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miscreants buy 87 lakh house then dig tunnel and steal 400 kg silver in jaipur | 87 लाख रुपए का मकान खरीदा, फिर सुरंग खोदकर की 400 किलो चांदी की चोरी! प्लानिंग कर देगी हैरान

miscreants buy 87 lakh house then dig tunnel and steal 400 kg silver in jaipur | 87 लाख रुपए का मकान खरीदा, फिर सुरंग खोदकर की 400 किलो चांदी की चोरी! प्लानिंग कर देगी हैरान


पुलिस ने जब इस मामले की आगे जांच की तो पता चला कि यह सुरंग डॉक्टर के मकान के पीछे स्थित अन्य मकान से खोदी गई थी.

सांकेतिक चित्र

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anthony fineran (b 1981), pea silver spens, 2021

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#中央区日本橋 #ファッション通販 #メガネ女子 #バングル #ブレスレット #ホテル #tokyo #bangle #silver #webshop (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

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riddle rosehearts, trey clover, and silver x gn! reader

synopsis — a sweet and fluffy baking date together!

tw — nothing but a whole load of fluff / headcanon’s




✰ — riddle could not be trusted in the kitchen, this could end in a disaster. he doesn’t know much about cooking or the subject of baking but wants to learn! he wants to impress you with how much he’s learned from the past experiences and the many baking books in the heartslabyul kitchen.

✰ — you both decided on one of the easiest baking recipes; cookies! you can’t go wrong with making a batch or two of the classic. from chocolate chip, peanut butter, iced, and even macadanians! riddle would smile as you two spent quality time together, it was peaceful and had a cheery air.

✰ — give them a taste test! they’re bound to be delicious, and even riddle was surprised once he took a bite into the batch he made. he was nervous, not sure if he did it right or added to much sugar to the iced cookies. your bright smile and sparkling eyes would make his heart flutter. he was genuinely happy that you had fun and enjoyed the cookies you baked together. 🍪



✰ — trey is talented in the kitchen and he loves to bake. he always bakes and puts together all the deserts and endless treats for the unbirthday parties. the amount of work he’s put into it amazes you!

✰ — you both baked a delicious cake together for an upcoming party riddle has planned. all of the heartslabyul students will be there, and this is your chance to spend time with trey and test out your skills. step by step, trey guides you through everything and chuckles whenever you make a mess.

✰ — at one point you had powder of sugar on your cheek after rubbing your hand against your skin. trey lifted your chin up and kissed your cheek, tasting the sweet sugary substance from off your skin. “you definitely are sweet, just right darling!” your face turned as red as the strawberries and cream decorating the cake. 🧁



✰ — surprisingly silver knows some knowledge about the kitchen and cooking. he would have to considering being raised by lilia— who doesn’t know how to cook and makes charcoal of every single meal. silver seemed to be a natural and truly enjoyed spending time with you.

✰ — pie! you both decided on baking a few pies and loads of banana bread. delicious~! after gathering all the necessary ingredients and setting the right temperatures in the oven, you both sat by and talked for awhile. laughing and talking about your day, he not once fell asleep on you!

✰ — silver was excited to say the least, he found anew hobby and something to do with you. he even shared the baked goods with lilia, malleus, and sebek. lilia would fake being wounded that you disliked his cooking but only laughed it off. who could resist delicious cherry pie! 🍒


@ roarhoe.tumblr 2021 all rights reserved

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Beautiful natural turquoise

#jewelry #fashion #handmade #jewellery #earrings #accessories #gold #necklace #handmadejewelry #love #style #jewelrydesigner #silver #jewelryaddict #ring #bracelet #jewelrydesign #jewels #rings #bracelets #design #diamonds #diamond #beautiful #instagood #art #instajewelry #beauty #luxury

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Black for hunting through the night

For death and mourning the color’s white

Gold for a bride in her wedding gown

And red to call enchantment down.

White silk when our bodies burn,

Blue banners when the lost return.

Flame for the birth of a Nephilim,

And to wash away our sins.

Gray for knowledge best untold,

Bone for those who don’t grow old.

Saffron lights the victory march,

Green will mend our broken hearts.

Silver for the demon towers,

And bronze to summon wicked powers.

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Chổ em nắng đã lên chưa

Bên tôi nắng ấm đã vừa mới lên

Tôi thèm một ánh mắt hiền

Thèm môi cười ngọt, và ghiền ấm tay


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Great price on this 2016-D Jefferson Nickel
ONLY: $1.70

This 2016-D Jefferson Nickel is needed by anyone hoping to build a complete mint and date collection so you’ll want to order yours today!
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Silver Nickel Nickels Jefferson War

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Melanin Is Worth Over $395 A Gram More Than Gold T-Shirt

Melanin Is Worth Over $395 A Gram More Than Gold T-Shirt

Melanin is worth over $395 a gram more than gold t-shirt

Melanin is a chemical. Chemicals have a dollar value. What is the dollar value of melanin? Melanin is a chemical. Chemicals have a dollar value. Does melanin have a dollar value? After asking those questions while preparing for the first Sacired Libation Ceremony honoring the 155 African American women and girls lynched in America during…


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Diasomnia Yokai AU thoughts

Speaking of Yokai AU, I wonder if Malleus is a godlike yokai of some sort. Yuu/Mc literally has a Yandere God serving them. The immortal God in love with a mortal human. The reversal of instead of a god being worshiped it’s the god doing the worshipping.

I wonder if Yokai!Sebek treats their master(Yuu) like he would towards Malleus in canon? Instead of “HUMAN” it’s “MASTER”! Would he train himself to protect Yuu like he does for Malleus? I wonder if he would devote himself more to his master than Malleus? Idk but I can picture him being sweet to Yuu and being there to help them even without them asking which would be hilarious. (I can see him having shrines of Yuu maybe)

I can see Silver sleeping on Yuu sometimes because they make him feel peaceful and safe. Tho I think Sebek would yell at him sometimes for it.(he jealous tho). I think he would also make a great guard besides Sebek to protect their master. Also would keep watch over Sebek so that he won’t get into too much trouble.

Lilia was a soldier right in canon right? Yuu getting one of the strongest Yokai soldiers is a relief since they will be protected strongly. I can see him and his master doing lots of pranks too. Bet he’ll give lots of good advice to his master and loves it when they pat his head.

Yuu literally has the strongest beings in the world serving them. They can literally rule the world if they want to. You better respect Yuu or you face the wrath of these Gods. This has so many possibilities oh my god.

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Sztabka Una i Lew 1 oz Ag 2021

Srebrna sztabka Una i Lew 2021 to inwestycyjna propozycja pochodząca od renomowanego producenta metali szlachetnych - The Royal Mint. Wspomniana sztabka rozpoczyna serię The Great Engravers Collection oraz posiada zmodernizowany wizerunki znanych postaci Uny i Lwa. Najnowszy wizerunek został wykonany przez szanowanego ilustratora Jody'ego Clarka.

Każdy, srebrny egzemplarz z 2021 roku został wykonany z czystego kruszcu próby 9999, o wadze jednej uncji trojańskiej oraz o limitowanym nakładzie liczącym 35 000 sztuk ( z czego tylko 30 000 trafi do międzynarodowej sprzedaży). Ponadto, każda sztabka posiada gwarancję Wielkiej Brytanii co do jej legalności, czystości próby i pochodzenia kruszcu.

Nakład: 35000

Mennica: The Royal Mint

Waga: 1 oz

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External image
Front: Jupiter Holding a thunderbolt & sceptre 
Reverse: Gordian III - You gets emperor of Rome upside down.

Diameter- 23.81 mm
Thickness  - 1.65 mm 

An oxidized sterling silvertalisman that looks to the past, a cast of a ancient Roman coin. Chain length 30"
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