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𝕯𝖚𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖔𝖓𝖘 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖔𝖓𝖘
~ ℌ𝔞𝔩𝔣-𝔢𝔩𝔣 𝔖𝔬𝔯𝔠𝔢𝔯𝔢𝔰𝔰
~ ℌ𝔲𝔪𝔞𝔫 ℭ𝔩𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔠

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Vlad and Angela go on their honeymoon. 🌜

They are staying at one of Vlads Clan member’s house in Selvadorada. Maximus has quite a few houses. Vlad usually uses them as safe houses.

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The family is finally reunited, Susie sold her haunted house and moved to Sulani to live with her parents.

Susie taught her mum how to control the spirits and the two of them became well known to the locals as helping people connect with their lost loved ones.

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Imaginen empezar su finde así. Bueno, Helena se fue a Sulani y ahora todos sus días tienen playita y aliens —lo último solo se acepta, no se pregunta—.

Recuerden que hay serie en Youtube. Este es el primer cap:

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The Good Old Days

Francis: This was our life before everthing turn upside down. We lived with our aunt Alicia since our parents passed. She was such a lovely lady, she used to cook us everymeal and teach me how to knitt. I miss her very much. Everything was okay until she passed away, then her family (who were nowhere to be found on her last days) suddenly appears and kick us out of the house for them to sell it. Typical jerk move!

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Lindsey, Charly and April. The best friends <3

Life Plans - Sims 3 Series (available on YT)

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Tuommas Everdream (Updated)

Hello everyone! This is a remake of an old Sim of mine. One of the first ones I played with in The Sims 4. I really liked the result.
Hope you enjoy him too

This is the old version 👉 Tuommas

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Psychopathic Record Hoodie by LadySimwolf

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Sooo, I had been looking for a good challenge for the sims, but didn’t find one about greek goddesses. So I decided to make one, Enjoy!😊

The greek goddess challenge is a 10 generation challenge. Every gen represents a different acient greek goddess. I stuck to the mythology with some, and with some I just thought some stuff up. I would like to say that this challenge is with goddesses, so treat your sims with a little respect and don’t forget that they’re goddesses so they can get pregnant by anyone (man/woman/nonbinary) if you want them to. I do recommend using mccc to control the gender and amount of babies :) have fun!

Gen 1: Gaia/Rhea

Mother nature. You’re a very goodnatured woman who wants best for your children. Unfortunately, you don’t have such a good taste in love. You constantly fall in love with the wrong people. You love nature in all it’s glory and you are very zen. You love doing yoga and teaching your kids everything you know.

• Traits: Loves the outdoors, good, musiclover

• Aspiration: big happy family

• Kids: Aphrodite, Zeus, Hestia (goddess of fire), Eos (godess of dawn), Hemera (godess of the day), Apollo (god sun and music) (you can skip some if you like)

• Must marry very young (before adult) to a man/woman with hates children.

• All children must be from the same man/woman (^wife/husband) but one (affair or finally breaking things off)

• Must complete aspiration

• Must max parenting and piano skill

• Must divorce once and not remarry

Gen 2: Aphrodite

Goddess of love and beauty. You grew up with all the love you needed. But you crave a different kind of love, a love that sets your whole body on fire. You like to party and are not ashamed of your body, you love yourself and are all about positivity. You are also a super passionate woman, which causes you to fall in love quickly. But sadly also out, as you get bored with a lot of people. Until you meet that one person. You would do anything to be with that person. The only problem is that you’re already in an relationship… Well at least you have inspiration for your next romance novel.

• Traits: Romantic, Self assured, Art lover

• Aspiration: Soulmate

• Kids: only one (Hera)

• Must have an affair with someone who will be parent to Hera.

• Must complete aspiration

• Must max charisma and writing skill

• Can marry soulmate as an elder

Gen 3: Hera

Goddess of mariages, goddesses and women. Despite what your mother always said about marriage being about love, you know better: marriage is an economic preposition. It will help you make or it will destroy you. And you will make it. No matter what. When you marry that is what you expect. But your husband does not seem to have the same view on the world. He has all these affairs and illigemate children all over the world, and altough you try and tell yourself that it doesn’t matter, you get jealous and hurt. The only person you can rely on is yourself and that becomes painfully clear.

• Traits: Hotheaded, Jealous, Ambitious

• Aspiration: World famous (or mansion baroness)

• Kids: Demeter, Hermes

• Must max all toddler skills

• Must max actress career.

• Must divorce once an elder

• Must max acting skill and aspiration

Gen 4: Demeter

Goddess of agriculture, fertility, law and harvest. Growing up you hated the way your mother was so strict. You wanted to be free and dance in the rain. You’ve always loved farms and nature, so when you are grown up you want to plant. Sadly, your mother does not agree with your view on the world. Well, you were never like your strict brother Hermes anyways. You will live your life. A happy and free life.

• Traits: Loves outdoors, Bro, Vegetarian

• Aspiration: Freelance Botanist

• Kids: Antheia (Flowers and swamps), Persephone, Iris (Rainbow)

• Must leave home immediately when turning young adult and start at a 0 simoleons budget, building your way up.

• Cannot have a fulltime job

• Must have at least 2 kids before adulthood

• Must marry for love (finally hahaha)

• Must have a cat

• Must complete aspiration

• Be wholesome

Gen 5: Persephone

Goddess of spring and queen of the underworld. You grew up in a very happy environment. You loved playing with your sisters and running trough your garden. You have a great relationship with your family. You see the world a little different from other people. You see light even in the darkest places. So when you meet your soulmate, you can see through their darkness to the light inside, even though others might not see that. Especially your mom, who you know wants the best for you, but is wrong when talking about your soulmate. You know you two can be happy.

• Traits: Cheerful, Dancemachine, Outgoing

• Aspiration: Musical Genius

• Kids: Nyx, Elpis (hope)

• Must elope with someone with a dark or lonely personality (Evil, loner, kleptomanic) or vampire when quite young

• Must max photography and violin skill

• Must complete aspiration

• Must move far from family with partner

• Cannot see family in winter

Gen 6: Nyx

Goddess of the night. Growing up you were always a little different from your mother and sister, who are both sunny people. You’re more like your other parent, like the night. You constantly feel overshadowed by the almost over the top energy of your sister. It’s not that you don’t love her, she’s just a little… much. You are not as interested in nature as the rest of your family. You are more of a technical sim. You like things that you have a little more control over.

• Traits: Genius, Gloomy, Materialistic

• Aspiration: Computer Whiz

• Kids: Mania,

• Must max Rocket Science and Robotics skill

• Must go to university

• Must have a bad relationship with sister, but can make up as elder

• Must have a bad relationship with daughter due to focus on career

Gen 7: Mania

Goddess of insanity, madness, crzed frenzy and the dead. With your mother away so much you got lost in your mind as a child. Now you’re a teen you’re.. well… a little different. While your mother was always so into her science, you can’t help but wonder for other things. More magical perhaps? Something a little more exciting. Something to conquer the world. You have the power. You can change the world. Some say you’re a little crazy. But what is wrong with a little fun?

• Traits: Erratic, Creative, Slob

• Aspiration: Spellcraft and Sorcery

• Kids: Thetis

• Must become a spellcaster

• Must master all mischief spells

• Must complete aspiration

• Can only have a good relationship with 2 sims

• Hates at least 7 sims

• But despite her flaws a genius at potions and spells and must get spellcaster rank 5

• Must raise someone from death

Gen 8: Thetis

Sea Nymph. You never had so much with magic. You saw what it did to your mother and you’re not that interested. That’s why you never really use it. Not even to repair stuff. With all the chaos in your youth you long for a calm life. So you move to sulani when you’re a late-teen. You’ve heard it is a beautiful place and you want to do some good for the world because your mother caused so much harm. And it doesn’t disappoint. You seem to have gotten the attention of the islanders. You have many flings, but most people don’t seem to want to take it any further with you.

• Traits: Neat, Child of the Islands, Outgoing

• Aspiration: Beach life

• Kids: Athena, Harmonia (harmony)

• Must complete aspiration

• Must max the conservationist carreer

• Must max handiness skill

• Must have at least 5 partners pefore meeting soulmate

• Must marry a mermaid

Gen 9: Athena

Goddess of war, logic and same-sex love. Even though you love Sulani, you want to move to the city. You want to make this a better place like your mother, but then better. You want to become the president of the simworld. Then you will make a real difference. Then you can really make up for the chaos your grandmother, who you’ve never met, made. You shall fight evil with your words. And if you must, fists. But only if you must.

• Traits: Active, Genius, Ambitious

• Aspiration: Renaissance sim

• Kids: Artemis and Nike (Speed, victory)

• Must complete aspiration

• Must max research & debate and Logic skill.

• Must max the politics or millitary career

• Must go to uni

• Must fall in love with a female presenting sim

• Can only have 1 romantic relationship in whole life

Gen 10: Artemis

Goddess of women, the hunt, childbirth and virginity. You love everything about life. Especially nature and people. You fight for what you think is right and have a big friendgroup. You make sure to check up on your family and friends. You are very passionate about womens rights. You love to watch the stars and think life is the greatest gift. That’s why you became a doctor. You want to help people, and especially people giving birth.

• Traits: Doglover, Active, Dance machine

• Aspiration: Bodybuilder/Outdoor entusiast

• Kids: Semele (Moon), Astraea (Star)

• Cannot try for baby or woohoo

• Can adopt kid(s)

• Must max fishing and dancing skill

• Must have a dog

• Must complete aspiration

• Must go camping at least twice

• Have a big friendgroup

• Must become a doctor

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28 Day Lookbook Challenge by @mil-kis: 🏙 26 Street Style 🏙

Glasses: Vintage Glamour SP
Jacket & Pants: City Living EP
Rings: Get Famous EP
Sneakers: Discover University EP

Everything else is from the Base Game.

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A 9-recolour, pastel bright and colourful carpet floor in rainbow tones. 

- Suitable for indoor use.


Available for download at The Sims Resource.


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