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theartisticapparition · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I found a thread and decided... Hm... Maybe a need a little bit of sin afterall...
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nerviovago · a month ago
Tumblr media
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watchoutforintellect · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Forugh Farrokhzad, from a letter to Ebrahim Golestan featured in Sin: Selected Poems of Forugh Farrokhzad
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tartagliadevotee · 2 months ago
— animal.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: yandere!kazuha / fem!reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 2.9k
warnings: yandere, noncon, manipulation, physical abuse, slapping face,  branding with a branding iron, punishment, vaginal fingering, sadism/masochism, creampie, dirty talking, possessiveness, mindbreak
summary: You foolishly try to escape him, yet he found you once more. This time determined to punish you with an everlasting mark. 
Tumblr media
You cursed as you pulled both hands, the chains that bound you to the bedpost rattled. The feeling of defeat settling heavy on your chest, you let go and let your head hang loose. You were so close. So so close. Everything had gone smoothly, which now that you thought about it should’ve alarmed you and for the first time a sense of freedom washed over you like the soft waves of the ocean. You’d begged Kazuha to let you go while he was out-- You told him that you wanted to cook for him. Thinking nothing of it, he bought you the ingredients and left you. For the first time in months you were all alone, unbound to that cursed bed. Of course you had to make an effort to escape. 
How were you supposed to know that he was watching your every move? 
Truth was that Kazuha had never left. The apartment he picked out for you to live was quite the distance to Liyue Harbor. It was a small house hidden by the trees that surrounded it. In any other circumstance, you could’ve called this little house cozy and welcoming. But it had quickly become a prison. 
As soon as you left you started to run. Kazuha blindfolded you before he brought you here, so you had no idea which direction you had to go. You just ran. Hoping to bump into someone, anyone. But at the time you were unaware of the soft wind caressing your skin as you moved. It carried your scent. Carried your emotions. Carried hope. 
It didn’t take long for Kazuha to make his presence known. Just as you were making a turn around a ridiculously thick tree trunk a sharp end of a blade touched your throat. The mere graze of it was enough to break the skin, a drop of blood staining the metal.  You held your breath, you didn't dare to move a muscle. He had locked his eyes with you. It was clear that he was disappointed. After all he had trusted you and you had betrayed that trust. Could anything be more disappointing to a man?
The silence was dreadful. Without saying a word he turned on his heel and expected you to follow. You didn’t have any other choice but to follow his footsteps.  When you arrived at the cottage, he cuffed you to the bed and disappeared into the living room. 
Tears welled up in your eyes. You were so sick of the chase, of the constant emotions shifting between hope and despair. With a groan you threw your head back and blinked. One drop slid down your cheeks, then another. You didn’t want to think about what Kazuha had in store for you. He didn’t find your escapes amusing. The punishments that followed were always the most degrading. He would hit you, spit on you, mock you. But to you, these weren’t the most degrading parts. The moment you dreaded the most came after it. 
Your gaze shifted to the door when you heard a creak. Kazuha had come strutting in, his steps echoing against the wooden floors. He still refused to look at you. Your eyes fell to the ground, you noticed that he was holding something in his hand. Tilting your head you tried to get a better look-- Was that-- No, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t. Despite repeating the sentence over and over again, your mouth went dry. Kazuha seemed to sense your fear. For the first time you wanted him to console you, tell you that everything was going to be okay. Without so much as gracing your presence with a glance, he walked towards the small fireplace the room offered and kneeled. Slowly place the wood and light it. After blowing on it a medium sized flame started to sizzle.  With a desperate attempt you pulled at your chains once more. You watched in horror as Kazuha placed what could only be described as a branding iron on top of the flame. You could see a “K” at the end of it.
 Only then he turned to witness the fear interlaced in your expression. 
Your breath hitched as he slowly made his way towards the bed. With a graceful elegance he sat next to you and cupped your cheek. You were positive that he could hear your heart racing in your chest. His thumb went in circles as he observed you. The silence was driving you to insanity. You had to ask. Even though you were deadly afraid of the answer, you had to. 
“What are you going to do with that?” you said barely in a whisper. 
“This will be the last time you disobey me.” he replied, gripping your chin. “Since you insist on being a foul pet, I will treat you as such.” 
Bile rose to your throat and you hastily swallowed it down. Tears now streamed freely down your face, you visibly trembled. Tears touching his skin, a small look of disgust was apparent in the way he wrinkled his nose.
“No, please,” you begged. “I’ll never run away. I promise. Kazuha please.” 
“Is that true?” a hint of amusement lingered in his soft voice. It made you sick. “Will you not run away again? Will you be good for me?” 
“Yes!” you blurt out, slightly lunging forward. “I won’t ever run away ever again. Just please, dont--” 
“I am pleased to hear this.” he chuckled as he removed his hand and placed it on his lap. “But forgive me if I do not have faith in your words. You will have to prove your loyalty to me after I brand you as mine.” 
“N-No!” You lashed out. You pulled the chains hard enough to leave marks around your wrists. Why wouldn’t they break? “Let me go! Let me go--” 
Kazuha sharply slapped you across the face. It was unexpected. You stood in shock as the sting started to settle beneath your skin. You tried to move a hand down to your face to touch the burning hand print that was stinging sharply but was only able to clink the handcuffs in futile struggle. Kazuha touched your cheek with the tip of his fingers and you hissed as pain blossomed. He clicked his tongue and pulled back. 
“This will be good for you, my love. I know you’re afraid right now but you’ll feel better.” He let out a shaky breath and you noticed a tent starting to form under his pants. Whilst you were struck by fear, he was getting off at your pain. Another tear slid down your face. “I know what’s best for you.” 
He always said that. Whenever you were scared, begging him to stop, he said that. I know what’s best for you. Sometimes you actually believed it. But not today. Kazuha got off of the bed and walked back towards the fireplace, he observed the metal that was being heated up. With the corner of your eye you could see the metal shifting from a bright orange to a blinding yellow. He gave a nod and turned back to you. 
“Just ten more minutes and it’ll be ready.” he shot you a glance and sighed. “Don’t look at me like that. It’s your fault that I have to take such measures.” 
“Please,” you whispered. “I won’t run away ever again. Just...please, Kazuha.” 
A faint glint of remorse passed through his features but it vanished as quickly as it appeared. You knew that deep down, in his sick, twisted way, he cared for you. Surely he knew this was wrong. Surely this was just one of his tactics. You held your breath when he sat back down next to you. He brushed the hairs that stuck to your face due to the tears and sweat. He moved torturously slow. He wiped your tears with his thumb and leaned down, pressing his lips against yours. Your stomach retching you pull back but when you got a glimpse of his face you knew that it was a big mistake. 
The red of his eyes darkened and his lips formed a thin line. With a growl he grabbed your chin and pulled you back to him, crashing his lips into yours. He squeezed the sides of your chin, forcing your mouth open and stuffing his tongue into your mouth. A muffled shriek ripped from your throat as he sucked and bit your bottom lip. You could feel a drop of blood trickling down. 
Kazuha continued his assault on your lips. His hands roamed over your body, squeezing and kneading every ounce of flesh he came across with. You could do nothing but submit in your current state. Breathing became heavy, you hissed as he pulled your pants down. With a sinister smile Kazuha parted your legs and saw translucent strings stretching. A soft chuckle left his lips as his fingers danced along your slit, gathering the sticky fluids and parting away. Your stomach churned as he pushed his wet fingers between your trembling lips. 
Wrinkling your nose, you do as you’re told. You swirl your tongue, tasting yourself on his fingers. It made you sick. When he was satisfied, Kazuha pulled back and stuffed your cunt once more with two fingers. Knuckle deep, he curled his fingers and put pressure right under your bladder. Squeezing your thighs together you choked out a moan and bit your bottom lip. Involuntarily you push back down on his fingers. Your body was acting independent from the fear. But despite the waves of pleasure constantly washing over you, in the back of your mind you were reminding yourself of the branding iron that was heating up. 
Kazuha continued to fuck you with his fingers until your cunt was drooling all over the digits and onto the sheets. The squelching was loud and evident in the room. Your back arched as you took in a deep breath, your eyes went wide. Heat pooled between your legs and your moans became louder. You constantly snapped your hips up, trying to desperately meet his fingers. But before the bliss of your mind numbing orgasm could hit Kazuha pulled back his fingers and watched as you writhed against the bed-- gasping and whining while your cunt clamped around nothing. 
“Archons, you're already a mess,” he cooed. “See, all you need is my fingers and all your previous troubles just fade away. I don’t know why you must deny me at times.” 
You grit your teeth as you growled at his words. You hated it. Hated him. 
Kazuha swiftly got off the bed and made his way to the fireplace. Kneeling down, he picked up the branding iron with a cloth and turned towards you. All you could feel was absolute fear. With each step he took, your body trembled. With a desperate attempt to get away you pulled your knees close to your chest and pressed yourself against the bedpost. You expected him to tell you to settle down or to just accept your fate. But instead he grabbed your ankle and pulled your lower body down. You shriek and try to hit him but when he placed the hot iron infront of him you stopped, fearing that you might accidentally get burned instead. 
“Now,” he purred. “Where should I brand you first? Do you have any ideas?” 
You were struck with fear. Bottom lip trembling and tears flowing once more. His hand grazed your thigh and squeezed your ass. 
“Yes…” he said, seeming thoughtful. “I think we should start with your back. You act so much like a wild animal that it’s only logical to start there.” 
He twisted you in a way that would expose your ass. Your whole body felt strained as you quivered. With a satisfied hum he squeezed the supple flesh and playfully slapped it. 
“I think right about here would be good. Don’t you think so?” 
“Please,” you whispered, knowing that it was useless. “Please don’t. I’m sorry.” 
“If you were this afraid you shouldn’t have attempted another escape,” he said. The air stilled for a moment and he continued. “Clearly you’re not afraid enough.” 
He sounded cold. Emotionless.  
With a whimper you squeeze your eyes shut. You could feel the heat radiating from the iron as it hovered over your body, your skin tingled with unwanted anticipation. Your mouth felt dry and your heart stopped. You couldn’t believe that this was happening, you couldn’t believe-- 
A blood curdling scream ripped from your throat. The smell of your own flesh made you want to hurl, your skin sizzled as Kazuha pressed the iron forward making you scream once more. The corner of your eyes blacked out. Sobbing and shouting, begging him to stop, you tried to move away. His grip on your body was too strong. Tears wet your face and spit spewed from your mouth. It hurt. It hurt. It hurt. 
“Stop-- arghh! Kazuha stop!” 
You were left unanswered. Only small hitched breaths coming from your captor. Your pain felt like an eternity when he finally removed the branding iron. You continued to cry. The wound throbbed, the pain still laced deep into your skin. He kneaded the unbranded part of your ass, now you could hear his breath more clearly. Kazuha let out a deep sigh as he shifted closer, pressing his erection between your cheeks. 
“Now everyone will know you’re mine,” he said, his voice strained. “I wish you could see this. The mark looks beautiful on you.” 
“ ‘T hurts,” you replied, words slurring. “ ‘T hurts so bad. Please do something--” 
“But you’re still unsatisfied aren’t you?” 
Your blood froze.
“I think you’ve been punished enough. You deserve to have some fun.” 
“No,” you sobbed. “Please, ‘t hurts.” 
Kazuha shushed you and threw the iron to the side. You were glad that the branding was over but your body still screamed for the pain to subside. Smell of flesh still lingered in the air and it made you sick. Shuffling of clothes was heard and soon enough Kazuha’s cock was pressing against your entrance. His hands gripped each side of your ass, the one that laid on the branded cheek was so close to the wound that it made you feel anxious. 
Before you could say anything else Kazuha snapped his hips forward, bottoming out in an instant. Another sob tore away from your lips and your hands formed fists. Cunt fluttering around his length, Kazuha let out a satisfied sigh. He loved the way you wrapped around him, your body knew well who it belonged to. Your words to him were meaningless. Ignoring your whimpers, he started to rock his hips. You could feel every inch of his cock as he thrusted.  Each time he slammed into you the airs in your lungs were being knocked out. The pain mixed with the pleasure, confusing your mind and body. Moans gradually became louder and soon enough your pussy was drooling all over his balls. 
“See-- ahh... You love it.” Kazuha said between pants. “Did you want me to take such extremes?” 
“No!” you choke out. “I...nngh--! Hate the pain…” 
“Doesn’t seem like it,” he teased. “If that were true would your cunt be so eager to suck me dry?” 
To prove his words he pressed his thumb into the fresh wound and groaned as you screamed and squeezed around him. You’re panting like a dog, shocked by your own actions and feelings. A sheer moan is ripped away from you when his thrusts become faster, harder. Without any warning he would press his thumb, moaning in delight as you sobbed and dripped around him. Each time he looked down he could see a white ring on the base of his cock, strings stretching between your bodies. 
Your body spasmed underneath him, your loud sobbing mixing with moans. Kazuha leaned into your ear as he grinded his hips, coaxing a mewl from you. 
“I’m going to cum inside you,” he said, breathing heavily. “I expect you to cum with me.” 
You didn’t want to and actively fought against it. Desperately trying to think about something else, you ignored the way his cock was stretching you, the way your cunt throbbed, the way heat started to pool between your legs once more. Kazuha’s movements grew sloppy, eager. You could feel him twitching and soon enough he painted your walls white. Thick ropes of cum shooting and filling your insides, 
 He continued to slam into you and as he did so he pressed against the “K” forever engraved into your skin. Your back arched and your whole upper body jolted as you screamed out his name, gushing out all around him. 
“Good girl,” he growled, letting you fall back to the bed as he pulled out. “You should be grateful that I took pity.” 
“Y-Yes,” you said, voice trembling and words slurred. “T-Thank you.” 
Kazuha chuckled as he saw your state, pleased with how he broke you. He undid your cuffs and placed a kiss on your forehead. 
“I’ll go and bring back the ointment I brought from Baizhu,” he chirped, beaming. “Aren’t you happy that you’re marked forever as mine?” 
“Yes.” you simply answered, your mind feeling numb. 
You were tired, oh so very tired. Never again would you dare to disobey him. Not when it hurts so bad. You couldn’t risk making him punish you like this ever again. Besides, was it really that bad that you were his pet? 
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eternalsatan · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Jan van Eyck, Crucifixion and Last Judgement diptych, c. 1430–40
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aspiritualwarrior · 4 months ago
Sin is a word that has been greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted. Literally translated from the ancient Greek in which the New Testament was written, to sin means to miss the mark, as an archer who misses the target, so to sin means to miss the point of human existence. It means to live unskilfully, blindly, and thus to suffer and cause suffering.
Eckhart Tolle
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watchoutforintellect · 5 months ago
I discovered I must must must love, insanely.
Forugh Farrokhzad, from ‘Window’ featured in Sin: Selected Poems of Forugh Farrokhzad
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tetramera · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
trying to remember how to draw so INDULGENT ELIKSNI DOODLE TIME
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tartagliadevotee · 12 days ago
— take a slice. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: albedo / fem!reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 1.6k
warnings: established relationship, vaginal fingering, edging as punishment, creampie, subspace, spitting, dom/sub, squirting,  eader kind of roleplaying as sucrose at the end but not really
summary: for some unknown reason you decide to borrow sucrose’s clothes and wear them as a gift for albedo. He finds the situation a tad bit awkward and you decide to tease him about it, he doesn’t approve. Happy birthday to my favorite alchemist!! Love you Albedo <3 
Tumblr media
“Why are you wearing that?” 
“I thought you would react better to your gift.”
“This is a gift?” 
You sigh as your eyes linger on your reflection in the mirror. Albedo was only blocking half of the view as he stood before you. He seemed to disapprove but you knew that he liked the idea, at least you hoped so. The day prior you had begged Sucrose to give you her alchemist uniform, honestly after wearing it you thought Albedo would be ecstatic. It did look good on you, the dress hugging you a bit tighter than it did Sucrose. But maybe the complication you refused to think about before surfaced in him instead. Pushing your bottom lip out, you pour and tear your eyes away from the reflection. Noticing this Albedo wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer, effectively burying your face in his chest. 
“You do…” he swallows. “You do look beautiful, it’s just...I don’t know, wouldn't it be weird-- For you that is?” 
“For me?” you inquire as you pull away and look up. 
“Sucrose does have a minor infatuation towards me after all,” he continues and you raise an eyebrow. Averting his eyes he starts to ramble, his voice going up an octave. “Not that it’s important, of course. I-I’ve never thought of her in that light. She’s just a colleague.” 
You can’t help but giggle at his newly found embarrassment. Shaking your head, you playfully hit his chest prompting him to stop. The faint shade of red dusting across his cheeks doesn’t go unnoticed by you and you figure you could unleash the beast laying dormant inside of him. 
“You can’t fool me Albedo,” you purr, slightly raising on your toes you caress the side of his face. He holds his breath. “I’m sure, before me that is, you imagined fucking every thought out of Sucrose’s head while you worked--” 
“T-That’s not--” 
“Are you telling me you never felt pent up at work?” you continue barely in a whisper. Your other hand ghosts over his body, going lower and lower until you feel a rather mouth watering bulge. “You never wanted to fuck the stress away? It happens to the best of us you know--” 
“Have you?” 
You try hard not to smile. He fell for the trap. Looking up you notice the hints of jealousy lingering in his eyes, his hands that laid softly on your waist before now squeezing your flesh. It made a cold shiver run up your spine, you feign embarrassment as you reply. 
“Before you? Of course. It’s normal to fantasize about people.” 
Shit. This time you can’t help but bite your lip, the tone of his voice almost makes you moan out loud. Stern mixed with hints of anger and jealousy. You shiver as you fully cup his bulge, you start to rub it, the heat radiating driving you insane. Albedo clicks his tongue with annoyance as he grabs your wrists and moves your hand away, you feel a bit disappointed but you figured he wouldn’t just let you stroke him without receiving an answer. 
“Kaeya,” he repeats, clearly pissed off. For a moment you’re scared that you’ve taken it too far but that doesn’t seem to be the case as he throws you to the bed and climbs on top of you. “Do you still think about him at work?” 
“Do you think about her?” 
You don’t expect him to suddenly pull you off of the bed so when he does you squeal, your world spins until it stills again. You notice that you’re laying stomach first on Albedo’s lap, his hand promptly squeezing your ass. Letting out a shaky breath you try to control yourself, maybe a joke would ease him up a bit? But before you can say anything he rolls up your skirt, exposing you completely. You hear him taking in a sharp breath when he realizes you didn’t wear anything underneath. 
“Were you anticipating this?” 
You reply with silence. Your body is trembling with want, your bare cunt already drooling and clenching with a need to be filled. He laughs as his fingers ghosts over your heat, it makes you whine and push your ass further up.
“What’s wrong? Suddenly you’re so silent, where did all your confidence go?” he mocks, before he continues he grabs a fistful of your hair and pulls your head back. The strain on your neck feels unbearable, you try to say something but only choked out nonsense leaves your lips. “Do you think I don’t know what you’re trying to do?” he continues. “Trying to get me all riled up by mentioning Kaeya, you won’t be getting what you want. You know I don’t tolerate childish behavior.” 
He lets go and your head falls back in place, tears already starting to flood your eyes. You quiver as you feel Albedo’s fingers parting your folds and pushing in. He’s already knuckle in deep and it embarrasses you how easy you made it for him. He starts to pump two digits in and out, the squelching making your face burn, your heart starts to thud loudly against your chest and your voice gradually becomes louder and louder. Albedo wiggles his fingers and pushes them in deeper, your back arches as he bends them and presses right under your bladder. Your cunt squeezes around him and heat starts to build up in your lower abdomen, it feels so good, so so good--
Then it’s gone. 
“Wha--Albedo please--” 
“It wouldn’t be much of a punishment if I just let you cum now, would it?” 
“Good, you understand the situation you’re in. Hopefully you won’t play tricks after tonight.” 
Albedo pushes his fingers in once more and it makes you cry out. He adds another and scissors them inside you, stretching your hole and making your mind feel numb. Spit dribbles down your chin and you start to grind against his leg, as much as you could. But the friction was nowhere near enough to satisfy you. He chuckles at your distraught and speeds up his movements, only bringing you to the edge and stopping over and over again. It drives you mad. All you can think of is his cock, his beautiful, thick cock. 
“Please--!” you scream out when his fingers hit a particularly sensitive spot inside. “Fuck me, Albedo please, I’m sorry-- I’m so so sorry-- J-Just fuck me--” 
“Have you learned your lesson?” he asks, his voice caring hints of a tune. “I can do this all day you know. I love seeing you getting all desperate for me.” 
“I have,” you quickly reply. “Please just fuck me, make me cum with your cock.” 
“I really can’t say no to you.” 
Before you know it you’re on all fours with the tip of Albedo’s cock nudging your entrance. He bottoms out with ease and lets out a silent moan, you’re no better than he is, immediately collapsing when you feel his balls against your skin. Your arms give out but before you can fall he grabs both of them and hoists you up. He pulls his hips back and slams into you, your cunt squelching in the process. 
Each time he pulls back strings of slick follow, the sound of skin slapping against skin making your head spin. Everything about him feels so good and he makes sure that you feel every bit of his cock with the angle of his hips. Your moans are uncontrollable, half of it consisting of his slurred out name, he’s also whispering things into your ear but you can’t process any of it. Your cunt tingles every time he buries his cock, pleasurable warmth washing over you each time. You feel his hand around your throat and he pulls you up, making you bend uncomfortably and face him, he hooks a finger in your mouth and forces it open. Your eyes roll back as you stick your tongue out, sticky fluids leaking down your cunt and staining your thighs. 
“ ‘bedo more…” you moan, voice slurred. “Stir “Sucrose’s” pussy up more…” 
Albedo’s demeanor completely changes. His heaves raspy breaths as he releases you and takes a hold of your hips, his blunt nails leaving crescent shaped marks on your skin. He resembles much of a wild animal as he slams his hips. You can feel him reaching your deepest parts, you’re writhing underneath him, heat building, building and building. Finally you reach your breaking point as a wave of pleasure washes over you, your body tries to flinch away as clear fluid dribbles down his cock and balls. Now each thrust is like a jolt of electricity shooting up your spine, his movements are relentless, his cock disappearing into you over and over again. 
Albedo hugs you thighs as he buries himself deep, his pelvis sticking to your ass as he paints your walls white, endless thick ropes of cum squirting and filling you up. Your pussy twitches and clenches around his cock as another wave of pleasure hits you, the feelings are so intense that it makes you sob. 
When Albedo empties himself completely,  he slowly pulls out and watches the mess of cum leaking out your pretty little hole unfold before him. His cock twitches at the sight. 
“Are...are you alright?” he manages to ask, his voice trembling. 
“Yeah,” your voice is hoarse. “That was amazing.” 
“May we do it again?” 
You smile as you turn yourself so you can lie on your back. Your body is acking, pussy throbbing, but you can’t say no to his pleasing face. You lift your trembling arms and he immediately climbs on top of you, you give him a hug as you take a deep breath of his scent. 
“Of course,” you say. “I am your present after all.” 
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eternalsatan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Don Blanding
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macrolit · a month ago
That must be why some people like dogs; they can be made to feel guilty about anything, including the sins of their owners. Cats refuse to take the blame for anything — including their own sins.
Elizabeth Peters (1927-2013) American author
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