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atom bomb baby!
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cecilia perculiar 🎨
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homoerotic sword fighting
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50: party planning
previous / beginning / next
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lady gwendolyn roscente (a future queen)
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Earth Bender
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I wasn’t happy with my previous NSB2 Challenge so I started over! Knox is now a bald headed hoe who lives on abandoned shipwreck with his chicken friend Kiko!
Not So Berry 2 Challenge
Generation One: Onyx Knox Greenburg- Slob, Freegan, Evil
Long story short, your family kicked you out (or died in his case). Whatever. You couldn’t care less! You’ve always been the black sheep of the family, and now you’ve got to go out on your own just like you always planned. You work odd jobs to make ends meet, but you never seem to get ahead...
Complete Beach Life aspiration.
Start on an empty lot with $100.
Marry the first adult sim to rate you 5 stars for a job.
Max the Fishing and Fabrication skills.
Your only friend is your spouse.
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brindletonboo · 21 hours ago
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okay, i know i’ve done a lot of lookbooks before, but i wasn’t really satisfied with what i made. so i’m planning to revamp my entire sim lookbook series. i’m starting with this one. i hope you like this! lmk what you guys think :)
jacket | pants | shoes | sunglasses | necklace | earrings
top | jeans | shoes | necklace
hat | shirt | shorts | boots | choker
top | skirt | stockings | boots | choker | earrings
thank you to all cc creators <3
@clumsyalienn @imvikai @serenity-cc @emmibouquet @arethabee @christopher067 @pralinesims @tunayegit @dallasgirl79 @enriques4 @simpai @eviesar 
@mmoutfitters @love4sims4 @maxismatchccworld @s4lookbookgallery @maxismatch4sims
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♬ When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love, love to explore that shore up above? Out of the sea Wish I could be Part of that world ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
𝐌𝐚𝐱𝐢𝐬 𝐌𝐢𝐱 𝐓𝐚𝐩𝐞 - A collab song
CG by @samssims collab with @milkivy 💕💕
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New Simb 🍂Autumn🍂
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astralsi · 23 hours ago
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trans sim thursday ... <3 @literalite
hello to another tst! here we have Raul and Xoriyo Zarazoga, a trans for trans married couple from Miami!! Raul is Chilean and Xoriyo is Somali, Raul was born in Miami and Xoriyo moved there after college, NYC just doesn't get enough sun in her opinion! they met via friends going clubbing and well... now they're married!
Raul is a quiet, peaceful soul. and a little socially awkward. he's the certified Hot Philosophy Professor at his university and is basically adored by all his students for his patience and nurturing attitude. He can be a bit shy at times, but he's incredibly kind and he makes the best coffee ever! Although his father doesn't acknowledge him, his mother and sister support him fully and he loves them dearly. He loves his wife's adventurous spirit and her ability to get him out of his shell! I'm in love with him so expect more edits <3 love my Adrien Brody rip off
Xoriyo moved to NYC with her parents at a young age but broke off ties with them after coming out. Her friend group in college became her true family. After graduating, she sought out sun and sea in Miami and is now teaching drama and modelling at a special boarding school for lgbtq+ youth. She's vibrant, loving and is a great mixologist. Her extroverted nature is a great match for shy Raul! i also love her so. more edits maybe !! the possibility w her 70s style...
anyways yah! also go check out this edit I did it took way too long and i want everyone to see it <3
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thesimnova · a day ago
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Ahoy there, Story Tellers!
Are you interested in telling a tale of the high seas? Is it full of romance and adventure or drama and mystery? Well now you can share it with your fellow Sims 4 Story Telling community with a whole new writing challenge! 
The Pirate and The Prince marks the beginning of a new series of monthly writing challenges, hosted by me. With these challenges you have total creative freedom! Be it a short story, a poem, or full length series, the only rule is that the story must revolve around the prompt.
Story Prompt:
This sims story is about the tale of a Pirate and a Prince. Any genre, any trope, anything goes! 
Submitting your story:
Please make sure to use the hashtag: #SIMS4WC and to tag: @thesimnova , so I can find your story easier. 
If you decide to share your story on other platforms other than Tumblr, just message me the link to your story.  {Tumblr - Insta - Patreon}
At the end of next month, I will make a collection of links to all your wonderful stories for easy browsing.
I hope this challenge inspires you to create beautiful sims and amazing stories! I am beyond excited to see what everyone comes up with! 
Check out these CC creators who can help get you started on your adventure!
[here] for @strangestorytellersims
[here] for @revolution-sims
[here] for @plazasims
[here] for @natalia-auditore
[here] for @remussims
[here] for @dansimsfantasy
[here] for @satterlly
[here] for @simverses
[here] for @lady-moriel
[here] for @nell-le
[here] for @softsimmer
[here] for @pralinesims
[here] for @sclub-privee
[here] for @thesensemedieval
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thebrixtons · 18 hours ago
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send help immediately pls. this posepack is too cute imma cry !!! @thedevilliers 💗
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simwithsparkles · a day ago
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Date Night; cocktail edition by @itsmariejanel x @moonsonnet
Thank you sosososo much for the tag @ladykendalsims  🥰 also thanks to @insanitytraitt for this amazing lot.
rules: basically you just put your sims in some cocktail clothing and show us, it can be your oc’s, your gameplay sims, whoever you want really! just have fun with it and take your own spin on this. tag #DNCE or #DNCE CHALLENE so we can see it.
I love how Jack’s face screams ‘I just wanna go home’ lol, he’s not even trying. Nina prefers sweatpants to high heels but when she does wear a dress, she goes extra 😎
I tag @astrasouls @simstrouble @veinsinneon @mysticmoon-s @ohhiplumbob @arcanewonder @sea-cross @sunsettsimss @slythersim @leafvy and anyone who hasn’t done this yet!
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thedevilliers · a day ago
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transcript under the cut ↓   𝐛𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 | 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 |
[AMELIA] It’s charming, especially with how the horse stables are coming along but I still think it’s too big for her to live alone. [OLIVER] No reason to worry, Christopher would keep her company.
[AMELIA] Oh, him. I suppose. [OLIVER] You can’t be annoyed at him when you were the one that suggested the idea for him to join Emilia. She didn’t ask you to do that.
[AMELIA] I’m always thinking on how to make her happy. Him staying for a little longer was an obvious choice. [OLIVER] Queen Helena was kind to give him permission to do so.
[AMELIA] She didn’t. I don’t think he’s aware of basic protocol, even one as simple as needing permission from a monarch before representing the crown.
[AMELIA] Hopefully he didn’t make the great Monacan queen upset too much, her platinum jubilee is one she must fantasize about. [OLIVER] Amelia.
[OLIVER] I’ve spend enough time with Christopher to know he’s quite charismatic. Very kind. Combined with Emilia, they’ll make a great combination. People will love them.
[AMELIA] You know better than anyone the public is not easily swayed. If he doesn’t try, Emilia will shine on her own and overshadow him completely. They wouldn’t accept him as a possible consort.
[OLIVER] He will try. [AMELIA] I’m looking forward to it then.
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orphyd · 19 hours ago
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After a goodbye hug from Kiko, he’s off to the beach to start this long ass fishing journey, apparently he thinks he can catch them by smouldering at them...
Not So Berry Challenge 2: Generation One (Onyx)
Knox Greenburg- Evil, Freegan, Slob
Master the fishing skill (1/10)
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