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sammyshuno · 2 days ago
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I am LOSING my MIND. 😂
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wa-royal-tea · 2 days ago
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HM King Alpheus I & HRH Crown Princess Raeliana
Thank u miss @thedevilliers​ for ze’ pose 😺
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maytaiii · 14 hours ago
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shanisims · a day ago
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The Formal Dinner 7/7
Wheww! Pamela ticked the last nerve Senior had with her talks of Britechester, savages, and disrespect towards Cleo because of his alumni. Wonder where she’s going to end up...
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aheathen-conceivably · 2 days ago
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With the profits from the summer harvest and the winnings from Florence’s prize money, Oliver and Florence were able to afford the cottage upgrade that they had dreamed of for almost a decade.
They built a large new addition on the side of the house for their new bedroom and a separate room for Isaiah above. This meant they could turn their old bedroom into a workroom that opened onto the outdoor garden. Outside, they added a small beekeeping area for Florence where the wild rabbits she befriended could live.
Perhaps most excitedly, they also got indoor plumbing! The new addition has two bathrooms. No one is as excited about this as me, since one, constantly broken outhouse was way over stretched with six sims ;)
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storiesbyjes2g · a day ago
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My head was in the clouds, and my feet hovered just above ground as I returned home. I really, really, really hate how we got to this place. I really do. But I'm glad we made it. I was in a drunken-like stupor until I reached my address. Even though I said I would deal with the consequences of the kids' feelings about us being together, I was still nervous about them finding out. Well...Luca finding out. Alessia seems to be on a mission to find out what exactly I do in my spare time, heh.
I opened the front door carefully, expecting them to be in the living room, and prepared for an attack. But they weren't there. I breathed the biggest sigh of relief and ran upstairs to change my clothes before they spotted me.
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Luca was in the kitchen doing homework, so I assumed Alessia was in her room doing hers. Is this new, older Alessia going to cut the cord? She's usually right up under him. Maybe she liked her room a lot. After dinner last night, I let them decide which bedrooms they wanted. Luca offered Alessia the bigger room with the bathroom since her old room was so tiny. But she chose the smaller room without a bathroom. She said she felt safer in there—whatever that meant. Sometimes, I worry about her. I'm not quite sure what it is, but she seems to be...paranoid about things sometimes. I'm probably just seeing things.
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Luca asked where I had been. I told him I was checking out the community center because I would start working from there. Hopefully, my answer satisfied him. I didn't need two sleuths on my trail.
I asked how he liked the house.
He looked around and nodded approvingly. "It's nice. I like it. Feels really big, but it's not."
"Good. I'm glad you like it. I can't wait until it warms up so we can get in the pool."
"Me too," he said.
Willow Creek spoiled me with its warm springs and falls. I would have broken out my shorts and flip flops by now.
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I finished my dinner and went to Alessia's room to check on her. She sounded a bit bummed when I asked how she fared. I thought it was something related to her friend, but she said she didn't like school. That sentiment sounded painfully familiar. I guess I didn't have to worry about putting either of them through university, though I would have gladly done it if they were interested.
"How do you like the house?" I asked.
"I like it."
"Are you comfortable in here?"
Oh boy. I guess she's in a mood. Just as I was getting up to leave, Tofu crawled from under the bed, looking and smelling like she'd been rolling in puddles again. Even though I know Alessia hasn't accepted her yet, I won't give up on our original plan. I want to connect with my daughter, and if taking care of a dog together was what she wanted, that's what we'll do. I haven't forced Tofu on her, but I think little nudges may help.
"Tofu needs a bath," I said. "Want me to show you how to do it?"
"I don't want that plumming dog in my room!"
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"Alessia!! Watch your mouth!"
I scooped up Tofu and held her close. "It's okay, sweetie. She's just having a bad day. I'm sure she loves you deep down."
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I took her to the bathtub, hoping one day Alessia would come around. I know she's upset about us not picking out a dog together, but this grudge she held against Tofu had gone on long enough. Did she intend to despise her forever?
"Even if she doesn't like you," I said to Tofu, "it'll be okay because when they leave, it'll be just you and me."
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fairefolked · 17 hours ago
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𝒓𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒆    /   episode 9.
beginning              |             prev.              |               next
please open some of the images in a new tab to read or transcript is under the cut
a pheata: pet or my pet
a stóirín: little treasure or my little treasure
some time later
(unintelligible, heavily slurred singing)
ciaran: looks like we've found a lost little lamb, you've wandered quite far haven't you, little one?
thistle: are youuuuu following me, sparky? cause that's a little bit creepy.
ciaran: just making sure you don't impale yourself on something sharp in your drunken state, a pheata.
thistle: did you just call me a fatty?
ciaran: now why would i do that? do i seem like i have a death wish?
thistle: wouldn't surprise me, the audacity some of you men have (giggling)
ciaran: a feisty one, aren't you, a pheata?
thistle: (exasperated sigh) there you go calling me a fatty again.
thistle: are you always this insulting with women you've just met?
ciaran: only the particularly drunk ones, but we could argue tomorrow when you're a wee bit sober that i'm being quite the opposite of insulting.
thistle: oh, so you plan on seeing me tomorrow? is this you trying to ask me out?
ciaran: no, a pheata. the party is winding down and the guests of honour have left, and as the only sober one present, it falls to me to babysit the silly little drunk girl who wandered off, before something terrible happens to her. these are dangerous times, little one.
ciaran: come on, i live nearby. you can have some water and then we'll call you a taxi.
thistle: (snarky) promise you won't take advantage of me?
ciaran: i swear on my ma's grave. i am a man of honour, a pheata.
ciaran: now, come on, take my hand. i don't live far. (smirks) we might get there tonight if we leave now.
thistle: admit it, you just want to hold my hand again. tough luck, sparky, i can walk by myself.
ciaran: (sarcastic) oh no, you caught me. truly though, suit yourself.
thistle: (trips and starts laughing hysterically)
ciaran: (mumbling under his breath) can walk by myself, my arse.
thistle: (gasping between cackles) what was that? what did you say?
ciaran: nothing at all, a stóirín.
ciaran: (softly) time to wake up, a pheata
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dariaendzhyel · 2 days ago
Вампирские будни
Vampire everyday life
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In seven days, Evening 22:38
Lilith: Come on!? Are you pregnant right?! Daria! I congratulate you!
Caleb: Isn't Vlad afraid of becoming a father?
Vlad: Why should I be afraid? I know we will be good parents!
Daria: He's not afraid, he's sooo happy. Every hour he reminds me that we will be parents.
Lilith: Do you already know who you will have?
Vlad: No, but tomorrow we are going for an ultrasound. They will have to say the gender of the child ... The birth is coming soon, Daria is completely calm, but I'm worried.
Daria: Vlad wants to be with me at the birth. I try to dissuade him, but it's useless!
Caleb: Do you seriously want to attend the birth? Believe me, this show is not for guys.
Vlad: Everything will be fine with me! I will go and this is my final decision.
Caleb: Yes, yes..
Daria: don't argue boys!
Vlad: Daria, everything is fine. I just answered Caleb. Don't worry.
Lilith: We've been staying at your place for some reason... It's already late, Daria must be very tired, and you Vlad too. So let's go...Congratulations again!
Daria: Thank you and good night.
Vlad: Why aren't you sleeping, my dear?
Daria: I'm waiting for you... Why are you going back and forth?
Vlad: I turned off the light and put out the candles ... Come on, let's go to bed. Tomorrow is an important day, you need to gain strength.
Vlad: Daria, have you thought about what name our baby will have?
Daria: No... We don't know the gender yet!
Vlad: Well, approximately. Maybe there are some options?
Daria: Hmmm. If a girl, then you can: Eva, Alice, Xenia, Bella, Abigail, Lara ...
Vlad: What about...Caroline? Caroline Stroud?
Daria: I like it. Daria: And if it's a boy?
Vlad: I don't even know... William, Vincent, Felix, Eric, Henry, Sammy, James...
Daria: I like Felix Stroud.. I don't know though. Doesn't sound..
Vlad: Let's think about it later? Now you need to sleep, good night, my Daria.
Daria: Good night, Vladdy.
The next day:
Doctor: Your baby is fine. Are there any complaints?
Daria: No.
Doctor: Very good.
Vlad: Can you find out the gender already? Doctor: Yes, you can... Hmmm. It seems the gender is female! Congratulations, you will have a girl!
Daria: That's great news, my dear!
Vlad: Yes, my dear.
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grimecreek · 2 days ago
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SECOND WORST: beginning | previous | next
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seaslugsims · a day ago
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beginning | previous | next
Dorothy: [exiting her bedroom]
Bobbie: Hey, I was beginning to wonder if you’d come out of there today.
D: … Ok.
B: Your outfit’s cute. You going somewhere?
D: Thanks, I am.
B: Awesome! [hesitant] Are you… okay?
D: Yeah... Please don’t try to pull the twin telepathy thing, please. It’s unnerving.
B: [nervous giggle] Sorry… Do you need a ride?
D: Nope. I’m okay.
B: If you do, can you call me?
D: [soft nod] Sure. Bye.
B: Bye.
D: [shutting front door behind her]
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sammyshuno · a day ago
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💝🔥  ℍ𝒆𝕒𝕋𝕨𝒶𝓥𝐞  😎🍓
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dynastiasims · 2 days ago
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Sai vs Fable
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nexility-sims · 2 days ago
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i made a header for these because ... so what, i’m having fun with it, there will be more !!!! additionally, why are they always doing sports stuff ?? boys are so silly, smh ... and beatriz ! i want the scene of her calling the premier a dumb motherfucker to his face, personally. she gives me a heaping tablespoon of lyndon b. johnson energy, is what i’m saying. this actually came from me thinking about what a “working royal” means in this world ... needless to say, i have thoughts.
Beatriz: That makes no sense to me. Cancel the meeting, or I’ll spend the time shouting at him—although, that would be fun. What do voters do except send me idiots?
Beatriz: What do you think, Leonor? Will you keep the luncheon with his wife? Leonor: I would like to, if that’s alright with you. She’s a better listener. Beatriz: It may be that you’re a better talker.
{Both shouting.} Germán: Cheater! That’s cheating!
Beatriz: What the hell is this?
Julián: I win. Again. Germán: By cheating, obviously... One more!
Julián: {the worst whisper you’ve ever heard} Mother Beatriz!
Leonor: This hall isn’t a playground. How old are you, again? Germán: To be fair, we were using it as a race track. Leonor: Dig the hole deeper, why don’t you? Mother Beatriz doesn’t have time for this.
Beatriz: Nothing that a bit of community service can’t fix. Shall we say hospital duty? Leonor will ensure your mothers are informed of where you’ll be every Saturday for the rest of the year. What is that, a dozen weeks? Easy.
Julián: Is she serious? Three months? Germán: Look on the bright side, dude. Hospitals have nurses.
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blue-hearts · 22 hours ago
Большие успехи в универе
Юан подает большие надежды. и даже больше.Успевает везде и во всем. и домашку делать. и на тренировки по футболу сходить, даже уже завел себе подружку, угу, угу...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Учиться ему нравится, сдает все на отлично, правда закончил 1 курс на 4( это потому что не сдал одну презентацию) но исправимся и будет 5 ,да же Юан?В футболе тоже тренируется так усердно что получил травму. но не сдается, но как зато он красиво смотрится с этим мячиком....
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
А в каком костюме ходит на лекции, отпад
Tumblr media
Но и в выходной он позвал на свидание Лилит, и у них прям понимания настали с первых минут общения, словно всю жизнь друг друга знали. и он подари ей розу...слишком романтично..
Tumblr media
А еще есть друг ,они вместе ходят на тренировки и грают в одной команде...
Tumblr media
Прогресс идет одним словом и я этому очень рада.
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shanisims · 2 days ago
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The Formal Dinner 4/?
Pamela’s History with Britechester can be traced back to her life in Windenberg as the daughter of the mayor. Pamela’s mother attended Britechester University, and she’d always held her mother in high regard. Becoming a Belle of Pearl and the whole “situation” between Pamela and Odessa, cemented Pamela’s belief that those of refinement and higher societal standards were only allowed to move forward in life. Foxbury coming forth muddled the waters and giving an opportunity to those that would not be able to attend University (due to exorbitant tuition rates) an opportunity at a higher education. Funny because Junior desires to attend Foxbury.
*Not tumblr rearranging my slides....*eye roll I fixed it
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aheathen-conceivably · 2 days ago
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Ever since moving to Henford, Florence had been submitting the farm’s chickens, eggs, crops, cows, and milk to the county fair with great success. During the 1907 summer season, Darlington Farm had their most impressive crop yield yet. Their harvest had sold for the highest dollar, but Florence kept behind one impressive watermelon for that year’s crop festival.
The day of the festival was a sunny, warm Saturday, the final day before fall, so the whole family walked over to the fair and submitted the prized watermelon. After admiring their entry, everyone wandered throughout the fairgrounds, admiring the other crops and conversing with friends while they waited to be judged.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Webbers were present, and Virginia spent all of her time exploring the alleyways and running through the gardens with Wallace. Zelda trailed behind them quietly, wide-eyed and excited.
Florence and Elaine settled into the center of the fair, to watch the other townspeople walk by and answer questions about their crops. Isaiah, barely three and a new shade of wild, strained on his mother’s lap until she finally let him run free through the fairgrounds. Oliver and Joseph had been chosen as judges for the fair so they wandered amongst the crops and the pies, frequently stopping to swoop down and pick up Isaiah when he had run too far.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rosella had wandered off right after they had submitted their watermelon. At fifteen she was given a healthy amount of freedom, and she had no intention of staying at this wretched fair. So she sat in the town square, staring into shop windows, until Bertie found her there and lead her to the nearby river to go cloud gazing with him.
As the sun began to set, the other children made their way back to the square to see their mother win first prize. But Ella was still sitting by the river with Bertie, lulled into meandering daydreams by the sound of the waterfall. Enraptured in her own imaginings, she was blissfully unaware of her family’s excitement or Bertie’s pining glances and futile attempts to get her attention.
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queeniecook · 2 days ago
January 4
It had been interesting having Caleb walking around Forgotten Hollow. James couldn’t come and go as he pleased. He doesn’t worry about Lilith so much, since she is busy training her recently turned lover.
Naturally, James found ways to pass the time and relieve stress.
Tumblr media
There’s perks to having his wife with him.
Tumblr media
Count Straud on the other hand wishes someone would come along and stake him. He spends his nights and days either at his organ or in his coffin. He tells himself everything passes with time and he has to remember why he is putting up with two vampires he didn’t sire and warlock.
Tumblr media
Since it is safe, James takes his wife outside for a little walk around the massive grounds of the Straud estate.
“I know you want to see your sister, but it’s not time yet.” James tells his wife, turning to look at her.
“But she is so close, James.” His wife tells him, frowning “I’ve never gotten to meet her all this time.”
James nods his head, trying to play his part of sympathetic husband. Since his wife and her sister, well half-sister, were born many years apart – they had never met one another. James moves, to continue their walk. Thankfully, his wife follows his cue.
Tumblr media
For a few moments that is. James’ wife doesn’t understand why she can’t meet her sister. The younger female isn’t even human anymore, she’s a vampire. It makes her want to meet her little sister even more. It’s something they can bond over.
“I really don’t understand what the hold up is.” James’ wife tells her husband bluntly.
James feels rage well up inside of him as she questions him, but he’s gotten very good at stamping out his anger over the years. “The timing isn’t right. There’s a lot at play here, not just you and your sister.”
That’s the answer she gets about everytime she brings this topic up. She’s starting to get tired of it. More than once she’s considered sneaking out and going to her sister’s home. The only thing stopping her is that she feels she owes James for all that he’s done for her.
Tumblr media
She changes the subject, noticing the pout on James’ lips hasn’t gone away. That’s his tell that he’s annoyed.
“That’s an odd name on a tombstone.” She points at the stone next to them. “Miss Hell.”
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dariaendzhyel · 15 hours ago
Сейчас, вы увидите, как Влад пытается услышать своего ребёнка!(Да, звучит странно...)
Now, you will see how Vlad is trying to hear his child! (Yes, it sounds strange...)
Tumblr media
Daria: Do you hear anything?
Vlad: Yes...She kicked!... My girl! I'm sure she will be the happiest child in the world! After all, she has such magnificent parents! .. Again! She kicked again!
Daria: I told you that you won't be torn off my stomach...
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thesimsbaddiee · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Includes 7 Swatches!
Original Mesh!
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pacosims · 22 days ago
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Office Dream
Apple iMac 2022 (Functional)
Original Colors & Med Poly 
Chabby Work Chair
Med poly & 5 Color
Desktop Calendar & Workdesk 
Med Poly
Welcome June! First post this month. Today I will share 1 more Functional Cc. Love... Thanks For Supporting me ♥
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