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In the mood for a date at a museum with a cute butch where we would spend hours analyzing the works of art and just enjoy the vibe and then we would grab a coffee and go walk around the downtown and then we would head to the beach and just sit there, watch at the sea and talk😳🥺👀

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Having you on my mind everyday and every night is honestly a blessing … 🥺🥰

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So fucking upset. Make cosplay faux leather FIT RIGHT FOR PLUS SIZE GIRLS🤬

Fuck amazon. I had to buy a new bodysuit for my raven cosplay. And it’s not even faux leather🤣 and can’t find shit with real leather

$end me $18.18 as reimbursment for a buy i shouldn’t of had to make!

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Okay but y'all- Why do Hisoka’s hand looks so nice-

Simp noises intensify

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Part 2 of me simping over the voices of fictional characters-
Okay, was listening to A Thousand Dreamers, as in one of the One Piece songs where the voice actors sing.
(Here’s the link: )
And I just-
Zoro’s and Sanji’s singing bits are just-
Kinda calming? In a way?
Like, first of all, I am an extreme Sanji simp, we know this, so maybe I’m a tad biased.
But I don’t usually simp for Zoro all that often, like I love the guy don’t get me wrong, but still.
And I’ve been watching the anime in the dub up to where I am now (episode 462) and haven’t heard much of Zoro’s Japanese voice so it was kind of a “Oh, damn.” moment, y’know.

Also, Sanji, sir, I love you.
When he has that rap-type line, right, at the end of it when he says “It sounds cool!” It kind of reminds me of Horrid Henry-
Like, not the character or the books, the show.
Specifically the way he says “Cool”.
Can’t tell if it reminds me of Al or Bert.
Or fucking Sid-

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I just watched the cast interview of DPS and Oh My God ALEXANDRA POWERS!

That’s it, that’s the post.

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⚠️ 18+ Warning ⚠️

Categories Of Characters Who Is A Pro With Their Tongue

Kakyoin from Jojo Bizarre Adventure

Sukuna from JJK

Presentation Mic from My Hero Academia

Deidara from Naruto

Akira from Devilman Crybaby

Meliodas from Seven Deadly Sins

Detailing to why will be extensive. If need to edit and explain why, I will definitely make another part or add it to the post.

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this man admits to not being good with needles and says he’s a wimp with pain but gets tattoos constantly to match harry 

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“They’re real”

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Day 4 Joe Mama

Hey guys it has been day 4 since I posted myself to get some hunnies and FINALLY GOT A DM from a girl…. her name is Jeggssica Tran.. I think she is kinda cute. She has long nails and very large hoop earrings. Just my type. As my type I’m talking about my type by Saweetie. I saw her dance passionately, seductively, slowly but on beat at Arena and I instantly fell in love. I think I am going to buy her an illenium jersey and concert tickets so she can be my rave bae at EDC. I can’t wait to hear him play “In Your Arms” while she’s in my arms. I shall update y’all on how it goes.


Manifesting me going to illenium with my girl Jeggssica ❤️

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Me, watching anime, sees a hot villain: What do you guys think should I simp or nah?

My brain: Ew, tf? nO DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!


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Here is important data about how big Nico’s hands are compared to a beer bottle.

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Gaming on twitch

Unfortunately i have no fucking mic! So HOP ON AND SEND ME MONEY BITCH

Find me at goddesssuccubus666 on Twitch

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I need more simps to buy me things off my wishlist

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