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Nessian Fanfic

( credits to @raven05 for the beautiful fanart)


“you look good Nesta” Emerie complimented , after looking at her with astonishment of about 2 minutes. “ I wish I could cut my hair, but sadly I don’t have that much courage ” another woman, who Nesta didn’t quite remember , had said .

She didn’t know if she should take this as a compliment, so she ignored her and thanked Emerie, going outside her tent, to start doing her daily work.

Nesta herself had volunteered to help the other females , for she couldn’t see their Burden, after discovering these “rules”, as Devlon liked to call them.


She had decided to cut her hair last night , before going to bed , with a sharp glass, taking her time to even the length out. Looking at her already cut hair, she didn’t feel anything and slept peacefully , for the first time. She had decided to become a completely new person, after discovering her power , still healing slowly, after finally finding herself.

After , the display of her power, she had scared the shit out of the males and some females, while Emerie had been looking at her affectionately. Cassian didn’t give any reaction , as if he was expecting this.

Cassian she thought. What would be his reaction to her new self?? Not being able to come to any conclusion , she finally closed her eyes and went into a dreamless sleep.


Not much was said to her , except for her friends who had said she looked beautiful, and that they liked this look better. But this did not comfort her. She still felt she needed something. She wanted to show her new look to Cassian. But didn’t want to get his reaction.

Oh get over yourself, and since when have you started thinking about his suggestions and opinions ?? the voice in her head said. She had to admit that it was right, Besides they had their sparing session today. So, after 2 hours , she went.


Cassian was waiting for Nesta, when he saw a female coming towards him. She had icy blue eyes like Nesta, but instead of them filled with coldness, their was something else in her eyes. Uncertainty, he thought.

She also had short hair but of the same colour as Nesta . Wait, this was Nesta . Realisation hit him. She looked…. different. Not only her hair , but her personality had been changed. Healthier than before and looking more cheerful. She seemed to be relieved of all the problems, but didn’t let her guard down.

Definitely Nesta, he thought and grinned at her. She seemed so pretty, mother above, he wanted to touch those beautiful curls near her shoulders. He wanted to feel their smooth texture, but controlled himself.

“ inspired, by me aren’t you Nessie” he said , showing off his shoulder length hair. Nesta ignored him, and she took her weapon, ready for the spare.

“ I don’t have time to waste, unlike you” she said, with a hint of amusement. “ Tell you what , let’s make a bet” he said . “ If I win, i’ll get to touch your hair” , hearing this weird condition, and seeing Cassian blush, she agreed. “ We will see who wins Cassian” she said.

So they started sparing , Nesta using her sword with full energy on him. A part of her wanted Cassian to win. But she wouldn’t loose easily. She was Nesta Archeron , who didn’t loose just like that. They both were tired after 10 min, Finally Nesta decided that she was going to jump and attack on him. But her foot slipped and she lost her balance. Her sword fell on the muddy ground.

Cassian let his own sword fall, in order to catch Nesta . He was lucky in doing so , as her head hit is chest. He didn’t flinch. Darkness was clouding her vision, when she felt him touch her hair and murmur beautiful. She wanted to smile at him , for she felt good that he liked them. However, Not after a moment or so , darkness consumed her. The last thing she felt she saw was the ghost of a smile on Cassian’s face.

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““She gripped the arms of her chair, as if restraining herself.

“Don’t talk down to me. My answer is no.”

I angled my head. “I understand that what happened to you was horrible—”

“You have no idea what it was or was not. None. And I am not going to grovel like one of those Children of the Blessed, begging High Fae who would have gladly killed me as a mortal to help us. I’m not going to tell them that story—my story.”

“The High Lords might not believe our account, which makes you a valuable witness—”

Nesta shoved her chair back, chucking her napkin on her plate, gravy soaking through the fine linen. “Then it is not my problem if you’re unreliable. I’ll help you with the wall, but I am not going to whore my story around to everyone on your behalf.” She shot to her feet, color rising to her ordinarily pale face, and hissed, “And if you even dare suggest to Elain that she do such a thing, I will rip out your throat.”

Excerpt From

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Another nesta art I made in Artbreeder

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i feel like some nesta stans are only able to stan nesta because they twist her actions to always have a good or hidden reasoning behind it, and therefore theyve convinced themselves that in all ways, she’s actually this great person? which sure, maybe she is, but the reason i’ve always liked nesta is that sometimes she’s just genuinely mean lol. i don’t want her to be a nice person at heart who was misunderstood all along, i want her to be a bitch with her whole chest. that’s a valid personality trait if you’re gonna be surrounded by people like the ic who deserve to get bullied every now and then (as long as she’s not actively hurting people, which come on,,,she doesn’t)

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This is regarding to the fanart I come across

Rhysand is hot hot, sure no one can deny that, but oh s**t Cassian is a different level of hotness that it deserves it’s own category.


Thank you for reading my PSA.

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I know everyone is being crazy about Cassian and Nesta, and Azriel after live that was yesterday, but can we please focus for moment at Feysand baby?!

I need that so badly. I hope Feyre will be pregnant in acosf or AT LEAST she will tell that she is in the end of the book.

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Elain and Azriel possible deaths in ACOSF thoughts:

People constantly worrying that if Elain dies it would affect Lucien and if Azriel dies it would afftect Elain…but…am I the only one thinking that if either one dies… the ones that would feel it the most is Nesta and Cassian??

The healing path Nesta is about to embark would go through the window if Elain dies. You think Nesta is going to be all happy and nice watching her sister die after a year of depression?? She might end up killing herself, specially if Elain dies during a war or is killed.

And same for Azriel, you think Cassian will move on with his life if Azriel dies?? I dont think people realise how deep Cassian and Azriel love each other. Their friendship is way much deeper than their friendship with Rhys. Just like Nesta loves and protects Elain, Cassian does the same with Azriel.

The guy tore his wings to protect him from Hybern back in ACOMAF. I think it would take Cassian at least a hundred years to move on from Azriel’s death. I don’t think it would be easy for him to live happily ever after with Nesta if his brother is dead and the same would go for Nesta if Elain dies. Feyre and Rhysand are the type of people to move on with life…yes they would be sad and they will pay tribute to their respective siblings but dont think for a second that they will keep dragging it.

So I hope for the love of any god, that SJM doesnt kill either because all the progress Nesta and Cassian will have in ACOSF will honestly be sooooo wasted.

As much as I’m looking forward to all the Nessian content we will get in ACOSF, I cant deny that I’m so excited to see more of Elain and Azriel. I want to know how their dynamic works with Nesta and Cassian.

Because we have always seen them from Feyre and Rhysand’s perspective, but I do want to see more of Nesta’s relationship with Elain. How they get along when they’re alone, without Feyre in the mix. And I do want to see more of Azriel and Cassian without Rhys or the rest of the Inner circle getting in the middle.

Ps. I’m also curious to see Nesta and Azriel getting along. I think out of the IC, they’re the only ones I desperately want them to be friends. Azriel minds his own business and for that he has my whole respect. And Nesta has never had a bad word or thought against Azriel and I think after he saved Elain, he has earned her respects. So yes, I want to see more of them together.

Also….how cute would be to have Cassian treating Elain like a little sister knowing how much she means to Nesta….and to Azriel???

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Nesta just wants to be left alone

I can really relate to Nesta in the sense of sometimes acting so cold or closed off or even saying outright bitchy things just because you don’t want to talk to someone or don’t have the emotional energy to be around others. It’s an easy way to get people to leave you alone or back off.

She’s made it so clear on so many occasions that she just wants her own life, she needs time, etc… I think that when Feyre rolls up all happy and sunny and life is great with her mate, Nesta just tries to say literally anything that will get Feyre to leave so that she can be alone again.

Because of this I kind of understand Sarah’s statement that Nesta has to “face her past behaviour” and I don’t think it means some big omg I am awful I must apologize to the IC. I think that it’d be so unrealistic to imagine that Nesta isn’t completely aware of what she’s doing. I bet she gets home sometimes and is like why did I say that?? But in the moment it’s just like *say literally anything that will make them STOP talking to me, stop trying to fix me please just let me be alone* and I think that her healing internally will mean that these defence mechanisms slowly subside.

Admitting to things that one has said or done when in a bad mental space isn’t weak, but I also firmly believe that it isn’t something she needs to apologize for. (and it’s truly my belief that we have never seen the character of Nesta in a healthy head space because girl has had a ROUGH go of it. At least Feyre had some moments in between that made life seem worth it but Nesta has really just been handed one devistating blow after another)

In summation, I give you Nesta:


Originally posted by devilsh

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People compare Nesta and Feyre’s time needed to get over their trauma. FIrst of all Feyre is not over her trauma but she is getting better and better every day. People want to say Feyre didn’t need alot of time to cope with her trauma so why should they allow Nesta to have that time. For people saying that I’m going to set it to you straight. I think that’s the shittiest argument you can give. Feyre had a supportive group of friends who did not judge her on a person’s bias and get their opinion of her from a person who only knows one side of the story. They were all kind and respectful to her mostly because she was Rhysand’s mate but we won’t ever know how they would have treated her if she wasn’t such a significant part of Rhysand life. This was one of the reasons Feyre was advancing in her journey to recovery. But my home girl Nesta has no one. No one to urge her to get better. No one who is there to push her towards the way to getting better mentally. Even though maybe her actions aren’t the best course of treatment she’s handling it a lot better than most people especially when having no one to support her and having the ones she cared about die. She’s not jumping off of buildings or trying to drown herself. So that’s something. Bottomline is don’t invalidate Nesta’s trauma just because she isn’t healing as quickly as the others would.

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If the “Nesta will have to face her past behaviour” doen’t reffer to pre-ACOTAR and it’s about her relationship with fae-Feyre and the IC, then what did she helped contacting and convincing the queens for? (this being a crime in the mortal lands) What did she risk hers and Elains safety for? What did she die for? What did she vocalized the trauma she hadn’t gotten over yet for? What did she risk her life and was almost killed again fighting in the front lines for? What did she kill for?

The thing about “wondering if the people she hurt would still love her” better be about Feyre, because nobody else deserves Nesta feeling so unworthy of love like that. Specially Cassian, who literally told her she was unlovable and Elain, who didn’t even bother trying to help her once.

I hope it’s about Feyre, and only because Feyre was the one to exile her and Nesta might get to a point in her recovery where she realizes she actually wants to be with her sisters, and wonders if Feyre would be willing to change her mind or their relationship is lost forever.

I don’t want Nesta thanking Feyre for the exile UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

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im hoping that sjm means that nesta will atone for her PRE-ACOTAR behaviour towards feyre bc if my girl starts apologising to cassian and the inner circle i will be asking for a refund. i would also like other characters to apologise to her as well.

what does she have to atone for? risking her life for the human and the fae? trying to save cassian? giving up her security and home for her sister? healing people during the war? like wtffff


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the only thing that bothered me about “nesta is an asshole for the majority of the book” is that she stops being an asshole eventually 😭

like asshole isn’t necessarily an insult it’s a word used to describe 90% of everyone’s favorite book boys? yall dont have mean girl kinks? anyway i’m so excited bc the best one-liners come from asshole characters and if nesta wants to be a rude bitch for the whole book i think we should let her

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I think the Feysand/Rhysand stans found me and don’t like what I’ve been saying on this app.

If you like Feysand I’m not suggesting you can’t ship them. I’m all in for ship whoever you want as long as you’re not hurting anyone to do it.

This is a no judgment zone.

I’m just documenting my thoughts as I move through series.

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I’m watching back the live and this is the first time I feel like okay, I can actually connect with Sarah and understand and like her?! the way she explained how she sees people I can relate to that A LOT. and I don’t know, I think Silver Flames will be fine and what it has to be. as much as I don’t want Nesta around Feyre anymore, she still has to face her baby sister and come to some sort of agreement about their future so what Sarah said about how Nesta will have to deal with her past, that’s definitely about Feyre AND Cassian. mostly Cassian tho.. and I know people will twist it around that he should shut up and take what he gets from Nes but it’s a two-way street. not only Nesta got the choice if she wants to spend eternity with him but Cassian gets the choice too if he still wants to go down the rabbit hole with her. it’s always a two-way street and in real life, sometimes you are just pushed to the limit where you can’t take it anymore. mental illness sucks and yes, everyone deserves help and understanding but it’s something that takes a toll on the other person too. so let’s just sit and wait.. Nesta being an asshole in the big chunk is reasonable. she’s in an all-time-low. it takes time to come back from that. you guys didn’t want the magic dick as a cure and now you really complain that she takes time to heal?! what were you guys expecting? 100 pages of sad and miserable Nesta and boom, she’s good for 600? like… seriously?! if it’s 400-300 that’s a good ratio.. but even 500-200 is fine…

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