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#simon eriksson
THIS moment always gets me. It is the first thing that has ever happened between them that can not be misinterpreted. The first blatantly sexual gesture they have ever made towards each other. There is a moment of hesitation and then Wilhelm gets on top of him and Simon immediately opens his legs to make room for him. They fall into their dynamic so easily and this is the first time we (and they) see it: Simon is underneath him, watching him carefully and Wilhelm is looking down at him, not breaking eye contact as they position themselves. Imagine how fast their hearts would’ve been beating in this moment…
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verarin142 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Simon's right hand is gently stroking Wille's neck and chest. And Simon's left hand - and this is the first time I noticed that - the left hand is on Wille's waist, holding him close.
The left hand, how could I miss the left hand all those times I watched and rewatched.
I feel like I missed an important part of that scene. 🙈
Note: Tumblr doesn't want me to post the matching gifs, because they are too explicit... I am mad!!!
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purplehoodiesimon · 2 days ago
Simon does rowing which is actually a pretty good sport to build muscle from which means he's got to be surprisingly strong SO please everyone close your eyes and imagine with me Simon and Wille doing that one couple thing where person A flings themselves into B's arms and jumps up and wraps their legs around B's waist and B is holding A up and they're kissing and Simon is B and Wilhelm is A and I need to go draw this now brb see y'all in an hour
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swedishyr · 2 days ago
“I’m gay, dad”
Tumblr media
Is this really Simon’s first coming out to his dad? I’ve been thinking a lot about this scene because my first interpretation was not the same as it is now when I've rewatched and seen people talk about it.
The first time I watched it my initial interpretation was that Simon has already told Micke about him liking boys. Or it’s just been obvious in some way before. But then Micke has forgotten about it. And when Simon reminds him in this scene, he quickly corrects himself.
This doesn’t feel like an actual coming out scene. And I’ve seen a lot of people cherishing it for precisely that, the fact that it doesn’t make a big deal out of it. And when I’ve rewatched it I agree. That was intentional. It’s obvious from hearing the actors and team speak about how they want to make Simon’s sexual orientation just another part of him, not his whole identity. And most importantly they want to set a progressive example and not fall into the stereotypical coming out narrative that we’ve already seen again and again. (Love them for that)
But I still can’t quite let go of that initial interpretation. Because I think that one would fill a purpose too. It adds to the story of how uninvolved Micke is in his kids’ lives. And how all his attention goes to his addiction rather than remembering details about his son. The way Simon sounds a bit hurt, but mostly just tired when saying “I’m gay, dad”, just makes me feel like it’s not the first time. I sense the undertone of “can’t believe you didn’t even remember that”.
But then when Micke replies “Yeah sorry, cute guy then”, Simon can’t help but smile, even if he tries to bite it back. And I see how this could be interpreted as him being relieved that his dad had such layed back reaction when told his son is gay for the first time. But it could also just be a sign of him fighting the mixed feelings he has towards his dad. He is angry and disappointed in him, but he also gets that sliver of hope every time they can actually have a conversation, and Micke shows he really does care about him. (I guess it can be both)
Tumblr media
Either way, this coming out is definitely of more importance to us, the audience, than it is to Micke. They want us to know Simon is gay, so they use Micke for that conversation. But as for if this was actually the first time Simon mentioned it to him or not, I’m still not 100% sure.
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thosearehisfish · 2 days ago
Quick question... do we ever see the moment Wille hears Simon speak Spanish? Has he heard him speak Spanish??? Like I suddenly really need to know this important information and I don’t remember noticing anything about this yet.
If he hasn’t yet I picture a really sweet moment where they’re starting to talk again and Simon randomly shouts something at Sara or Linda and Wille is still missing him because he was missing these things so he stays there mesmerized and yet thinking how silly it is to have this reaction over his boy speaking another language but then it isn’t silly at all because he loves him entirely and feeling like this is what makes him feel safe and he doesn’t want to have any other feelings than these right now ever again and he’s just happy and smiling at him and he realizes Simon is his favorite language.
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gold-rush-wille · a day ago
in celeberation of five months of young royals i would like to address a topic that is very important to me and very close to my heart so please listen closely
i miss wilhelm where is he bring him back to me now
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moonboy-bin · a day ago
Au idea: Wille being an exhausted 25 year old dad of a 10 year old little girl taking his daughter to her piano lessons and going weak at the knees for her instructor
Okay folks this is gonna be a honker of a post, an au of sorts that I made through collaboration and communism with these fine folks of the yr discord server: @tooindecisivetopickaurl @purplehoodiesimon @ungaroyals
It’s Wille and Felice’s kid, they were rebellious in high school, trying to pull away from their respective family images: Wille’s mom a ceo of whatever you feel like sunshine and Felice’s parents being modern day nobility.
A complete accident made by two barely teenagers just trying to like be themselves. They get kicked out of their homes but because Kristina isn’t like the devil; she’s just a bitch thank you very much, she gets them the worlds rattiest apartment in the middle of a shitty neighborhood and gives Wille enough money a month for food and bus fair. It fucking blows but that’s how the cookie crumbles
Thank god they have Madison, the worlds best fuckin friend, who upon hearing the news, decided to become a one man show and strong arm her parents into letting her not only stay in Stockholm but help with living expenses by becoming their roommate.
Tumblr media
Because Madison is literally god, they name the kid after her, dubbing a literal 5 minute old infant Junior. So she’s Junior for life and everyone just accepts this little curly haired tyrant whenever she corrects them.
Wille and Felice didn’t even last in a relationship; realizing they were more suited to Besties till death due them part than they were anything else. Broke up before their daughter was even born thusly leaving them wide open for dating whomever they so choose *cough cough*
So when Felice and Madison get together no one bats an eye and they become Daddy, Mama, Mom and Junior. A happy family of four that doesn’t need anyone else.
Madison and Wille are also besties, Madison wants to push every button Wille has and Wille does his damnedest not to make sure Junior’s first word isn’t “fucking Madison” (affectionate)
Tumblr media
And then time goes on and all of a sudden Madison and Felice are married and they’re all still living in a ratty apartment that’s been absolutely destroyed and lived in by this weird little family and everyone’s happy as they can be. Junior’s getting old enough for school and they have money but they’re in such a shit neighborhood that none of these three want to put their beloved little curly cue, big green eyed little brown baby in them. So Wille reaches out to his mother.
She’s kept in contact throughout the years, made sure to at least be in her grand baby’s life even if she didn’t like how Junior came into creation. Like I said; she’s a bitch not the devil. So Wille asks and Kristina says “okay, I’ll help but only if she grows up with some manners.”
Junior gets to go to a good school, The Parents™️ able to turn on the “we grew up rich so eat shit” whenever they have to deal with annoying ass wasp-y parents and annoying ass spoiled little tots. They make it work.
So when Madison introduces her girlfriend Rosh when Junior is nine and three quarters daddy how could you just say she’s nine? it’s completely normal and no one bats an eye. Felice and Madison have been experimenting and just enjoying peoples company and they have rules set so Junior isn’t involved unless it’s real and serious so Wille takes one look at the absolute Butch Lesbian reading to his baby girl about soccer, he just nods and accepts that this is a new person in his life.
He wears a wedding ring, wasp moms are notorious and fucking annoying and he likes to trip them up by saying both Felice and Madison are his wife.
In comes Simon, Rosh’s bestie and piano teacher for little bratty rich kids. For nearly three months he heard Rosh talk on and on and on about this girl she was seeing who’s married Simon? How cool is that! A two for one deal who fucking like me? Nice and who’s Simon to rain on her parade. On top of that he hears about their roommate? Or he thinks it’s their roommate anyways, some guy who lives with them who - according to Rosh, has an ass that just won’t quit. A bonafide twunk himbo crossbreed.
But Simon is too focused on his job, on teaching little kids the basics and trying hard not to call them little crotch goblins to their faces. Their parents spend a fortune sending them to him. And he’s not a complete idiot.
So one day this absolutely stunning woman and her beautiful little girl who’s smart and funny and actually incredibly talented walk through his door and he’s like damn i wanna keep you forever. He gets to know her mom - Felice, and the kiddo - Madison but her name is Junior got that? And decides that she makes the rest of the day better.
And Junior goes home and tells her daddy and her mom and Rosh, who’s she’s started calling Ima after about a month of Rosh coming over and finding out Rosh was Jewish, all about her cool new piano teacher who’s funny and smart and has really pretty hair. And Wille smiles, love in his eyes for his baby girl and promises he’ll come to her practice one day.
He does just that two weeks later. And my god does his heart stop the second he sees who’s been teaching his daughter. The worlds most beautiful man: tan skin, curly hair, the biggest eyes eyes ever seen on a person and - he’s a little ashamed to admit this - the fattest ass. They lock eyes and it’s like the world stands still, both of their orbits colliding in an unfixable, irreplaceable way.
Wille starts picking Junior up every week.
The girls make fun of him mercilessly.
Simon and Wille get closer and closer, Simon noticing Wille’s wedding band and thinking Jesus Christ I can’t fall for a married man! His wife is a literal angel! Which is true but oh so wrong.
Tumblr media
They are stupid men who are dumb and don’t understand that words are an option until they finally do because once again Madison and Felice to the rescue. So then Simon finally visits the house he realizes oh my god these people are poor. And then he sees Rosh and he’s like BITCH WHAT???? And Rosh just looks at him like he’s an absolute idiot moron and promptly calls him an idiot moron. Junior laughs.
Tumblr media
Anyways now they’re a family. Wille and Simon, Felice and Madison and Rosh. And Junior. daddy, papa, mama, mom, ima. And junior.
Tumblr media
This is Our Au. Communism. Like Simon would’ve wanted.
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fromapoetspointofview · 8 hours ago
We need to talk more about the strength that Simon showed. Wilhelm hugged him and whispered to him that he was sorry and that he loved him and he had the strength to let him pull back and let him walk away. He loves him too, that much we know and yet he was determined to keep his dignity and he did. It would have been so easy not to.
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myworldisfictional · 21 hours ago
Took this suggestion from @petalsivan
Song: People Watching - Conan Gray
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verarin142 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
At that beautiful moment, that exact moment, August started to film them...
And even though that moment caused a lot of trouble and heartbreak in hindsight, I'm glad they had this time together. And I hope they are too...
But August: F*** you for ruining it for them!!! F*** you!!!
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purplehoodiesimon · 15 hours ago
they are in love your honor
Tumblr media
If there ever comes a day where I don't draw Wilhelm in the purple hoodie at every given chance, hell has frozen over. Some process pics under the cut cause like, why not? Y'all can have a glimpse of my drawing process, as a treat.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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httpstaygold · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
edvin’s constant anxiety over spotify wrapped, i’ve never related to anything more
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