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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
pepperly · 14 minutes ago
In my excitement of Week 7 and the kickstarter for Friday Night Funkin I thought I'd share something I've been tinkering on and off with for the past month or so! The song is Bopeebo from B-sides since it was a good balance of everything (holds & directions) and that fun stomp section that happens.
Programming is hard, but I'm going to at least try to get a "story" and stage going, even if I just have to fill it up with other chartssince I'm sure the "full game" will be out long before I figure out how to make good music, ahhaha... I've been tinkering in 1bitdragon and lsdj in the meantime, but I have no hope.
At least it’ll be an interesting learning experience.
Also before anyone asks what's on perpsona's head, yes, it's Satin Panties. Also Roses on the shirt. Two of my three favorite FNF songs (the third being High, but how do you draw that beyond the obvious which I have no interest in?)
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dykeugou · 44 minutes ago
mutual (affectionate), warm energy (infectious), can both write AND draw (derogatory)
FJSKGJSKFNK this made me smile real hard❤️
what's my brand?
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lucy-shining-star · an hour ago
So I decided to translate Polish translastion of Elena’s intro
So Polish version:
Każdy ją tu dobrze zna (Elena) O wszystkich mądrze umie dbać (Elena) W Avalorze rządzi Nam (Elena) Choć ma tak niewiele lat
Elena, Elena prawdziwy skarb.
Kto się magią bawić chce (Kto się magią bawić się) Niech uważa jak i gdzie (lepiej niech strzeże się)
W drogę tej dziewczynie nikt (W drogę nie wchodzi nikt) Lepiej niech nie wchodzi dziś
Księżniczka Elena Elena prawdziwy skarb
My translation:
Everyone here knows her well(Elena)
She can wisely care about everyone (Elena)
In Avalor she rules us
Though she is so young
Elena, Elena, true treasure
Who want to play with magic
(who wants to play with magic)
Let be careful how and where
(better beware)
Nobody in the way of this girl
(Nobody get’s in the way)
Better not get in the way today
Princess Elena 
True treasure
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nctjui · an hour ago
nothing itches my brain more than songs with just 1 person singing acappella
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deathistyping · an hour ago
I was actually looking for some Sukuna infos and I found things
Tumblr media
Finally an anime character that "become" a firefighter and not a police officer. Noice noice.
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puredamien · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Hammerfall - Legacy Of Kings
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st0pandg0 · 2 hours ago
My heart was broken by the bride of my brother
Whom I murdered on his wedding day
And it didnt even change her mind
My hopes got shattered like the front glass window
She threw herself out!
But my feelings couldn't be repelled
It just seems unlikely that it's me who was to blame
So I just wait for reneissance
So I can propose to her again
This is not enough
This is not enough
No I need to hit the bottom
My love was crushed by every avatar
Between all the suffer of rebuff
And I'm still missing all of my heart
After I locked it apart
My mom was killed by an evil spell
With a sickness curse and her death just send me
Right to madness and after that to hell
Turn the land to wicked ground and tell me:
Please have grace! Spare us from your wrath!
But that just incites me to torments you and shred you apart
Fear or despair? Have no doubt
Hope or Love, I spoil it
When despair is not enough there is plenty more
where that came from around
Looking past we see the point of frenzy
Where the tragedy began to build
Looking ahead I can see haven end me
Hand me my weapon
I'm going in
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ask-cryptid-trio · 2 hours ago
2 - Chug Jug Toad
It’s late at night and for some reason most matsuno brothers are still roaming the streets. Only Choromatsu and Osomatsu are seated in their bedroom when Karamatsu decides to enter the room with much flair. Leaning against the doorframe, one leg propped up to let his arm rest against it as his other arm is raised so he can dramatically take hold of his sunglasses, he speaks but a single phrase as his present brothers still don’t look his way.
“Did you know that I can apparently imitate Toad very well?”
This catches the attention of his older brother as the lad clad in red now looks at the painful second born. The green clad lad however still didn’t look up from his own magazine. Karamatsu pushes himself into the room as he continues his thoughts.
“I could invite you all to a night of karaoke and sing to you the most delectable song called Chug Jug in the glorious voice of Toad.”
Karamatsu strikes a pose as he laments. “But alas, our dear parents are home and they need their rest to work yet another grueling day.” He stands back up again and points to his brothers, “So shall we embark on our singing journey tomorrow, my brothers?”
Osomatsu and Choromatsu share a fleeting glance at each other as they shrug, for once not denying the plans made by Karamatsu.
It’s not the day after, but a couple days later they do find themselves in a karaoke booth. Karamatsu was their DJ for the night and his spectacular knowledge led them to only have memey songs in their playlist. Karamatsu displayed the absolute power of his voice. Raspy, high-pitched, nasally, completely and utterly like Toad. However, the eldest doesn't like to be outshone by his siblings, so he too showed his own raw power. His own Toad voice. It didn’t take long before the chorus of screeching voices made the trio’s ears bleed, but it was worth it. So damn worth it.
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melodysweetfredsabi · 2 hours ago
Dae and Wasabi akumatized
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's not official in my AU, I was bored and decided to draw them akumatized. But if it did, what would be the reason for the two?
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wxrgirl · 2 hours ago
@ichorbound​ sc. 
Tumblr media
                  Her feet touched the sun-bathed sand and Makaria raised her eyes to the rocks and trees ahead. The island of aeaea lay before her, a ship to return her home behind, filled with the comrades of her father’s adventures save in the distance. She had come a long way from Athens to meet this so called dread goddess and now that she was here she could sense something, nymphs maybe, a presence in the air. “Hello?”, her voice travelled far on the swaying breeze and though the island looked deserted she was sure someone had already noticed her arrival, “I am here in search of help. I have heard stories”, she spoke carefully, eyes on her bare feet as she stepped forward, “Of a great witch that lives here. And I come seeking her aid. From one woman to the other”
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puredamien · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
yorgos - Flying Highway (2020)
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