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Yo heard your req are open ,, can you do headcanons ( diasmonia gang) on this :
There is a rumor where fae will come take your child if you don't took care of them properly and y/n was six years old when she was running from her abusive parents . Suddenly a tall figure offering a home for her . She agreed , growing up as one of the Lilia's student . But it's weird she slowly don't remember anything about her past . She also aren't allowed to go outside . Silver always act like a big brother saying ' father do that for your safety , beside you have us ' .sebek like to scold you since you are too weak to do anything , well it's not your fault since ' someone ' keep adding something to your food . And Malleus, you don't see him often but he always have time for you and suddenly he ask you to marry him ....
Can you run from this twisted fate ?
I have taken a inspiration from the 1950s lifestyle and parenting models to this writing. I hope you like it.
Btw this is not headcanon... It became oneshot...
Words: So many that I can't count.
Yandere Diasomnia x reader
Tumblr media
There was a rumor in your village that was often told to children. According to the rumor, the nearby forest was inhabited by fae's who came to the village at night and abducted all the children who were not behaving well. However, you knew that seeing the rumors was just a lie. If they had been true, Fae's would have kidnapped you a long time ago.
You were only a six-year-old, but even you realized that in your home was not all right. Nothing was right after your mother died. And especially not after your father found a new wife who didn’t like you because you looked like your mother.
So you tried your best to be a bad and nasty kid so that Fae's would come and take you away. You’ve broken the dishes, drawn on the walls, and even bitten your stepmother who was trying to get you to stop. But Fae's did not come. You wondered if they were shy. You were lying in your bed and you were a little hungry because you had to go to bed without food as a punishment. That's when you got a great idea. If the fae's don't dare come to you you have to go to them.
So that night you were waiting for your dad and stepmother to go to sleep. You sneaked quietly into the kitchen and made a couple of snacks and juice that you put in your bag. After that, you sneaks quietly out and you ran into the forest...
The forest was darker than you had imagined. There were a lot of scary sounds and shadows. But still, the thought of getting a caring home helped you move on. So you wandered in the woods and shouted, "Heyyyy are there any faes here? There would be a lost child here that you could kidnap."
You got to wander for a long time. Or did you think it took a long time? At least you had already eaten all your snacks from your bag. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe you should go back. That's when you realized you were lost. You had never thought about what would happen if you couldn’t find Fae's. After this information, you quickly began to cry. What was your luck’s happiness as your crying attracted Lilia to you?
"Aaaaw what about a sweet and small child doing alone in the forest? Are your parents somewhere nearby?" At first, you were startled by the sound but something in Lilia’s essence made you trust her. So you told me how you had run away from home and tried to find a fae so you wouldn’t have to go home. "That was sad to hear. What if you came to live with me? I could take better care of you." And since you are a stupid child, you agree to Lilia’s offer.
And that's where your new life began.
Your new childhood was happy. Now you had a sleepy and kind big brother Silver... and a less kind and loud Uncle-Sebek. Then there was also "your best friend" Malleus who was often busy and Papa Lilia who taught you how to make magic drinks and how to make food. Even though your childhood was happy you no longer dared to go to the woods alone. Papa Lilia had told you that if you go out alone your parents will find you and take you back to that miserable place.
Over time, your memories fade but you still dare not go alone in the woods. Time seems to be running fast. You will soon find that you are almost an adult who wanted to try your limits. It's a pity that your overprotective yandere family didn't let you do it.
"Y/N Where are you going alone? Weak humans like you can't survive alone outdoors. Stop staring at the door and come back here before I tell your dad this." You were disappointed to hear Sebek's voice. You had been so close that you could secretly go out and pick flowers as a gift for Lilia. You wanted to show that you wouldn’t die as soon as you step out the door. And even if you loved your new family a lot, you would want space to breathe. You really couldn't tell Sebek that. You were sure he wouldn't understand. Malleus and Silver might understand but not Sebek. So you went back to your room.
Your normal days were usually spent studying different things with Lilia's guidance. Lilia had been your teacher all your life. (Of course, there were some shortcomings in your education because none of them wanted you to become too independent.) Otherwise, you spent almost all of your time with either Silver or Malleus. With Silver, you usually helped him with household chores or listened when he told about his date. You spent less time with Malleus. But when you did, Malleus always wanted to braid your hair and know everything you had done while he was away.
And the rest of your life would surely have gone on like this but then you met Tom. Tom and his family had moved nearby and Tom was distributing gourmet baskets because he wanted to get on good terms with his neighbors. When Tom came to give them to your "family" you managed to open the door first. And because Tom was the first person you had seen in a long time, you became interested in him.
You started secretly spending time alone. It was almost impossible but sometimes Tom managed to sneak under the window of your room and you might talk for a moment. It was Tom who helped you understand that your family is overprotected and that you don’t remember anything about your past is not normal. In addition, you realized that there were serious shortcomings in your training and you certainly wouldn’t be able to cope alone. Knowing this was hard because you thought your family would always think of your best. You started to fall in love with Tom a little.
However, everything nice will end in time. And once you got caught talking to Tom. It caused a horrible commotion. You had never seen Sebek so angry before, Silver so disappointed and Lilia was a mix of both. Together, they decided to “Move Your Room” into the basement and make sure you can’t move anywhere else in the house without their supervision. You don’t understand what you had done wrong. Was talking to others such a bad and serious thing?
Meanwhile, Lilia, Silver, Sebek, and Malleus had a serious discussion about your future.
Silver: Doesn't this punishment go a little further. I'm sure Y/N learned from them mistake.
Lilia: What if that's not the case? What if Y/N tries again and something happens? I don't want anything to happen to my little baby.
Sebek: I believe Murder is the best option. After that, Y/N is definitely not trying anything stupid.
Silver: We can't just murder someone! It's not right.
Malleus: What if Y / N were to marry me? After that, they couldn’t leave and they could always be close to them family.
Lilia: Awesome Idea Malleus. This is perfect. I start preparing for the wedding right away.
You only found out about this shortly before the wedding. It wasn’t a question it was a revelation that Lilia told you about. Life with the yandere dragon just was even more limited than normal.
You really can't go. You cannot escape this twisted fate...
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A Sword with a hilt delicately ornamented in silver, attributed to Wilhelm Klein,
OaL: 41.5 in/105.3 cm
Blade Length: 33.2 in/84.4 cm
Weight: 2.7 lbs/1240 g
Solingen, Germany, ca. 1600-1609, housed at the Livrustkammaren, Stockholm.
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rings by harlot hands pt 3
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Hey miss raven, mind if I request Idia, Rook, Floyd and Silver going to the amusement park with their lover?
I wrote similar headcanons (Octatrio with S/O on a carnival date), which can be read here! You can find writing for Floyd in that post.
You can also find headcanons for the same prompt (for Kalim, Cater, Epel, Jack, and Malleus) here!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Idia’s not thrilled to be in such a crowded place infested with normies and their spawn (as he so lovingly refers to them). He makes himself as little as possible, disappearing into his baggy hoodie and praying that no one stares at him. The only things that seem to properly ground Idia are your voice, which so clearly cuts to his ears through the noise, and your presence, which is warm in your interlinked hands.
If there’s one thing you’ve learned about your boyfriend, it’s that he’s a huge snacker. Idia constantly buys things to munch on as you traverse the attractions, from candy apples to popcorn balls to bags of candy—and he tends to clear them out fast (most likely because he nibbles on them to help with his social anxiety). Some bits get stuck between the sharp angles of his teeth, which make him look goofy but cute when he flashes a sharp-toothed smile your way.
Idia’s not that good at competing outside of the video gaming space. He’s too clumsy and weak to excel at any of the traditional games offered at the park. However, if there’s one thing Idia’s passionate about (even if the odds are stacked against him), it’s games of chance. Good ol’ gacha addition kicks in when he’s told to spin the wheel for a prize, or to fish up a rubber duck to get a prize correlated with the number on the bottom of the duck. “Just one more.. J-JUST ONE MORE!!” (You practically have to drag him away kicking and screaming before he dumps any more money.)
He doesn’t have much of a stomach for the rides, even the most tame ones. Idia finds himself getting mildly dizzy and motion sick on the tea cups and merry-go-round, and (at worse) screaming until he passes out or froths at the mouth on the roller coasters and other extreme rides. It’s best for his sanity if you take it slow and pace out your rides!
Idia really gets to shine when you come across an arcade with DDR and rhythm game machines as your date slowly winds down. You’ve never seen feet or hands move so quickly—Idia’s practically a blue blur of flames. Your jaw’s still hanging open in shock as he rushes over from the prize exchange desk, wiping sweat off of his forehead while thrusting a giant plushie at you. Did you see how cool he was back there?!
Tumblr media
Rook’s having a grand old time at the park with you! He loves how colorful the attractions are, how laughter and song fills the air. Oh, but his favorite part are all of the costumed character performers wandering around. It’s like they’re putting on a show at all times, and Rook just lives for the theater and the performing arts!!
He’s the type of person that could skip entire meals if he becomes captivated enough by something, but for your sake Rook makes sure to properly eat and hydrate! All he needs to sustain himself is bottled water and some carbs (in the form of animal crackers!) Rook enjoys dramatically acting out the animal noises, making the crackers climb up your arm and kiss you on the nose before he gobbles them up, remarking that they “taste of you”.
There’s no game that this huntsman can’t clear! His superior strength, accuracy, and eyesight all come in handy for various games, from the test of strength to ring toss to water gun racing. Rook happily lets you pick out whichever prizes you like once he has secured his victories. After all, you are his liege, and he, your loyal vassal... and what he considers to be his prize is your lovely smile!!
He’s not picky when it comes to rides! Rook thinks that any and all of them are exhilarating in their own right. He’s happy to follow your lead, thankful for the unique experiences and angles that each ride provides. Upside down, sideways, encased in fear and excitement at the same time... Rook loves viewing all the different sides of you that he doesn’t normally get to see!
He somewhat scares/freaks out some of the costumed employees with his eagerness. Rook calls out to them like they’re old friends, embracing them and asking for autographs and their life’s history like a zealous younger fan. One of them actually throws off their mascot head and runs away. Rook just laughs, picking up the head and cheekily making the character recite declare its love for you—right before he goes in for the kill, kissing you on the lips while your guard is down.
Tumblr media
Silver diligently follows in your footsteps as you excitedly show him around. He’s quiet and self-contained, but he’ll willingly go wherever you wish to with little complaint... and, additionally, so do his animal friends. It must be such a strange sight for onlookers, seeing a small herd of forest creatures following Silver around, but you’re pretty used to it by now.
He keeps himself alert by drinking various beverages (coffee, soda, energy drinks) and snacking. However, Silver usually ends up just feeing bobs and bits to his animal companions instead (particularly the birds). He catches your curious gaze as he passes along a treat to a robin, and, with a lopsided smile, he offers to feed you pieces as well.
All the intense training Lilia put him through as a child really paid off. Silver’s an expert at the games... or, at least, he would be, if he didn’t fall asleep while playing some of them! Luckily for you, the stall owners take pity on him and give you prizes anyway, which leads to Silver walking around the rest of the day with a plastic blow up sword (it even squeaks on impact!!) and you with a decently sized plushie.
Going on exciting rides is a surefire way to keep Silver awake! (... Right?) He actually gets super invested in going on the most hardcore of rides, pulling a surprising number of scary faces on a few (he picked them up from his dad). But, at the end of the day, he genuinely has a lot of fun experiencing that adrenaline rush in a contained, safe environment with you.
As the day goes on, it’s clear that Silver is getting really worn out by everything. His eyelids start to flicker, and he yawns every couple of minutes, his head bobbing and body slanting against yours. You’ll hand him your plushie and pat his head, your gentle whisper easing him off to sleep while on the bus home. And he does—thinking of you and all the fun you’ve had as he slips into a dream.
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The truth behind baby Silver
Just a quick silly doodle for no reason.
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"Sir Ozymandias" Plague Doctor Mask by EmpiricsEmporium
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Soldier au with diasomnia. The boys previous master was cruel and loved to randomly beat and and do other "things" to them. Then the master either dies or something else happens to them and the boys get a new master. The new one is very kind and caring and basicaly treats the boys as their kids. The master is very soft and always makes sure that the boys are fed and well taken care of.
(resending for diasomnia 'cause mal mal is my fave)
So long of being mistreated has left him more than a little bitter. Malleus is truly expecting the worst from you, and when you don't deliver, he's confused and tense. While he'll, at first, just be quiet and aloof, he's eventually bound to lash out when said tension boils over. What frustrates him is that it feels like you're tricking him, so even though he's grateful for everything you do for him, he can't help but be a little upset that he gets just a taste of it.
He's not the fondest of being coddled, especially because he's not going to trust that your intentions are genuine so easily. Despite his casual exterior, Lilia is jaded enough that he doesn't necessarily believe your kindness will last longer than your entertainment does. Outwardly, he'll take advantage of it. There's no reason to turn up a better living situation, but he's absolutely prepared for if and when things cease to be so pleasant.
Now that he has one way of living in his head, it's very difficult to get him to change. Assuming that all superiors will behave the same as his last one (and be right in doing it), ends in Sebek having all kinds of disturbing expectations of you... and somehow getting angry when you don't fulfill them. He doesn't like when things go against routine, so even though life with you is far more pleasant, he still feels like something is wrong with it.
For a while, he doesn't really care. Yeah, it's nice to have a break from all the beating and other nasty things, but it's not gonna last, is it? Silver starts out seeing your kindness as nothing but a brief pause in the misery. As it goes on, however, he starts to get a little unnerved. It doesn't feel right to be treated so sweetly. After everything his old superior did, the way you're behaving almost feels threatening. He doesn't know what to do with it.
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WOE! Hedgehog be upon ye 🌆🦔
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Rarity stimboard with purple, silver, and flowers
💜 / 🤍 / 💜 / 🤍 / 💜 / 🤍 / 💜
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⚙️.⚙️.⚙️ - 🎸.🎸 - ⚙️.⚙️.⚙️
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fwhip stimboard with tinkering for anon ! hope you like it !
stimboard/moodboard requests are always open (unless they’re not) pls gimme reqs
x | x | x
x | x | x
x | x | x
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Sonic destruction art: Pt.1
Silver boi
Tumblr media
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Athy/Ijekiel Siren AU
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Baby Silver is my comfort character now. Look at this criminal, he keeps stealing hearts! And warming my heart, I hope yours too. After all, he's basically Shadow's "personal therapist" all right. I have no idea why I like baby Silver tho, Silver is not even my favorite Sonic character...
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Surprisingly Swanna likes the Diasomnia dorm because they dont bother it and has regular screaming matches with SeBel to establish dominance Over him while Lilia records it and Silver and Malleus watch.
Sebek: Screams
Swanna: Honks louder
swanna also visits igyhyde and loves ortho but idia is scared shitless from seeing footage of it terrorizing the octavinielle, pommefiore and savannaclaw dorms. It doesnt help that azul tells him horror stories about swanna during their club meetings or how other dorm leaders tell stories about the nightmares they haD because of swanna
Sebek having screaming matches with a chaotic Swanna was not something I predicted, but never knew I needed it until I saw it in the ask box.
Lilia totally records it and gets thousands of views in hours because of how freaking hilarious it is; it's prime Vine material like c'mon
Silver and Malleus just chill near the scene, eating some of Soni's Berry products to support their local business friend with Soni just trying to comprehend the sight before her, realizing that yeah, someone's trying to Intimidate Swanna by screaming at it and just moving on because this was the least weird thing she's experienced since coming to TWST by a long shot
The Pokémon loves Ortho, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone. Maybe because Ortho feeds the Pokémon food, doesn't annoy it/try to keep it in their dorm, Swanna even allows him to pet the Pokemon, which is a literal "How in TWST are you capable of doing that" because besides Soni, anyone else who tries gets bitten or vibe checked.
Idia is suitably terrified because everyone on campus has heard of this bird at least once since it first showed up and has since become one of the most feared of the monsters that live at Ramshackle Dorm. When Azul, one of the most feared people on campus, looked so afraid and twitchy (as much as he allowed himself to show) as he talked about his experiences with the hellion bird, Idia took the measures to make a Swanna Bunker.
Yes, he made a Swanna Bunker.
Because he's seen the chaos that bird can bring and he cannot let any of his merch get wet because of how rare they were it took him forever to get some of this stuff
It's for that reason that when- and I mean it when I say that because Ortho wants his big brother to meet his friend Swanna- Ortho tries to bring said-monster to him into his private sanctum, Idia tries his best to hide like it's a Horror game
Idia: *hiding in the bunker with all of his merch* thinks "It can't find me in here."
Swanna: *pushes the door open with its beak*
Tumblr media
i swear if this is what makes the TWST version of the Untitled Goose Game imma wheeze
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Twisted Wonderland Hidden Mickeys: Diasomnia
Note: Because the Dorm Uniform SSRs for Diasomnia do not exist yet, only the permanent SRs of each student will be shown! This will be updated accordingly once they’re released.
Malleus Draconia:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lilia Vanrouge:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Mini Theory: Silver and Yuu
Tumblr media
Take this with a grain of salt because we don't have a lot of information about Diasomnia just yet or what to expect in chapter seven, however what if Silver and the prefect are going to have something like a correlation with/about their dreams. Considering how much of a hypersomniac Silver is and how Yuu has prophecy-like dreams, something might happen between these two. And on the January 2020 trailer, he says the following,
“It’s strange… I feel like I’ve met you somewhere before.”
Maybe once upon a dream?
So yeah, that's it. I'm not sure if anybody has mentioned this before but I just wanted to throw the thought out there.
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