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#simeon x mc
certified-sloth · 2 days ago
Treat you right (Simeon/MC)
"Are you sure about this?" The eldest asked in wary, and yet you smiled warmly at him.
"Wouldn't you have been mad? This is basically something related to your..." you trailed off, looking up to meet his eyes.
Sighing, he fixes the hair straying on your face.
"Now what right do I have? This is my master's happiness. Whether I like it or not... i'm flattered you're even concerned of my opinion." He muses.
He then holds his arm out for you. "Then, shall we go?"
You gladly agreed, hooking your arm with his.
"...and, i'm not at all worried for you. Simeon is a good man. He will treat you right." He assured with a gentle smile.
Clutching onto his arm a bit more to feel his reassurance, you smiled back at him.
As he walks you down the aisle, everyone's eyes were on you.
It was even a surprise that you were given the blessing of taking an angel's hand in marriage.
Halfway through the passage, you could clearly see how emotional Simeon was.
You've ended up taking your wedding in the human world, as the brothers could not agree to not see you on this special day.
For now, they were holding back for your sake.
Glancing to the side, you could notice how Belphie was making a warning thrown to Simeon's direction through a glare.
Simply put, he doesn't want your groom to hurt you.
You and Satan's eyes had met. He smiled at you and mouthed, "I have faith in you. Enjoy your special day."
It wasn't even a surprise that Asmo looked as if he were some proud parent sending you off to the supposed happiest moment of your life.
Mammon had took a quick glance at you before looking away in tears.
You looked so dazzling in white.
Simeon is one lucky angel.
Levi has captured every single moment. It's his Henry's day, how could he not save these memories?
You arrived at the altar as Lucifer had left you in Simeon's care.
"Take good care of them." The eldest reminded with a firm nod before heading back to his place.
As you hooked your arm with Simeon's, he glanced down at you with warm eyes.
"Sometimes I wonder who really is the angel between us." He chuckled.
Leaning your head on his shoulder, you hum. "I wasn't even expecting this to be possible at all."
"I wish to cherish you, every moment I get."
"And I will do the exact same." You responded in pure bliss.
The ceremony was just about to start, and here you are already making your promises to each other.
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hinajiki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: obey me! dateables x reader
content warning: 18+ content, humiliation, swearing, mentions of corruption and public sex.
💭: you requested it so, here's part two!!ㅡ hina
Tumblr media
"shh, pretty..." solomon grunted in your ear. "you're being too loud, someone will hear us. you wouldn't want that, would you?"
you choked back a moan when he thrusted into you again from behind, shaking your head at his question. your underwear was pushed to the side and you were leaning forward against the couch, barely able to hold yourself up from the pleasure coursing through your veins. it didn't help that he was radiating magical energy that made your skin buzz with life.
"good puppy.." solomon cooed, biting your earlob. "I bet you are enjoying being fucked where anyone could walk in at anytime, hm?"
before you could moan out a response, the door to the side of the common room opened and you gasped, trying to tell solomon to stop but he didn't notice the intruder, pressing your face into the couch.
this poor, poor angel
he has seen some things before, but he was not prepared to see his innocent dove having sexual intercourse with solomon in the common room
he instantly gasps, covering his eyes and turning away from the sinful act
he can't help the warmth that spreads through him and the tightening of his pants
he imagines what it would be like to have you underneath him instead
he quickly rushes out of the room, cheeks ablaze
he knows it's wrong and he prays to the celestial realm that he hasn't overstepped
he is disgusted with himself for thinking such dirty thoughts about you
but you just looked so pretty like that
he will rush to your room at night when he can't get any sleep; your moans plague his mind
he begs for your touch even though he knows it will corrupt his nature and make him a sinner
all he knows is that he needs you
when he sees you both, he finds it intriguing
two humans, one of them a powerful sorcerer, freely fucking in the common room where anyone, and any demon, could walk in
he chuckles, crossing his arms over his chest and he watches as you both scramble up to get into a less intimate position
you apologise bashfully and he shakes his head, amused "oh no, don't worry, it's okay."
the next day, you receive an invitation to go to diavolo's castle and once you arrive, you are met with the demon prince on his throne, mirroring the same smirk he had on yesterday
there was no one in the hall and once you stood before him, he grabbed your wrist, pulling you onto his lap, a shocked gasp escaping your lips
"I want to try having public sex with a human, would you help?" he whispered in your ear, nipping at your jaw and smirking against your skin "I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to try it out with you ever since yesterday; seeing you like that... wow, you naughty little thing"
I mean, how could you decline him? getting a chance to fuck a prince on his throne?
you knew you had to oblige
probably the only respectful one
just leaves the room and closes the door
as a butler of diavolo, he has walked into the prince having sex many times, so this wasn't an unusual sight to see
he probably won't mention it to you, but he knows you had noticed him that day and have been trying to avoid his presence since
when you go to help him cook, he blatently asks "do you like to feel humiliated?"
you blush, trying to deny his words but you just can't get the words out with him looking at you
he pushes you up against the kitchen counter and smiles, standing between your legs, brushing a gloved finger against your cheek
"don't lie to me, it's not very polite, mc. I know you saw me enter the room that day... did you like knowing that I saw you in such a humiliating position? was it your idea to be so exposed?"
I'm sorry diavolo, dinner was very late that night
Tumblr media
taglist: @i9luc, @tallbrunettehoelovemilfs, @sia00612, @yuckyskies, @moonjellymermaid + @minkarexx
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devildomdisaster · 2 months ago
Comfort spell gone wrong (the dateables)
Anonymous asked: for the lore Olympus ask but with the dateables. (Deleted this ask by accident but here it is)
Comfort spell gone wrong
Not only had the brothers been completely horrible the past few weeks but even your friends in purgatory hall and Diavolo himself had been too busy for you.
You understood that Simeon was busy helping Luke work through some things. But still, being brushed aside after the brothers had been so cruel towards you hadn’t helped your crumbling self-worth.
Solomon had heaved a big sigh and told you “They're demons Mc. It’s what they do. You’re going to have to grow a thicker skin. Besides, I don’t have time to help you with something so trivial.” Before handing you a page from a spellbook “if you really can’t deal with it yourself use this for comfort.”
You’d undeniably ruined Barbatos’s hard work when you’d tripped and tipped over the cake he’d been working on all morning. The demon had shooed you from his domain with barely concealed rage and asked you not to come back until “you can prevent yourself from causing me more work.”
Diavolo, despite always telling you you could come to him with your troubles, had snapped that Solomon seemed to be doing just fine. “So maybe you need to try harder, Mc. Rather than blaming your problems on other people.”
The spell Solomon had given you seemed simple enough. Although it was in an unfamiliar mix of Latin and Infernal. Couldn’t hurt to try though. At least not anymore than you were already hurting. You’d cast the spell, stumbling through a few words and thinking it hadn’t worked when nothing happened. Figures you couldn’t do it, you were still new to magic and just as useless at it as everyone had so kindly reminded you the last few days. It still sapped your energy though, stupid spell. You closed your eyes thinking that maybe it was better that the spell didn’t work. You’d never live down the embarrassment if anyone found out you tried to use a comfort spell.
Lucifer calls the others asking if anyone has seen you, after several days of radio silence from you. Solomon, Luke, and Simeon rush to the house of Lamentation once they hear you haven’t been seen for days. They find Lucifer and the brothers crowded around you, worriedly discussing the spell which has covered you and your room in vines. Babratos and Diavolo are already there, both looking guilty. Solomon feels his stomach drop when he recognizes the page from the spellbook.
“Lucifer, I recognize that spell, I gave it to them when-” Solomon begins
“Yes, it figures you would have your hands in this Solomon.” Lucifer glares.
It’s Simeon who steps forward to undo the spell, giving Luke’s shoulder a comforting squeeze on his way by. “Lucifer if you would,” he says gesturing to your form “this will take both our magics to undo, I believe.”
Shit, shit! Solomon recognizes that spell! He gave it to you.
It wasn’t supposed to do this, it was just a simple comfort spell!
But he can’t help feeling responsible for what's happened.
He feels like he should have known, should have realized something was going on when he gave you that spell.
You’d just wanted to talk, but he was so caught up in trying to find a way to make pacts with the brothers that he totally brushed you off.
He handed you a page out of a spellbook instead. And told you to deal with things yourself.
Solomon is crushed. He has always told you that if you ever need to talk to another human, he’d be there. But he wasn’t. He told you to deal with it alone.
When Simeon and Lucifer break the spell he is by your side in an instant.
Hands fluttering over your body, brushing withering plants off you. Feeling utterly useless.
The spell had gotten so convoluted and twisted in ways he’d never seen before, he hadn’t even been able to break it.
You blink your eyes open, Solomon’s distraught face coming into focus.
“Mc, I shouldn’t have given you that spell. I’m so sorry. I-I said I’d always help you if you needed me but all I did was hurt you instead.”
He wants to distance himself from you. But he knows that won’t make you feel any better. It won’t make him feel better either.
Instead, he’ll be far more careful with the magic he gives you. He’ll start teaching you more magic, so you can practice spells safely.
But he’ll also do his best to make sure you never need a comfort spell again.
He wants to be your comfort.
Solomon will plan elaborate outings and magic filled dates. He gets all these grand ideas and half of them turn into disasters but somehow he’ll make sure the two of you still have fun.
It’s easy for Solomon to forget that he needs to communicate better. But he’s trying. Instead of snapping at you again he’ll be sure to set aside time for himself. Besides, being in the Devildom is more fun with an apprentice anyways, plus teaching you magic gives him plenty of time to make sure you are happy too.
Simeon is shocked when he sees you.
A shiver runs down his spine when he feels the spell sucking the energy from your body.
His eyes don’t miss the botched comfort spell on the ground and he wonders why you didn’t come to him.
And then he realizes. You did. But he brushed you off to help Luke and even when you were hurting you didn’t want to burden him.
He feels like he’s failed you by making you feel like you couldn’t come to him.
When you open your eyes Simeon is the first thing you see.
He gently brushes the plants from your face and hair.
“Oh my sweet little lamb, you are never a burden to me. I am so sorry I made you feel you couldn’t come to me.”
Simeon brings you to Purgatory hall while your room is cleaned.
He gently untangles bits of plant matter from your hair, humming what must be some Celestial lullaby to you.
“Mc,” he begins once he’s removed the remaining plants from your hair and skin, and you’ve allowed yourself to relax into him. “Forgive me, Mc. I should have seen how much you were hurting.”
He is being so gentle with you. But his voice takes a stern edge as he tells you “Next time you feel like this, promise me you will come to me. If you tell me what’s going on I will always have time for you.”
Simeon makes sure to check in on you now, to make time for you. He’ll invite you to Purgatory hall for dinners and/or sleepovers. Oftentimes Luke joins you. But sometimes he’ll sneak you in so the sleepover is your little secret.
Oh, Mc! He hasn’t seen a spell like this in centuries.
He knows it’s a mistake, but the power it must have taken to cast this spell is impressive.
He’s curious to know what kind of power you’ll have after you’ve been trained properly.
That not to say he isn’t concerned, it's just he knows the spell can be undone, and he finds it easier to deal with the situation if he doesn’t think about how close he came to losing you.
He’ll request that the brothers keep a closer eye on you, not that they weren’t going to anyway.
Diavolo will scoop you from the tangled vines, brushing the remaining vines from your skin as he carries you from your room.
He sits down on his throne, with you still held in his arms. For a moment you're afraid of his thunderous expression.
And then his eyes soften. “Mc,” he whispers. Emotion making his throat tighten, choking off his voice. “Why?”
“Why don’t you find a human who can do better than me Diavolo? You said so yourself, I’m a disappointment.”
“Mc, I didn’t mean! I didn’t want you to-! I didn’t”
He knows what he said. But he never meant for you to take it to heart like this. He was just stressed and he took it out on you.
“I’m sorry, Mc. I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you. You haven’t disappointed me. I’m sorry I made you feel like you can’t rely on me. Please understand that I would do anything in my power for you.”
A frightening promise from the prince of the Devildom.
Diavolo is careful to control himself in the future. To prevent himself from letting his stress and anger get the better of him.
Careful to remind you how important you are to him, and not just because you are an exchange student, but because he cares for you.
Anger. Fear. Barbatos tumbles between the two emotions.
It seems that by placing you in this timeline to protect you from Belphagor’s anger he has put you in a new kind of danger. One he didn’t see coming.
This makes him question his decision not to look into the future more than necessary.
Humans are so fragile. And this is just more proof of that fact.
Barbatos is by your side the moment you wake up.
He is lifting you to your feet and guiding you from your room.
Barbatos is a perfect gentleman as he helps you clean up. Helping you scrub the plants from your skin, wrapping you in the softest blankets.
But he remains silent the whole time.
Once you are safely tucked into bed Barbatos speaks. “Mc, I know I have made you feel useless. I should not have taken my anger out on you. I should have known better.”
For a moment you think he’s going to leave, that that’s all he is going to say.
But then he asks if he can stay with you. If the answer is yes, he’ll curl around you in your bed. Holding you to him as if you are likely to disappear.
It has been a long time since Barbatos has had something or someone he has been afraid to lose. “I’m sorry Mc. Please know you can come to me, even if I may be upset. I’d rather you make me face my shortcomings then lose you.”
Barbatos starts having you over for tea more often. He’ll take you on errands with him, if he thinks you’d find them at all interesting.
Mostly he just wants more excuses to spend time with you.
This made him realize how important you are to him and he’ll make sure you know it.
Scared little sibling vibes.
Luke is so scared to see you like this!
You are so still and pale that he thinks you might be dead.
When you open your eyes he is so relieved.
Please don’t scare him like this again!
He’s got tears in his eyes, and he half yells half cries at you “Mc! You- you can’t just do something like this. What if- if you had died? I know these demons-” he shoots a watery glare at the demons “can make you feel sad but you’re my friend.”
He’ll ask you to stay at Purgatory hall for a while. He 100% thinks this is all the brother’s fault.
In fact he wants you to move into Purgatory hall permanently and he is so insistent that Diavolo might just let you if that's what you want.
He’ll make sure you know that he sees you as a big sibling, a friend that he could never replace “so please don’t think nobody cares Mc. I know we’re not really related but you’re like a sibling to me.”
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xiaeom · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
howl and his sophie ♡
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
More Of You
Tumblr media
Simeon x gn!reader
Smut; Simeon takes a liking in the tentacles one of the brothers curses got you.
Tentacle sex, anal, slightly dom!reader
Tumblr media
A soft knock on the door makes you pause the episode of this anime Levi was forcing you to watch, your head turning to the door.
"It's me, mc," Simeon softly calls for you, "I wanted to see you..."
You feel your stomach tingle at his voice. Oh, how you missed the angel, but you couldn't let him see you like this! Not after what these stupid demons did to you. You stare at the tentacles twitching and winding around you, another knock pulling you out of your thoughts.
"You don't wanna see me like this, trust me," you call back, the disappointment in your voice clearer than you'd like to admit.
"You know I don't care what you look like, mc."
Your eyes are trained on the door for a long moment before sighing silently and allowing the angel to come in. Simeon curiously pops his head through the narrowly opened door, his warm smile illuminating the room as he spots you on the bed. He makes sure to properly close the door behind himself before approaching you, barely minding the winding limbs around while sitting next to you on the bed.
"You know they're working day and night on a cure for you, right?"
"They better be," you scoff while rolling your eyes, the tentacles becoming more unsteady as annoyance fills you, thinking of the brothers and their stupid prank experiments.
Simeon is quiet for a moment, his warm eyes trained on your extensions, hands lying steadily in his lap.
"May I touch them, mc?"
Your brows lift at the unexpected request, having thought these things would make anyone feel disgusted just by seeing them, but Simeon wanted to touch. You raise one of the tentacles, whispering a broken "sure" while watching him intently.
The angel reaches his fingertips for your extra limb, gently feeling the skin before curiously observing the suction cups. You watch the tentacle affectionately wrap around his finger, cringing at the subconscious action. Simeon smiles while allowing it to hug his whole hand, his eyes closing with the bright grin forming over his lips.
"They're cute," he finds fondly before turning his head to you again, leaning in to leave a quick peck on your cheek.
You feel your face heating up as the tentacles begin winding around his waist, possessively holding him tight. Simeon grins further as his hands come to rest on them. Your eyes widen as two of the limbs take off the long coat around his body, slinging around Simeon's upper arms now that they're free.
"Sorry..." you mumble, not bothering to hide your embarrassment, "I just missed you."
The almost fully tentacle-covered angel just chuckles before reaching his arms out for you, inviting you to scoot closer. You follow the invitation, your eyes trained on the angel's lips. Like through magical force, you're suddenly pulled in, your eyes closing right before your lips come in contact with his. Your tentacles retract from his body, allowing you to let your fingers trail from his neck to his shoulders, caressing his smooth biceps.
Simeon leans into the kiss, goosebumps looming under your familiar touch as he allows his arms to wrap around your body after the tentacles stopped restricting him. A soft sigh is shared between your lips, one that travels down your spine, leaving you shivering for more from him.
As the kiss gets more heated, you notice your tentacles beginning to slip past the narrow waistband of his white pants, teasing his angelic skin with borderline lewd touches. You feel like apologizing, sure that the angel isn't okay with this kind of thing by alien-like limbs, but before you can retract, Simeon lets himself fall back into the mattress, pulling you down with him, your lips still in passion.
"D-do you want this?"
Your slightly out-of-breath question makes the angel nod while still smiling so warmly up at you, his body twitching innocently as the tentacles tickle his sides while trying to get further into his pants. You let the angel adjust his position to be fully lying on the bed, his body invitingly exposed, and only baring further as the limbs finally pull his pants down the skinny legs, leaving his crotch in underwear. Even this sinful sight was as angelic as one could imagine.
He was already getting hard, a sight that is as arousing as it is surprising, considering that it's mostly tentacles that have been touching him. You reach your hand out to finally feel the angel's arousal, watching him shiver at the touch. You let your tentacles wind around his legs, having them pull his boxers down with them, finally revealing his proudly standing cock to you. You don't even have the chance to reach out for it, as your tentacles already claimed it.
Simeon moans out loud at the stimulation, the sound seeming to light up the room for a split second. Your hand rests on the angel's thigh as his cock is teased by your limbs, wrapping strongly around him while letting the suction cups gently run over his most sensitive head, making Simeon writhe in pleasure.
Simeon looks utterly blissed out, his hips lazily rolling up as he lets his head turn to the side, nuzzling his face into the pillow while seductively glancing at you with one eye. The smile on his lips is uncharacteristically teasing, but you can't say you're not enjoying this. You smirk right back, your fingernails dragging along his thighs, prompting him to prop his legs up, gasping as one of the tentacles immediately seizes the opportunity and slips between his cheeks.
Simeon momentarily tenses in surprise before sighing in content after the tip of your limb slipped into him, increasing his sinful pleasure.
"You really like my tentacles, don't you, Simeon?" you taunt while moving one of your hands to his ass, teasing the stretching hole with your fingertips.
Simeon doesn't respond, softly moaning instead while letting his head roll around in bliss, hair growing devilish by the friction. You can feel the slickness of your tentacle dripping out of Simeon's hole, encouraging you to thrust one finger into him as well. The angel cries out in bliss, his slim fingers gripping the bed sheets tightly as you and the tentacle finger him intensely.
Only a few more tightly aimed strokes from the tentacle around his cock have the man sob out a few forbidden curses before his beautiful body tenses, letting the tan skin stretch over his muscles before it stains with white semen from his cock. The orgasm lets his cum squirt all over Simeon's waist, his face illuminated in utter lust, lips tightly trapped between clenched teeth to keep his loudest moans hidden.
The angel returns to reality with long breaths after your tentacles and touch left his sensitive areas, protectively lingering around his spent body to make sure he's okay. Simeon's eyes wander around the room, only focusing as they meet yours, a warm smile blooming on his face. He longingly reaches out for you, inviting your hug.
Not minding the sticky substance covering his lower half, you desperately move down to feel the angel's warmth around you, noting that you both should take a shower after this.
"... I love you, mc."
Simeon's voice sounds raw, unusual for his composed self, but it somehow made his words feel more important, prompting you to return the words just as sincerely.
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plush-rabbit · 4 months ago
Aphrodisiac Induced Reader + The Dateables
A/N: I had this thought and i really had to get it out of my head (it was org gonna be just simeon cause,,, i love repressed feelings so much but then i gave it to the rest!!) (all consensual btw!!)
Separated because it was gonna be too long with all of them, the brothers should come out soon
A/N: I had this thought and i really had to get it out of my head (it was org gonna be just simeon cause,,, i love repressed feelings so much but then i gave it to the rest!!)
You really should have known better than to take food that was offered by Beel. You know that he has the right intentions in mind- that him sharing food is a miracle of itself and rejecting him would have his brows furrowed and lips pursed into a pout- but he’s also gluttony. He can eat whatever he wants and as much as he wants without so much of a stomach ache. You, on the other hand, cannot. You should have seen this coming when the cupcake you bite into filled your mouth with such an indescribable sweetness that it made your teeth ache, the flavor otherworldly and leaving you hungry for me, taking greedy bites out of the cutely decorated pastry. There was a sharp pang in your stomach, your body on fire and sex dripping with every nudge that your body made.
You couldn’t be alone right now- or maybe you should have been left alone, maybe that would have saved you from humiliation of your dripping arousal that was leaking past your slit. You’re quick to rise, standing on shaky legs, curled over as your cheeks burn, sweat beading against your skin, only worsening the sensitive state that you are in. It’s fast-acting, making your breaths come out in heated gasps, and everything just feels a bit too much, just too good for it to be normal. An aphrodisiac- a strong one that is making you impossibly aroused. You suck in a sharp breath and go to the person who you know will treat you right.
Barbatos is simply surprised that you chose to go to him in such a needful state. But soon, he realizes how… stressful it is to have you around. Lord Diavolo was kind enough to give him the day off, stating that he’ll be spending it with Lucifer before closing the door with quite an obvious wink. But now, you follow him around, holding his hand, begging for him to do something- to turn back the clock just a few minutes before you had that pastry. You even promised that you wouldn’t get caught but he remains steadfast in his decision, not wanting to risk another repeat of the last mistake.
There is little that can surprise the butler, but when you push yourself against him, grabbing his hand and placing it flat on your belly, his fingertips above the waistband of your shorts, he can feel his face grow hot. He sputters out for a second before regains his composure, simply pulling his hand away and commenting that he’ll make you something to dim the fire that is your body. But you don’t quit, you push yourself against him, begging for him to help you now, that you’re too hot, that your clothes are melting your skin and your flush against him.
He only has so much willpower when it comes to you. And here you are, pressed against him, begging for him to take care of you, grabbing his hand and placing his index and middle finger in your mouth. He visibly stiffens, and when your mouth closes you hollow your cheeks, the soft, slick insides pressed against his fingers. There’s a crackle of energy around and soon you're gagging on his finger, the manicured nails turning into claws, filling your mouth exponentially, spit sliding between the corners and your eyes pricking with tears.
You are much too needy to stand still, to even rest against him is something that you find difficulty in without resulting in your humping his leg. You beg him, twist your hand in his and remove his glove, holding it tight in your hand and begging for him to touch you- to make the pain between your legs go away and feel good. As quick as a blink of an eye, you’re against the wall, his fingers deep into your mouth, his smile softening for a second. He leans close to your ear, his other hand working on clothes on your back, stripping you with every gagging sound made when he pushes a bit further. His tone is almost dangerous as he tells you that you asked for him to take care of you and that is simply what he’s about to do. He pulls away, his smile still as he leans close to you, his lips ghosting over his knuckles, asking if this is really what you want and if you give him a moment, he’s sure he can make you a tea that can stop your arousal. But when you gag around him, your brows knitting together, looking absolutely like a piece of art with his fingers in your mouth and eyes full of tears, he simply nods.
His mouth is on yours, and he can taste the lingering effects of the aphrodisiac on you- the sweetness, the almost bitter taste that lingers behind, the totality of it all making him feel as if he’s going to go into a craze. You poor thing, no wonder you’ve been so needy. Barbatos holds you up, letting you rut against him, feeling your sex pulse and with a simple slip of his hand, your creaming against yourself and against him, clinging tight to him, calling his name out in such a lewd moan that it pushes away all rational thought and simply release his cock, pearls beading from the slit and you look upon him with doe eyes, kissing him once more as his tail wraps around your torso, the forked end of it teasing at your nipples.
The Lord of Devildom has always been kind to you, understanding and accommodating to you even when he has always seemed so busy. It would make sense that you would go to Lord Diavolo, who welcomes you with open arms, a gentle hand on your back that makes your knees buckle. He realizes his mistake- his eyes narrowing as he sees your flushed state and it’s a wonder that you’ve even made it to him without a trail of succubi and incubi at your tail. He can smell your heat from miles away. It’s intoxicating, hanging heavy in the air and as sweet as candy itself.
He lays you on the bed and he regrets it all in that very moment. He sees how small you are in his bed, the way that your body curves and how your hands try to find something to grip onto. He has enough restraint to pull himself away from you, taking a step back only to realize that your scent is filling the room, creeping at every crevice and corner, latching onto his clothing. Your hips thrust against the bed and he bites the inside of his cheeks- something bitter and hot filling his mouth. You call his name and he has to remain strong no matter how sweet the sound of it is.
The bed is soundless as he sits beside you and your hands latch onto his jacket, pulling him close to you. He makes a noise of surprise but allows it, watching as you lay yourself on his lap, your back arched over his lap and eyes so hazy and lust-filled that he forgets for a second to avoid touching you. His hand curves and pets the top of your head, smiling when you push yourself against his touch but then you rise and he’s forgotten that you are desperate for the very thing he’s willing to give to you.
You’ve laid him down, sitting above his abdomen, your hand on his chest, as your lower yourself to look him in the eyes. Your fingers squish beneath the thin fabric of his shirt, feeling the soft tissue of the breast and he has to admit that it feels divine. Your breath is a phantom above his lips and his hands move to grab your hips. He should pull away, but he finds that his hands are stuck to you, unable to budge from where they rest. He shouldn't be kissing you, he shouldn’t be ignoring the way that your hips are rotating above his, how you’re whining and mewling at the very action of kissing him. But he does, and he lets you kiss him, lets you weave your hands through his hair and push yourself closer against him until you have to pull away, gasping for breath.
Diavolo has to be careful with you- he treats you like you are made of porcelain, because to him, you are. You are a human, weak and gentle, loving and giving, and he is a demon, a king. He holds you with tender hands, letting his lips burn themselves against your skin, until you’re crying his name, begging for him to just touch you. He’s unable to refuse you, kissing your lips and letting his hand wander to your sex, where with just a simple touch, you release against his hand. He pulls his hand away, kissing your tears and raising his head to glance as his hand that is now coated in thick, shimmering arousal. With a promise to take care of you, he kisses your lips and lets his hand play with your sensitive sex.
Possibly one of the best choices to turn to, Simeon is actually quite happy to know that you chose to spend your sensitive state with him- that you trusted him the most. He’s trying to make it as lovely as possible- as least without actually attending to your needs. He won’t try anything- not that he technically could. But he misjudged the situation. He’s heard of people taking aphrodisiacs but the ones he heard of were made by and for people, not by and for demons. And now as he stares at you, trying so desperately to not slide your hand beneath the waistband of your underwear, he realizes he might have been over his head just a tad bit.
You rest on your knees, your face hidden against the comforter of his bed, lower half raised and legs pinched. Pained whimpers come out muffled, your hands clawing at the comforter, knotting and twisting the fabric in your hands. He can actually see the darkening color of your shorts peek from your crotch. His body suddenly feels hot- whether it’s arousal or embarrassment, he’s not actually sure but he wishes that it were because of the latter.
He turns his gaze away from you, clearing his throat and at that moment he knows he made a mistake. You call his name in a breathy tone that is absolutely sinful. Your arm stretches out, fingers trying to grab at the leg of his white pants. He smiles gently at you, his stomach churning when he catches your gaze- lustful and mouth already open in small moans. He can’t touch you. You know that. He knows that. But you’re in pain and even in your aroused state, you beg for him, you call out and promise that whatever he does, it’s out of good intentions. It’s a lie, of course, but he can hear you slick click against your dripping sex with just the softest of movement. Whatever he does- he can lie that he’s doing it to help you, but he’ll know the truth.
He’s unaware of how and exactly what happened. All he knows is that you’re above him, holding yourself tight to him as your face is hidden in the soft curve of his neck, and he can feel exactly just how hot your body is. Your hips are moving above his, the fabric of his clothes creating a wonderful friction that only makes your pitiful humping quicker and sloppier. You breathe against his neck and he has to dig his hands into the comforter of the mattress to prevent himself from falling to sin. Your sex is bare above him, your body curling tighter onto him, as he can feel an orgasm shake throughout your body.
Simeon whispers a prayer under his breath, closing his eyes and muttering an “Amen” as his arms wrap around your body. You jerk against him, acting as if the simple embrace from him is orgasmic, your thrusts quicker than before, calling his name, repeating it as if it were the only thing on your mind and at this point, he’s sure that it is. He promises to you in a whisper that he won’t go farther than what he’s about to do, pressing a kiss against your head and letting his eyes close. His hips meet yours in a thrust, clothed sex against wet, bare sex, and you moan his name and he can feel tears that burn slide down his neck, your words repeating for him to not stop.
It’s difficult for the sorcerer. He couldn’t even get up from the position if he tried. You're on his lap, legs and arms wrapping around him, and you may think you’re being discreet with your humping disguised as itchiness, Solomon knows better. He’s trying his best to find a spell, to find anything that can cure you of your current ailment. But he’s coming up flat. You’re needy, pinching your leg together and pulling away from where your chin rested on his shoulder to look him in the eye. Your face is flushed, your hair disheveled and for the first time since you’ve entered his room, you’ve stopped your humping.
He’s always had an attraction to you- it went further than just finding you pretty, it passed the need for human contact when you both arrived, it was just him wanting to bask in your warmth, to have you fret over him like he was simply just another person and not a sorcerer who happens to be able to command seventy-two demons. And now, he has you where he has dreamed of countless times, imagined behind closed doors and hand fisted over his cock. He has you with a leaking sex, eyes that are on him and no possible interruptions. His mouth is dry and he is unable to think properly. His hands fall and the book he was keeping afloat falls with a thud to the floor.
The way you call his name, a breathy broken moan when you test your hips against his, your body shuddering and he realizes with disappointment that you had orgasmed already while above him. He had missed it. He bows his head, brows knitted and he can’t think clearly when you’re rutting against him, mumbling apologies beside him, your breath a gentle whisper and then in the same breath you kiss his neck, begging for him to touch you. And as much as he wants to, he can’t. He knows the state you’re in, your mind hazy and thick with everything related to sex, and you aren’t thinking clearly, you’re just thinking of having your sex toyed with. It’s a horrible feeling he’s stuck in.
It doesn’t take much to make him crack. You pull away, when he’s still for far too long, silent even as focused as he was, you could hear the muted moans that he refused to sound out loud. But he's silent now, and when you pull away, he looks crestfallen. You hold his face his your hands, your sex pressed against his, and you can feel his cock poking at the inside of your thigh. You try your chances against, leaning close to him, your mouth on his as you beg for him to touch you, your promises of you wanting this so serious in your voice that makes him willing to kiss your lips, his tongue slipping past and the sound that you make is perverse, loud and running your hands against his body.
Solomon looks at you through heavy lidded eyes, feeling your body rise and fall, your lips on him and his hands are moving, leaving your body burning with just the palm of his hand. Thin, calloused fingers sneak under your shirt and rub against your sensitive nipples, your mouth breaking from him, and your tongue peeks out, swiping at your lips to capture the feeling of his against your one more time. But you’re in pain, more than he is, and he’s pushing you against the bed, kissing your body, hearing you call his name with such want that it makes his cock ache. And then he’s staring at your sex, leaking and throbbing, and his mouth is on you, groaning when your hands knit in his hair and his tongue is swirling around your sex.
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Simeon being overstimulated
Tumblr media
Simeon being overstimulated
Having such a submissive angel had its advantages, Simeon didn’t need restraints, he just sat there patiently and you stroked his cock. Sure, he let out the occasional whine and beg but otherwise he did his best to keep quite. However, you wanted to hear more of that cute little voice today, so when he climaxed into your hand, you simply didn’t stop pumping his cock.
He winced once the pleasure wore off and he could feel what you were doing again, soft little cries of protest emitted from him as you continued to work his sensitive cock. “P-please, at least slow down! I-it’s so much!” He tried to wiggle out of your grip but all you had to do was glare up at him and he quickly stopped.
He was embarrassed with how quickly he was getting close, it hasn’t even been five minutes! But everytime you swipe your thumb over the slit, he has to stop himself from crying out, the pain mixed with the pleasure was truly something sinful, he couldn’t tell if this was a punishment or a reward, either way he came a second time into your hand.
But you didn’t stop there, he realized he was exaggerating when he said he was sensitive before, because now, everytime you brushed against the tip of his cock, his entire body jolted and he tried to pull away from you. So what do you do? You tighten your grip on his cock and still your movements, he relaxes for a second thinking you’re giving him a break, but then you bring your other hand up to his cock and flatten your palm against the tip of his cock, running quick, rough circles around the tip.
He’s shaking and can’t even speak now, he can’t even stop your hands, though, he doesn’t know if he wants to, the painful bliss is unlike anything he’s ever been through, and he’s enjoying it, especially since you look so happy with yourself.
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nekoma-manager · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
includes: solomon, simeon, barbatos & diavolo
trigger warnings: none
a/n: hello :) i just started semester 2 of uni and i have to use rstudio for one of my classes and i’m ready to scream <3 enjoy part 3!
Tumblr media
solomon makes every hug a romantic experience
he takes you by the hand, kisses it gently and pulls you in
he will interlace your fingers together and whisper how much he adores you in your ear
you can usually feel his hair tickling your neck
you can’t see it but he has the widest grin on his face - he’s beaming with joy at the thought that you are his
Tumblr media
simeon holds you to his chest and sways with you
you can sometimes here him hum a tune while he does so
if he’s feeling extra romantic he will twirl you around and dance with you
other than his humming your hugs are silent - he likes to hear your breathing
it gives him a sense of peace
his eyes are closed as he relishes your calming aura
Tumblr media
barbatos is very reserved but caring
he prefers expressing affection through words or acts of kindness but that doesn’t mean he won’t indulge you, and himself, in a nice cuddle session
it takes every single ounce of your’s and diavolo’s effort to convince barbatos to take a day off
on these rare off days if you pamper barbatos with breakfast in bed he will tear up
after breakfast you’ll have to hold him down with a hug or he’ll try to be productive
once he settles into cuddling with you however, nothing will get him to leave
he has one hand on the small of your back and the other playing with your hair - no matter how much you try to get him to relax he will still find a way to spoil you
Tumblr media
get ready to be whirled around when diavolo goes in for a hug
you are his sun, moon and stars so when he finally gets to see you at the end of a long day he can’t help but pick you up and spin you around
and you can’t stop giggling
although he does it every evening, it never gets old
once he’s done spinning you around he sets you down gently a gives you a quick peck on the cheek (even though he gives off dominant and controlling vibes he’s really just a massive softy)
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | masterlist
Tumblr media
a/n: i hope you guys enjoyed reading that, I had a fun time writing it :) for those of you who play obey me! do you have recommendations for similar games?
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threepointseven · 2 months ago
My Worth (Dinner part 3)
HEY HEY HEY !!!!!!!! I FINALLY FINISHED PART 3! Im so so sorry for taking so long! i didn’t wanna disappoint people who were looking forward to it so i procrastinated a lot...i took inspiration to all the people asking for alt endings! i hope you like it! this one is quite long so please doo read everything;;; I didnt proof read that much cause im sleepy so tell me if there are any spelling mistakes or error with the pronouns!
-your beloved 3.7
Fandom: Obey me!
length: Long
Gn! MC
Genre: Angst w comfort
pairing: subtle simeon & Solomon x reader
summary: As the pact removal is successful, MC goes out into devildom seeking peace, but is greeted with a kidnapper. A fight bursts out after MC is injured and the brothers are held responsible. 
part one part two!
S/N. The new human exchange student everyone quickly knew as the demon brothers new favourite.
Then there’s me, MC, tossed aside after a few months for other demons to feed on. I was happy, so happy. I adored comforting the brothers, feeding them, being their best friend.
But it seems that I’ve been replaced, and I cant do anything about it. Even with my relation with Lilith S/N has fully taken over my spotlight and as much as I try to tell myself it’s okay, I long for their touch. For their attention for their time…It’s painful, looking at the brothers with such joyful smiles and ecstatic laughs, jealousy will always consume me as I find my self imagining a scenario where it’s me making them laugh.  
Was I just a demo? Was I just a recyclable piece of trash to them? How was it that my bond with them was cut off as fast as it took S/N to befriend the brothers?
Were they that amazing that they just had to break off the sacred pact I was entrusted with?
Those words run out of my mouth as I lay next to Simeon, a certain archangel that offered to listen to my rants as soon as I moved into the purgatory hall. As tears ran down my cheeks, I felt a hand gently wipe them away. Simeon always managed to comfort me, no matter what time, what place, he had this superpower that made me ever so calm.
I was putty in his hands. His soft caresses, his gentle whispers, my heart could break into a million pieces and I bet you my arm and leg he could piece it back together again.
I’d say I got much closer to the angels ever since S/N came, I mean….they are the only people I can go to at this point. With my pact marks fading I’ve become vulnerable and weak to devildom’s dangers. It’s a miracle I haven’t been eaten alive yet…
My tears flowing stop as I lay my head on Simeon’s lap, some people would think this is weird for friends but I couldn’t care less as I have a meltdown in front of him.
Flowers he took care of himself flowed with the wind, the grass as green as ever as we lay in the garden.
“Thank you, Simeon.”
Simeon stays silent as he continues patting my head
“For letting me stay and for listening…”
“Dont worry MC, we all have our ups and downs. It’s human nature to want comfort during rough times.”
I muster a small smile as I sit up from Simeon’s lap,  
“Thank you for listening to me Simeon, I really am..”
“Once again MC, don’t worry about it, you can always talk to me”
The gentle hand on my head comforts me as I go back to my room.
It’s a pain. Its been a day or two since they’ve tried removing our pact, it seems as if they’re going to be successful..
It hurts though. It hurts a lot as usually pacts need to be removed with both of the persons approval. Removing a pact is painful and difficult, it would be much easier if I was there to consent to the removal of the pact.
As I get to my room the burning pain all over  disturbs me, the feeling of something being ripped away from my soul. The pain is unbearable. The bond that I’ve created with the brothers that took me months broken. Cut off just like that, cause of a person that they met 3 weeks ago.
As much as I tell myself I don’t miss them, polaroid pictures of me and them at a theme park are still buried in my wallet.
Salty tears trail down my cheek as I think about what I would be doing if S/N wasn’t added into the equation, envy consumed me as I curled up in grief. Praying, hoping, wishing, that someday the itching pain of my soul ripped into pieces because of the pact removal will go away.
I usually have quite a high pain tolerance, but as my pact is moving onto the last stage of removal it shows that succession is guaranteed.
Memories of me and the brothers go through my head, knowing we won’t be the same after this. Knowing that instead of me being the one to take naps with Belphie or go on spa days with Asmo, it’ll be S/N, at the centre of it all.
Trying to distract myself from the burning itch I wipe my tears away, the edges of my eyes sting as it shows I’ve been crying for a bit too long.
Exiting the purgatory hall and into devildom I only then realise how weak I am at the moment, no pacts, no people protecting me, im weak. The brothers, they always lectured me about going outside alone, but at the moment I couldn’t care less. This place isn’t fit for a human…
As I trek down the ‘dangerous’ roads of devildom I feel as if someone is watching me, the unpleasant feeling that someone is behind me, or watching me, targeting me.
I walk down the road tiredly, expecting the worst.
As I hit a particularly empty corner I feel a big hand cover my mouth and nose with cloth.
There was gas, some kind of powder. Sleeping pills? Maybe poison.....?
As i adjust to the darkness of the room ive just been manhandled into i start to piece together whats happening.
I look around to see that im tied up and there’s tape around my mouth.
The man next to me sharpening what seems to be a knife makes me tremble.
Ive been kidnapped.
How? Why? Dont i have protec-
My pact with them...
“Hehe, finally! A chance to have you all to myself without those demons around you or some random angels looking after you! You’re helpless. Sweetheart.”
The pet name made me shake as i realize i really dont have anyone to ask for help.
A tight situation this is, a part of me refused to let this be my fall but another part knew this was going to happen.
Usually i would imagine someone being my knight in shining armor and saving me, but with all my pacts gone i have no other choice but to save myself from this hell hole
Before i can even think about my strategy im snapped back into reality with a harsh kick on my face.
As time goes on more blood trickles down my body, and my ropes begin to loosen.
I dont exactly know what to do next, but my ropes are untied and i have an a bit of hope left.
Hope that's about to fade away as the man comes in the room with two other people.
Two people with the eyes of a monster
As the pain and the hitting becomes more unbearable i hear the sound of footsteps.
Two people
One coming closer to me
Panic kicks in as my vision is blurry, unable to see anything.
Instead of a rough old man coming to slit my throat i feel a warm familiar hand.
“Calm down MC, it’s me Simeon. Solomon is taking care of them.”
My eyes can barely process Simeon as i notice my body being lifted.
Simeon’s touch is ever so gentle, i can barely feel it.
As i hear the screams of pain coming from the three men that had abducted me i lean into Simeon’s caresses, slowly falling asleep as comfort takes over my body and overlaps with the burning pain all over.
Waking up to Solomon and Simeon next to my hospital bed was definitely the most calming way to greet me after being abducted.
“Ah! Their awake,”
“Oh, MC how are you?”
Immediately Solomon and Simeon Rushed to my side,
“Im fine..Thank for helping me out”
“Our roommate got kidnapped, who wouldn't help?”
Solomon had always been quite a fun person, even in such a situation like this he managed to keep the atmosphere light.
“It seems as though the brothers have forgotten that your safety is just as important, dearest. Maybe a bit of angelic teachings will jog their memory..”
Simeon and Solomon’s bicker was disrupted by the door swung open.
“Is MC okay?!”
A familiar voice. Although not a pleasant one.
Lucifer, Mammon, and Asmo.
“They’re fine, seeing how its your ignorance that caused this im surprised you remembered to check up on her..”
Solomon was clearly quite very much pissed.
“Of course we would! She’s the exchange student?”
Asmo looked like he was ready to make a scene and i really didn’t have the mental capacity to do that...
“Are you sure you didn't forget she is? Cause it seems like your only paying attention to one exchange student, that exchange student being S/N”
“Cmon MC, im sure we can figure something out, why dont you go back to the house of lamentation?”
Mammon persuasion couldn't be less convincing...
“For what reason do you need them to go back?!”
“I suppose maybe Diavolo is quite upset as they let MC get immensely harmed.”
Simeon replied, unimpressively 
Solomon proceeds to step in front of my hospital bed, trying to separate me from the brothers. An attempt to make me feel safe.
“MC please, we are sorry, truly. Now if you could just come back to the house of lamentation-“
“No Lucifer.”
Mustering up the courage i take my stand. I cant let 2 guys save me all the time you know?
“I know my worth, Lucifer. I don’t want to bother giving you any care if you won’t give me any. I don’t wanna be treated like an option!”
Pulling my arm away from his grip his empathetic expression quickly turns sour
“So be it. Maybe you aren't fit for this place anyways. The human world is your home, go back.”
Those words sting my already torn heart, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten too attached. If i didn’t this would probably be easier....
As the 3 brothers left i heard Simeon mumble something
“Im sure Lilith is ashamed of you 7 cause of how much you hurt her own descendant”
Quite a taboo sentence for an archangel if you ask me..
As i lay back down calmly on the bed i realize what situation ive put myself into.
I’ll probably be hated by the brothers for the rest of my life, maybe even banned from the house of Lamentation.
But it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter cause the purgatory hall is my new home anyways.
Filled with people who wont forget about me and people who know my worth.
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Mc: Simeon,I have a secret. Promise to not tell or laugh at me?
Simeon: Of course Mc,I would laugh at you whatever secret you have,so tell me what is it?
Mc: *scoots closer,hovers lips over his ear*
Mc: *kisses his cheek*
Simeon: What was the secret?!
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devildomsexting · a month ago
🔊+Simeon? Hope you have a good day~
Aksjakhsks I’m so sorry to do this to you Simeon but at least you got the censored version so you’re welcome?
Tumblr media
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Simeon:"Mc what do you have?"
Mc:"A SIN!" * runs away*
Simeon:* chases after them*"NO-"
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bee-nocturnal · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drew some demon!Simeon in @mariquita_scadoodles (instagram) design!
He can be your angle or your devil
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gu-yay · 7 months ago
Imagine that you are a photographer and you are in a photo session on a lake with our good friend Simeon as a model... well, this is the result🙊You are very good at your job 👀👌🏻
(Simeon, you are a sin❤️)
Tumblr media
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Pegging Simeon
Tumblr media
gn!reader x Simeon
A/n: since the prompt is very loose I kinda just used this as writing practice so sorry if it's a little plotless
Tumblr media
Simeon's tanned skin glows in the shallow light of your room, the winding of his body like a choreography of lust just for you. The muscle contractions seem like carefully composed parts of his performance, gentle moans rounding everything off perfectly, heightening your pleasure as well.
Your strap slides into the angel so easily it seems to be made for him, the textured silicone molding his insides to fit it perfectly.
Simeon grabs your shoulder, needing the support as his eyes fail to stay open, tears slipping from the usually so bright optics to hide along the already wet expanse of his glowing skin. You coo at him, your thrusts slowing slightly. A hand reaches to his face, wiping the tears before letting your thumb slip past the parted lips.
Simeon opens his eyes, the lust in them filling the hot room as he sucks on your finger, desperately trying to follow the quick pace of demand for pleasure under his skin.
Your taunting smile makes him shiver, his hips snapping up, trying to regain the pace you previously set. Your finger leaves the angel's mouth, smearing the remaining saliva on his warm cheek before using the hand to grab Simeon's hip, your grip tight, almost bruising like a warning for what's to come.
The angel's legs spread subtly, every cell of his angelic shell bristling with need and want, and another second without the demanded pleasure might drive him crazy beyond repair. The sudden pace of your thrusts leaves those demands satisfied, Simeon's mind blanking as the fast slapping of skin fills his ears like cotton, turning him deaf to any other noise, numb to any sensation other than your strap fucking with his guts in all the right ways.
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plush-rabbit · a month ago
Aphrodisiac Induced Angel and Sorcerer
Word Count: 1K Each
A/N: i have nothing to say except that grass can’t fix my thristing. i also like to think that solomon would be a complete mess if given the chance to be with mc in an intimate way
The angel can’t help but bounce in his steps as he walks up the steps of the House of Lamentation. You invited him over for help on a project. Simeon would be lying if he said that he didn’t feel a twinge of pride at you coming to him for help. Surely, you could have gone to the brothers or anyone else, but you chose him. He smiles at the thought, grabbing the handle of the front door and letting himself in. The cold air of the house stings against his skin, warm from his own internal heat but also from the walk. Perhaps, if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to spend time afterwards with you where studying won’t be the thing that keeps you two together but rather you wanting him to be there. For now, the time that he has with you will remain uninterrupted and while that may not last long, he only pleads with himself that perhaps you’ll become distracted and in turn you’ll lose focus and beg for him to pay attention to you, textbooks forgotten and only the sound of your laughter filling his ears.
It’s wishful thinking, thinking that has his face burn in fear that somehow Father is listening to his every thought and watching him with unblinking and judgemental eyes. His breath catches in his throat, suffocating him and he has to remind himself, mumbling under his breath that as long as he’s in Devildom, he remains unseen. He walks into the kitchen, opting to calm himself before he accompanies you- he doesn’t want the time that he spends with you to be sullied by something frivolous as thinking. At the kitchen table sits a plate of baked goods, a lovely handwritten note creeping from under it, warning the reader to not eat any of the treats.
The time that he spends in Devildom must be corrupting him. He’s sure of it. His glove is dotted with crumbs, his eyes glancing towards the entryway grateful that no one is there to watch as he takes a bite out of something that he was warned not to. It’s not as if there should be much harm to it, there were plenty on the plate and there still are. The treat melts in his mouth, burning his tongue and making his eyes water. It burns him and he takes more, scarfing down the treat and leaning over the counter, his eyes wide and body now aflame. It tastes so familiar, the way that the treat melts in his mouth and weighs heavy on his tongue, so sweet that it must be a crime.
His chest is tight, his hand scratching down the counter and his head grows foggy. Simeon walks towards you, knocking gingerly at the door, his chest still and lungs burning with the desire to breathe- to breathe in something, anything, your own scent, something so intoxicating that it fills his lungs with the sweet relief of air. Looking at you, he wonders if this is what it feels like to be human, to want and have your own body constrict around itself despite knowing its sin.
Simeon doesn’t know why he goes to you. He’s aware of what’s happening to him- the burning desire deep in him, the way that the thought of you makes his heart beat against his chest in a way that makes him scared it’ll actually rupture past his ribs and spill his blood on the floor beneath him. He can hear you come to the door, the shadow under the small space and the twisting of the knob. His breath hitches in his throat when he looks at you, his mind swirling with thoughts of you- wanting to hold you, wanting to kiss you, wanting to pin you against your bed and kiss your neck. You call his name and he collapses into your arms, his hands grasping fitsfuls of your shirt in his hand. His breath is ragged, heavy and puffing against your bare neck and you stumble when he walks forward, out of the way from the doorframe, far enough to kick the door close. He isn’t sure what he is doing, but he knows that when he’s beside you, he’s breathing in your scent and that only makes him want to pull you closer.
You’re the only thought he has in his mind- the only one that he is able to make sense of. He leans against you, his eyes closing and his grip on you tightening. He whispers an apology, his breath warm against the shell of your ear, his voice sweet as he lets his lips graze against your earlobe and rest on your neck. His apologies are slurred, his weight leaning against you as he clings to you tightly. He confesses that he had eaten something he shouldn’t have and now he stands in your arms with a cock that throbs in the confines of his pants. He flinches at your touch, burying his head into the crook of your neck, whining when your hand parts through his hair and your fingertips lay at the base of his neck. If he had known what the effects of the sweet would have been he would have never taken it, he promises with a shaky breath.
It’s hard to think when you’re so close to him. His mind is foggy and the only thing he can think about is how sweet you smell, how earthly and the scent of your cream faint against his nose. He’s desperate, gingerly pressing himself close to your thigh only to flinch when he makes contact. Your heart beats, pulsing against his lips and he wonders what you’d taste like, how you’d feel under his lips and before he’s even able to think about that, he starts to cry, clinging close to you with tears that glisten down the curve of his face. His eyes are brimmed with tears, begging for you to take care of him. The pulsing is too much, he can’t think and the only thing that can even come close to a thought is you. He falls to his knees, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you close to him, his face pressed against your plump stomach. He begs for your forgiveness- his straight up perversion as he cries against you, unable to take the growing ache in his pants.
Sin starts to overtake him, pulling him close and leading him to the bed where he lies above your comforter, his hands covering his face and his legs shaking. He can already feel semen leak past his briefs and stain the inside of his pants from just the simple guidance to your bed. Despite the sin that he commits, you treat him with kindness, cupping his face and shushing him when his sob catches in his throat. Your hands flutter to his thighs, squeezing the muscle and he can hear your breathless laugh when he jerks in response. He begs for no more teasing, he doesn’t think he can handle it when he’s already in such a vulnerable position. As pitiful as it is, he lets out a whine when you unzip his pants but you don’t laugh and through the gaps between his fingers, he can see you smile softly down at him. You pet his cock between the briefs, his breath catching is his throat as he watches you toy with the outline of his cock. More semen leaks, staining his briefs in a darker color.
His breath is still sweet, his heart beating against his chest and his eyes filled with tears, as he shuts his eyes when his cock meets the cool air of your room. Your hand wraps around his cock, and arches his back into your loose fist. His bulging base is firm as it throbs in your hand, small ripples that form underneath your palm as you give a tentative squeeze. The angel beside you is adorned with a flushed face, his eyes shining with unshed tears and your name on his lips. Your hands leave his cock and he shakes his head, muttering “no” under his breath. He’s already felt you and he’s so drunk off of love and want, that he can’t bear for you to move away from him. Not when you’re so close. You pull him upwards, letting him rest beside you, your body close to his as your hand wraps around his cock, lazily pumping him. He hides his face, panting and thrusting his hips in a sloppy fashion to meet your hand. Simeon is under the light of your room, the pale orange glow and the stars that peek between your curtain, his cock twitching and spilling in a pearly white onto your hand that cradles him gently. There’s a building pressure in his stomach, one that makes him eager to kiss you and touch you despite everything in him screaming that this action is already too far. As if you could read his distressed thoughts, your hand flutters to his face, lifting him upwards to kiss at the corner of his lips. His tongue lolls out, gasping for breath and your thumb runs over his ridges. Your name is repeated, sullied by the angel’s lustful nature as he spills his seed in your hands, and he reaches out, leaning forward to capture your lips in a kiss that only makes his leg shake in ecstasy.
Solomon walks into the House of Lamentation, taking great glee that everyone else happens to be busy with some task that pertains to their specific realm. While he, however, gets to indulge in some quality alone time with you. He walks into the house, his smile creeping as the house is silent. He really does have you all to himself- he gets to just sit around and talk to you without disturbance. His tongue peeks to wet his lips, his mouth dry and thirst lingers to linger. You already know that he’s here, having messaged you early, he calls your name, letting you know that he’s in the kitchen. He can hear a muffled reply, one that he can’t quite make out due to the thick walls. Assuming that you might have asked for a drink, he pulls two out of the fridge, setting them down on the counter.
In the corner of his eye, he catches a glimpse of something shining under the light, his attention now turned to it. On the counter sits a glass covered plate with neatly arranged baked sweets inside of it. There’s a sticky note attached- elegant handwriting that tells the reader not to take one without permission. There’s plenty of them, and finding no harm in taking just one, he does a quick glance around the room to make sure it is empty. With delicate hands, he lifts the glass cover, grabbing a sweet and taking a bite. It’s sweet, overly so, filling his mouth and yet, in the next bite, it’s perfect- soft and sweet, the sweet melting in his mouth. He eats the remainder, licking his lips, taking another quick glance to the entrance of the kitchen, he reaches for another. As he does so, you call his name, his body turning towards your voice and walking towards you as if he were in a trance.
Being around the Avatar of Lust should have prepared Solomon for any hints of aphrodisiacs. It wouldn’t be his time that he’s been engulfed with the sweet scent of one, nor the lingering taste that sits heavy on his tongue and makes his teeth ache with sweetness. And yet, he doesn’t notice the fogginess in his mind until he stands at your door. His mouth is filled with cotton, his chest tight with labored breathing that puffs past his lips, and he can hardly think straight. All that Solomon knows is that he wants to be near you and not in the way that he usually wants- to hold your hand and be seated by you, but in a way much more intimate that makes his face flush and skin burn. His feet drag against the floor, his eyes heavy and he can feel the pulsing of his cock, and the beating of his heart that beats in his rib cage. Your voice sounds closer, still muffled by the door, but he can hear you, he can hear your bed creak and the sound of your footsteps walking towards the door.
The few seconds that it takes you to arrive at your door are the longest that the sorcerer has ever gone through. He can hear your steps, he can feel the air shaft and his mouth is filled with drool. He wonders if his face is still flushed, blood pooling in his cheeks or he’s finally returned to a normal color. Despite the twisting in his stomach and the familiar pang of want, Solomon greets you at your door, smiling cheerfully and teasing at how fast you came rushing to the door. He’s quick to rush to your bed, sitting cross legged and trying to ignore the wave of pleasure that sends a chill down his spine. He lets out a shaky breath, masking it as a breathless laugh when you give him an odd look. He only shakes his head and asks for you to sit beside him, patting the bed as he smiles. He knows what courses through his veins, he’s felt this effect multiple times in his life, and while he’s dealt with them before, he doesn’t want you to see him in such a vulnerable state, not when he’d be so fixated on his own pleasure that he’d deprive you of your own. He bites at the inside of his cheek and chastises himself for thinking that you’d even help him with his issue. He got himself into this mess, and he won’t drag you into it.
He can’t stand the look in your eyes- the confusion mixed with concern as your brows furrow and your lips pout. Yet, he continues to smile, asking for you to join him on the bed, color returning to his face when his mind wanders at the sound of his sentence. You walk quickly to him and he looks down, staring at the floorboards and gulping the salvia that has pooled in his mouth. His name is called and the sweet sound of it leaving your lips makes his heart ache- a soft whisper, his name cooed and your hands resting over his shoulders. He hums in response, keeping his head down. Your hands are soft compared to his, calluses that have formed over the ages while yours remain soft, a gentle touch that has long been forgotten. He peers upwards, letting his chin rest against your palm and the look you give him makes his lungs deflate, his heart pounding reactivity against his chest and face going red once more. You ask him if he’s all right, and he wishes that he could say yes. He wishes that he could remember the spell it was to wash away the effects of the aphrodisiac. All he wanted to do was spend the day with you. He is unable to lie to you, chuckling nervously with his hand scratching at the back of his head.
It’s much easier to stare at your closet as he explains. After all, it sounds so silly to tell you that he had eaten something that he was warned to not have eaten. He tells you how he had consumed something, an aphrodisiac that makes him unable to think properly. He’s lucky enough that he can explain it but even so, the ache in his stomach won’t lessen, his chest deflates, his voice going hoarse as he apologizes to you. He really had meant to spend the day with you, but now, he sits on your bed, defiling the very place you rest, with himself. Your hand falls from his face and for that short second where you aren’t touching him, makes his heart drop. But then, you cup his face and sit on his lap and it’s enough for his mind to spiral, his hands catching himself as he leans backwards,a heavy flush crossing over his nose and filling his face. Your hands cup his face and he can only stare at you with his mouth parted, his eyes glancing to your lips that smile at him. The aphrodisiac hits him hard when you touch him, his cock throbbing and pressing against the side of our thigh. He doesn’t know if you’re teasing him or if he’s allowed to lean into your touch. His body is on fire, his eyes widening and your lips ghost over his. You call his name and he nods his head, whispering a feeble plea for you to kiss him.
The kiss is soft, a gentle press against his lips but he wants more. He needs more. He feels as if he’s about to die if he doesn’t get more. He whines against your lips, grasping onto your shirt with shaky hands and pulling you closer to him, shifting to let the tent in his pants rub against your thigh. The tight friction makes him deepen the kiss, his tongue running over your bottom lip as his hands twist your shirt in his hands. He’s flustered, whining and breaking the kiss to whisper who he needs more, how he’s aching for your touch. Your hand rests over his thigh, his muscles twitching in response to you being there, to you even touching him. Slowly, you move upwards, every inch leaving him shaking. Finally, your hands reach over his cock, cupping the tent and palming it gently. He moans into your mouth, pulling away and resting his head on your shoulder, breathing heavily as you undo his zipper, and pull away at his briefs, letting his cock spring free, an opaque white dotting at his cock and slipping down his head.
Every feeling in his body is intensified, the blood that rushes throughout his body, the way that his saliva is heavy on his tongue, the vein on his cock that sends a pins and needles throughout his body when you rub your thumb over it- he’s breathing heavily, his hands loosening around you, only to tighten and grip at your shirt, pulling you close and telling you to continue, begging for more. His cock throbs in your hand, creamy discharge spilling over and staining himself. He lets out a moan, broken and rippled with gasps as he begs for you to continue, his cock still so sensitive and spurting out his seed. You continue on, leaving him with tears racing down his face, his voice cracking as he speaks, his cock still erect with your hand over it. You slowly lead him down, letting him lay above you, your legs spread and the shorts that you wear riding up, revealing your plump thighs. Solomon is above you, his lips pressing against yours, lining his cock between your thighs as he humps you, holding you close with tears in his eyes as he thanks you, letting his semen taint your covers.
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Can I request Mc taking Simeon's virginity but being super rough and mean to him (fully consensual). Like calling him a pathetic whore and telling him how impure he is. All while he's begging for more and sobbing cause of how good it feels. Just... giving him little to no prep and ruthlessly fucking him? - 🍄Anon
Tumblr media
Reader taking Simeon’s virginity
Simeon had asked you to treat him like you would with any other partner, he wanted you to be rough with him and humiliate him. So you did. You made him ride a dildo while you rode him, tying his hands behind his back so he couldn’t do anything.
“For fucks sake, Simeon. Move! Are you really such a princess you’re gonna make me do all the work?” You hissed put, slamming down onto him again. “Make that pathetic dick of yours useful!”
He whimpered, awkwardly shifting to try and thrust into you, but I’m the process accidentally slipped out of you. He looked up to you to ask for help but you ordered him to figure it out himself. He tried to thrust back into you, but but his cock kept sliding against your thigh and he couldn’t get it inside you. “(Y/N), p-please, I can’t-I need a hand, I can’t get it in…”
You growled, giving him a glare. “You don’t even know how to use your own dick? I thought angels were supposed to be useful!” You grabbed his arousal and roughly shoved it back into yourself. “To think your an angel, look at yourself, your so hard and over what? A human riding you?”
He let out a soft cry, you could hear his little whimpers, every thrust forcing the dildo deeper into him, he can’t handle this, he whimpered out. “I-I think I’m close!”
You grabbed his chin and made him look up at you. “You’re not going to cum, you’re an angel, aren’t you? Be a good angel and take it.”
Simeon’s eyes widened and he sobbed. “W-wait please-!” You cut him off with a kiss, speeding up. You noticed the tears at the corner of his eyes and wiped them away, not bothering to slow down.
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raspberryranpo · 5 months ago
what holding their hand is like
obey me! shall we date?: the side characters (without luke)
Tumblr media
i forgot to say happy easter everyone!!! or if you don’t celebrate easter, happy sunday or whatever you might be celebrating today!!
Tumblr media
he has massive hands. he’s probably like seven feet tall, so obviously his hands have to match
his hands are rough but they smell nice, since before he took you out, he panicked and thought his hands were gross, so he threw on some moisturiser that did absolutely nothing
has a firm grip and is determined to not let go of you
will always offer you his arm or his hand just to be a gentleman, even if you’re just walking across the room to get something
always kisses your hands and your knuckles to show his deep appreciation of you
squeezes your hand under the table at meetings & plays with your fingers when he’s bored
when in public, he holds your hand with gloves on, just because it’ll look a bit weird if he takes them off just to hold your hand
but in private?? oh honey the gloves are off
his hands are... so unbelievably soft
barb will hold your hand while he does some paperwork & he’ll hold your hand while he’s guiding you while cooking
is very gentle with your hands & doesn’t have a tight grip at all
he’s a true gentleman, so he always kisses your knuckles as soon as you see each other
swings your hands between you as you walk because he’s just got so much happiness in his heart
holds both of your hands close to his chest when he’s talking about something exciting
or when he’s asking you something
holds your hands at any given opportunity, with zero shame or regrets
also enjoys holding pinkies, since it’s much more wholesome & subtle (not that simeon worries about subtlety though)
luke sometimes intercepts & holds both of your hands as though you’re his parents bless him
also swings your hands when you hold them, but not in a wholesome way
will use his magic powers to swing you into orbit (not really, but he always talks about how funny that’d be)
has really rough hands but they still feel nice anyway
also likes to hold hands in the weirdest of ways, like backwards
which doesn’t really work but you’re both laughing while he tries to do it
can’t hold your hand while doing experiments but he will threaten to “hold feet”
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