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jacky93sims · 7 hours ago
Baby Rabbit Cage for The Sims 2
Hi Everyone! Some days ago I fell in love with DeeDeeSims Rabbit Pen, but I don't have the Apartment Life expansion pack, so I thought to convert this cute rabbit for the wormrat cage. You will find all the rabbit recolors.
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platinumaspiration · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cowconuts' Tahliah - SFS / MF
CF-EF, 13.7k poly
QRsims' Sapphire M2F - SFS / MF
CF-EF (includes masc mesh), 7.1k poly
Birksche's Jocelyn - SFS / MF
CF-EF, 4.4k poly
Sleepingsims' Keira Curls - SFS / MF
CF-EF, 9.3k poly
credit: @cowconuts @nolan-sims @sleepingsims
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goatskickin · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This would be @peppermint-ginger‘s lovely conversion of Cazy’s Lisa!
Aged child to elder.
Polycount: 15k
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rascalcurious · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
today i have 3 clay hair recolours in simgarooped colours + @pooklet ‘s pyrotechnic.
qrsims peridot, originally converted by @platinumaspiration . CM-EM. download: SFS / MF
ep12 short undercut, originally converted by @miniculesim . PM-EM. download: SFS / MF
okruee cypress, also converted by platinumaspiration. PM-EM (i only did the male version, i can do the female version as well if anyone wants it :) ). download: SFS / MF
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neosimi · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
🎼 4t2 simmify music nook by myshunosun 🎸
happy friday! here is a wonderful set by @myshunosun, perfect for any sim but especially those with an affinity for music. 
i learned a lot converting this set, from tackling my demons (slots), to adjusting the footprint, to finally adding shadows, to figuring out how to make the guitar amp invisible. speaking of the guitar, it’s cloned from crispsandkerosene’s acoustic guitar, which requires argon’s hack. the storage unit is cloned from thimblesims’ dawn living storage unit c. it has 8 slots, so i just duplicated the top middle slot to make up for it. i found if you want to add two stack of LPs on the bottom of the storage unit like shown above, its best to turn them around. it won’t flicker when moving the camera that way for some reason. that should be it, enjoy! ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა
files are compressed. polycount under the cut.
download: [sfs] | [box] ♡
credits: myshunosun, crispsandkerosene, argon, thimblesims and their shadows tutorial, pforestsims’ slot tutorial, rugrat0ne’s footprint tutorial.
storage unit - 212 [surfaces/misc. $600]
potted plant - 554  [deco/plants $200]
stack of LPs - 150  [deco/sculpture $120]
guitar - 1331 [hobbies/creative $1000]
speaker - 776 [electronics/audio $200]
record player - 1369 [electronics/audio $99] meant to be $400 oops.
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moyokeansimblr · 2 months ago
Homework Default Replacements
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Something different today! I've had default replacements for the teen&YA homework for some time, but I was never able to find ones for the children homework that I liked, so I decided to make my own! But while I was making them I liked them so much that I decided to make teen&YA ones too! Bonus! ✨
The top four are the children defaults, images from freepik. The bottom four are the teen, images from @sim-saurus. I made tiny edits to change any English text to Simlish. The blue teen one also replaces the YA one, which is why it's pretty non-descript in terms of what subject the homework could be for. I also did the writing on the insides. The child one says "My favorite thing about this subject is that today I learned how to" and the teen one I went into a whole lil essay about how much fun I was having creating these and how my cat was making me very warm. I then put a page break and had a teacher take 2 points off the top section because my essay wasn't academic enough 😂 which is something I got told all throughout college
Files are compressorized, and remember to remove any other homework defaults you may have before using these. I made them as separate packages in case you wanted to use the child but not the teen or viceversa, or to mix n match with another default.
🍎 Homework Default Replacements | CHILD | TEEN/YA | BOTH
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lucilla-sims · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
I finally found the time to finish it 😊
📚  for teen and adult woman
📚  with all morphs
📚  categorized as casual
📚  all original Maxis colors
📚  all files are compressed
Tumblr media
You can choose between standalone AF and TF version or TF Repod version for which you need AF packages 🙂
Standalone AF version here or here
Standalone TF version here
Repod TF version here or here
(simfileshare, have some issues with upload right now, so I uploaded it to another server as an alternative download option 😉)
Credits: EAxis  
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balkopat · 5 months ago
Default Photo Frames - Recolorable Edit
Tumblr media
And Finally! Antique Camera Frames and Bon Voyage Camera Frames are defaulted and made it recolorable!
What is new?
Well, Everything?
Recolorable - That means, you can have all the recolors below with it.
New mesh replace on old ones.
Behind of the mesh, there is TS4 Frames texture - That part is not recolorable.
Custom Thumbnails - Recolors were not visible without it.
Alpha edit texture - Invisible parts available!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was hard to make this work, but finally I figure it out! This is something to celebrate for me. I wanna share my happines by thanking some Simmers!
So traditionaly (My tradition :)) I rename the recolors with Simmers I would like to say “thank you”. Stay with me, because there is 15 Simmers (Means 15 different textures :)) and 85 recolors!
Tumblr media
@cindysimblr​ Recolors! Some old woods for you.
Thank you for your lovely Stories!
Tumblr media
@curiousb​ Recolors. Shastakiss's Cluedo woods with metals.
Thank you for your kindness and and niceness. They are very rare quality, hold on to them..
Tumblr media
@deedee-sims​ Recolors. AL woods on new textures.
Thank you for your Stories and beautiful CC!
Tumblr media
@ello-sims​ Recolors! 
Thank you for dress up my Sims with defaults!
Tumblr media
@episims​ Recolors. Maxis woods on a new texture.
Thank you for your lovely CC and Stories!
Tumblr media
@frauhupfner​ Recolors. Steampunk Textures!
My first and oldest friend in here..
Tumblr media
@freezerbunny-sims2​ Light wood textures.
I hope Ajay would like this one ;)
Tumblr media
@hugelunatic​ Recolors. Alpha Textures with Shastakiss's Yeti colors
Without your tutorials, this project could never exist!
Tumblr media
@ijtdd​ Recolors. Golden Collection.
Only other Turkish Simmer I came across in Community except me!
Tumblr media
@lazyduchess​ Recolors. Marble Collection.
You brought our game from 2008 to 2022! Thank you for your beautiful mods!
Tumblr media
@lesyasun​ Recolors. Colorfull Colection.
Your Tiny Photo Studio inspired me for this project, thank you!
Tumblr media
@mdpthatsme​ Recolors. Flower Collection.
Happy - belated - Birthday! I always be late to celebrate birthdays :(
Tumblr media
@plumbtales​ Recolors. Plumbbobs and Seasons Collection - Handmade textures
I love your CC free decorated houses! You renovated my hood!
Tumblr media
@shastakiss​ Recolors. Selections of Curiousb Colors.
Thank you for all of your CC! 
Tumblr media
@simnopke​​ Recolors. Stylish Frames!
Suprise! I did not ask you for those recolors, because I would like to thank you for the mod you made it!
Are you still with me? Remember, you can have all recolors with this default replacement. Here are the links: 
Download Recolorable Default Photo Frame MESH
Download CindySimblr Recolors
Download Curiousb Recolors
Download Deedee Sims Recolors
Download Ello Recolors
Download EpiSims Recolors
Download Frauhupfner Recolors
Download FreezerBunnySims Recolors
Download Hugelunatic Recolors
Download ijtdd Recolors
Download Lazydutchess Recolors
Download Lesyasun Recolors
Download Mdpthatsme Recolors
Download Plumbtales Recolors
Download Shastakiss Recolors
Download Simnopke Recolors
Download All Recolors and Mesh
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platinumaspiration · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Boys Club
EA SP01 Pompadour Spiky - SFS / MF
CM-EM, 3.3k poly
Simstrouble's Carmine - SFS / MF
CM-EM, 6.1k poly
Meyokisims' Short Parted - SFS / MF
UM, 2.2k poly
GOAmazons' Rockstar - SFS / MF
CU-EU, 5.2k poly
credit: @simstrouble @meyokisims @goamazons
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miniculesim · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🍉 4t2 Female Hair Conversions 🍉
🍉 Dove by dogsill - original - child - elder - 4 binned + 5 custom colors - 5,5k polys - animated DOWNLOAD: SFS I MF
🍉 Lily by RavenSim - original - all ages - 4 binned + 1 custom colors - 4,2k polys - animated DOWNLOAD: SFS I MF
🍉 Monique V1 + V2 by CandySims 4 - original - child - elder - 4 binned + 1 custom colors - V1: 15,4k polys V2: 14,1k polys - animated DOWNLOAD V1: SFS I MF V2: SFS I MF Have fun and pls tell me if you have any issues with them. 🧡
credits: dogsill, Ravensim, CandySims4, EA
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applewatersugar · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
4t2 Short Textured Hair
🎵 I miss my cocoa butter kisses, Hope you smile when you listen 🎵 Another hair done! Requested by @daydreamingdrawerette.
☆ Informations ☆ All ages | Male only | Poppet V2 | 2k poly
☆ Downloads ☆ SimFileShare MediaFire
If you have requests, problems or anything else you want to discuss with me, feel free to message/ask me about it! :)
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alicestrife · 28 days ago
TS2 Spiked Jacket
Tumblr media
For 2 years I wanted this jacket in my game, but I was afraid to take it because of the many small details. Now I finally have the experience to do it quickly and better than I would have done then. I am very proud of this work
♥  AM only
♥ 12 recolors (from render not included)
♥ 41k poly
Original by Darte77
DOWNLOAD(SFS)    |    Female version here
Game preview
Tumblr media
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gryning · a month ago
Tumblr media
Summer Garden
Clutter converted from FFXIV, seven pieces in total. Sorted as deco > plants, the stones are sorted as rugs.
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goatskickin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You ever see that @miniculesim releases some new 4t2 clay conversions and then you need to retexture them right away? Me too! This would be their 4t2 conversion of “EP12 MedFrontBraids”. Much cute!
Aged toddler to elder.
Polycount: 4k
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spottedonsixam · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
More cute hairs. I slightly overcomplicated things, so make sure you read the descriptions!
Said descriptions and download below the cut!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jessa Pony: TF-EF, 4.0K polys, 1024x1024 texture, smooth bones, 10 colors in 2 families (F01 and F02) with grey binned to black, edited EA textures, compressed and tooltipped, conversion of EP12BraidsSwoopPony, mesh linked to Jessa Clips
Jessa Clips: PF-CF, 5.6K polys, 1024x1024 texture, smooth bones, 8 colors in 2 families (F01 and F02) with a unique clip color per hair color, edited EA textures, compressed and tooltipped, conversion of GP05BraidsClips, children will age into Jessa Pony on becoming teens
Download Jessa Hair: MF | SFS
Download Retexture Base: MF | SFS
Tumblr media
Other Notes: I’m going to emphasize that the meshes for these hairs are linked, so children with Jess Clips will age into Jessa Pony. I set it up this way most because I dislike when children get a random hair on aging up into teens, especially when the hair texture doesn’t match. I know it’s easy to change, but I’m lazy.
If you don’t want them linked, you can use the hair binner to remove unwanted ages when retexturing the hair. If anyone wants my .dds files of my own retextures to do so for their own game, just let me know!
Both have minor transparency issues. It’s kind of par for the course with braied hairstyles. They don’t even match up with the actual Sims 4 scalp; whoever makes the hair just warps the scalp to fit, lol.
Tumblr media
Credits: EA
Please let me know if there are any issues!
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neosimi · a month ago
Tumblr media
✨4t2 wall art /photoboard rc’s by aoifae + iconic posters by plutosims✨
happy sunday! here’s some decor for your sims. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
included are some recolors by aoifae, with a few new meshes by kkb. i looked around but couldn’t find these exact items, but if they are already converted please let me know! it’s worth noting my versions have been slightly scaled up. the scroll art i went ahead and added recolors to moocha-muses‘ botancial scroll, be sure to grab the MESH here. as a bonus, i added pluto-sims’ iconic posters onto the civic idol poster. :]
files are compressed. swatches in the zip.
download: [sfs] | [box] ♡
credits: @aoifae, @sims-kkb, @pluto-sims, @moocha-muses.
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moyokeansimblr · a month ago
Tumblr media
I present you with part 1 (of 6) of 4t2 werewolves clothes that @spottedonsixam wants: this extremely cute sweater outfit GP12JacketHeavySweater, which I've created a whole vibe by pairing with birks from @oawus. It's cute, it's definitely a choice, and it means total poly is around 6.5k. I thought it'd be better to release this now rather than wait until I finish everything in case anyone else beats me to the other requested items :)
TF-EF, has all morphs, comes in the original 9 colors with swatch included, compressorized & you can choose to repo to AF. Only little issue is there's a weird square on the waist that I can't find where is coming from, so I can't figure out how to remedy.
🌙 4t2GP12JacketHeavySweater | Standalone | Repo
❗❗❗ Weird squares are fixed! Grab the updated meshes from here and let them replace the old ones!
Enjoy, let me know if anything is wrong!
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