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#simon snow

So because the US postal service is a mess, my last Hanukkah present from my mother just got to my house the other day. Just… look at this. It’s amazing.

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There’s a fine but obvious line between Carry on fandom and one direction fandom

If you don’t believe me go to Twitter and see Rainbow’s tweets,,, the icons

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i am notorious for throwing books across my room while reading so i will, in fact, be doing a full warmup before reading awtwb because i know for a fact i will be YEETING that book several times

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my birthday is a day after simon’s birthday… simon kin assigned at birth 😔

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I feel like this is another important Snowbaz moment. Simon, even though he hates Lamb, is willing to follow Baz into Reno after him. Simon trusts Baz enough to follow him after someone Simon hates because Simon trusts Baz’s judgment and Baz himself. He’s not going to let anyone get in the way of him loving Baz.

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(reposted b/c I forgot his tail the first time *facepalm*)

figure drawing featuring the world’s most reluctant chosen one and my inability to draw hands

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Summary: Simon Snow missed check-in, so he decides to scale the walls of Wat Fjord. It’s all a misunderstanding; a reasonable guard would let him pass. Right? Unluckily for him, Baz Grimm-Pitch is not reasonable, and his swordplay rivals Simon’s own.

Read on AO3: https://archiveofourown .org/works/28746966 (without space)

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<div> —  Rainbow Rowell, CARRY ON </div><span>And the look on his face when he saw it. Like someone blew a horn and all his walls crumbled.</span>
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<div> —  Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, Carry On </div><span>You saved the day, you courageous fuck. You absolute nightmare.</span>
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✨Uncertain Baz✨

As always, tap for qaulity!

(Also I’m no artists, these are just for fun 🙂)

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First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH! What you said means a lot to me. 💕 @barney-stinson-deserved-better

Second, let me tell you, this is the like most important question of my fandom life, hahaha. Picking was like the hardest thing to do because my brain can connect everything with a Taylor Song after 13 years of being a swiftie. I have this playlist “Snowbaz in Swiftie” where are a mix of random songs that I pick sometimes just for a single lyric line.

But Here my top choice, as one of the most Snowbaz song:

Dancing with our hands tied 🎶 - Reputation Album

Carry On epilogue vibes (and maybe bit of Wayward Son), Baz’s POV mostly + memories of the leavers ball.


  • I, I love you in secret.
  • And my, my love had been frozen. Deep blue but you painted me golden.
  • I could’ve spent forever with your hands in my pockets. Picture of your face in an invisible locket. You said there was nothing in the world that could stop it. I had a bad feeling.
  • I love you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us. So, baby, can we dance.
  • Say that we got it. I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted.
  • We were dancing, dancing with our hands tied, and I had a bad feeling, but we were dancing.
  • If I could dance with you again, I’d kiss you as the light went out, swaying as the room burned down.

And I’m totally agree with your top 3! Gorgeous nailed it with “you’re so cool, it makes me hate you so much” + “you’ve ruined my life by not being mine” + “I’m so furious for making me feel this way, but what can I sat? You’re gorgeous” + “Ocean blue eyes looking in mine”. I mean, that’s so Snowbaz.

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