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Ocellus and Silverstream: (making out in Silverstream’s room)

Queen Novo: Silverstream? Are you in here?

Ocellus: Oh no, it’s your aunt! What is the queen going to think when she finds one of the princesses like this with me?!

Silverstream: (dazed and lovestruck) Uhhh… lucky princess?

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Silverstream: Come on Scoopy! It’ll grow back! Forgive me? Pleeeeeaaassseee *gives huge sad birb eyes and chases after the earth pony*

Smolder: How long until Silver realises Strawberry is just yanking her tail and that Citrine is just using an illusion spell to hide the fact her mane is back to normal?

Gallus: Magic can fix bad manecuts. Who knew?

Sandbar: Evidently, Strawberry. 

Gallus: Well it’s been a month so far.  I respect that dedication to the prank.

Ocellus: W-wait what? How do you know this?

Smolder: Because over the last month whenever Strawberry is near Silver, Citrine is nearby with her horn alight.

Yona: Pony shouldn’t prank Hippogriff like that. Makes friend Silverstream sad.

Sandbar: Maybe. But the mistake has urged Silverstream to get better at using scissors before she does any manecuts.

Ocellus: Shouldn’t someone tell Silver at some point? I agree with Yona, it does seem a little bit mean.

Silverstream: Oh, I already knew. Gee ‘Celly, I know I’m silly but i’m not blind. Not yet anyway! It’s just more fun to re-prank her back! Victory will be MINE!

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At first, Holly and jay grow apart as apprentices, because of holly trying to keep her secrets, but eventually she breaks down because of the stress and anxiety of training 24 hours a day and goes to her brothers to tell the truth. They are shocked but understanding, and help her to stand up to tigerstar and leave the dark forest. Jay brings them all in their dreams with holly and they support her as she tells tigerstar off and leaves for the final time. After that the siblings tell eachother everything and are as close as can be.

To your second question, they all have powers. Dove still exists and has her forbidden relationship with tigerheart, but doesn’t have any powers. Holly on the other hand has the power of stealth. She can hide even in plain sight if she is trying to. She melts into the shadows and becomes undetectable. Although she can still make noise and step on twigs and such, so she has to practice at it at first. As a warrior, she has perfected it, and this is what allows her to kill hawk and save ivy without dying.

Sorry I went on a tangent, I just love this au!

Other random facts

  • Graystripe and firestar are Mates and sandstorm is firestars deputy instead of graystripe
  • Sandstorm is also brakenfurs mentor and has the fiasco with silverstream, in which silverstream still dies :’(
  • Sasha stays in riverclan with leopard and is a perma queen and has at least one litter with leopard
  • Blackfoot sides with bloodclan in the great battle and dies do brightheart, cinderpelt, thornclaw, and brackenfur
  • Cinder stays a warrior, I’m not sure who replaces her as medicine cat yet, maybe snowkit?
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Redraw of a page from @birdsong-warriors’s Redtail’s Choice (mine on the left, original on the right). This is my favorite page from the comic because I just love the artwork! Doing this redraw was a great excerise and learning experience, and lots of fun too!

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to redraw with my own character designs or Bird’s, so I did a mix of both - the OCs are obviously Birdsong’s design, and I used my designs for the canon characters. The exception is Redtail, who is Birdsong’s design. Foxcat is just too iconic!

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Day 13: Favorite wlw ship

Silverstream and Greenflower! This might seem odd to the average wc fan. Who is Greenflower?? A self-insert? An oc? A character who had one line of dialogue and then disappeared from the allegiances forever? That last one is correct! However, I just decided one day that she is my favorite. 

I wanted this to be similar to the mlm ship I did, but instead of blue I chose green. Cos,,, yaknow,,,, Greenflower?

My dear friend Paci wrote out her “backstory” here, but it doesn’t include my own thoughts. I’ll stick them under the cut lol!

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Commission for rated-r-ponystar

I didn’t upload this to my gallery before because…well, I’m dumb. This may or may not turn into a fanfic written by   :iconrated-r-ponystar: in the future.

I hope you guys like it!

Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate and every single one I receive.

You can check the Making Of post right here!

Thank you!

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Silverstream: I have to admit, stranger, I’m confused. My heart tells me it’s a chance for us to be with Graystripe for real, but I know my father would have never done such a thing. I don’t like seeing these strangers in my camp. I don’t trust Tigerstar and his closest followers… it became clear after the first few days that Blackfoot wasn’t the only ShadowClan exile to join him. They’re always watching us.

Beechflower: I’m glad to be able to see Graystripe whenever I want… Great StarClan, he might even be able to raise the kits with us! But I’d be lying if I said it was enough to make me happy with the whole situation. I mean—look at what happened to Fireheart! He didn’t deserve that. I… I miss him. And I can’t trust Leopardstar if she’d do that to any of us for speaking up against this. And… I keep getting this weird feeling that Darkstripe is always following me around. I don’t know. He’s just always there. It was never like this before. I haven’t been sleeping well.

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