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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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We got out of our 2-week quarantine on Monday and Singapore Prime Minister has just announced that schools and non essential businesses will be closed from next week, but tonigh we are celebrating….. my new decade.

The silver lining of all this Corona Virus/COVID-19 debacle is that we could get a last minute, usually have to book months in advance, reservation to La Dame de Pic at the Raffles Hotel. The Chef is Anne Sophie Pic one of the most famous chef in France and who is from my region in France.


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What is it with Americans/white people constantly fucking Singapore when you guys use us in your media?

-The Brits constantly mock us for their own ignorance about our own food. See: Buzzfeed’s ice cream sandwich/durian debacle and the poor British journalist who insulted a whole region when she didn’t realize what nasi lemak was (hey, at least she educated herself after). Oh and who can forget the fuckwad on Masterchef UK who tried to tell a native from Southeast Asia that RENDANG SHOULD BE FUCKING CRISPY and gave a fucking patronizing response when corrected.

-The Americans told us to sit down and shut up about Crazy Rich Asians because Asian representation yo, who cares if we totally fuck up how Singaporeans actually live

-Now I’m here, watching Tumblr praise Echo when Blizzard made zero effort to get a passable VA for Echo’s Singlish. They got a British VA to voice her. Y’know, that place that colonised us and some assholes still try to claim credit for our first world status as a result of British colonization.

No, really. Even the Bolo Santosi was a much better attempt at Singaporean representation. And that was a bad voice acting job. At least the VA who did BS attempted to re-create the Singaporean accent, and their cadence, while not exactly how most Singaporeans speak, is used by *some* locals. (And if you don’t know who BS is, go Google it. Blizzard literally put in less effort than that.)

It stings even worse because Blizzard had a pretty good track record for VAs before this in Overwatch. Mei speaks decent accented English and Mandarin. Her VA is actually from China. Genji and Hanzo are actually voiced by Japanese/Japanese-American VAs. Sombra is voiced by a Colombian VA who is fluent in Spanish.

If you weren’t going to hire a Singaporean, at least hire someone who did their fucking homework on how to pronounce our dialect/slang. You’ve got all of them wrong.

Jesus, Blizzard. It’s all been downhill for you since your “tough eSports moment” and now you’ve gone from diving in the dumpster to setting it on fire.

I’d rather take no representation that this piss poor attempt. And I don’t buy your excuse that the pandemic has made it difficult to find a VA online. You certainly had no problem finding a British one.

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