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So Sara Bareilles released her concert, ‘Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse’ on YouTube! I listened to it before on Spotify and now I finally watched this precious gem and my heart is just so happy seeing her perform.

Sara is one of those singers who can really sing so undeniably damn good. Her powerful voice and control makes her like an assasin who will always kill a performance. A sweet killer. I will always love and appreciate you, Sara, as an artist, a singer.

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Guys, let me tell you, my friend Kat is so talented. You know her blogs, they are @somuchgayforher and @girlcrushtoday . Look at the headers there, the icons. That’s all handmade by her because she is really good at design. I just want to throw that out there for everyone, she is just amazing at it. She made me a thing yesterday and it was staggeringly gorgeous and well actualized. So if any of you have been thinking you’d like to hire someone for some design work I suggest getting in touch with her. I dunno what her rates are but I can vouch for her work, it’s top notch. Which brings us to Tinashe who is also top notch and well designed. Those are weird compliments but I needed a segue. I actually have wanted to post her for this entire crisis cause I have been enjoying her instagram posts but somehow I haven’t gotten around to it. That’s corrected today. She is very beautiful and I really like her latest recrod. So here she is. Today I want to fuck Tinashe.

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Quote by David Bowie about his model wife; “You would think that a rock star being married to a supermodel would be one of the greatest things in the world. It is.” | Love Quotes

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🎙🕯🔮🔥🎲🎸✒ PT.2

Watch the dancing flames
As the lightening strikes your dainty veins
Pandemonium reigns
As we both want to go our separate ways

Who will light your way
When I’m your only flame
How will you find your way
With out me your light of day

I am the flickering shape
The flickering that keeps you safe
I am the flickering fate
The flickering that drives you insane

#original #song #singer #songwriter #new #fingerpickingguitar #ventsesh #schiksal #The #Flickering #fate #granite #vavashland #isolationcreation #acoustic #guitar #lied #canción #vavashla #indie #rock #blues #folk (at Logan Central, Queensland, Australia)

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Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi Song is out Now check it out on official channel of @saregama_official if you like the song please do like, comment and share❤️
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