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gaybuckybarnes · 2 days ago
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Working Out with Simu Liu
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lunamyangel · 20 hours ago
in defense of simu liu with context
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luna-writes-stuff · a day ago
Exhaustion, Xu Shangqi
For those of you who have yet to watch Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings; please go. It’s an amazing movie and cinematically beautiful! It’s most definitely in my top three favorite marvel movies at the moment. If you have the opportunity to watch it, I truly recommend it!
Fanfic, female reader
Fluff, spoiler-free
Tw: Kisses? Exhausted reader (overworking), near burn-out, passing out from exhaustion, getting clothed (but it’s not sexual), one (1) innuendo.
Summary: For days you have been working for extra hours, but the exhaustion of it has finally started to sink in for you. Upon finding you passed out in your bedroom one night, Shang-Chi takes care of you and makes sure you take a break.
Tumblr media
Work had been specifically tiring today. You had already arrived two hours earlier upon request from your boss, but when a colleague was struggling with times to pick up her children from school, you had kindly offered to take her shift too - which lasted four hours longer than your original one, excluding the hours your boss made you work extra.
As you had arrived home, you had ordered a single pizza for yourself, planning on eating it in bed. Shang-Chi was going out with Katy tonight. He had offered for you to come too, but you had politely declined, claiming you needed some rest. And that had not been a complete lie. You had been exhausted for a couple days; your boyfriend had nearly forced you to take days off, yet you were too kind to take days off when they were not for medical reasons.
So there you sat, in your bed, eating a nearly cold pizza whilst fighting to urge to fall asleep with the box on your lap. The tv had been turned on in the background, but your attention had no longer been on the screen. It had been on the text message your boss had just sent you, asking you if you could come in earlier tomorrow again. And for once, you did not feel like replying. You knew you needed to refuse in order to spare yourself, but the extra money it would give you was tempting. And you had not been particularly good in saying no. You just left the text unread, promising yourself to respond to it before going to sleep. It would be a problem for later.
But later was not two or three hours; it had been ten minutes. The second you threw the left over pizza in the fridge and your back hit the mattress, you passed out. You can’t remember whether you left the tv on or not, or whether your switched the lights off. Everything slipped your mind as your vision slowly grew black. Yet, instead of panicking or standing up, you let it consume you. You knew sleep was much needed and with those extra hours you had been working, a form of relaxation was hard to come by. So you just lay there, and hoped to stay there for the entire night.
“Babe?” A voice suddenly called out. It had been soft, nearly whispered, but you heard it. A warm hand made its way to your bicep, slowly awakening you.
“Are you okay?” The voice asked. Your eyes slowly opened, trying to focus on anything in the room. It had been pitch dark, the only source of light coming from the power button on the tv in the distance. But the voice was familiar, almost welcoming.
You let out a tired hum in response, turning towards the person. Shang-Chi was kneeling beside the bed, one hand holding yours as the other softly stroked your forehead.
“Are you okay?” He repeated, searching your eyes in an almost worried manner. You frowned at his words, not understanding his worry. In truth; you had forgotten how you ended up here. Everything after you had arrived home came to you in a confusing blur.
“I think I passed out.” You concluded in a mumble, though you did not sound nearly as worried as him.
Shang-Chi quickly put on the nightlight beside your head, making you close your eyes at the sudden brightness, covering the with your arm, knocking away his hand.
“Sorry.” He whispered, though he did not switch off the light.
“Well, it would explain why you are still in your working clothes and not in your pajamas.” He offered, standing up and sitting down on the empty space next to you.
“You’re taking tomorrow off. I’ll talk to your boss, I’m sure he’ll understand.” Shang-Chi concluded, rubbing your arm in a loving manner before grabbing your phone.
You had nothing to hide from him, so instead of trying to fight it, you just let him. Half of you wasn’t even sure whether you were still dreaming or not, so you saw no point in resisting.
“He asked you to work earlier again?” He mumbled in a disbelieving manner.
“That’s what I forgot.” You mumbled to yourself, now turning your back on him to try and catch up on your sleep again.
“I hope you’re not planning in sleeping in those clothes.” Your boyfriend warned.
Instead of giving him a verbal answer, you lazily threw your arm over your shoulder, trying to hit him but miserably failing.
“I’m too tired to change.” You defended, grabbing hold of the pillow your hand landed on and cuddling into it tightly.
A moment of silence was followed after that, the only noise being heard was he sound of a text message being sent. The wave of exhaustion hit you again, nearly drifting you off back to sleep. That was, until you felt your socks being removed from your feet. You quickly drew them back in reflex, having seen too many horror movies.
“Relax, it’s just me.” Shang-Chi answered, the bed dipping slightly, indicating he had been seated next to you again.
“If you won’t change yourself, I will.” He said, half of it sounding like a joke, but you couldn’t care less.
“Be my guest.” You answered, straightening your legs out.
A low chuckle was heard from beside you as your socks finally left your feet, your pants following closely behind. With great effort - and zero aid from you - a pair of jogging pants had been slipped on instead.
After a moment of hesitation from his side, Shang-Chi placed his arms under yours, helping you up in a sitting position and letting your back rest against his chest. Still, you made no move to help, and kept your eyes shut in content.
His hands slowly found the buttons of your blouse, carefully opening them, trying desperately not to rip one of or make the wrong move and touch your bare skin instead.
“Would this be under any other circumstances, this would be hot.” He jokingly remarked.
“Ssshh, I’m trying to sleep.” You whispered, resting your head against his chest, simultaneously making him take on more of your weight.
It did not seem to bother him, though. He kept on working on your blouse, immediately stopping when he reached the last button.
“You’re not wearing a bra.” He spoke, nearly sounding confused.
“I took that monstrosity off the second I set foot into this apartment.” You explained, reaching for the sides of your blouse and throwing it off, your eyes still not opening.
You did not seem bothered by the fact that you basically were laying on top of Shang-Chi, your upper half completely naked. And neither did he. You were too exhausted to care and he was too worried to say anything about it. Instead; he grabbed the shirt from under your pillow and threw it on for you.
As you finally found yourself in your pajamas, Shang-Chi gently tucked you in, making sure your shirt was not wrinkling so it would annoy you when you were asleep (he takes great care in noticing small details about things like that).
After he made sure you were content and safe, he threw on his own sleeping clothes, folding yours and his clothes neatly and stacking it on top of the nightstand. He’d take care of it tomorrow. For now, sleep was more important.
Switching off the small light, he crawled into bed beside you, the blankets shifting only a little, though you knew you’d have lost them by the time you woke up. In his sleep he always manages to knock the blanket off of the bed so neither of you will have anything to cover yourselves up with.
His arms lovingly made their way around your waist, pulling you into his chest once again, spooning you tightly, yet not tight enough to suffocate you. Your legs both entangled as one of your hands found his, resting on top of it as a form of satisfaction. A soft kiss made its way to the top of your head, making you smile slightly.
“Don’t pass out again, please.” Shang-Chi mumbled into your hair, stroking your hand in affection.
“I won’t.” You answered, bringing his hand to your lips and kissing it in return. Your lips lingered for a while, the familiar light feeling in your stomach returning. Even after so many times of laying next to each other, he would still have this effect on you, and the thought of it made you more excited than anything.
As your lips left his hand, he gently squeezed your hand, holding it closer to himself. In this movement, you felt him shift lightly, now holding you just a bit tighter than he had before.
“Sweet dreams, darling.” He quietly bid, resting his head on top of yours, before closing his eyes.
“Goodnight, my love.” You returned, snuggling into his hand, letting sleep finally consume you once more.
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theavengers · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Which emojis would you use to describe the character Shang-Chi? Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi Stars Play the Emoji Game!
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slytherinsjennie · a day ago
The Simu Liu situation just proves people are desperate to cancel anyone, they see an Asian man hit big in the acting industry for the first time since forever and try to make him sink!
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bugboyandtomatoman · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Highly recommend reading this thread in regards to the Simu situation.
Long story short: everything was taken out of context and made to look worse than it actually is.
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sherlockspeare · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Shang Chi: No no no, kid! That’s not how you do stock photos!
In which Marvel’s poorest heroes try to earn 100 dollars a day by doing stock photos too. (And Doctor Strange is not even allowed there - he’s making other people nervous - but he’s trying to get in anyway)
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theonewiththefanfics · 22 hours ago
Home (one-shot)
Synopsis: for a while Y/N Stark has been together with Shang-Chi. They bask in one another’s love, and couldn’t imagine a life without them. But when Y/N is called on a mission, some feelings are rethought, and could change the course of their relationship forever.
Pairing: Shang-Chi x f!Avenger!Reader
Genre: fluff, angst
Warnings: Set after the events of the movie so BEWARE OF SPOILERS, blood, injuries, swearing, mentions of death, the usual you’ve come to expect from me. If there is anything else, please do let me know :)
Word count: 5150
I am nothing but a simp for this man. If you haven’t seen Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, do it! It’s so good! 100% in the top 5 favourite Marvel movies of all time! Simu Liu is a god!!!
Tumblr media
Life had a funny way of turning itself upside down. The first time it’d happened for Y/N was when her mom had put her in a car at the age of six telling her they’d be going on a road trip, but instead, she’d left her at the doors of a mansion in California.           Turned out it was the house of the one and only Tony Stark. Her mom had left a note in the pocket of her coat, claiming she was the product of their one-night stand. Now, Y/N knew it was a lie, but Tony had taken her in. He’d raised her and treated her as if she was his own, so when he’d gotten taken by the Ten Rings, it had shattered her world. That was the first time, she became aware of her powers, as an earthquake rippled all across the continent. She wished she could say the Ten Rings were the end of it, the betrayal of Obadiah a conclusion, but no. There came more and more villains, in a never ending stream, not only from Earth, but from outer space, beings claiming to be gods, wanting to put their rule on others or wipe half the universe out. But funnily enough, how she ended up in the arms of the man who was the son of the creator of the same terrorist organization who’d kidnapped her dad, who’d started it all, was beyond Y/N, but she wasn’t complaining. At that point, after everything she’d been through, Shang-Chi was the only thing that made sense.
          Sun was streaming in through the small first-floor window, golden rays cascading over their bodies. Shang-Chi’s soft snores invaded her ears, and his strong heartbeat echoed her own. A pleasant soreness had spread throughout her body, a little reminded of their escapades during the night. A small smile erupted on her face as she recalled his head between her legs and many more positions they’d been in.           “Don’t,” Shang-Chi groaned, tightening his hold on her before mumbling something in Y/N’s Y/H/C hair she couldn’t quite discern.           Gently she laid her palm on his chest, tracing invisible love confessions on his skin. “Come again?”           This time it was him who grinned. “I did,” he said, and received a smack on his peck, but he just chuckled. “I meant don’t wake up. It’s too early. And it’s a Saturday. Let’s sleep in, let’s cuddle the whole day away.”           Y/N sighed, relaxing her body against his, and closed her eyes. “Wish I could. But the world won’t save itself. Besides, don’t you have the evening shift with Katy?” Despite him having become a literal Avenger alongside her, he still retained his day job, and Y/N’s day job hadn’t changed since she’d snuck into the tower while Loki was trying to take over New York and flung him out of the window with her powers, a green cape the only thing left on the floor where she’d accidentally stepped on it.           Shang-Chi sighed and moved them in a position he could better look at Y/N, better appreciate the girl in his arms. “But can’t you like, let this one get handled by Spider-man or the Hulk? We could go to karaoke or something.” He gently traced the outline of her lips with his thumb. “We haven’t had a date night in ages.”           “I know,” Y/N said, and pressed a kiss to the pad of his thumb. “But I promised to take part in this one. Sam and Buck are counting on me.”           Her boyfriend nodded, but his eyebrows were furrowed. She and Bucky had… history. He knew only bits and pieces, and honestly, Shang-Chi wasn’t sure he’d stay level-headed enough while hearing the whole truth, so he was content knowing just the bits Y/N had deigned important enough to share. “Hey, look at me.” Her fingers gently gripped his chin, and Shang-Chi’s eyes finally met hers. “You’re the only one I’ve ever let in the kitchen with me while I’ve been making food. That means we’re practically married.” It was like she could read his mind, easing his anxieties just when he needed.           A brilliant smile erupted on his face. “Does it?”           “Yeah.” She smiled, cupping his cheek. “In my book, if I’m not throwing you out of the room while cooking, it means that’s it. You’re done. I have laid my claim, and you have no chance of escaping. ”           Shang-Chi hummed, leaning into Y/N’s touch. “Honestly – never been happier to be a hostage.”           “A hostage?” Y/N quirked a brow. “It seems to me in this relationship, I’ve been the only one that’s gotten tied up.”           “Hey!” His fingers dug into her sides, making her shriek and cackle. “You know I’m more than happy to try out whatever the hell you want. But I do draw a line at fire.”           “Damn.” She dropped her head to his chest as if in defeat. “And here goes my plans of lighting your hair on fire.”           “You wouldn’t dare harm these luscious locks!”           And that’s how the rest of their morning went. Bantering and kissing, groaning as the other got out of the bed and tried to pull them with, Y/N becoming a koala bear hanging onto his back as Shang-Chi made them quick breakfast, and sitting in his lap, as they enjoyed it while in bed. After that, they got ready in comfortable silence, Y/N packing Shang-Chi’s duffle bag, which he always allowed her to use, as most of her stuff was in the New York Avenger’s tower, and she left a copy of her suit at this place just in case. Katy had texted him a bit earlier to ask if he wanted to get lunch together, but before that he’d decided to run a few errands.           “Suit, gloves, shoes,” Y/N was muttering underneath her breath as she listed off the things she’d need for the mission.           “Don’t forget the first aid kit,” Shang-Chi shouted from the small bathroom, toothbrush still in his mouth. Even though he couldn’t see it, she gave him a thumbs-up, and placed a comm inside her ear, just so she wouldn’t forget it. One time she had while on a mission in the Amazonian jungle, and none of her teammates could contact her after getting separated. It took Steve and Wanda three days before they located her passed out from under some bushes and covered in mud.           “I left it in the bag,” she’d mumbled as Steve had carried her back to the jet, her body dehydrated and tired with a deep gash along her thigh. “`S not my fault that thing’s so tiny I wouldn’t feel it even if I put it up my ass.”           Patting herself down one last time to make sure she had her phone and keys, Y/N slung the bag across her shoulder. “We’re thinking it’ll take about a week tops, but I’ll let you know through F.R.I.D.A.Y if anything changes.” She’d wrapped her around Shang-Chi’s neck, who’d watched with a kicked-puppy look the last of Y/N’s packing. “And please don’t worry about me. I’ve done this like a bajillion times.”           “I always worry.” He pouted even harder. “Kind of in the job description of being a husband.”           Y/N’s fingers trailed up the line of buttons, and she had to suppress a grin when a shudder went down his whole body. “And I kind of like the sound of that.”           “Of what? Me actually worrying about you?”           “No.” She bit the inside of her cheek. “Of you calling yourself my husband. I like it a lot actually.”           That made a certain silence settle between them, as both of them mulled over the words said. Neither could say they hadn’t thought of where their future would take, but with Shang-Chi learning how to be an Avenger, and Y/N not ready to give it up as her full-time work, it left certain things unsaid, especially if they got married.           “What if – what if when you get back, we actually do it?”           Y/N looked up so fast her head almost knocked against Shang-Chi’s nose and that would definitely have been a disaster. She’d broken Clint’s nose once while both of them were doing the ‘Bend and Snap’, and she didn’t want to repeat history. Noses could bleed so much. “What do you mean?”           Shang-Chi let out a breath and took her smaller hands in his. He loved just how perfectly they fit together. “When you come back from the mission, let’s get married.”           “Are –,” Y/N was absolutely speechless, mind going a mile a minute. “Are you proposing?”           “Very badly, but, yes.” He let out a deep breath before pressing his forehead to hers. “Marry me. Give me the honour of being your husband. I’ve been looking at this one ring, and I’ve been saving up for it. I almost have enough to -,” but he didn’t get a chance to finish when Y/N’s lips on his stopped his ramblings.           “Is…” Shang-Chi was breathless, but not willing to open his eyes, hoping that what the kiss meant wouldn’t evaporate if he did. “Is that a yes?”           “It’s an `I don’t need a ring, to want to spend the rest of my life with you`. It’s a `yes` a million times over.”           He could cry. He was pretty sure he was crying, as Y/N’s hands cupped his cheeks and her calloused thumbs wiped under his eyes. Instinctively he kissed the tops of her hands.           “I’ll get that ring while you’re on the mission.” He finally opened his eyes to see Y/N’s so full of love, he almost choked.           “Shang-Chi…”           “No.” He shook his head. “I’ll get that ring, and when you come back, I’ll make us dinner, I’ll romance the shit out of you, and then I’ll – I’ll do it properly.”           “I can’t talk you into just making me some Pho and giving me a massage can I?”           “Absolutely not,” he chuckled, pressing his forehead to hers, and then lowering his voice. “I’ll propose how I should’ve. The way you deserve to be proposed to.”           Y/N sighed, relishing in the moment. “Well, then I guess, I’ll have to kick some Hydra ass as quick as possible.”           “Yes. You. Will.” Each word was accentuated by a kiss.           Y/N let out a content sigh as she relished in the kisses given to her. Shang-Chi definitely knew how to make it impossible for her to leave, but gave more reasons for her to return. She had to physically push him away and create an arm’s length distance between them, otherwise, she would’ve ripped off his clothes just like the previous evening.           “World… ending,” she panted, pointing at the door behind her, but shamelessly raking her gaze over his kiss-swollen lips and the shirt buttons she’d unconsciously opened. “I – go.”           “Yeah, yeah.” He raked a hand through his hair, nodding and biting his lower lip. “Yeah, you do that. Go – umm – save it and stuff.”           “Okay. Cool. I’ll see you in – in a week.”           Shang-Chi hummed. “See you in a week. I – uh – I love you.”           Y/N’s heart slowed into a steady thrum. When she’d been with Bucky, whenever he’d said that, it’d made her heart race, her body alight with desire, but when she was with Shang-Chi, whenever he muttered those words she couldn’t get enough, was when she realized what truly was like to be in love. It was serenity. The assuredness of the feelings and of your own. Security of having a home to come to. A slow, steady beat you knew wouldn’t falter.           “I love you too.”           His smile was the last thing she saw before the door closed, and she had to focus on saving the world once again, but god, could she care less about it when she had Shang-Chi to get back to.
          Shang-Chi was a light sleeper, but even a lighter one when Y/N was away. Despite her being one of the heirs to the Stark empire, and a literal billionaire, she’d always smile as if entering paradise when coming back to his dingy refurbished garage apartment. The first time he’d invited her over, he’d apologized a million times, feeling as though the date had been not up to her standards at all, as all he could afford was to take her out bowling, and she deserved fancier, so his apartment being the size of a shoebox, made him want to crawl in a hole, but Y/N had just shaken her head and pulled his mouth down to hers. He’d practically melted against hers.           “I wouldn’t care if you lived in the basement of Katy’s parent’s apartment. It’s not what makes a home.” She hadn’t elaborated on that, and he couldn’t ask more as her lips moved against his and all rational thought slipped away, nimble fingers unbuttoning his shirt.           Now he understood though – Y/N was his home, so when the safety and warmth were taken away by her literally putting her life on the line, it was hard to feel content, especially when it’d been close to three weeks now since she’d been gone, with a single check-in from F.R.I.D.A.Y announcing they had to go `under the grid`, he could barely get any sleep. It’s why he was up at three AM by the small stove, cooking himself some dim-sum and then some to freeze for a later time, fingers expertly pleating each little dumping closed with the gentleness of a butterfly’s wings flap.           He was just about to start placing them in the steamer, when hushed voices just outside the flat, took his attention. Shang-Chi could discern there were two of them, two men from the low baritone tones, but there were more than two pairs of feet, as something in between the steps was dragging along the ground, but would take a step from time to time. Then what only could be a person thudded against his door, before keys jingled and it was unlocked.           Shang-Chi’s body was overcome with relief as they opened, immediately recognizing his love’s stealth suit, but it was short-lived when Y/N stumbled in, half dragged by the one and only Captain America and Bucky Barnes, the left side of her suit ripped to shreds and bleeding profusely.           For just a second, he was too stunned to move, to breathe or even think, but as Y/N got caught behind the leg of a chair, Shang-Chi was brought back to the horrible reality and sprang into action. Arms went under her own, and Y/N pretty much sagged against his chest, a pained whimper escaping her lips.           “We were going to the tower when she literally rewrote F.R.I.D.A.Y.`s code to bring her here.” Bucky sighed as Sam rushed into the flat without so much so as a `hello` and went to the faucet filling up a kettle and putting it to boil, before rushing to the bathroom and coming back with towels. “Yes,” Sam said through gritted teeth as he helped Shang-Chi adjust Y/N on the bed. “And then she promptly passed out. I don’t have clearance yet to override a Stark’s command. Asshole.” He threw Y/N a pissed off look, who just groaned as Shang-Chi was trying to unzip her clothes. You couldn’t just cut through them, but at the same time, the zipper was so caked with mud, debris and blood, it’d gotten stuck.           “Off,” she mumbled, hitting Sam’s arm.           “He’s trying, Y/N/N. It’s just stuck.”           “No,” she shook her head. “Shoes. Off. Can’t come inside the house with shoes. ‘S rude.”  The last bit was slurred and almost incomprehensible.           “Love, I really don’t care about that right now,” Shang-Chi said, voice trembling a bit, as finally, he got the suit open, but he wished he could close it back up. Broken ribs were sticking out through the skin, black blotches of clear internal bleeding so big they covered half of her chest and then some, but what was worse was the blood. So much blood, he was shocked she was still conscious. He was terrified to know how much she’d already lost.           Y/N furrowed her brows, and made a little flick of her hand, throwing Sam on his ass, and he scoffed, while she grumbled. “Shoes – off!”           Sam was furious by that point, as he pretty much ripped off his combat boots. “What the hell is wrong with you, Starks! You’re literally dying right now, and your concern is shoes?”           “Shoes!” she grumbled, not backing down, despite Bucky by her side with a bowl of steaming hot water and dipping the towels into it.           “This is going to hurt a lot, so you’ll have to hold her down,” Bucky instructed, and Shang-Chi nodded, as he and Sam both got ready to keep Y/N on the bed, the latter of the men, sitting down atop her thighs, while he himself wrapped a strong arm around her collarbone.           The second the towel touched Y/N’s skin, her back arched up as a scream ripped out from her throat and things went flying in the apartment as her powers flared up in protest, trying to protect her body from the pain. Shang-Chi’s heart broke at the sound. He’d never heard her like that, not even when his father had obscured her powers with the Ten Rings and had let Death Dealer torture her to get information as to what Shang-Chi or Xialing had told her, nor when she faced off with the Dweller in Darkness, one of it’s massive claws ripping through her shoulder.           “It’s alright,” he whispered in Y/N’s ear, as Bucky removed pieces of stone, and glass, and broken off bone that couldn’t remain in her body. “I’ve got you, love. I’ll always have you.”           A sob escaped Y/N’s mouth, her whole body shuddering in pain, but it seemed like his words were all she needed; his presence enough to calm her, as things around them slowly dropped to the floor, and her frame relaxed as much as it could to let Bucky finish off the job, with minimal movement from her part.           By the time Bucky had managed to stitch up the last of the wounds, it was already close to five AM, and Y/N had promptly passed out the second the last wrapping was wrapped around her torso. Like covering a sleeping princess, Shang-Chi had laid their blanket over her, tucking it in.           “What happened?” His voice was hoarse with unshed tears. He hated the pallor that’d come over her skin from the blood loss. It reminded him too much of what his mother and father looked like after they’d died. Shang-Chi closed his hand around her wrist and pressed a finger to the inside of it. Slow, steady thuds responded, so he focused on that.           Sam had grabbed a glass of water and had leaned against the kitchen counter. “She got caught in a trap. Was in a room that was lined with explosives. She tried to go through the window, but shrapnel caught her side and not only that, but she took a nasty fall on some rubble, ripping everything open.”           Bile rose in Shang-Chi’s throat, but he pressed it down.           “By the time we got to her, she was up and at it,” Sam continued. “Girl tried to hide a hole in her stomach like we wouldn’t notice. Had to fight her to let me see what was wrong in the first place.”           Shang-Chi shook his head. That sounded concerningly like Y/N, but he couldn’t say much. He was just thankful she was back with him, as he settled down on the edge of the bed and took one of her hands in his palm, rubbing his thumb over her bruised knuckles.           “Is there a shower or a bath we could use?” Sam asked, after picking up the bloodied rags and taking the red-stained bowl of water.           “Uh, yeah.” Shang-Chi nodded and gestured to the single other door in the flat. “There should be enough water for both of you. Please. Use anything you’d like.”           Sam nodded. “Thanks, man. I’ll be quick.”           When the bathroom door locked, it left him and Bucky all alone, an uncomfortable silence settling over the two.           “Coffee? Tea?” Shang-Chi offered, trying to break the tension in the room. “I have some dim-sum on – oh, shit!” Shang-Chi jumped up from the side of the bed. “The dim-sum!”           “Don’t worry.” Bucky waved a hand and then dragged it across his face, exhaustion clearly evident on his features. “Turned the stove off when I went to pour the water.”           “Oh. Thank you.”           Bucky just hummed and nodded, not letting his gaze off Y/N. Shang-Chi wanted to tell him to stop, to not look at her the way he looked at her. But he couldn’t because Shang-Chi more than most understood what it was to love her and how big of a privilege it was to be loved by her.           “Don’t waste it,” Bucky mumbled           Shang-Chi’s eyes flitting back from Y/N’s sleeping form to be met with an ice-blue gaze. “What?”           “The chance you’ve got with her.” Bucky swallowed looking at the unconscious girl lying in the bed. “`Cause I did, and I’ve never regretted something more in my life. And I’ve done a lot of regrettable things. So,” he cleared his throat and stood up, brushing off some dirt and going to the bathroom right as Sam came out of it, steam rising behind. “Don’t waste it.”           The Captain’s gaze went back and forth between Shang-Chi and the door Bucky had disappeared behind, before settling on Y/N. He didn’t say anything. He understood, and he understood it needed to stay between them.           “Thank you.” Sam lifted his jacket from the floor and threw it over his arm. Despite it being October and quite chilly, it was too filthy to put on. “If she gets any worse, do take her to a hospital no matter what she says, but F.R.I.D.A.Y’s pretty sure, Y/N will do all the healing on her own, so just – rest. A lot of it.”           Shang-Chi nodded and sighed. “Don’t worry. I’ll tie her to the bed if I have to.”           Sam snorted at that and nodded. “That girl wouldn’t know any good if it kicked her in the face, but…” He bit his lip and looked at the other man. “But I think this time, she did. And I’m glad she grabbed you by the hand and didn’t let go. Someone who clearly loves her as much as you is the least she deserves.”           Shang-Chi’s throat closed up, and all he could do was give an appreciative nod. “It’s uh, it’s the least I can give.”           Sam patted him on the shoulder, before leaning down and giving Y/N a kiss on the forehead. “Take care of her.”           “I will.” That was a promise Shang-Chi had no plans on ever breaking.           Quietly Sam picked up his stuff and exited from the flat, but it seemed that even the gentle closing of the door was enough to awaken Y/N, Y/E/C eyes blearily blinking, trying to adjust to the light of the room.           “Hey,” Shang-Chi cooed, pushing away some strands of hair that’d gotten stuck to her face from all the sweat and blood. He’d cleaned her up as best as he could while Bucky had finished patching up the last of her wounds, and no longer needed to have her be held down, but still, she’d need a really long shower once she got back on her feet. “How do you feel?”           Y/N let out a deep breath and leaned her head towards where Shang-Chi’s fingers caressed her cheek. “Like the good old times when Katy almost ran me over with that bus.”           Shang-Chi took hold of Y/N’s hand and pressed a kiss to her knuckles, as he chuckled. “They told me you overrode the system to take you here, not to the tower. And I appreciate that. A lot. But why in the world would you do such a stupid thing?”           “Because I thought I was going to die,” she answered him honestly, and Shang-Chi swore his heart stopped. He couldn’t ever imagine a world without her anymore, and that kind of possibility didn’t exist. Not to him.           He gulped, pressing his forehead against their entwined hands. “Then I understand it even less.”           Y/N let out a small sigh before lifting her free hand to cup his face. “Because the only thing I could think about while bleeding out, was `I want to go home`. So, even if I was gonna die there, on the floor of the jet, I’d die knowing I did everything I could to get there. To get to you.”           Slowly he lifted his head to look at her and rested his chin on their hands before a smile broke out on his face, a tear rolling down his cheek. “I hate how much I love you.”           A mirrored smile came onto Y/N’s own lips. “No, you don’t.”           “No, I don’t,” he let out a broken sob, shaking his head. “Could never hate you.”           She hummed, closing her eyes, and Shang-Chi watched her chest rise and fall in a rhythm that somewhat calmed him. Her pulse had gotten stronger, and her breathing wasn’t as laboured. He still thought he should get her to a hospital, but he knew, with her powers being connected to nature, she’d pull from it and knit herself back together quicker than a spider makes a web. He just felt useless not being able to do it for her.           “Something smells good,” she mumbled, glancing towards the stove. “Midnight snacking?”           “Couldn’t sleep,” he shrugged.           She quirked a brow. “So you decided to turn our kitchen into a food stall? I can see the spring roll wrappers hiding on the counter.”           “Hey, I’m a growing Avenger, I need to eat!”           That made Y/N chuckle, but she instantly winced, as the motion pulled at her stitches and her beaten-up side, Shang-Chi’s hand gently laying over the bandages and soothingly rubbing the place, but not adding any pressure. “Don’t hurt yourself even more.” He cleared his throat, as Y/N laid back against the pillows. “You need to take it easy for the next few weeks. I can’t have you get stressed about the wedding while you’re still healing.”           Her eyes widened at his words. “You still wanna marry me? Even after all of… this?” She gestured with a hand to herself.           Shang-Chi shrugged. “You said yes even after the whole Dweller in Darkness thing. Why wouldn’t I? I know what I signed up for.” His gaze was so sure, it made a breath get stuck in Y/N’s throat. “You’re my home too, and I’ll fight for it with every heartbeat.”           “Romantic bastard,” Y/N choked out, wiping away the tears rolling down her cheeks, and Shang-Chi let out a breathless laugh, as he leaned over to the small bedside table and opened a drawer, taking out a small red box. She knew what was inside, but swore her heart stopped still.           “I – uh – I promised I’d do it properly, so…” Shang-Chi took in a deep breath and slid down from the bed to rest on both his knees, opening the ring box to reveal a gorgeous rose gold circlet with a single smoky diamond cut in a teardrop shape sitting on a small velvet cushion.           “Y/N Stark,” he started. “You’re an absolute hurricane, and if I die, it’s probably because you gave me a heart attack. You’ve jumped off of buildings and fought soul-sucking demons, and fought interstellar gods. You are way out of my league, but somehow you’ve chosen me of all people to share your love with. And if you give me the chance, I’ll try my best to make however long we have together, the best of our lives. And uh,” Shang-Chi choked on his words. “I wish I could’ve met your father, I wish I could’ve promised him all that I’m promising you now, and I can only hope he’d think I’m good enough for you, but will you do me the honour of marrying me?”           “Yes.” She didn’t even wait a blink before she responded, and Shang-Chi took the ring out, slipping it gently onto her bruised finger to rest there for the rest of their lives. “And just so you know, my dad would’ve loved you.” She got the words out through a suppressed sob, mainly because she knew if she started crying, she wouldn’t stop. “I love you, so that’s all that’d matter to him.”           Gently, so that he wouldn’t hurt her, he leaned over and kissed Y/N on her lips. They were chapped and split in places, but Shang-Chi’s heart soared, knowing he’d get to kiss them for forever.           “It’s beautiful,” she whispered marvelling how it glinted, as he pulled back and pressed his forehead to her temple. “Absolutely gorgeous.”           “And you said you didn’t need a ring.”           “Well it was mostly the thought of tying you up, that fueled my want to get back here, but honestly.” She lifted her hand in the air, letting the dim lights catch the smoky diamond in the centre of the band. “Can’t say I don’t like how it looks on my finger.” And the most brilliant smile lit up the room. Bucky had to turn away from the crack in the door when he saw it. Because there had been a time that smile was lighting up his world, yet he’d thrown it away because of his insecurities.           The reason Y/N had a gaping hole in the side was because she’d thrown him out of the way of the trap. He’d been cornered, just about to be pushed where that god-awful chair that’d scrambled his brain for decades resided, yet without even thinking of herself, Y/N had come in between him and it. Between all the Hydra soldiers coming for them. After that, it was a blur. She’d thrown him away with a blast of wind, but a blitz attack from the side had thrown her into a seemingly innocent-looking office. And then the door had closed. That’s all he knew up until a blast shook the whole building.           Finding Y/N holding her side while limping up a hill to where they’d stashed the Quin-jet, had been a shower of relief, up until she crashed on the floor, gasping for air and groaning in pain.           It took Y/N breaking up with him to understand she was the best he’d ever had. It took her literally dragging her mangled body across the jet to override Sam’s command, to understand that he’d lost a love no one could ever match. And it took Bucky hearing her say those words to know he’d never be able to get her back. But at least she’d be happy, and no matter how bitter he might feel towards Shang-Chi, he knew the man would take care of Y/N.           After all, he was her home.
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A/N: so... it’s been a while. There’s a few reasons I haven’t been posting any writing, for one I have a new job! Yay!! I’ve been at it for four months now, and honestly, I’m so happy with it! I now work in the publishing industry, and it feels so great to be doing something that concerns my education. It’s a 9-5, so I get home tired, and there’s little motivation to write, but honestly, I’m just a lot happier with life.
Also, I’ve been writing my original pieces a lot, so, that’s taken up a lot of time, but I think I might be coming back to fanfics as well, so if you’re interested, let me know if you’d like to see more :)
P.S. what did you think?
P.S.S. please don’t repost my work on other platforms or translate it without my permission.
P.S.S. if you wanna be tagged let me know :) my tags are always open.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shang-Chi vs Xu Xialing - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)
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lunamyangel · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
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I'm Right Here
Simu Liu x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Idiots in love, slight sadness
Please do not steal, plagarize or repost my work on any other site. Likes and reblogs make me happy.
I do not have a beta reader. All mistakes are my own.
Dividers by @whimsicalrogers
@sheraayasher here it is! Sorry for the delay but I got home from work late. I hope you like this!
Tumblr media
Y/N and Simu had been friends for most of their lives. They had formed that bond in middle school. It stayed strong through high school and college, through relationships and breakups, jobs and apartments. They were always there for support, a shoulder to cry on or a laugh to be had.
“What’s on the agenda today?” Y/N lounged on the couch, propping her feet on the coffee table. She had let herself into Simu’s apartment. A normal circumstance with the two of them.
Simu shrugged as he poured his second cup of coffee for the day. “I dunno.” He signed as he plopped down on the couch next to Y/N. “I think there may be some interviews later on but nothing for the next few hours.”
“Sounds wonderfully lazy.” Y/N said as she grabbed the cup from Simu’s hands and took a sip. “Oh God!” She scrunched her face in disgust as she got to her feet and made a beeline for the kitchen. “Why is there no creamer or sugar in this?”
Laughing Simu answered as he watched her fix his coffee. “Gotta keep in shape for Marvel.”
“I understand that. But there has to be another flavor besides bitter.” She stuck her tongue out to emphasize her point. Taking her spot next to Simu again Y/N handed the cup back to him after she had her fill. “You can tell me it tastes better now.” She smirked.
Shaking his head, Simu turned to the tv. “Not the Great British Baking Show again!” He exclaimed.
Moving her body to snuggle into his warmth Y/N leaned her head on his shoulder as she shushed him. “I missed the last three episodes. Now you have to watch it with me.”
“Wait.” Simu wrinkled his brow. “Why do I have to watch this? I don’t like baking shows!”
“But you love me.” Y/N gave her sweetest smile before getting comfortable again.
Simu looked down at her, his eyes following the lines of her profile. He watched her breathe, the weight of her comforting him as she paid attention to the show. ‘If you only knew.’ He thought.
Tumblr media
Simu looked at himself in the mirror, watching as the woman fussed around him. She was checking the length of his sleeves and the fit of the coat. She kept her eyes on her work, not discussing anything with Simu as she moved.
Y/N walked in unnoticed. She stopped as her breath caught in her throat. He was beautiful. The jacket cut a slim cut on him. Silently taking out her phone she snuck a picture of him, smiling as she tucked her phone back. “What is all this for?”
Simu winced as the woman accidentally stuck him with a needle. Sticking his finger in his mouth he looked at Y/N. “When did you become a ninja?” He joked.
“I’ve always been a ninja.” She kept her eyes on the coat as she approached. She lifted her hand and let her fingers run over the material. It was soft and sleek. She could feel Simu’s arm under the material. A soft smile appeared on her face.
“I see what you are doing.”
Snapping out of her daze Y/N dropped her hand and looked at Simu. “What are you talking about?”
“I see what you did.”
“First- you know that’s not proper English.” She pointed at him as she spoke. “Secondly- I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“No need to deny it.” Simu smirked. “You were checking me out.”
Y/N scoffed. “I was not doing that.”
“Keep denying.” He laughed. “But, if you asked really nicely, I may be tempted to take you out.” He leaned into her, forgetting the woman still fitting his jacket.
Rolling her eyes Y/N playfully pushed Simu, gaining her space back. “You wish you could handle a girl like me.”
Laughing, Simu straightened,allowing the woman to continue her work.
“How long will you be gone?” Y/N asked as her eyes raked down his form again.
“A month or two.” Simu had excitement in his voice. “All over the world.” He opened his arms for emphasis as he looked at Y/N’s reflection in the mirror.
“That’s amazing!” Y/N had excitement in her voice. “I’m so proud of you.” She pulled her phone out and shot off a quick text. “I have to go.” She turned and left.
“You know…” The woman started as she continued pinning the jacket. “You should take the chance.”
Simu looked down at her. “What do you mean?”
Rolling her eyes the woman stopped and looked up at Simu. “Take the chance.” She repeated with a dry voice.
“We are friends. Nothing more.” Simu shook his head as he spoke.
“Whatever you say.” The woman waved her hand as she went back to work.
Staying silent for a few moments Simu was lost in thought. His brain was swimming in Y/N. “Do you think…” He moved until he got the woman’s attention “Do you think she is interested?”
“Love is wasted on youth.” She shook her head as she continued to work, refusing to ask any more of Simu’s questions.
Tumblr media
“Oh Thank God!” Y/N yelled as Jessica pushed a drink into her hand. A group of friends were getting together for the first time in weeks. Chugging her beer Y/n tried not to laugh as her friends began to chant around her.
“I fucking missed you!” Jessica yelled as she hugged Y/N.
Y/N noticed Simu across the bar. She waved and smiled widley as he made his way over. “Hey you!” She yelled. Turning to the bar she ordered a drink for her and him. She caught Jessica’s eyes and rolled her own. “Don’t even think about it.” She pointed a warning figure at Jessica. “I am not in the mood to hear this tonight.”
Jessica gave her most innocent face. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”
Shooting her another warning Y/N gathered the drinks and placed one in Simu’s hands. “I didn’t know if you would make it.”
“I wouldn’t miss this.”
“You sure you can still make time for us when you are a big Marvel star?”
“I will always have time for you.” He whispered in her ear, sending chills down her spine. He turned and kissed her cheek before he took a sip. He greeted everyone else, making sure to not go far from her side.
Y/N was returning from the bathroom only to be headed off by Jessica. “What are you doing?” She asked as Jessica forced Y/N to move to the end of the bar.
“I just wanted to warn you.” Jessica said as she looked over at Simu.
Y/N’s eyes followed Jessica’s, heart sinking as she saw the blonde practically throwing herself at Simu. “You have got to be kidding me.” She looked back at Jessica before she grabbed her coat. “I have to go.” She pushed past the crowd, missing Simu’s gaze following her.
Tumblr media
Two weeks had gone by and the premiere for Shang Chi was around the corner. The blonde, her name was Lena, had been around a few times and had made her presence known. Y/N had taken a short step back, giving Simu room to approach her, and their budding relationship, as he saw fit.
Simu noticed. He missed the short touches they would have from time to time. He missed sitting next to her on the couch, the smell of her bodywash wading into his nose, he missed the way she became embarrassed when he kissed her cheek. He missed reaching for her when he wanted. He missed talking to her. He missed his Y/N.
Tumblr media
Y/N unlocked the door to her apartment, throwing her keys in the bowl. Simu was coming over tonight. He said he had something exciting to tell her. She knew it had something to do with the blonde. It had to be. Taking a deep breath she opened the doordash app and ordered tacos.
Simu opened the door with the tacos in hand. “I met the delivery guy on the street.” He smiled as he opened his arms. He tried to hold her like he used to, disappointed when she stepped out of his embrace quicker than he wanted. “Y/N…” He breathed. “Are we ok?”
“Yeah.” She nodded as she patted his arm. “We are ok.” She opened the box and plated the tacos.
Simu knew she was lying but decided to drop it. “So.” He plated his tacos as he began. “I think I’m going to ask Lena to go with me to the premiere. Maybe a few premieres.” He looked at Y/N out of the corner of his eye.
Freezing Y/N rested her hands on the counter. This was not happening. Shaking her head she chastised herself. She had no right to be upset. Simu was allowed to bring anyone he wanted. If that was Lena then he would bring Lena.
So why did she feel a weight in her chest?
Simu pushed. “I’m thinking of taking her out to dinner. Maybe that new steakhouse on 6th.” He walked to the table and sat. “You know, wine and dine her before I ask.” He smirked.
Y/N sat across from him and nodded again. “That sounds nice.” Her voice sounded strained to her. “I’m sure she will love it.” She picked up a taco.
“Alright that’s enough.” Simu sat back. “Something is wrong. Please tell me what it is.”
“Nothing is wrong.” Y/N still held the taco in her hand.
“I’ve known you forever.” Simu made sure their eyes locked. “Please.”
“It’s just…” Y/N rolled her eyes. “Nevermind.”
“It’s something.” Simu insisted. “Tell me. I can handle whatever you need to tell me.”
“Fine. I love you.” Y/N blurted out. “You are mt best friend. Ihave known you since you moved to Canada. I helped you with your english. I helped you learned self defense. I drove you to your early auditions. I helped you take down all the stock photos we found of you. I have been there every step of the way.”
She stopped to take a breath. “And you- you have been everything to me. You have supported me when I fell. Through all the breakups, the job changes, all the moves. You are the first person I want to see when I wake up and the last person I want to see before I go to sleep. Your voice calms me, I feel safe with you. I know you will be there no matter what and the idea of you taking Lena is eating at me because I’m right here! I’ve been here waiting for you to see me.” Her breath came in bursts.
“Say it again.” Simu was having difficulty controlling his own voice.
Wrinkling her brow Y/N spoke. “I’m right here.”
“Say it-”
“I love you.”
Simu jumped to his feet, hands cradling her face as his lips crashed on hers. He turned his head, licking her lip as he stole the breath from her lungs. His body reacted to hers, coming to life with her touch, electricity under his skin as their lips danced. “I love you.” He whispered against her lips as he stole another kiss. “I’ve loved you for years.” He kissed her forehead. “My Y/N.”
Giving him the first genuine smile in weeks Y/N loved the sound of her name. My Y/N.
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So Twitter has officially exposed Simu Liu.....
I really wanted to believe he wasn't as bad as he seemed but here we go...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a little problematic......
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just thinking...
If you decide to hate someone based on something they said several years ago and don’t look at where they are at now before deciding to hate them then you probably are a very negative person. 
For example... If you were to look at James Charles, Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, etc... their past and current behavior is repetitive and there’s a continuous trend between all of them. However, if you look at people who may have done or said problematic things in the past but seem to have evolved over time (such as Tyler Joseph, Lin Manuel Miranda, Bo Burnham, Jenna Marbles, Simu Liu, etc.) and then decide to “cancel” them... Is that necessarily fair? Especially if they’ve owned up to their past mistakes and are trying to be better? I mean it’s totally up to you to decide where you stand but I personally prefer to look at the entire picture before deciding if I hate someone. 
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Lil’ Dumplin.
Requested by @war-in-time​ - Are you still taking requests? Would it be too pushy to ask for a Shang-Chi with a pregnant so? How he would react to finding out? Or trying to keep them safe and away from his father? Absolutely anything would be amazing. Thank you. Characters – Shang Chi x Reader, Katy. Word Count – 784. A/N – no request is too pushy, I keep them all but it depends if an idea comes quickly to me whether or not they get wrote. I hope you enjoy.
‘Are you okay?’ Katy asked, you looked at her as a wave of nausea hit you, you swallowed thickly and nodded. ‘I-‘ You started. ‘Ah, don’t say fine.’ Katy warned, you snapped your mouth shut and looked at her with wide eyes. ‘You‘ve been drinking water like your been stranded in the desert, your not eating a lot, you’ve stopped drinking and if anything I would guess your pregnant.’ She said, your furrowed your eyebrows, had your changes really been that different that she had noticed but not Shang? ‘Oh shit you are, aren’t you?’ She asked, her eyes wide as she covered her mouth with a hand, you rolled your eyes. ‘I am.’ ‘Does he know?’ Katy asked, referring to your long term boyfriend, and even longer friend to the pair of you. ‘No.’ You replied, shaking your head as you reached for the glass of water. ‘Why not?’ She quizzed, you shrugged your shoulders as you lowered your glass. ‘He’s kinda been busy.’ You said, she raised an eyebrow and nodded, every since he got the rings he had been meeting with Wong a few times, trying to figure out what they actually were capable of and who they were signalling to. ‘Yeah, well the superhero shit will have to stop, you aren’t raising it on your own.’ She backhandedly threatened her friend, you smiled at her. ‘I wouldn’t be alone, I would have you.’ You said, wrapping your arm around her shoulder and pulling her close. ‘Yeah, yeah, at least I can be the godmother.’ Katy said, you pulled back slightly looking at her in shock. ‘You’d want to be it?’ You questioned. ‘Why not?’ She asked, you pursed your lips and shrugged your shoulders. ‘When are you going to tell him?’ Katy asked you ‘Tonight, so please make sure he gets home and you don’t go to karaoke again.’ You warned her, she quickly saluted you before pushing you away, the pair of your laughing.
‘Hey.’ You said, Shang looked at you and smiled. ‘Hey.’ He replied, removing his jacket. ‘You okay?’ You asked him, he nodded before he walked over and dropped into the small couch beside you, causing you to bounce up, hitting your shoulder against his. ‘What’s wrong?’ You quizzed, his brows furrowed. ‘Katy didn’t want to go to karaoke tonight.’ He said, pouting like a little kid. ‘I know, I asked her to send you home early.’ You informed him, his brows were almost touching as he turned to you. ‘Why?’ He questioned. ‘We need to talk.’ You told him, pulling away so you could see his face. ‘Is everything okay?’ He asked, you nodded. ‘Yeah, we just need to make some changes around here.’ You told him, he looked round the small apartment that you had been going in together for the past year. ‘I mean the place could use a coat of paint.’ He suggested, you scoffed. ‘That’s not it.’ You said, he looked around again before sighing. ‘I’m pregnant Shang.’ You told him, he fell silent as he stared a something before his mouth slowly dropped down, you chuckled and reached forward, pushing it up. ‘You’ll catch flies.’ You said, he blinked a few times before he looked back at you. ‘We’re having a baby.’ He said, you nodded. ‘We are.’ You agreed, then he fell silent and looked ahead before his head whipped around the room, you watched as the gear in his head turned. ‘Oh, we’ll need a bigger apartment.’ He told you, his eyes wide as he stared in front of him. ‘Woo, slow down.’ You told him holding your hands up, he turned to you his eyes still wide. ‘We have maybe seven or eight months before they arrive, we can think it through but first we need to get through the morning sickness.’ You said, quickly kicking the blankets off and running to the bathroom, dropping to your knees before emptying your lunch into the toilet. Shang appeared behind you, pulling any stray hairs away from your mouth that you had missed whilst rubbing circles on your back. ‘Morning sickness?’ Shang asked amused, you dropped back and glared at him. ‘You did this to me.’ You warned him, he looked amused before pouting. ‘And I’m sorry.’ He commented, as his hand still moved up and down your back. ‘But we’re having a baby.’ He whispered, almost as if it wasn’t real, you turned to him, resting your back against the small cabinet. ‘We are.’ You said, he smiled before cupping your face. He went to lean into kiss you but you pulled back before he remembered you had just puked before he placed a kiss to your hairline.
Tumblr media
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I’m like a lost chicken… a chicken with no head.
Simu Liu’s first Met Gala (via GMA TikTok)
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tisalonelydreamer · a day ago
ming na wen was really my childhood staple. when i was a child my little korean american heart went crazy that there was an actual, real disney princess that looked like me, and even though it was sort of a joke that of course my favorite was the only asian movie, mulan was really that movie. i mean, a woman with a strong sense of family and loyalty and bravery and respect and love?? plus the soundtrack??? that movie is a classic forever unmatched. and then my dad started getting me into marvel, and let me tell you, agents of shield came out when i was 8, and seeing a badass asian kick butt on screen did things for me, and it still does things for me. asian representation matters, and ming na wen was the only actor my kid self knew that looked like me, and yes i am ranting about asian representation, but i also went through a childhood of my elementary school friends making fun of me and purposely mixing me up with the only other korean girl when we looked nothing alike, to the point my mom still remembers when i was five and asked her in tears how she knew i was her daughter because i genuinely started to believe no one could tell what i looked like, to any diversity and community building in middle and high school excluding asians, to my history teacher saying she doesn't bother to learn the pronunciation of asian words and also telling our class she thinks that the us' involvement in the korean war was a waste, but my grandparents still have ptsd from that war and are north korean refugees. so anyways thank you to actors like ming na wen and now simu liu for being proud and asian and making it so other asian children also have their own superheroes to look up to.
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