas who bring Maglor to Valinor
Maglor comes across Legolas and Gimli on a beach, desperately trying to make a boat based on their collective memories of Cirdan's ships. Gimli asks why can't they just ask the Men who, you know, definitely have boats, but Legolas is like No, It Has To Be Elven To Get There.
And Maglor has Boat-Related Trauma, but he's admittedly curious that Legolas is determined to take a dwarf with him. So he stays around to keep an eye on them, staying hidden of course. But like, Legolas is a tracker, he's from the Forest Known For Good Trackers, and definitely learnt stuff hanging around with Aragorn, so he definitely notices Someone is watching them. And Maglor, of course, notices that he notices, and then they're playing like a bizarre game of chicken as Legolas tries to spot Maglor, and Gimli is Fully Convinced Legolas is just going a bit nuts from their boat-building efforts.
Of course, in the end its Gimli who somehow provokes Maglor into revealing himself, maybe by speaking Sindarin with a semi-Feanorian accent, as he was taught by Arwen, who was taught by Elrond, who was brought up by Maglor himself? Legolas quickly captures Maglor - he's been waiting for this opportunity for WEEKS - and Maglor could probably escape if he tried, but his magic is fading, and he is so tired.
Legolas, of course, realises who Maglor is, but has to explain to Gimli, and his explanation is tangled in the two positions of "The Feanorians are scum and deserve everything they got" of his childhood, and "Yes they did bad things but, really the Doriathrim should reinforce their glass houses if they want to throw stones" of Elrond (and subsequently, Arwen, Aragorn, and most of "modern" First Age historians).
Gimli is confused, but he gets the gist that Thranduil's people hate Maglor, and that's a good enough recommendation for him (Gimli is never anything but unfailingly polite to Legolas' kin, much to their frustration).
Maglor becomes their 'prisoner' - mainly because Legolas is worried that if he turns up in Valinor and tells Elrond he saw Maglor and let him get away, he'll want to sail straight back again - and is tied up with a rope made by Galadriel that Legolas was saving for a special occasion. Maglor and Gimli communicate in a mixture of Sindarin and Westron (of course Maglor, the most linguistically inclined of Feanor's sons, would have at least picked up the new language in his millenia of wandering). Gimli is quite pleased to meet an elf who doesn't have any anti-dwarfism at all, and they get on quite well.
Despite previously mentioned trauma, Maglor is able to make some useful suggestions towards the boat-building effort - he has already made this journey the other way once, of course, and has been hanging around the coast for literal Ages. He makes all sorts of arguments as to why he shouldn't be taken with them - that he doesn't deserve it, that Valinor should not be cursed with his presence, that he will be a burden on them. When Legolas and Gimli have one of their many discussions about how, exactly, they are going to convince the Valar to let Gimli stay, Maglor argues that taking him with them would hinder their cause, as the Valar are still no doubt wroth with him.
At which Legolas looks at Maglor with a very sly smile and declares, why of course Lord Maglor, what an excellent idea! You shall serve as an excellent distraction so I can smuggle my dwarf in. Maglor doesn't have the heart to explain that that's not really how it works, in the face of Legolas' optimism (and it is so nice to meet an elf who is optimistic, who laughs and loves without fear). And, he justifies to himself, if his coming to Valinor can help these two in some way, then maybe his inevitable Casting Out by the Valar will be worth it.
So they set sail in the most peculiar-looking craft, which is part Cirdanian ship, part Mannish fishing boat, part Alqualonde swanship (Maglor is doing his best to ignore the irony). Maglor is mainly in charge of navigating, while Legolas does most of the actual sailing, and Gimli reminds the pair of them to eat and sleep, and tells Maglor stories of his people, of the reclaiming of Erebor (with interjections from Legolas who was actually there, thank you very much Gimli, and the Mirkwood elves had good reason to distrust Thorin in the end didn't they? (a very loud argument ensues, in which Maglor has to take over the helm, and is fully prepared for them to turn around to take Gimli back to Middle-earth, and is extremely surprised when, the next day, Gimli and Legolas tearfully apologise to each other and are back to being as sickeningly Married as before)), and of the War of the Ring.
Maglor has managed to stay relatively abreast of general goings-on, via eavesdropping - he tried to drown himself several times when he heard of Celebrimbor's fate, but Ulmo wouldn't let him - but it is different to hear first-hand accounts. He tries (and fails miserably) to seem impartial when ever Elrond is mentioned, and laughs, properly truly laughs, for the first time in Ages when Gimli tells him of Galadriel's gift to him.
They come in sight of Tol Eressea, and Legolas and Gimli are overjoyed that it worked, while Maglor is extremely anxious. But he senses Ulmo's presence in the water around him, and is calmed by it. He doesn't know if his understanding with Ulmo will extend to him being allowed in Valinor, but he appreciates it all the same. They aim for Avallone, not Alqualonde (for obvious reasons) but a wind blows them off course, and they end up landing (definitely not crashing) on the shores east of Taniquetil.
They are met by Manwe, who is not amused. Legolas is defiant, and Maglor is resigned, but it is Gimli who manages to talk Manwe round, speaking so eloquently and persuasively, in Sindarin, on not just his behalf, but Maglor's also, that Manwe, with some gently prodding from Ulmo in wave form, relents. He says Gimli can stay, though reminds him it is not indefinite, and when it is his time he must go to Mandos; and declares Maglor's fate shall be decided by the Noldor themselves, as the Valar have learnt not to meddle in Eldarin affairs when they are not wanted.
Manwe turns into the wind and leaves; and then a boat turns up, landing much more gracefully than Legolas', containing Elrond, Gandalf, and Finrod. The reunions are very emotional: Finrod surprises Maglor by wrapping him in a fierce hug, before letting Elrond take his turn. Maglor is ridiculously apologetic to Elrond, who declares him forgiven, and calls him atar, which makes Maglor break down in tears. Legolas and Gimli are saddened to hear the Hobbits made their way to Mandos a few decades ago, but are glad to see Gandalf and Elrond once more.
Then Finrod, very apologetically, says that he is technically here to arrest Maglor, but, on medical grounds (looking pointedly at Maglor's scarred hand and general state of dishabille) he can be released into Elrond's custody, immediately. They return on the ship (not Legolas', which is in bits) to Tol Eressea.
Later, when he's improved somewhat physically and mentally, Maglor is tried in the 'new' judicial system in Tirion (trial by jury has been used by Finarfin's justice department for good few millennia now, but its still considered 'new' for elves). He is, of course, found guilty of various war-crimes and acts of murder - though not of kidnapping, as Elrond convinces his blood-parents not to press charges, by threatening to never speak to them again.
However, the judge (carefully selected from the post-First Age elves, so as to be unbiased as possible) commutes his sentence, declaring Maglor's self-imposed penance enough, but that he must work to pay reparations to those he harmed. This is after Gimli gives evidence, in an impassioned and beautiful speech describing how Maglor was when they found him, how much physically and mentally he was suffering. The speech is so good it goes down in legend as a great piece of oration, made even more remarkable in that it was spoken by a dwarf, who could not call on an innate oratory power as elves do when public speaking.
Gimli goes on to have a fairly illustrious career as a diplomat and public speaker in Valinor, so much so that Manwe convinces Namo to delay bringing Gimli to Mandos three times, so as to not upset Valinorean politics. Gimli is celebrated as Carpalaure by the Noldor long after his passing.
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moriaarts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Gil-Galad was an Elven King,
Of him the harpers sadly sing;
The last whose realm was fair and free
Between the Mountain and Sea
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anattmar · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Finrod and his pet 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
AU where Nauglamír is a snake🐍
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elena-kukanova · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In the meantime, I have a collection of the greatest singers of Arda:) Finrod isn't really about music himself, but I can't leave him out of it. People like to compareDaeron and Maglor, but I think it's an absolutely pointless exercise, they're all about completely different things, and each of them is the greatest, in their own musical theme. Daeron is about the Hidden Realm, not touched by the darkness and distortion, about that magical world where the nightingale trills, the redolent fragrance of night herbs, and the ancient tribe life in harmony with the Forest. Maglor is about greatness and drama of Valinorian Noldor. And Finrod is about creating bridges across the gulfs that divide people, not without some help of his songs)… It's my opinion, I see it this way!
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kanafinwe-makalaure · a month ago
that thing where a character has to give up their weapons but they keep pulling out more knives and guns and throwing stars etc from increasingly weird places in their clothes? that's maglor but with musical instruments. he keeps emergency flutes strapped to his legs in case nelyo confiscates his harp at 3am because he won't stop playing
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sakasakiii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
well.... this first meant to just be a little map of cell-shaded chibis so i could have my updated designs and colour schemes for the finwions in one place, but then it spiraled off into a whole new tangent and this was born :D many headaches and a sore wrist later, my 2021 goal of finally doing a family tree has been completed!
hopefully ive reached a point where im happy with the designs i have and they wont change (coughcoughARGONcough)... many folks got revamped from their initial designs last year and i got to explore some of my own miscellaneous headcanons... hopefully they make sense?! rumil and glorfindel are also there for some reason.
its been fun but im running out of fringe partings pls send help (ಥvಥ)b
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tilions · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Arien and Tilion
Maiden of the Sun · Man in the Moon
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aragornsrockcollection · 14 days ago
I think we should talk more about how Finrod, the Fair and Friendly one, the one who decided the best way to introduce himself to a new race of creatures was sneaking into a camp of sleeping humans and performing a harp solo, that Finrod- killed a werewolf naked with his teeth.
If you lined up all the grandchildren of Finwe, and asked me to rate each of them by their likelihood to die while killing a werewolf naked with their teeth, I think I might have put Finrod dead last. Maybe second to last behind Turgon, who has the least feral energy.
But he just. Canonically does that. In an episode of the story that prominently features Celegorm (the run away leader in the “likely to kill a werewolf naked with his teeth” polls), FINROD FELEGUND is the one who rips out the throat of a werewolf with his teeth.
We don’t talk about it enough. He hauls a ton of gems across the ice because he is so connected to civilization he looks at the helcaraxe and says “when I get to the uncertain future on the other side of this, I’m gonna need to pay for things.”
And then-
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