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aifozu 2 days ago
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My friend wanted so much to see my human version of them so... here鈥檚 the 1st idea of human version 馃槼
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imachure 2 days ago
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family photos聽
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cchloset 2 days ago
buster holding rosita鈥檚 kid like hes not carrying more than half his body weight rn聽he also manages to push gunter out the way who is like twice his height, how strong is this dude??
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outrightelm a day ago
Would you do some Theater Family worried about Buster head-canons?
Gladly! :)
Theater family worried about Buster head-canons:
Buster had been through trauma. There's no doubt about it. And how he processed trauma is unhealthy. He wouldn't eat so much and he would skip meals while trying to distract himself by putting up a show.
However, the theater family grew more and more worried about him whenever he jumps at a sudden contact of someone just patting his arm or walking up to him with some few strides to get to him quicker only to ask him a question.
Rosita was the first to initiate helping Buster. She took him under her wing and she would insist that he eats. Buster, at first, didn't like to be treated like a child but he didn't want to oppose Rosita's 'mama bear' tone.
Gunter would be the ultimate distractor. He would help Buster run the theater and give him ideas on what to do and how to carry the show on. Gunter is a lot smarter than he seemed to be at first.
Ms. Crawly would help run the show and make sure everyone's rehearsing well. She would go by and check on Buster later and stay with him to talk to him about everything that had nothing to do with the trauma. You can't force him to talk about his trauma if he doesn't want to.
Johnny was happy that Buster hired his father and his men as security since they did a marvelous job as security in Redshore City. As long as Buster was with Johnny's father, he knows that the koala will be safe. However, that didn't stop him from worrying about Buster. So, Johnny would hide guns in the theater and hide them in places where no one could see them. If anyone comes into the theater with the intention to hurt Buster or anyone, he's armed and ready to go.
Ash will offer her quills for Buster so that if anyone threatened him or tried to kill him, he could just stab the quills in self-defense and run away. However, Buster turned her offer down since he's afraid that he'll stab himself with quills instead of the predator.
Clay's mane triggered Buster a bit and he knew why. The color of his mane reminded him of Jimmy Crystal. So, Clay would buy a hoodie and wear his leather jacket over it. And then, he would put his hood up to cover his mane until he could dye his main a darker color to avoid looking similar to Jimmy's fur. He doesn't mind. When Buster asked why he was wearing a hood when he didn't need to, Clay just shrugged and said because he wanted to. And no one will judge.
Porscha hated to resemble her father. Buster wouldn't be so scared of her if she wasn't Jimmy Crystal's daughter. Even though Buster tells her that she's nothing like her father, she doesn't want him to get scared of her because she resembles him. However, the theater group also reassured her that she's nothing like her father and it's not her fault for the actions her father took to kill Buster.
Eddie would actually be the one who would calm Buster down whenever he has episodes. At first, Eddie had no idea how or what was traumatizing Buster until Johnny told Eddie what happened in Redshore City. Eddie was angry at Jimmy Crystal for hurting his best friend but he also feared that if Jimmy managed to succeed in killing Buster while Eddie was moving forward with his life, he will lose a source and a reason why he was finding purpose in life.
Meena would worry about Buster so she would make a cake for him to eat so that he could cheer up a bit. That's her way of comforting people is baking them stuff to cheer up. And it works for Buster as long as it came from Meena. Meena does make a good cake.
Nooshy, Norman, Rosita's piglets, Meena's family, and Johnny's family would join in worrying for Buster and would sometimes offer to talk to him about it.
Rosita's piglets would play with Buster and distract Buster from his trauma. However, the kids don't know what his trauma is and will never understand it. And Buster was fine with that.
Meena's family would invite Buster over along with everyone else and would make dinner conversations light and distractible.
Johnny's family would protect Buster with their lives. In a gang, once you befriended one of them, they're all your friends. Even though they don't know Buster that well, they are willing to protect him in case any hitman Jimmy sent or Jimmy himself comes to get him.
Norman would offer a listening ear to Buster if he ever needs it(and Norman is pretty much easy to talk to since he doesn't get as angry or easily irritated).
Nooshy would ask for help from Buster to distract him from thinking too deeply about his trauma. She knows he's suffering through it but she won't push him to talk about it unless he wants to. Although, sometimes she wants to push him because she wants to help as well as the others.
Darius used to be so self-absorb until he stopped and realized that something happen behind the stage. He would ask Buster how his day was going and wonder if there were going to be celebrities showing up to the show. At first, Buster didn't get why Darius would ask about those stupid questions, on top of thinking that he was asking because he's so self-absorbed. But when the actual celebrities show up to watch the shows, Buster noticed Darius not running to them and trying to pose like he would usually do. Buster realized that Darius was asking him those 'self-absorbed' questions was because he noticed something wrong with Buster and try to distract him from his worries. To each their own, I guess.
Alfonso was oblivious to what happened backstage or at Redshore City until Meena talked to him about it. Since then, Alfonso would offer to take Buster out for ice cream whenever Buster is free to do so. And Buster would love to go to get ice cream with Alfonso. Alfonso is also like Norman in a way that he's a listening ear and wouldn't judge anyone if somebody were to talk to him about his problems.
Mike would hear about what happened and have a gang of bears at his disposal. So, if anyone dares come into town with malicious intent on hurting Buster and the theater gang, Mike will send the three bears to beat up anyone who would hurt his friends. Mike may seem like he doesn't care about the theater family but everyone in the theater knows that deep down...he cares.
Last but certainly not least, Nana Noodleman. Nana was aware of what happened to Buster at Redshore City and the trauma that followed after it. It may seem like she doesn't care about his mental health but she actually does when she hires a therapist to talk to Buster about the trauma that happened in Redshore City. Nana owns the theater after all and Buster works for her. She doesn't want him to put on shows in a terrible traumatized condition so she hires a therapist to talk to Buster about his trauma. At first, Buster seemed a little afraid to talk to a therapist but when he opened up to the therapist, he began to feel a little better in talking about his problems and how to deal with his emotions.
(I think I got everyone. Let me know what you guys think!)
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sassyphoenixsblog a day ago
After Red Shore (part 5
Rosita was good to her word and with that following morning, she brought donuts and items Buster could use to make himself lunch. That night she even stayed late to make him a fresh supper.
The two days passed quickly, each filled with rehearsal after rehearsal and perfecting the equipment. The crew took turns looking in on Buster, though the koala managed to keep himself busy with many distractions involving the show.
When the big day rolled around, the trailer was loaded and by 8am, the group was loaded into their personal bus to begin their 4 hour drive to Zootopia.
Rosita sat behind the wheel, listening to her CD's and rehearsing her lines as she navigated through traffic.
Johnny, Meena and Nooshy sat in the back, rehearsing their choreography. Marcus and his brothers Barry and Jonas were going over a blue print of the theater to better their roles as security.
Miss Crawley was busy contacting Darius and setting up hotel reservations for their two day stay.
Porsha was next Gunter, watching a movie on his phone, a comedy one at that and discussing the latest trends.
Clay was in a seat by himself, resting his eyes for the big show.
Ash and Buster were a seat behind Rosita.
Ash was tuning her guitar when she turned to Buster. An hour into their drive and the usually optimistic koala hadn't said much. He was staring out the window, a worried expression on his face.
Playfully, she punched his arm, getting his attention. "You okay, Moon? Looking a little 'spaced' out." She laughed at her little joke and Buster even glared at her for it.
"Save the cheesy stuff for the professionals." He said, with a dramatic wave of his paw.
"What, like you?"
"Exactly." He replied, before resuming his gaze out the window.
Ash frowned. "What's wrong, Moon?" She asked.
Buster sighed. "Nothing." He said, rolling his eyes.
"I will stick you with my quill if you don't tell me." To make her point, Ash pulled a lose quill and jabbed his side.
Buster yelped before raising a paw in defeat. "Relax, Ash, just excitement." He said.
Ash could tell he was lying but before she could press, Buster's phone rang and he quickly answered. "Good morning, Mr. Mayor!" He said, enthusiastically.
While Buster secured things with the Mayor of Zootopia, Ash slid off her seat and made her way to the front of the bus and tapped Rosita on her shoulder.
"Hey, Ash? Need me to find a rest stop?" She asked, quiety so as to not embarrass her.
Ash smiled at the gesture. "No, I wanted to know if Buster had opened up at all in the past two days."
Rosita hummed a bit. "No, not since the conversation we had. He's eating though, but I can tell he's still having trouble sleeping." Rosita smiled as she noticed the concern on the younger woman's face. "You're worried about him."
"Of course I am!" She said, trying to keep her voice down. "This isn't just something that goes away over night!"
"I know and you're right. But we made a break through. Right now, it's probably best we take baby steps, what happened in Red Shore was a very traumatizing moment. We don't want to rush into things. So it's our job to make sure he remembers where he is and who's his with. Two days ago, he hardly slept, hardly ate, we're making progress. Small progress, but it's better then it was."
"And what about Porsha? Or Marcus?"
"What about them?" Rosita asked, though she had a fair idea what Ash was getting at, the change in his behavior around bigger animals was not going unnoticed.
"His whole body language changes when he's around taller animals, especially Porsha. I saw the way he looked at her the night you found him. And from his angle, he probably saw Crystal at first. And before that, Marcus went to give him a hug and when he picked him up, Buster went full panic. Marcus looked like he was able to calm him down, though."
"When did that happen?" Rosita asked in concern.
"Two days ago, me and Clay were practicing and I saw it outside the room."
"He didn't tell me that."
"It's only with taller animals. He's comfortable around Johnny and Meena-"
"But others send him into a panic." Rosita frowned and sighed. "The best thing we can is be there with him, especially tonight. We can't cure him over night, but we can help him through it. I'll let Marcus know to keep an eye on him whilst we're preforming. As a large gorilla, he should make Buster feel safe until the panic subsides."
Ash nodded, though not fully satisfied. "How long do you think this will last?"
Rosita glanced at the rear view mirror at Buster who still on the phone, this time with Darius. The mother pig could tell he was agitated as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "As long as it takes." She said, taking the young rock star's paw and squeezing it, reassuringly.
The rest of the ride was smooth sailing and in no time at all, they were pulling into the Zootopian Ivory Theater. There, they began unloading. Darius arrived shortly after the last of the props were hauled in.
"So, when do we get to meet the Mayor!" Darius asked as he and Buster walked.
Buster frowned as his grip tightened on his clip board. Darius had asked this question three times in the last thirty minutes. He didn't have time to answer as he was busy giving out orders and speaking with the Ivory Theater's stage-hands.
"He'll be here at 5:30. The show starts at 6 and given the time now, can I suggest you join Meena in one of the practice rooms so you can rehearse?" He hadn't meant for it sound as harsh as he did, but Darius didn't seem to notice, he was busy posing for an antelope adjusting the lights. She rolled her eyes and walked off to deal with another fixture.
Buster groaned.
"Mr. Moon!"
Buster turned as Johnny raced up.
"Yes, what's wrong?"
"I can't find my staff, Mr. Moon!" Johnny cried, panic written on his face.
Buster raised his paws to calm the young gorilla. "Okay, okay, calm down, did you personally pack it?"
Johnny shook his head. "No, I put it with the rest of the props to be put in the trailer." He said.
"Alright, well-"
"Johnny!" Nooshy cried, joining them. With her was Johnny's staff. "Found it! It was still in the trailer."
Johnny breathed a sigh of relief as Buster smiled. "There! All's well! You okay, Johnny, you ready?"
Johnny smiled as he fist bumped Buster and tspped his staff on the ground. "Ready!"
"Great! Then show them what you're made of, Johnny!"
The young performer smiled excitedly as he and Nooshy high fived before darting off.
Buster smiled as he continued his rounds before he accidentally bumped his nose into one of the stage-hands. He looked up to apologize, but as he did, the farther he looked up, the more this animal resembled Jimmy. He then recognized the fur. The wolf turned and snarled down at Buster before reaching out a paw to grab him. Buster lifted his clip board, hoping to shield himself before he felt a hand on his shoulder.
He turned and saw Rosita, already in costume, who gave him a reassuring smile. "You're not there anymore." She whispered.
Buster took a deep breath and allowed Rosita to guide him away to a quiet corner. "Are you okay?" She asked.
Buster turned and glanced to the animal he had a panic attack for, a polar bear carrying props. The polar bear waved. "Sorry, buddy! Guess my size can be scary to smaller animals."
Buster gave him a small wave in return before sighing in frustration. "I just need to get a grip."
"Did you eat today?"
Buster smirked. "Always such a mama-bear." He said.
"I'll take that as a no." She responded as she took her purse and grabbed a granola bar and thermos. "I packed these just in case. Eucalyptus tea with honey and Granola bar. You'll need your energy tonight."
Buster smiled, gratefully before she hugged him. "We're all right here when you need us." She assured him as she adjusted his bow tie. Then she stood and with one last affectionate squeeze of his paw, raced to find Gunter.
Buster pocketed the granola bar but took a sip of his tea. The aroma and taste quickly steadied his nerves as he continued his rounds. As he was finishing up last touches, he noticed Porsha sitting alone, nervously twiddling her fingers.
"Hey, kid, you okay?" Buster asked as he approached.
Porsha snapped from her thoughts and smiled awkwardly. "Oh, hiya, Mr. Moon! Sure, just stage jitters, ya know?"
Buster nodded in agreement, but he found it hard to believe. Porsha, from the moment he had met her was outgoing and loved to be center of attention. Of course she had mellowed out considerably in the few weeks Buster had known her and humbled herself. She played the part of the alien extremely well. Her acting needed help, but Buster could see a bright future in show business for the young wolf. Encouragingly, Buster touched her paw. "What's wrong, Porsha?" He asked.
The young wold sighed as tears suddenly formed in her eyes. She looked away and sniffed, avoiding Buster's concerned gaze.
"How can you even allow me to be in your group?" She asked.
Buster's ears shot up in confusion. "Wh- what do you mean?"
Porsha turned to the Showman, tears streaming freely now down her face. "My dad tried to kill you! You should all hate me and my family! I shouldn't even BE here! I've seen the way you look at me!"
Buster froze. "Porsha-"
"I remind you too much of Dad. I know. I see it when you come around the corner and stop. I see how scared you look. And I can't blame you. What my dad did was pure evil. And I hate him for it. And you shouldn't have to relive it everytime you see me. This was a bad idea for me to join this show. So after this... I'm quitting."
Buster stiffled a yelp. "What!? Porsha, no one blames you for what your father did! You are NOTHING like him! You're a strong, independent young woman with her own dreams! Your father-" Buster's heart rate quicken before he took a deep breath. Porsha was too upset to notice.
Buster regained his composure and continued. "Porsha, listen. Crystal may your father, but that doesn't mean you need to follow in his foot steps. You have your own life ahead of you. We invited you to come because you're like us! Someone who has guts and the courage to chase their dreams! Look at my family. We're nothing alike, all different species, but we're still a family! Each and every one of us were the black sheep or odd one out! I didn't want perfect, I didn't want just any other singer or dancer. I wanted THEM. I chose each and every one of those members specifically! Just how I chose you."
Porsha wiped her cheek. "You didn't choose me. Daddy and I made you put me in the show."
Buster shook his head. "In the beginning perhaps, but remember it was me who chose to bring you back."
Porsha turned and stared at him.
"I wanted you to join our show. Maybe not as the star, but as a part. There are no such things as small parts. Each act carries significance to each scene. And you carry your scene beautifully."
The young wolf smiled as Buster patted her paw. "What do you say, kid? You gonna stick with us?"
Porsha didn't reply, instead she hugged the older animal, tightly.
Buster froze, before patting her back, affectionately. She wasn't Crystal, but her fur certainly reminded Buster of him. Buster pushed that thought from his mind. Porsha was nothing like Crystal. She was kind and supportive in her ways. She cared about this group. She cared enough to consider Buster's feelings and attempt to leave the show. Buster tightened his grip. Looks like he adopted a new kid into his family.
Porsha then pulled away and slipped on the rest of her costume. "I'm ready, Mr. Moon."
Buster smiled.
5 o'clock came quickly and the stage was set as guests were already beginning to arrive. Buster and his group were in the lobby, waiting for their guests and a meet with the Mayor.
Norman arrived first, having found a babysitter early enough to give him time to drive. Rosita and he shared a kiss before she led him up to the box seats Miss Crawley had reserved for their friends. Nana Noodleman arrived soon after. "A lovely little theater." She commented.
Clay held out his arm. "May I escort you to your seat, ma'am."
Nana smiled at the gesture and allowed him.
"I must say, I don't much care for rock, but you sing it beautifully. I believe I even had a few of your albums."
Clay blushed. "That's an honor. Me? I never was one for theater myself, but my late wife was. I remember seeing your show, though. Magnificent."
Nana stopped. "You've seen Epiphany?"
"Yes, ma'am. It's where I met my Ruby. She was a back up dancer."
Nana gasped. "I remember her! Oh, she was the sweetest lion." Nana frowned. "I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband about the time you lost Ruby."
Clay gave her a sad smile. "Too bad we hadn't known each other. Could've grieved together."
"I'm sure Ruby is very proud of you."
"Thank you, ma'am."
Nana smiled. "I would love to hear more about you and Ruby. Perhaps you will join me for tea next week?"
Clay chuckled. "I'd love too, ma'am."
"Fabulous. It's a date. I'll have my chauffeur send you the address."
Marcus and his team met up with the group, having been securing the back stage doors.
"All set, Mr. Moon." Marcus said.
"Mr. Moon!"
The group turned to see a large, brown bear approaching them, sporting a blue suit with two animals following close behind, a fox and rabbit.
"Mr. Moon?" He asked, again, looking around at the group.
Buster raised his paw. "That's me! You must be Mayor-"
"Call me Baloo!" The bear said, enthusiastically as she shook the smaller animal's paw. "The Mayor title is just something I use in meetings and parties." He let out a hearty laugh before introducing his team. "These are my guests, officers Judy Hopps and Nicholas Wilde, two of the best on the police force. The Chief of Police will also be joining us, shortly. He was tied up with a bit of paperwork."
Buster shook each of their paws. "Wonderful! This is the New Moon cast," and one by one, he introduced his group who smiled and shook hands.
"Well, I must say it's an absolute pleasure to meet you all. Absolute stunning work, I've heard. Tickets are sold out! You guys are the real deal, best show, they're saying, in years! You all must be very proud."
"Couldn't have done it without our Mr. Moon." Johnny said.
"Of course, good cast needs a good producer! Well! If you excuse us, we're going to find our seats. Great meeting you all, I look forward to your performance! Good luck out there!" With that, the Mayor and the two officers waved before disappearing into the growing crowd.
Buster clapped his paws together. "Alright, team! We ready?"
The group smiled, excitedly.
"You're going to do amazing, now come on, paws in!"
The group put paw over paw as they recited their motto. "There's only one way left to go and that's UP!" They all cried in unison. Buster and his team then separated for the evening as they went to change and prepare.
Buster smiled as they disappeared into the door marked back-stage while he made his way up the stairs to join Nana and the others. He was half way up the stairs when he noticed a familiar elephant enter the theater lobby. At first Buster didn't recognize him, but it was Alfonso sure enough, only now he was wearing a sharp black suit and tie, instead of his usual attire of striped shirt and jeans.
Buster caught his attention and waved him to the stairs. "I thought you weren't able to make it!" Buster said.
Alfonso blushed. "I-I took the night off to surprise Meena."
"Well, that's great! I'm sure she's going to be thrilled!"
"Yeah, but I better get to my seat-"
Buster quickly stopped him. "No! Take my seat in the box!" He cried.
Alfonso frowned. "But-"
"I insist. I need to go back stage anyway and make sure Rosita and Meena are okay. You take my seat. Go on, Miss Crawley, Nana and Norman are already there. We'll meet you here when the show's over."
Alfonso stuttered a bit before smiling. "Thank you, Mr. Moon."
"Don't mention it, kid! Enjoy the show!" Buster said as he waved the young elephant off.
The Showman smiled as he straightened his bow tie and descended down the stairs once more. He was nearly to the door when a large animal suddenly knocked him to the ground. Because of his size, Buster was more then used to being looked over and missed and was prepared to think nothing of it, but by chance, he happened to look up and when he did, the lobby's hustle and bustle seemed to drain away, the noise of excited chatter was replaced by the beating of his heart.
Standing before him, in a navy blue suit, was a wolf with a coat as white as the snow. Green eyes peered down at him. Panic clouded Buster's mind as he sat on the floor, mouth open and eyes wide. As wolf reached down, Buster raised an arm to protect himself before he was suddenly grabbed and yanked from his spot on the floor.
"Mr. Moon."
Marcus turned Buster's head, gently so that all the koala's focus was on him. Rosita had spoken to Marcus earlier on for signs to watch for. Buster's blue eyes found Marcus' hazel and Marcus encouraged him to slow his breathing and think about something else, an action he'd used several times for Johnny during a heist in Johnny's earlier days. "Rosita needs some encouragement. Her old stage fright is gettin' the better of her. She needs you. Meena too." He said, attempting to distract him.
It worked. Buster recovered and his mind was now focused on the need to help his friends. Nodding, he patted Marcus' hand in thanks. He risked a glance at the wolf once more and remembered Mr. Crystal had piercing blue eyes and was a good foot taller then this one. This wolf had green and had broader arms. But despite the small differences, Buster couldn't help but feel a sense of dread. Marcus gave Buster a small nudge, encouraging him to leave.
The older gorilla kept his eye on the koala as he disappeared behind the door marked "Backstage". He then turned his attention to the wolf and was surprised to see his attention was also on the door, a sinister look upon his face. Marcus crossed his arms and flexed them a bit before allowing a gruff ahem to escape his throat.
The wolf turned back and Marcus took notice as his eyes slightly widened at his appearance. His toned arms were considerably bigger then his son's, results from years of boxing habits and a criminal past in handling gold.
"Are we going to have a problem, mate?" Marcus asked, quietly.
"Oh, no. What makes you ask you that?" The wolf asked. Something about his voice made a few hairs stand on Marcus' arm.
The retired thief leaned in closer. "I'm security around here. If I see you near that koala or any other member of my group, I'm throwing you out into the pavement, got it?"
The wolf straightened his tie, but Marcus could tell he had ruffled his feathers.
"Yes, sir. Have a good night." And with that, he left to find his seat.
Marcus relaxed, but only slightly. He remembered when he had Jimmy Crystal within his grip, shortly after his attempt to kill Moon. He would have liked nothing more then for he and his gang to have "escorted" Jimmy up the lift and thrown HIM off.
Barry and Stan joined him. "Something wrong, lad?" Barry asked.
Marcus narrowed his eyes as the wolf headed upstairs. "Keep an eye on that bloke. I don't like the looks of him." He said.
"Righto." Stan said.
Once the wolf was sure he was out of eye sight, he took his phone and looked over the message sent to him shortly after his arrival to the theater.
Crystal wants Moon dead.
Tonight. ASAP.
The wolf smiled. As he slipped the phone back into his pocket and waited for Marcus and his group to walk away so that he may have a clear shot to the door Moon walked into. He and Jerry and been communicating the past week on the discussion of Moon's fate. The wolf had even managed to meet with Crystal in jail to confirm. The koala had ruined his former boss's image and possibly put him in jail for a long time. This angered the canine. He allowed a small growl to escape his throat before he noticed Marcus and his gang steer from the door. Smiling, he made his way down.
Buster took a deep breath as he was lowered to the stage, riding atop a cresent moon. Beside him was an astronaut helmet with his name engraved, similar to Rosita's. The lights found their way to him and he spoke into the microphone he held tightly in his paws, addressing the audience.
"Welcome, creatures great and small! Thank you for joining us in the gorgeous Zootopian Ivory Theater and welcome... TO OUTER SPACE!"
The stage screens lit up and stars surrounded the audience.
"I am here to present to you a show that is Out of this World. But before my amazing cast can perform, I am going to dedicate this show to an amazing woman. A woman who inspired many, but one in particular. A star you know and greatly love, someone who has come out of retirement to help us deliver you a spectacular show. She is a woman who remained strong, and became an icon to many. A woman who didn't stand in the shadows, but stood side by side with the lion she loved. A woman... who is sadly no longer with is. But with music, her spirit lives on and travels far. Ladies and gentlemen, I dedicate this show to the amazing, the lovely and greatly missed RUBY CALLOWAY!!!"
Buster spun and the stars began to dance and move across the theater, before taking shape into a lioness' silhouette. The stars shifted, making her bow. Her eyes twinkled as she raised her paws to greet the audience.
Calloway was below, backstage, watching in awe and in tears as the silhouette shaped into his beloved wife, Ruby and blew him a kiss.
The old lion released a shuddering breath as his cheeks became almost immediately moist with tears.
He could practically feel her presence, her soft paw on his cheek, wiping his forming tears.
The star silhouette Ruby raised her paws and suddenly the stars exploded into many and the audience cheered as the curtians closed and reopened and Rosita's voice came over the microphone.
The show was about to begin.
Buster dived under the curtain, smiling at the audience. Not 5 minutes into the show and there were already several crying guests.
Buster took a moment to admire the stage. Just as amazing as their showing with Crystal Towers and The Majestic. He breathed a happy sigh as the stars burned brightly and Rosita landed her ship on the first planet.
At 6 years old, he wanted to be the first koala in space. Those were dashed when his father introduced him to the theater when he took him to see Epiphany. But now it seemed his dreams were connecting into one. He had, in theory, been the first koala to space. He was wiping a tear of joy before he was swooped from the ground. Panic set in and his body frozed before he felt leather against his fur and large paws holding him close. He managed to turn his head to see Clay Calloway clutching him tightly, softly crying. "Thank you..." Clay's voice was barely a whisper, Buster's sharp ears picked it up clear as day. Buster patted his shoulder, smiling. The lion held him close for a few seconds more before placing him down.
"Ruby would have loved to meet you." Clay said, his voice still cracking, slighty. "Heck, after that number, she would have welcomed you to the family with open arms..." Clay wiped his face. "But since she's not here to do that... I will." The former recluse held out his paw for a welcoming handshake, but Buster ignored it and jumped to hug him, catching Clay slightly by surprise.
"How about I welcome you into MY family?" Buster asked.
Clay smiled and embraced the koala back. Buster took that as a yes.
Not far away, the unwelcomed visitor gripped a railing from his small perch in the shadows. His sights on Buster, his teeth bared and an unholy smile shaped on his muzzle. Tonight he finishes what Crystal started. Tonight, he will kill Buster Moon.
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Johnny's Still Standing Scene. Johnny and BD.Sing 2016!!馃
My favorite Szene in the whole movie鉂
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My Sing Journal
Tumblr media
This is my own Sing journal for me to draw pictures and add my favorite pictures in Tumblr and all sorts.
I've got this book from Albert Dock in Liverpool.
So, what do you think I should draw in the first page of the Sing journal?
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I brought you a bunch of cuties ~
Which means I'm on the mend because the smile and laughter of this koala melting the heart and heals, so I need it more in my life ~
you might be too 馃檭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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not me being absolutely in love with an animated gorilla 馃 馃憖
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THEY 馃挄 MELT 馃挆 MY 馃ズ HEART 鉂わ笍
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Fr my last two braincells at 2am
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sleep, pretty darling, do not cry // you were busy dreaming, so what did you wake up for?
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!! matching icons for you and your sociopath bf <3 馃グ馃グ
bonus: they
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AW Ash was too excited to see Buster Moon and hugs him
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outrightelm 2 days ago
Here's another random request ^^' (sorry); If Buster Moon sing to There's Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mends and turned out to be the best singer ever, what would the sing cast react to this? (i just have a dream and I couldn't stop thing about it XD)
Ooh! This is going to be a fun one!
Buster: *singing* Oh, I've been shaking. I love it when you go crazy! You take all my inhibitions. Baby, there's nothing holding me back!
Johnny: *coming into the room* What is that--? Is that you singing? Holy cow, I didn't even know you can even sing.
Ash: *coming into the room, groaning* Ugh, Johnny...it's almost bedtime-- *shocked* wait a second...Buster? *smirks while pulling out her phone to record him* Please keep singing.
Mizuki: *coming into the room with a knowing smile* I knew I heard a familiar voice.
Ms. Crawly: *coming into Buster's office* I always like to hear you sing, Mr. Moon. It's such a pleasure to hear.
Mike: *coming into Buster's office with an aggressive* Hey, hey! Can you--Oh, hello, Mr. Moon...is that you singing?...It is? Uh...okay...um, I'll just go. *exits awkwardly*
Meena: *coming into the office and gasped in shock and in joy* Oh my gosh, Mr. Moon! I didn't know you could sing! You should join the choir.
Rosita: *coming into the office with a look of shock* Wow, Buster, you should sing more often. You have such a great voice.
Gunter: *busting into Buster's office and dancing to Buster's singing voice as Buster kept singing awkwardly at first until he felt more confident*
Porscha: *joins in the singing as Buster giggled and kept singing with her*
Clay: *enters the office while Buster just stopped singing. He flicked his ears a bit and then smirked at Buster to let him know that he can hear Buster singing a Shawn Mends song*
Nooshy: *coming into the office and smirking* Look at you, you're singing so well. You should join us during the performances.
Darius: *gasping in shock* Dude, you're going to get rewards for singing this good!
Eddie: *smirking and rolling his eyes* Show-off.
Nana: *smiling softly*
Jimmy: *coming into the office* Hey, Moon, we need to-- *stops to listen to Buster singing until Buster stopped and stood on his desk awkwardly. Jimmy flicked his ears while tilting his head.* Hmm, you got talent. I'll make note of that.
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Hello @ ppl who like Sing (2016) and Humanizations
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whiteleaf13 a day ago
Stay away
A story request by @starlightmeadowbloom
The day had started out normally as it always did. Buster had gotten up and was ready to start the new day when he had checked his phone, only to find multiple texts from not only ash, but the other cast as well. All were asking if buster was okay or if he had seen the news. At first, buster was confused about what they were referring to until he saw it for himself.
Jimmy crystal was being released on bail in a week. In a week, the wolf who had tried to kill him would be roaming the streets once again. The very thought of it made buster feel sick. He felt as though he was about to faint. But despite these feelings, he kept a straight face during the whole ordeal.
For the remaining week, the cast were all doing their part to help buster. Rosita had even suggested getting a restraining order on jimmy for extra measures. But buster kindly rejected the offer. A part of him secretly felt that even a restraining order wouldn't keep jimmy away. Then there was porsha.
When she had found out, she had started to panic. Afraid that jimmy would force her to move back to redshore city and that she would never see buster or the others again. And while the others were there to comfort her, the fear still lingered in her mind. It upset buster.
All of this fear and panic, caused by one wolf. A wolf who didn't seem to regret what he did, buster thought this as he looked back at that night. How confident jimmy was when he addressed the crowd, as if nothing had happened! As if he hadn't just tried to kill buster moon in front of his cast, his family. If only he knew how much he scarred buster.
Perhaps, buster thought, jimmy should know just how much he changed things for him.
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
Buster sat in the passenger seat of suki lane's car. The dog was currently driving the koala on the road leading the same prison that jimmy was being held in.
"To be honest....no." Buster simply said, keeping his eyes straight ahead at the road in front of him.
"We could always turn back-"
Buster shook his head, "No. I'm going through with this and that's final!"
Suki glanced at buster. When he had asked her to take him to visit jimmy, she thought he was crazy. A part of her had hoped he'd change his mind and tell her to turn around. But so far, nothing. She should've known he'd see this to the end. He was stubborn that way.
Eventually, they arrived at the prison. The two exited the car and made their way inside. Buster straightened his bow tie and took a deep breath.
There was no turning back now.
Buster followed the officer into the room where other visitors spoke with the prisoners within the prison, whether they were loved ones or former partners in crime. Buster watched from the other side of the glass barrier keeping the prisoners from the visitors as two officers went to the cells. It wasn't long before he could suddenly see them return with the white wolf. His head was lowered as he was escorted by the officers.
Buster felt his heart behind to race, his hands starting to shake. He felt as though his legs were about give out and he would collapse right then and there, but he kept himself up. He approached the barrier between him and jimmy, taking a seat and grabbing the phone that would allow them to talk. He gulped, opening his mouth to speak.
"What are you doing here, moon?"
Buster held his breath as jimmy spoke, feeling as though there was a stone lodged in his throat to prevent him from answering. The entire speech he had in his head disappeared as he stared at the wolf, who's voice sounded just as menacing as it did the day they first met.
"Spit it out." Jimmy growled, sounding more aggressive this time.
"I-I....I heard you're getting out on bail..."
"Yeah, so?"
Buster wiped his forehead with his paw, sweating bullets as jimmy glared at him. This wasn't what buster wasn't expecting. On the drive, he had been so ready to tell Jimmy off. To tell him how badly he traumatized him and hurt porsha. But being here now, nothing came out.
"W-Well....I suppose I came to...u-uh.."
"Haven't you done enough already?"
Buster looked up, "E-Excuse me?"
The glare in Jimmy's eyes made buster shake in fear once again. "You heard me, moon. Ever since you showed up, you've been nothing but trouble!" He snarled. "You lied to me about Calloway, you fired my daughter from your show and turned her against me, and finally, you cost me my business and reputation! Already I have people at my throat!"
Buster flinched as jimmy shouted through the glass barrier. A part of him wanted to run away, fearing that jimmy may lunge through the glass and hurt him or worse. But his legs wouldn't budge.
"I-I never....I mean, I just-"
"You ruined my life, moon."
Buster froze when jimmy said those words. Suddenly, the noises around him started to fade away as he focused on jimmy, the rage he had felt before slowly started to return.
"I ruined your life...?"
Jimmy raised an eyebrow at the sudden tone of buster's voice. Buster then glared up at jimmy, "you've got some nerve, jimmy. To say that I ruined your life when you brought this upon yourself!" He spat. "You tried to kill me! And here you are, trying to make it seem like I'm the bad guy?!"
Buster stood on the stool he had been sitting on. "You have no idea how much pain I've been in since that day! And I'm not the only one! Porsha has been blaming herself for what YOU did! No one as sweet as her should have that kind of guilt on her shoulders!" For a quick moment, buster could've sworn he saw a flash of shock in Jimmy's eyes upon hearing this.
The other visitors and prisoners glanced at the koala as he continued to yell at jimmy. A few prisoners who learned what jimmy had done smirked in amusement when they realized the wolf was being confronted by his victim.
"I came here to let you know just how much your actions affected me! And to tell you that when you get out, stay the hell away from me and my family!"
Once that was said, buster dropped the phone and jumped off the stool. He started to make his way towards the door, leaving Jimmy to be escorted back to his cell by two officers. Once through the door, suki immediately rushed over to buster. "Moon!" She knelt down to meet with his eye level. though buster was staring down at the ground, trying to regain his breath after yelling at crystal. His eyes were wide as though he had seen a ghost.
Suki frowned, noticing the expression on the koala's face. "Are you okay...?"
As if in reply, buster dropped to his knees. He started to shake as he held himself and lowered his head, tears fell onto the floor. Despite having defending himself and his family from Jimmy, the words that the wolf had said still lingered in his mind.
"You lied to me about Calloway, you fired my daughter from your show and turned her against me, and finally, you cost me my business and reputation!"
Deep down, though he didn't want to admit it at first, he knew jimmy was right. If he hadn't lied, if he had just stayed in Calatonia after suki visited his theater, he wouldn't be feeling the pain, fear, and anger he felt now. He didn't want to feel this way anymore. Another thought rushed into his mind.
Because of him, his cast. His family, were almost arrested because of him. Johnny was placed with an abusive dance teacher, meena was uncomfortable during rehearsals, rosita had a panic attack because of the role he gave her, and porsha was in a much pain as he was. All of this. Caused by himself.
Buster snapped out of his thoughts at the sound of suki's worried voice. He looked up at her, only for her to gasp when she saw his tear stained face. "What happened in there?!" She exclaimed.
"N-Nothing..." buster quickly said, standing up and wiping his eyes. He looked at the time on his watch. "We should head back to calatonia...the others are probably worried sick..." he dusted himself off before walking towards the exit. Suki followed close behind, worried for buster.
When Jimmy returned to his cell, he took a seat at the edge of the bed and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a photograph and a red bow tie. The photo was a picture of him, porsha when she was a little girl, and a female wolf who looked almost exactly like his daughter. All three wolves were smiling in the photo. In his other hand, he clenched the bow tie in his fists as tears started to form in his eyes.
"Damn it..." he muttered, quickly wiping his eyes. As he folded the photo and put the items back in his pocket, he looked back at what buster had said to him.
"Porsha has been blaming herself for what YOU did! No one as sweet as her should have that kind of guilt on her shoulders!"
As much as jimmy didn't want to admit it. He knew what buster had said was true. No matter how many times he kept telling himself that buster was to blame for his downfall. Jimmy layed back on the mattress and stared up at the ceiling, wanting the day to be over with in hopes that the pain he now felt would disappear the next morning.
(I hope you've enjoyed this story. More stories will be coming soon. If you have any questions about the story or any requests, feel free to ask! Until the next post, have a great day!)
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Clay and his winkings omg this is too cute I can't
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astralalmighty 3 days ago
After my 22479th listen of Sky Full of Stars and my 81329847th rewatch of Johnny's performance,
You mean to tell me--ME--
That in a song about admiring someone and viewing them as something as beautiful as a "sky full of stars," and to the point that you "don't care if they hurt you or tear you apart"
Tumblr media
Was the one Johnny was supposed to dance with--
And, in context of the song, BE THE MYSTERIOUS PERSON Johnny is singing about--
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tipolover22 23 days ago
Sing Headcanons
I like to think that Porsha is 19 or 20 because she runs away at the end and that鈥檚 not something she could legally do if she weren鈥檛 over 18 and, tbh, she doesn鈥檛 look like a teenager, she just looks young, definitely no older than 21 in my opinion, but she def doesn鈥檛 look like she鈥檚 16 or something.聽
Buster becomes her new father figure and I headcanon this because at the end she sat in the bus next to him and copies him a bit when he looks at the city.聽
Buster鈥檚 mom died at child birth and that鈥檚 why we never hear anything about her in both movies, just his dad. Not having a mom never really affected him.聽
Johnny's mom died when he was very little so he doesn鈥檛 remember much of her, but the little he does it鈥檚 all wholesome. Like her hugs and her voice.聽
Johnny鈥檚 mom died due to an illness and the car shop his dad owns wasn鈥檛 enough to keep up with the payments for her treatment and that鈥檚 why he turned to bank robbing.
Rosita is latina, but since she married a white guy she doesn鈥檛 speak spanish much anymore except for her name, which is just a nickname for her real name, Rosa. (None of her kids know spanish either)
Since Buster is now Porsha鈥檚 father figure and became Ash鈥檚 in the first movie, I like to think Porsha and Ash have a sisterly relationship.
Porsha is ace/aro because I say so
Ash is bisexual and I ship her with Nooshy, who I headcanon is a lesbian.
Meena and Alfonso are sickeningly sweet and their PDA is actually welcomed within her friend group because of how cute they are.聽
Just like Meena, between working and robbing, Johnny never had the time to date or question who he even likes in the first place.聽
I ship Johnny with Ryan, the tiger he was supposed to dance fight with in the play.聽
Klaus becomes a nicer and better dance instructor now that he was humbled by Johnny.
Porsha visited her father in jail only once after everything and decided to never visit him again because it had been an unpleasant experience with all the yelling and insulting.聽
The first time Porsha calls buster dad is in the heat of an argument with him after he had made a comment in a moment of ignorance not knowing it cut deep in Porsha and she was like,聽鈥淲hy can鈥檛 you just be proud of me, Dad?!鈥 And then their both super shocked and Porsha starts to apologize until she feels something hugging her and it鈥檚 Buster embracing her from her legs because he鈥檚 so short and he tells her that he really is proud of her and from that moment on Buster likes to call her his daughter and Porsha still calls him dad.聽
Before Porsha starts calling Buster聽鈥淒ad鈥, she pronounces his name like聽鈥淏ustah鈥, cause of the accent and all.
Buster likes to write preppy, dramatic characters for Porsha since it matches her actual personality and helps her with her acting.聽
Ash and Porsha have lunch together every other day and Ash introduces her to real rock instead of the Pock Rock Porsha鈥檚 so fond of. It鈥檚 not really Porsha鈥檚 thing, unfortunately, except for a few choice songs and all the songs Ash writes.聽
The first time Johnny and Ryan go on a date, Johnny doesn鈥檛 know it鈥檚 a date so their relationship is like (Ryan: My boyfriend is amazing, Johnny: I wonder who his boyfriend is) Until it all gets cleared up and Johnny is an embarrassed mess with Ryan telling him it鈥檚 ok, but still laughing.聽
Johnny is Homo/Demisexual which is why he never dated because he was never around anyone long enough to become friends with let alone gain feelings for.聽
Gunter, Rosita, and Buster have a sibling relationship. Sometimes Rosita tries to keep it professional by calling Buster,聽鈥淢r. Moon鈥 whenever they meet up, but after a few minutes she drops it to a more casual聽鈥淏uster鈥. Rosita acts like the bigger sister to both of them especially cause she has kids and knows how to be responsible.聽
All of Rosita鈥檚 kids call Gunter聽鈥淯ncle鈥.聽
If Norman isn鈥檛 available to watch the kids, Miss Crawly happily volunteers. She loves kids but never had any of her own. (She is also Ace/Aro, but had a QPLP before they died)
Buster never liked acting himself unless to help one of his actors portray a character. As a teenager, he joined the stage and tech crew in his highschool theatre because he was more interested in making sure the play went beautifully than being the star of it all.聽
He didn鈥檛 start writing his own plays until after highschool and I like to think that his plays only flopped when he first got the theatre because he was a young and inexperienced writer when he wrote those plays, but still felt some pride because those were the first plays he had written and tried to bring them alive on stage but they were just not good.聽
Buster decided that he liked his plays better when they were musicals, especially because the whole gang has amazing voices.聽
Miss Crawly has worked at the theatre even before Buster had bought it. She鈥檚 always been around actors and stars so it鈥檚 easy for her to slip back into that demanding director act.
Meena gains more confidence now that she has a boyfriend. NOT because she has a boyfriend, but because in her mind, if she was able to get a boyfriend, making friends should be way easier now.聽
Darius gains more respect for Meena after she gains some confidence and tells him he needs start remembering that her name Meena and not Nina. (And she doesn鈥檛 say it all scared and shy, she says it like she鈥檚 sick of him yakshit)
Ages: Rosita鈥檚 kids - between 3 and 8, Porsha - 19/20, Meena - 21, Ash - 22, Johnny - 22, Nooshy - 22, Alfonso - 23, Darius - 23, Ryan - 24, Gunter - 32, Rosita - 35, Norman - 38, Buster - 42
I think that鈥檚 enough for now, but if I come up with more I am definitely posting them! Let me know what you all think!!
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starburstman 27 days ago
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