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What you need for 1 to 2 cups of kopi(coffee in local slang):

  1. 2 cups/brewing vessels
  2. 1 coffee sock (The one we have is good for 1 – 5 serves)
  3. Freshly ground kopi powder (2 – 3 tbsp, approximately 15 – 20g) 
  4. Hot water (1 cup, approximately 250ml) 


  1. We recommend using a medium grind for your kopi powder. Using too fine a grind may result in some coffee grounds passing through the filter, leaving a gritty feeling when you drink the coffee, or choke the filter and give you a really bitter tasting cup of kopi.
  2. Pre-heat the vessel and sock filter by rinsing them with hot water before brewing.
  3. Put an appropriate amount of coffee grounds (we recommend about 2 – 3tbsp, approximately 15 – 20g) into one of your brewing vessels. For this post, we used 3 tbsp which came up to approximately 20g. Feel free to adjust based on your taste preference!
  4. Pour the 250ml of hot water into the vessel with the coffee grounds. Watch the magic happen as the coffee grounds slowly expand and form a crust on the surface of the water after a few seconds.
  5. Stir the coffee slurry for about 10 – 15 seconds to ensure that all the grounds are evenly saturated and let it steep for about 3 mins. You may wish to let it steep for longer if but remember that the longer you let it steep, the more bitter the cup gets. You may also wish to put a lid on top of the vessel so as to not lose that much heat during this step.

(Pro-tip: Breaking the crust would release an intense aroma so take it all in when you start to stir the slurry! 

6. Once done, stir the coffee slurry one last time and then pour it through the sock to strain the coffee grounds into your second vessel.  

7. You now have a super gau cup of Kopi – O Kosong! 

This will be the base for all your Kopi drinks. You can now start adding your sugar, milk, and water to your desired taste! 

  • Kopi: Add condensed milk, sugar, and water
  • Kopi – C: Add evaporated milk, sugar, and water
  • Kopi – O: Add sugar and water

where to buy coffee sock in singapore

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imagine you are singapore and you are comfortable being a part of malaysia and one day malaysia says “yeah we can’t do this anymore gtfo and be yr own country” and suddenly you are the only nation to ever unwillingly gain independence

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Throw Back Week - Solo Photography Trip 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

So I ran out of October Break family trips that I could share a link with you but I thought I would share 3 more trips (because 3 more days of the October Break Week off) which were taken around the same time (usually in November).

This is NOT a family trip but one of my yearly solo photography trip and probably one of my favorite (photography) trip, with the one in Nepal. Truly a trip that would stay with me.

While going thru the photos of the trip to choose one for this post…. I just couldn’t decide because there were SO many favorite. So I chose the one of our group… we called ourselves the f/stopper ;-)

If there is one link you need to click on, out of all those I have posted of my Throw Back series, this is the ONE:


Just an reminder: Inspired by the Throw Back Thursday of our summer vacation I did in July and August and since we cannot travel again during this October Break, I’ve decided to revisit the idea with a Throw Back Week of our trips around Asia during school vacation for the past 6 years. It’s not because we cannot physically travel that we cannot at least escape in our head.  Enjoy the others it’s a chance to discover old postings ;-)


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