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scythesms · 2 days ago
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Dearest Mother,
I appreciate your correspondence. I find comfort in every letter you send, yet I remain in waiting of a response from Father. We have not exchanged word in over a year, if not passed through you. It feels I have been cast aside. I do not understand his silence. Is the distance between us the issue?
Enough sulking, I suppose. I fear it is developing into a habit… You say you want to hear more of Elijah? There is nothing I would rather do than boast about my sweet boy.
Lijah is well into his second year. Can you believe it? I am trying to. He eats twice his size, I swear it. Our food supply diminishes before my eyes. He and Isaiah are milking my energy dry. Speaking of his father, it is difficult to separate the two from one another. Lijah enjoys his time with me, yet I know he spends every moment waiting for his father to return from the school. Just yesterday, I busied myself with needlework while keeping a watch over Lijah on the porch, who tired himself out with his own creativity. I prepared to take him inside and it was as though he felt his father walking through the gate. He jumped out of my arms and into Isaiah’s. As much of a sight it was, it is I who carried him in my aching body for months… Correct? Never does he declare such delight during the time I tend to his needs from when I wake to when I lay. Is this what I deserve for favoring Father when I was a girl? I imagine another child would yearn my closeness...
I ask again, how are you and Father doing at home? You never reply to my requests upon returning for a visit. I want nothing more than for Elijah to meet his only grandparents. He will adore you, especially, I know it.
- Elyse
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shanisims · a day ago
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Possessedessa Pt. 2
Side Note: Odessa is dead. This is The Mother. Cleo THOUGHT she was helping. Nah, she was being set free.
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mellindi · a month ago
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She would never wear this in the story, but I wasn’t letting it go to waste, lol.
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wistfulpoltergeist · 23 days ago
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"Tell me a lie, pretty little lie So I could feel alive", I asked him when we met "I love you," he replied, And dropped me dead.
Music’s playing:
Poem by @goamazons
more these guys!
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tinysimmer · a month ago
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Meet the characters! Hansel and Gretel Version 🌾
It took me years to do this but it's finally hereee, a little biography of the characters below...
-Gretel: (ENFJ) she was the little girl of the family, the most beloved girl of dad... until well... until her stepmother appeared. Her real mother seriously ill after having her, so she doesn't remember her very well. After meeting the strange old lady from the candy house, she was the one who pushed her into the potion cauldron. Gretel is totally convinced that the old woman died in that cauldron and her father did not abandon her and her brother, she still thinks her father got lost in the woods and is waiting for them at their old house.
-Hansel: (INTJ) he’s the older brother (10 months older) he’s paranoid thanks to all the things that happened to him in his childhood. He HATES his father for what he did to them, but there are many things that he still does not understand like.. How many things has his father hidden from them? What if his stepmother was the one who organized this? And if so, has she done the same thing to his mother? Gretel killed the candy witch but there may be more witches in town, maybe it's safer not to stay home.
-Perry: (ENFP) is the younger brother, let's say the laziest and most childish of the three. When he was an toddler his mother married a strange man, he only appeared at home when it was a full moon. A year later his mother passed away. His older brother feared and hated that man, so one night on his 7th birthday his brother took him to his other brother and they ran away from home. They had to move several times because that man was looking for them in every house they went to, it was finally in Henford on Bagley that they could live in peace. His older brother knew a lot about carpentry so he created his own house, a house that today is the town's inn and bar.
-Olive: (ISFJ) The delivery girl. Her story is known all over Finchwick, but it's just rumours of course. Her mother was a writer and her father was a military man. After they both divorced, Olive's mother left her with her grandmother who was known for her delicious cakes and sweets. She always won first place in all the fairs! 
Maybe Being the delivery girl can be hard sometimes.. but for Olive it’s a way to see Dr. Warren without her grandmother finding out. Many people in town distrust him because he’s a bit lonely and stays away from everyone, only with his dogs But for Olive it is different..
-Pam: (ISFP) her life started after she met Geppetta, Geppetta didn't build her but even so Pam treats her as her mentor, as her family. She would like to explore the world but Geppeta won't let her because Pam's spell only lasts a few hours so she reverts back to a doll if she stays away from magical energy for a long time.
Noah: (INFP) The Dukies family is the richest in town, people say they are the perfect family, an example for other families. The father is the mayor of the town and the mother is known as the strongest woman after having quintuplets. All the babies were beautiful, except for that boy Noah... he was born with glassy eyes and skin too pale, he can't even spend much time in the sun. He’s totally different from his brothers, always hiding and spends his time crying in the bathroom at school. His mother says that he is in puberty.. but who knows?
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goamazons · 3 months ago
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In for a penny, in for a pound
Agnieszka dreamily: If you had to choose between the prettiest boy in our school and all the money I have, what would you take?
Hecta: And how much have you got?
Agnieszka looks into her purse: Um… only few pennies.
Hecta: I’d take the money.
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thealbionroyals · a month ago
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@bridgeportbritt @whitmoreroyals
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blissio · 4 months ago
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♡ please like or reblog if you’re an active simblr ♡
hey! i’m lia and my pronouns are she/her. i used to be @blissims back when i was 14 and super active in middle school and depressed. i’m 18 now, so it’s been like 4 years?? crazzyy. i’m in my first year of uni in a completely different country and i have way more time to be stressed and depressed so i’ve come back to fill in the void and distract me. 
i mainly do gameplay posts and i’m planning to post my postcards legacy playthrough this week so! should be fun! i love all the sims games, but i bought a new computer when i moved so i might only post sims 4 content for now! i also love making templates on photoshop for my simblr posts which i’ll occasionally post to download if i feel like it! i also play a bunch of other games like stardew valley, acnh, skyrim, etc. i obviously won’t post those as much (or at all) on this account but yk. 
anyways! obviously a bunch of people back then aren’t as active now so if you’re an active simblr or just a regular simmer then like or repost!  ꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱
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mangosimoothie · 12 days ago
The Bachelorette: Episode 1 - Welcome to the Show! 🌹
Welcome to The Bachelorette!! Our lovely bachelorette Aja McQueen is looking for the one, and one of these wonderful gentlemen might just be him. Before we move everyone into the Bachelorette mansion, let’s meet our cast. 
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Aja McQueen (Romantic, Competitive, Adventurous, Foodie) is an internet famous travel vlogger whose father created Schmapple, leaving her the heiress to a significant fortune. She’s not interested in being a socialite though - most of her attention goes to maintaining her personal brand and running her foundation Black Beauty Babies, a program for uplifting black girls in underprivileged communities, giving them the confidence and resources to be the bossest bitches they can be.
Tumblr media
X’irron Zoll (Goofball, Clubber, Cheerful) arrived on Earth a few days ago just to be on the show! He’s very curious and fascinated about Earthling customs - I guess you could call him a “weeb” for Earth. But he’s a little clueless having just arrived, which is understandable.
Tumblr media
Alanzo Padulano (Hot headed, ambitious, self assured) is a Chicago native and amassed an impressive fortune playing poker and through various “entrepreneurial investments” that he couldn’t go into detail about. 
Tumblr media
Darion (Bro, Athletic, Romantic) is a personal trainer from Baltimore, MD. When he’s not at the gym he’s managing his hundreds of thousands of followers on IG - who can resist a shirtless gym selfie? 
Tumblr media
Ryan Kato (Foodie, Snob, Perfectionist) is originally from Hawaii but now lives in New York, where he owns an upscale restaurant and bar (but he would call it a cocktail lounge, not just a bar.) 
Tumblr media
Zeke Byrd (Stoic, Art Lover, Worldly) is from Savannah, GA. Yoga instructor and professional trip sitter (yeah, you can hire people to do that) he says he is dedicated to finding inner peace and helping others reach it as well. 
Tumblr media
Cooper Tremblay (Good, Clumsy, Family Oriented) joins us from Ontario, Canada. He scares a little easy, but isn’t he just the cutest? Cooper works at his family owned shop selling Tremblay family maple syrup and crafts. He comes from a big, happy family and hopes to some day have one of his own.   
Tumblr media
Atticus Winthrop (Proper, Bookworm, Romantic) belongs to one of the oldest and most powerful vampire lineages in the Forgotten Hollow. Classy, refined, and a masterful poet, Atticus is confident he can woo any mortal he sets eyes on, and right now his eyes are set on Aja. 
Next week, everyone will move into the Bachelorette Mansion and begin the journey to finding true love with Aja! Who are you hoping will go all the way? 
Be sure to follow and get new episodes every Monday at 6pm PST
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ladychaos · 5 days ago
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The Morgan Family [cc-free]
~ Custom content (optional): Default Replacement: Shameless Eyes/Rosewater; default skinblend • Skin Details: Body Hair V5/Eyebag~
One ordinary day, Liv Morgan woke up and decided she was tired of working for other people. So she looked for a place to open her vet clinic, and found the perfect one in Windenburg. Her practice rapidly gained a great reputation, Liv being very good at her job and quite a charming person. A few years ago, a house nearby went on the market, so she bought it with her husband, Santiago, a mechanical engineer. They have three children together: Sonia, Camille and Lionel.
Liv Morgan • Adult
Pronouns: She/Her
Activity: Veterinarian / Owner of Liv’s Pawesome Vet Clinic
Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
Traits: Childish/Dog Lover/Good
Santiago Morgan • Adult
Pronouns: He/Him
Activity: Mechanical Engineer (7)
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Traits: Adventurous/Geek/Maker
Sonia Morgan • Teen
Pronouns: She/Her
Activity: High School Student (B)
Aspiration: Eco Inovator
Traits: Squeamish/Dog Lover
Camille Morgan • Child
Pronouns: She/Her
Activity: Grade School Student (A)
Aspiration: Social Butterfly
Traits: Goofball
Lionel Morgan • Toddler
Pronouns: He/Him
Traits: Inquisitive
Origin ID: LadyChaosWorlds
You can download 2 Provence Street here: [X]
You can download the Morgan Family here: [X]
💟 Please don’t re-upload. Please don’t share without credit.
~ Poses by Gladlypants, Katverse, Someone-Elsa and Ratboysims ~
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scythesms · 10 days ago
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Elyse’s final weeks of pregnancy were spent in serenity. Amid numerous forms of leisure, residing in the garden was always her first option. She enjoyed watching the sky whether it was clear or full of clouds, and she hoped her child felt as tranquil as she did in those moments. Eventually, the garden became the first place Isaiah searched when arriving home every day.
Their method for consuming time together entertained both parties with Isaiah’s treasured and heartfelt performances on the piano, each melody tailored specifically to Elyse’s liking.
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mellindi · 2 months ago
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I finally made a proper poster for Camilla’s story on the story masterlist. Check it out if you haven’t already. There are so many stories over there and everybody’s posters look so good!
Whenever I post “extra content” like this, I always add a little more info on my blog. If you’re interested in reading it, you can check it out here.
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wistfulpoltergeist · 6 months ago
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This gap between the two of us — A string of twisted thoughts, The mess of broken things. What have been and what have passed Are all that silence brings But not what my heart wants. ----------------------------------- Poem by @azena
Music’s playing:
More these guys!
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solunasimmer · 7 months ago
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So Tia Samantha finally had her babies? Which turned out to be twin girls holy cow. Two new family members into the Zenith family, which we haven’t had since Emerson. 
Welcome Salome Lucy and Santana Ruby <3
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tinysimmer · 3 months ago
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♬ When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love, love to explore that shore up above? Out of the sea Wish I could be Part of that world ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
𝐌𝐚𝐱𝐢𝐬 𝐌𝐢𝐱 𝐓𝐚𝐩𝐞 - A collab song
CG by @samssims collab with @milkivy 💕💕
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goamazons · 4 months ago
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“Ghosts aren’t real,” Agnieszka says as she lights a candle in my attic. Carmina peeks under the covered mess of broken furniture and blast-sneezes, sending a cloud of dust dancing in the air. “Of course, they are real,” I huff and place my bum on one of the old chairs. “What do you think you’ll do after you die?” “I’ll go straight to heaven,” Agnieszka murmurs, keeping an eye on the shimmering shadows cast by the candlelight. “I’d better go to hell,” Carmina beams. “If demons offer infinite pleasures, their homeland must be a treasure island!” “Nobody goes anywhere,” I state. “Your heavens and hells are right here, in this world. There is no another. We are haunt…” All of a sudden, the chair crushes under me. I flop on the floor, and we yell like freaking psychos.
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thealbionroyals · a month ago
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The Doomed Princess
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Albion Palace
Laptop Article:
Prince Henry of Stroud, the future King we need?
Today, at a visit with the diplomats of Shang Simla, our very own Prince Henry showed his true colours. He was gifted with an ornate vase, created from the potters in the Palace of Peace. However the Prince seemed to show distate and decided to accidentally drop the priced possession.  However we all know of Henry's temper, and so do the diplomats. The Prince was quick to release a statement of apology....
Elenor: So, he really isn't all that nice... I hope he's grown up from his teenage years. *She sighs softly, moving clothes into her suitcases* Well, it's not like I need to marry the man, just.. just see where it goes.
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sailor24love · a month ago
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Vacation render 
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thesimsblues · 8 months ago
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Town Hall, Newcrest. Rhodes Architecture meets with Mayor Sonya Spencer.
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scythesms · 4 days ago
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Dear Father,
I am pleased to inform you that your grandchild spent his first month happy and healthily. Our bundle of beauty enthralls Isaiah and I. Lijah can’t communicate all too well, but if there is one thing he certainly treasures, apart from feeding, it is the garden. We take him outside when he grows finicky and the breeze is forever enough to end his fits. Isaiah swears it my fault. I can only agree when considering the amount of time I spent residing by the garden’s statues with Lijah for nine months.
My emotions of recent are like none other. I cannot find words to express my love for this boy. I wonder if you and Mother felt as such when I was born. Will the protectiveness cease? I suppose it is my first month as a mother. I am still in recovery from being with child. Yet, it makes my stomach ache, the fear of this world taking him from me.
I received Mother’s letter this morning. She says you are pleased to hear I delivered a healthy child, and happier with the arrival of a grandson. I would be delighted to hear from you, just once. Even more so to set up a date for your and Elijah’s first introduction. I pray this letter finds you during a time well enough to write back. Do not forget to send it out. I recall your habit of doing so.
Yours Truly, Elyse
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