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“Mercy Me Verbal Therapy”

Original Words, Written by: Aaron Thomas Glesenkamp

1/23/2021 posted 10:52AM

Reposted at 1:14PM

Written on public transit again, on my way to work the RR

(Written to the beat of “I Don’t Think I’m Okay” by Bazzi)

I don’t think I want people to know

I don’t think I want people to hear

Where I’ve been, my past, the things I’ve done

The drugs I did

But somehow I’m still here

I just want to say what I have to say without being taught a lesson or reprimanded

Or Universally backhanded

I don’t want to have to worry about what I say or write down on paper

Worry about the law of attraction looking at me

To make me see a different way

Funny how the thoughts of my mind become the creator

I just want to say what I have to say to get it off my chest

You and my lyrics are the only ones that want to listen

Can’t afford a therapist to talk it out every single day

Just want to live the good life, become a self that’s the best

Need a miracle for my life, my mind some days can be a trap

Or is that just the paradigm if you’re artistic?

You know that’s not where I belong, so the best way to get this all out is to put it all in a song

Venting to unblock my heart

And heal my scars

Til my love and dreams come along

Guess I shouldn’t give up, if I’m still here

And tough love ended up taking you away

Terrified to live heartbroken

Just wish you’d take this pain in my heart all away

The devil is only an inflection of the egos perception to step in a different direction

You still, as a person, get to choose which path you want to step in

Knowing yourself and staying true to you is perfection

Never was a perfect past

But only improving and intriguing humanity’s perception is my chosen direction

Please have mercy on lessons

Everything is heaven

When I realize everything I’m blessed with

Please have instant bad karma look in someone else’s direction

Art, prison, rat race treadmill

I’ll take the first, bars and running towards nowhere is nothing I want to mess with

Feeling and Expression is also perfection

Living in America can be overwhelming

Trying to become 1% or unlearn my societally taught directive

Money on my mind

Not enough work, not enough hours,

Just aching to scream out

Because no one knows my capabilities

Or what’s inside

Want to be able to create and use all I’ve been blessed with

I just want to live my best life

Want to take all this inflection

And make artistic creation come to life

Man with the biggest dream and all this vision

And just aching for a way to get it all out

If a tree falls in the forest and no ones around does it truly fall?

If a voice speaks out and no ones around

Did it truly speak out loud or have a sound?

Was there even a voice at all?

Please have mercy on any lessons

I’m just putting my truth down on paper

I’m just writing out loud

Just wanting to create a life of my own

One that I can love and be proud

One that will want people to stick around

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An acoustic performance by singer-songwriter Christee Palace | Watch News Videos Online

An acoustic performance by singer-songwriter Christee Palace | Watch News Videos Online

Music has helped many get through the pandemic–it’s a guaranteed mood booster. Global News Weekend has an acoustic performance from an up and coming Ontario artist–Christee Palace—of her new single What Have You Done To Me.

Source link


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Updated the website for an intuitive mobile experience since most of us are on our smartphones most of the time 📲 Click link in bio to try it on your phone and see how easy it is to purchase beats on the go by yours truly 🤓
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This batch of 16 clips uploaded to the @alivewithclivetvshow channel on @youtube in the 16 days leading up to this past Wednesday feature the remarkably-talented singer-songwriters who were on Alive with Clive over the months spanning June 2018 through November 2019. Do yourself a favor and head over to #youtube to watch these clips. They include not only the songs but also the stories that led to their creation, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy the time you spend with them!

P.S. You’ll find these clips on YouTube, and are invited to the subscribe to the channel, at

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I have something a little different for you today! Here’s a review of an amazing cover of “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran, created by musician Thomas W. Hagan. This was the first song that I heard by Ed Sheeran back in the day, and I love Thomas’ version of it! 

Thomas’ rendition of “The A Team” is familiar yet original with both its vocals and guitar. Thomas clearly has his own vocal style, but he doesn’t abandon the charm of the original song. I think this is most evident in his delivery of the chorus. I love the subtle, artistic changes that he makes. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it :) 

He also uses his guitar to add more of his own style. He scales the song back, and his acoustics aren’t as complex as the original track. In this case, less is certainly more. Thomas delivers a great rhythm and allows for a dynamic flow, especially towards the end of the song for the last few choruses. 

I like covers because it allows listeners to re-experience a song. I enjoyed re-experiencing this one. Thank you, Thomas! @thomaswhagan

Listen to his cover on YouTube or Spotify.

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you’re the one i write poetry about at 2am…

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