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Stone Age

Hey guys i stepped out of Xmas mood for a second and brought to you this set that, i don’t know why, i called Stone age. I think it’s because it’s simplicity actually reminded me of it.

So here is what you get here:

Bench - 2 Swatches

Baskets - 3 Swatches

Pillows - 6 Swatches ( made them smaller in game on the pic above )

Wall shelf - 3 Swatches

Chair - 3 Swatches

Vase -  3 Swatches ( Bottom shelf vase on the right )

Links to the CC used on the pic:

Tray and Celling Light are from AggressiveKitty @aggressivekitty

Rug is from Eniosta @eniosta

Windows and Olive tree are from Syboulette @syboubou

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Snowy Escape Snowboarding Boots

Just two swatches. I didn’t want any other colors, I just wanted a couple black variations but thought I would share anyway.

Disallowed for random, tagged feminine and masculine, no body or gender restrictions. Feminine frame works perfectly too so I unlocked it. Their feet might look a little bigger.

You need Snowy Escape for this to work!

TOU: Don’t put this recolor behind ads, on paysites, or reupload.  Linking is awesome, but do not host my files; Link directly to this post or reblog. Please do not use timers on links to my content.  Thank you for being respectful!

Download here:

Google Drive, no ads

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Last day at Simalia ends up with a Royal state banquet and each Royal Guest and Member of Royal Family of Simalia attended.

Her Majesty Queen Consort Astrid arrived with His Majesty King William of Simalia. Our Queen wore silk pink gown and royal jewellery.

His Majesty King Matthew arrived with Her Majesty Queen Consort Harmony of Simalia. The King of Evandia wore tuxedo with blue sash.

Their Majesties are grateful and happy that they could visit such an amazing Kingdom and they hope for many more visits in the future.

@simaliaroyals @whitmoreroyals @newcrestroyal

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