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134 GYM LEADER CANDICE icons from The Pokemon Adventures Manga. Icons  from Volume 1-5 were made from NURSE JOYS OWN BROUGHT MANGA, so PLEASE like/reblog/credit if you are planning to use them. Below are links to the GOOGLE DRIVE.


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I just completed my 6th nuzlocke, and was wondering if anyone would be interested if i made a comic out of them. My idea going into it was that I’d do 6 nuzlockes, then take on the sinnoh remakes with a team of 6 champions as a sort of epilogue-come-full-circle sort of deal. the games i nuzlocked are Diamond, HeartGold, Black, Y, Ultra Moon, and Shield. Thoughts? feel free to comment or reblog

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Well we have managed to sort things out either the trainer and their Torracat.

We found it best to keep them together and send them all back to Alola.

While we here in Sinnoh can always use more fire types, the situation of these Littens would be far too much for them to adjust to.

However we will be in contact with Professor Kukui who has an Incenroar himself and is probabaly much more fit to look after these Littens.

It was pretty amazing to see such a unique combination, and I hope they all do well.


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