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likeamaya · 5 months ago
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not me being absolutely in love with an animated gorilla 🦍 👀
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ashxjohnny · 4 months ago
This was definitely one of the most emotional moments of the whole movie. I remember I was already soft because Ash singing the beginning of the song gave me chills but then when I saw Ruby's ghost giving Clay the last impulse to play again I couldn't help but start crying. She was so beautiful and lovely and Clay with tears in his eyes seeing how the crowd was singing his song dedicated to his wife was overwhelming🥺💙✨
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jubilant-ronin · 2 months ago
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Theater fam 🐷🦍🦔🐷🐘🐨
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kathxly · 4 months ago
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"it's my comfort movie and i get to choose the headcanons"
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aifozu · 4 months ago
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My friend wanted so much to see my human version of them so... here’s the 1st idea of human version 😳
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starburstman · 5 months ago
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tipolover22 · 4 months ago
Sing Headcanons
I like to think that Porsha is 19 or 20 because she runs away at the end and that’s not something she could legally do if she weren’t over 18 and, tbh, she doesn’t look like a teenager, she just looks young, definitely no older than 21 in my opinion, but she def doesn’t look like she’s 16 or something. 
Buster becomes her new father figure and I headcanon this because at the end she sat in the bus next to him and copies him a bit when he looks at the city. 
Buster’s mom died at child birth and that’s why we never hear anything about her in both movies, just his dad. Not having a mom never really affected him. 
Johnny's mom died when he was very little so he doesn’t remember much of her, but the little he does it’s all wholesome. Like her hugs and her voice. 
Johnny’s mom died due to an illness and the car shop his dad owns wasn’t enough to keep up with the payments for her treatment and that’s why he turned to bank robbing.
Rosita is latina, but since she married a white guy she doesn’t speak spanish much anymore except for her name, which is just a nickname for her real name, Rosa. (None of her kids know spanish either)
Since Buster is now Porsha’s father figure and became Ash’s in the first movie, I like to think Porsha and Ash have a sisterly relationship.
Porsha is ace/aro because I say so
Ash is bisexual and I ship her with Nooshy, who I headcanon is a lesbian.
Meena and Alfonso are sickeningly sweet and their PDA is actually welcomed within her friend group because of how cute they are. 
Just like Meena, between working and robbing, Johnny never had the time to date or question who he even likes in the first place. 
I ship Johnny with Ryan, the tiger he was supposed to dance fight with in the play. 
Klaus becomes a nicer and better dance instructor now that he was humbled by Johnny.
Porsha visited her father in jail only once after everything and decided to never visit him again because it had been an unpleasant experience with all the yelling and insulting. 
The first time Porsha calls buster dad is in the heat of an argument with him after he had made a comment in a moment of ignorance not knowing it cut deep in Porsha and she was like, “Why can’t you just be proud of me, Dad?!” And then their both super shocked and Porsha starts to apologize until she feels something hugging her and it’s Buster embracing her from her legs because he’s so short and he tells her that he really is proud of her and from that moment on Buster likes to call her his daughter and Porsha still calls him dad. 
Before Porsha starts calling Buster “Dad”, she pronounces his name like “Bustah”, cause of the accent and all.
Buster likes to write preppy, dramatic characters for Porsha since it matches her actual personality and helps her with her acting. 
Ash and Porsha have lunch together every other day and Ash introduces her to real rock instead of the Pock Rock Porsha’s so fond of. It’s not really Porsha’s thing, unfortunately, except for a few choice songs and all the songs Ash writes. 
The first time Johnny and Ryan go on a date, Johnny doesn’t know it’s a date so their relationship is like (Ryan: My boyfriend is amazing, Johnny: I wonder who his boyfriend is) Until it all gets cleared up and Johnny is an embarrassed mess with Ryan telling him it’s ok, but still laughing. 
Johnny is Homo/Demisexual which is why he never dated because he was never around anyone long enough to become friends with let alone gain feelings for. 
Gunter, Rosita, and Buster have a sibling relationship. Sometimes Rosita tries to keep it professional by calling Buster, “Mr. Moon” whenever they meet up, but after a few minutes she drops it to a more casual “Buster’. Rosita acts like the bigger sister to both of them especially cause she has kids and knows how to be responsible. 
All of Rosita’s kids call Gunter “Uncle”. 
If Norman isn’t available to watch the kids, Miss Crawly happily volunteers. She loves kids but never had any of her own. (She is also Ace/Aro, but had a QPLP before they died)
Buster never liked acting himself unless to help one of his actors portray a character. As a teenager, he joined the stage and tech crew in his highschool theatre because he was more interested in making sure the play went beautifully than being the star of it all. 
He didn’t start writing his own plays until after highschool and I like to think that his plays only flopped when he first got the theatre because he was a young and inexperienced writer when he wrote those plays, but still felt some pride because those were the first plays he had written and tried to bring them alive on stage but they were just not good. 
Buster decided that he liked his plays better when they were musicals, especially because the whole gang has amazing voices. 
Miss Crawly has worked at the theatre even before Buster had bought it. She’s always been around actors and stars so it’s easy for her to slip back into that demanding director act.
Meena gains more confidence now that she has a boyfriend. NOT because she has a boyfriend, but because in her mind, if she was able to get a boyfriend, making friends should be way easier now. 
Darius gains more respect for Meena after she gains some confidence and tells him he needs start remembering that her name Meena and not Nina. (And she doesn’t say it all scared and shy, she says it like she’s sick of him yakshit)
Ages: Rosita’s kids - between 3 and 8, Porsha - 19/20, Meena - 21, Ash - 22, Johnny - 22, Nooshy - 22, Alfonso - 23, Darius - 23, Ryan - 24, Gunter - 32, Rosita - 35, Norman - 38, Buster - 42
I think that’s enough for now, but if I come up with more I am definitely posting them! Let me know what you all think!!
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knewyouwereaweirdo · 3 months ago
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bonus: proud buster dad face
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ghostlypanda · 4 months ago
buster being a proud supportive papa friend to his theater kids (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)
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josselyn1021 · 5 months ago
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AW Ash was too excited to see Buster Moon and hugs him
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feliville · a year ago
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Hello @ ppl who like Sing (2016) and Humanizations
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sing-sideblog · 2 months ago
While looking at SING storyboard examples for future things. I came across these pictures and gif
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I am living for these pictures and I'm curious as to what some of these scenes would've gone if they kept them in-
(Gonna make a second post cause there's still more pictures i wanna show y'all)
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ashxjohnny · 4 months ago
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therealgift · 4 months ago
Am I the only one that gets kinda emotional with this bus scene? I don't know, the fact that it has no dialogue, only this beautiful song and images telling us the story of their trip, cheering the passengers up with their talent, it's really wholesome
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kathxly · 4 months ago
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They're girlfriends, your honor
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bing-klosby · 4 months ago
I haven't been here for quite a while. Well.. for a great quite a while 😬
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I brought you this ~ 💕
I've been waiting for this for a long 5 years, omg.. You just NEED to watch is, I swear
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starburstman · 4 months ago
The Significance of Ash's and Meena's outfit swaps
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So we remember Ash's outfit in the first movie, the dark look that was almost exactly the same as L*nce's. It showed to the audience how Ash was basically forced to become a copy of Lance and rlly repressed most of her personality and attributes behind this facade (which only really came out when she sang)
In the first movie she wore black and with that she would always have this mask with her "I don't care" attitude (most likely implemented by her ex)
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BUT THEN we have Ash's outfit in Sing 2 which is so bold. The colour is Red, and that colour is typically one that represents passion and draws attention towards it. Ash made sure she was not hidden in someone's shadow with a colour that bold. Also in her original outfit, she wore bits of red (her skirt and her guitar) hinting towards how her passion only was shown in small segments
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Alongside that can we talk about how many more emotions she displayed instead of just her nonchalant behaviour shown in the first movie?? I LOVE IT
Red really was a colour significant to HER AND SHE BODIED IT
Now Meena:
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Meena in the first movie wore the faded baby blue hoodie. One thing I noticed (or everyone noticed) was that in the first movie she had so many moments constantly crippling under her self doubt and anxieties, which rendered her feeling quite sad on various occasions. The faded baby blue hoodie allowed Meena to drift into the background. That blue is a colour that shows peace and passiveness
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THEN WE GET PINK HOODIE MEENA. This colour literally represents happiness and youthfulness. That is exactly what Meena gained when she joined the Moon Theatre, we barely see her pull her ears close to her head in this movie.
Alongside that, this colour is one that pops out to the audience. You can see this colour and it really symbolises how Meena was able to develop into someone who won't hide herself and fade away into the background
Tumblr media
+ it could also be a nod to her mom, whose personality was outgoing and sweet (thats so cute)
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tahnnie26 · 2 months ago
Sing doodles!
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I had to do this XD
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From a headcanon I saw of this couple, credits to @knewyouwereaweirdo <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chaotic moments of these two (link here), credits to @knewyouwereaweirdo ✨
I was just bored and drew these doodles ._.XD
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knewyouwereaweirdo · 3 months ago
theatre family headcanons (that live rent free in my head)
Tumblr media
- back when johnny’s dad was still in jail, rosita would be the one to make surprise visits at the garage and make sure if he was eating well, sleeping well, not overworking himself for the bail money. the usual motherly duties, amongst many other things.
- marcus literally has no hesitation to show all of johnny’s friends his baby photos.
- ash and nooshy together have the most chaotic of friend relationships—they’d say yes to jumping off a cliff in a synced heartbeat and they would think it’s a good idea to do so.
- when it used to be just ash, meena, and johnny, ash was the one who demanded they made a groupchat.
- and when she did make the groupchat, she proceeded to name it “the holy trinity”, then “the trifecta to dissect ya”.
- most of their groupchat conversations would be something like:
ash: hey guys guys guys guys guys guys
johnny: what??? its two am
ash: i just did some intense math like
ash: i just ate a whole box of frosted flakes
ash: its like a thousand grams
ash: im 52kg
ash: that means im 2% made of frosted flakes
ash: holy shit
johnny: please go to bed ash
- both ash and johnny had posters of clay calloway up on their walls when they were kids—you can’t imagine the excitement they felt when they met him.
- johnny probably called his dad that moment, like, “dad, you won’t believe who we’re performing with, it’s clay calloway, dad—can you believe it?”
- as for johnny, he grew up with calloway’s songs because it used to be his mother’s favorite singer.
- basically they’re his comfort songs and listening to them helps him calm down or fall asleep.
- rosita is the one to buy snacks for the cast who are rehearsing and you cannot imagine the amount of food she brings along (and she’s right to do so because all of them surprisingly eat a lot).
- when they arrived at crystal hotel, all the kids excitedly asked if they can look around the place while the adults unpacked and did their own boring stuff:
ash: moon, can we pleeeeaaassseeee go and explore?
buster: of course! just remember our room number—oh, here’s your room key, don’t forget that—and just make sure to be back by thirty!
- and basically that day they completely forgot they had a “curfew” and proceeded to go play at the hotel swimming pool.
- rosita and buster spent hours looking for them and rosita gave them a bit of a scolding when they were found splashing each other on the river ride.
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phoenix-bird-of-fire · 2 months ago
Some Theater Family Headcannons.
Since Johnny and Gunter look like they're attending a show together in the new short film, I like to think the gang often spend one on one time together as well as hang out as a family.
I've never done these before so, go easy on me.
1. Gunter and Buster go out drinking or just out to lunch when they're brain storming new ideas or just hanging out. Sometimes they have to call Rosita to pick them up.
2. Rosita often meets with Ash for coffee and lunches with Meena.
3. Rosita and Gunter attend a lot of different dance classes, to explore new moves and coordinations but mostly have fun.
4. Johnny, Nooshy, Meena and Ash sometimes just go to Johnny's garage and hang out.
5. Meena and Ash go shopping together. Ash usually is the one who helps her pick an outfit for a date for Alfonso.
6. Buster and Rosita go out to movies, both are fans of musicals and romance dramas. They're both suckers for a good murder/mystery though.
7. Norman is often dragged into Buster and Gunter's adventures. Usually they'll just go to a bar and Norman and Gunter sing when its karaoke night.
8. Meena and Johnny go out to eat and attend movies together. Meena was the first to learn Johnny hates horror movies but loves a good romance flick.
9. Gunter and Johnny often attend live shows together, sometimes Rosita tags along when they attend a dance show.
10. Meena sometimes sings for her church and when she does, Buster attends. Sometimes the whole group comes if they can make it.
11. Buster goes out to eat with Ash often, sometimes to discuss a new show or just to simply catch up.
12. When Ash gets a gig at a new club, Gunter is usually always there, screaming the loudest, cheering her on and making sure any guys keep their distance. Some of the animals found him a little obnoxious, but Ash knew that's just how he was and loves him for it.
13. Marcus and his gang usually attend Ash's shows as well, taking a spot in the back of the bar and keeping their eye out for any unwelcome guest who might try to have their way with Ash.
14. Johnny and Ash go to rock concerts.
15. Meena and Johnny often babysit Rosita's kids together. Sometimes Nooshy and Ash help.
16. Rosita, Ash or Gunter bring dinner to Buster and they'll usually just enjoy it while discussing shows or watching a movie in Buster's apartment.
17. Buster and Johnny attend piano and classical concerts together. Buster usually manages to get them back stage passes and Johnny gets to meet the orchestra, which he loves.
18. Buster, Gunter and Rosita have movie nights in Buster's apartments.
19. When Porsha visits, she and Buster usually go out for ice cream.
20. Buster and Eddie do a lot of stuff together when Eddie is home from school, like play video games, eat out, ect.
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