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CREDIT : TEMPLATE BY @mcapriglioneart
Hey Tumblr! Hope you don’t mind me sharing this (but if you do, please let me asap so I can delete it immediately)
So we artists are having a “sixfanartchallenge” where we are encouraged to draw 6 various fanarts, suggested by others. So I thought I’d ask y'all as well, to suggest random fanart characters you’d like me to draw. I’ll only draw them in graphite pencil so it’s gonna be AWESOME! Feel free to comment your suggestions. Eventually, I’ll pick 6 random ones with help, from my gumball machine! Thank you soooo much for participating!

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Hi Tumblr! Yesterday I finally completed this graphite pencil portrait of the lovely Tom Hiddleston. I’ve posted it on my IG blog (@nishaloisart) & tagged Tom :) Reference photo is from one of his photoshoots, with the photographer Taylor Miller. I found the photo here from one of the Tumblr blogs….

This portrait was done with Staedtler blue & black graphite pencils on the smooth side of Strathmore 400 Series cold-pressed watercolour paper.

It took me alot of hours in 11 days for this drawing. Hope you like!

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Beach Girl illustration.

This work has significance to me because it was my first decently completed digital painting, and i had just left teaching to ‘step back’ into the creative field.

One of the artists who greatly inspired me then was Alexandre “Zedig” Diboine. Do check out his works!I was captivated by his style of rendering and the design of his characters.

This work was done using his Photoshop brushes.You can see it started out really sketchy, and refinement was done by overpainting on layers.

I used Zbrush to project the tattoo on a cylinder to get a more accurate look of the tattoo on the girl’s curved arm.

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